My Teacher Manju Ch. 02

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A few weeks later, Ms. Manju contacted me again. I was still somewhat in disbelief about our first meeting, but I could not lie about the fact that I had enjoyed it. It had been a fantasy come true, and it would just have to be a dirty secret. At the same time, it wasn’t something I planned on repeating. She asked me if I could come back to her house to pull up some carpeting and work in her basement a little more. Knowing what happened last time, I reluctantly agreed and told her I could do it. She responded with some logistics, and then told me to bring along a few other items that was a part of our little agreement.

I showed up in work clothes, old pants and a painting sweatshirt and brought along some tools and supplies; knives, scrapers, and some duct tape to wrap up the carpet squares coming out. Ms. Manju greeted me normally as did I, although I was a little on-edge. I had a gym bag full of the clothes she’d requested. I tried to act like everything was normal and asked where she wanted the carpet, to which she responded I could take them out by the garbage cans.

She was dressed seemingly very nice for a weekend, with a skirt down to her knees and dark pantyhose, as well as a lavender colored sweater. Her hair was done up nicely, and she seemed to have a little extra makeup on. It also seemed she might have lost just a few pounds since last time. She looked nice for a lady in her early 40s. Most wouldn’t call her “hot,” but I found her attractive. I had been quite serious entering the house, but now I finally cracked a little smile. “Dressed a little formal, aren’t you Ms. Manju?”

She smirked a little and said “well I wanted to look nice for my special guest. It’s not every day I have such a hardworking — and handsome — young man in my midst.”

I smiled and told her I was going to get going in the basement. She checked on me a little, but I mostly worked alone. I started by moving some more things out of the way, furniture and such. In an hour, I had all of the carpeting that had been soiled ripped out and rolled up, and then finished up by scraping up the moldy pad underneath. As I hauled the last garbage bag full upstairs, she thanked me again for all my help.

“Oh Raj, why don’t you take those work clothes off. They’re all wet and moldy! Besides, I think it’s time you put on your special little outfit I recommended…. That was part of the deal!”

I rolled my eyes a little, but I had agreed to it. I went into the bathroom and stripped down to my underwear. I pulled my new clothes out of the bag. She’d requested I bring the old clothes I used to wear under my shoulder pads for football. First, I pulled out the white compression shirt I used to wear in high school sports. It had been tight then, and now over a year later, it was skin tight, completely outlining my upper body. Next were gray compression shorts I’d wear under my girdle to football, which replaced my underwear. I couldn’t believe I was putting this on for her, but it’s what she requested. There were two more items. First, I pulled out our old team socks that we wore for games, and pulled them up to my knees. The last item was the most embarrassing. It was my old jock strap from high school. I didn’t bother bringing the cup along. Judging from last time, more restriction in that region was the last thing I needed. I pulled it up over the compression shorts and sighed before walking back out of the bathroom.

I walked out gingerly and then immediately heard the gleeful giggles of Ms. Manju.

“Oh, there he is! I just love you in that outfit! It reminds of all those Friday nights, I was one of almanbahis your biggest fans. And you always looked so handsome after the games!”

I kind of shrugged “uh… thanks. So… am I done?”

“You know what, there’s one more thing I wanted to show you. Follow me if you don’t mind.” She walked me over to the hall by her front door and showed me that large cracks had developed above the crown mold, and there were peeling spots on the ceiling, a couple of them pretty bad. She asked me what I thought. I told her my thoughts on what happened, and she asked me if I could work on it. I told her sure, I could caulk the crown mold back in, but the ceiling I would need to get materials.

“Great! Let me get a ladder for you!”

She returned with a three-foot ladder and a caulk gun and watched me for a minute as I climbed up the ladder to fill in the gaps. I requested a wet rag and she returned with it and after staring at me for a minute, she vanished. I can only imagine how ridiculous I looked wearing a compression shirt and girdle and jock strap while working on a ladder.

After this work was all done, I hopped down and called out to Ms. Manju. I got no response and wondered where she’d gone. I kind of peered around in every direction and then stopped, wondering what she was up to.

Two hands then shoved their way toward me from behind, one over my mouth, and another one gripped by midsection tightly.

“Time for the fun part now Raj!”


“Oooh I like that, keep mmphhing into my hand. And put your hands up too!

I sighed and then tried to gently peel her hand away. “Ms. Manju, please. I wore what you asked me isn’t that enough?”

She shoved her hand back over my mouth, and I only lightly resisted. “Don’t you remember what your choices are? We can have a little fun here, or I can share you with some of my colleagues.”

“Ugghh” I rolled my eyes.

“Hahaha, I’ve got a photo album all ready, my new boytoy in bondage!”

“Okay, okay, fine Ms. Manju…”

She grinned and then stroked my cheek. “I promise Raj, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. I just want to tie you up again! You looked cute last time, but I’ve wanted to see this for years! Now sit right down on this chair cutie!” she said as she pinched my nipple a little.

I made my way over to a wooden backed chair and sighed. She grabbed the back of my hair gently, and then pulled down “now have a seat… hands behind your back.”

I silently obeyed. “You know Raj, on Friday nights, I would go to the faculty locker room and then come out and watch you in the trainer’s office.” She put her mouth right behind my ear. and almost whispered. “You know what my favorite part was?”

Her hair was brushing against me and her breathing in my ear was already making me excited. “W-what was that Ms. Manju?”

“Seeing your wrists get taped up while you stood there in your tight t-shirt and jock strap. I was so jealous of that trainer getting to tape up my favorite student… well now it’s my turn!”

She quickly produced a roll of duct tape and started wrapping around my wrists with turn after turn until they were immovable.

“This is a little stronger than that athletic tape don’t you think?” she teased as she stroked my hair.

“What are you going to do to me Ms. Manju?” I said half concerned but half aroused.

“Just this.” She said matter-of-factly as she moved in front and slapped a piece of duct tape over my mouth. She slowly and smoothly flattened over my face, tipping my head back and stroking my hair and face. She repeated this with two more almanbahis yeni giriş pieces of tape. She seemed to be pushing her breasts into my face as she gagged me. They looked quite nice. She seemed to be making a point to put her breasts in my face.

“That face is so cute gagged! I can’t wait to move onto the rest of your body. But first I need to grab something. You look a little cold. I’ll be right back!”

I sat there now with my hands bound and tape gagged, as Ms. Manju walked over to her cabinets, still within eyesight, and shuffled through a few of them. I could have tried to get up, but I had already allowed her to tie my hands, the time to get away had passed. She returned with a bunch of white cotton rope and a space heater.

“Let’s start by heating you up a little.” She patted my head. “I used to love how you’d look during sports, a little red on your face and sweaty. Plus you look a little cold in those short sleeves!” She plugged in the heater and put it a couple of feet from me, and then began unwinding the rope.

“Now the moment I’ve been waiting for, time to get you nice and roped up!”

I didn’t say much as Ms. Manju pulled the rope between her hands and pulled it over my upper body. The anticipation was killing me, and I just breathed heavily, the compression shorts were a little restrictive. She wrapped a rope around my chest and arms, making several turns, and then she moved lower. She held a rope in one hand and placed the other on my stomach.

“mmm, what a nice hard stomach.” Her fingers worked over my abs. “Keep breathing like that Raj, I love it.” After another minute of feeling me, she began wrapping the other rope around my midsection to the back of the chair. It did not include my arms, so after a little bit, she tugged on it hard, making it very tight.

“Good, now before I tie your legs, I want to do one more thing!” My eyes widened as she began peeling my compression shorts down. She pulled them down to about the knee and pulled one side through the foot, then pulling the loose end through the crotch of the jock strap and then down the other leg. Then she slowly pulled the jock strap back up, giving my member a quick couple of squeezes.

“I see we’re a little excited again, aren’t we?”

“mmm-hmmm.” I couldn’t lie.

She quickly tied each ankle to the chair legs, making sure my legs were nice and spread. Then she stepped back and admired her work with a grin on her face.

“All tied up again Raj, just for me!”

I was getting hotter between the heater near me, and all of the heavy breathing from her touching and taunting. She was standing in front of me with her hand on a hip with a mischievous, triumphant smile.

“Looks like your’e getting a little warmer now young man! I think I can help too.” She reached out and started working her fingers over my chest, first lightly, and then started squeezing and rubbing. As she felt up my upper body she was almost moaning. “Mmmm, such a strong young man you are.” She was really working my chest and arms now and was panting herself. “Do you like it when I play with you Raj?”

I was nearly light-headed but moaned out an unintelligible answer. She stopped for a moment and then pinched my nipples. “What was that my boy?”

“Mmm-hmmm” I nodded.

“Good! I tell you what, I’m having so much fun with you, it would be rude not to reciprocate…” she pushed her sweater and bra covered chest about a foot from my face. They were so enticing.

“Go ahead, they’re all yours. Don’t think I didn’t catch you staring at me in class… you naughty boy.”

I almanbahis giriş tried to struggle toward her and muffle out through the gag that she was too far away.

“No, no, you have to use your hands!” She pushed them out even more and even brushed over her chest with her own hand. I began desperately working at the duct tape on my hands, trying to free them.

“Come on Raj, use your hands, you can play with them all you want.”

“Mmmmphh!” I started pulling harder and harder against the duct tape binding my wrists and even against the rope tying me to the chair back but I could not get free.

“Haha, I’ll be waiting right here for 3 minutes… if you can free your hands, you can play with them for as long as you want!”

My struggles continued in vain, and between her taunting and my efforts I had sweat gathering on my neck and my forehead, and I was breathing hard as I continued to struggle.

After minutes of struggling there was hardly any progress on the duct tape. “Well looks like your out of time” she said with glee as I panted. As I gave up my vain efforts and sat breathing hard and sweating, she continued with the taunting. “Oh my, Raj, I’ve never seen you like this, so… helpless!” She whispered in my ear “it’s so sexy.”

She continued to touch me all over my upper body. “Oh if only Ms. Kowalski knew what was going on here, she would probably give anything to trade places with me. Wait until I tell her about it!”

“Mmmphh! Mmmoo!” I shook my head violently.

“Haha! I love seeing you struggle! Hehehe don’t worry I’m just kidding… I think.” She paused and then bent down.

“Let’s see how we’re doing down south, huh?”

I was of course throbbing and my jock strap was already wet. With no cup and the compression shorts pulled off it was nice and loose, and gave me more breathing room.

“Well it would be cruel not to finish you now my little prince.”

Thinking she was finally going to relieve me, I sighed in both relief and anticipation. But I was surprised as she disappeared behind me. For a minute or two I heard nothing, and tried to crane my neck to see behind me.

I suddenly heard breathing and some movement, and a hand was shoved over my eyes. My neck was fairly mobile still so I moved around. In front of me then two hands appeared and were tightening a bandana which was pulled over my eyes. I squirmed a little but soon was blindfolded. Again there was silence (and darkness) before I felt two hands teasingly make their way up my thighs.

“Mmm I see you’re excited again. Looks like you like the blindfold. I’ll make sure I mention that to Ms. Kowalski for when I drop you off at her house!”


“Hehehe keep struggling!”

The hands stopped and I heard her fiddling a little behind me. Finally I heard a chair pulled very close, and soon one hand was wrapped around my midsection. A second later, another one lightly touched my member, which sprung up in anticipation. The blindfold had added another dimension of helplessness.

“I’m just kidding about sharing you. You’ve been such a good boy, I want you all for me. Shall I continue?”

“mmm-hmmm” I moaned desperately.

As she sped up with one hand, covered in oil, the other wrapped tighter and tighter around me, almost grabbing me. I struggled against the tight rope to try to push my hips forward and get comfortable.

“Oh, you’re all mine Raj. I’ve wanted this for so long.”

She sped up even more and continued squeezing me up top. I was sweating and almost in a daze. I could feel it coming. Finally, she pinched my nipple and whispered, “just let it go cutie.”

I completely exploded and then just sat there as she squeezed me and held onto me. I tipped my head back, taking slow deep breaths. She gripped me tightly and gave a few kisses on the neck.

“Aren’t I your favorite teacher?”

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