Naughty Tease Has to Beg

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Oh she was teasing him so very badly, dancing around in front of him, wiggling her full bottom towards him, every now and then pushing back and grinding into his crotch, shivering as she felt his large erection straining in his jeans. She knew she would have to pay for this behaviour, but she still could not help it. She could see his eyes darkening with lust, and the frown passing over his forehead as he strained to control himself. She knew she could make him break, she wanted him to. She wanted him to need her so very badly that he would not be able to stand it any longer and take her like an animal.

As she danced in front of him she turned quickly, her skirt flaring up briefly letting him catch a glimpse of her flimsy silk panties. In the lights of the club he thought he could see a little wet patch forming at the front and he hissed through his teeth. As he reached to grab her waist and pull her to him, she slapped his hand away.

“Bitch” he whispered.

She smiled and leaned into him holding each wrist and pushing them to his sides. As she released them she let her hand stray over the visible bulge protruding from his jeans and felt a tremor course through her as he closed his eyes tight with the pain of desire. When he opened his eyes he looked at her chest and could see her arousal was evident as her taut nipples strained through the thin white top.

Without a word she turned on her heels and headed off to the restrooms and he took a moment to compose himself. He knew why she was taunting him. Why she was turning him on so hard. She wanted him to punish her. She wanted him to give in to the animal lust inside him. He wasn’t sure how long he could hold out.

He looked up as she approached, a knowing grin pulling her full soft lips into a look of carnal wantonness. He watched the swing of her broad hips and noticed the way her braless aroused breasts swayed under her top and his balls twitched inside his pants as he felt bakırköy escort a drop of pre cum dribble from the tip. She moved towards him as if to kiss him, but stopped. Instead she took two of her fingers and pressed them to his mouth. He shuddered as he smelt her musky pussy juices on them and his mouth opened involuntarily. She took the opportunity to slip both fingers in and he sucked greedily on them. Her restroom visit has been a sham. She had locked herself in a cubicle, pulled her damp panties to one side and dipped two fingers into her hot wet pussy, coating them in her musky sweet juices.

It was too much for him to stand. With a guttural groan he grabbed her wrist and without another sound dragged her half running through the nightclub, pulling her round to the car park, almost taking the car door off its hinges as he yanked it open and pushed her roughly onto the seat. She was barely in when he grabbed her legs and dragged them towards him, spreading them open as he knelt on the cold concrete by the car. He didn’t feel the cold, he couldn’t – his senses were trained only on the smell and taste of her hot wet cunt. She was aroused from her teasing and games. He leaned in towards the heat of her pussy, breathing in deeply, closing his eyes as he savoured her aroma, a hot wet sweet smell he so loved and craved every day.

As she half lay, half sat in the car she trembled inwardly as she anticipated what was to come. He was enraged with lust and she would not be able to stop him now until he had done what he needed to do.

He moaned as he moved in closer to her mound, licking his lips as he prepared to taster her. He pulled her damp panties to one side and plunged his tongue hard into her slit making her squeal. He groaned with desire as he tasted her juices and heard her reaction to his touch, and his hot breath across her lips made her arch her back off the seat. He could feel his hard thick beşiktaş escort cock pushing uncomfortably against his jeans and fumbled to free it to the cool night air.

Her whole body felt on fire as he thrust his tongue along her slick slit, licking her hard, working all the way up but stopping short of her hard engorged clit. She whimpered as she realised this was her punishment. He smiled as he looked up at her, her eyes glazed with lust and her body twitching with the jolts passing through her. She would have to lie there and take this for her teasing. He would make her moan, scream and beg to feel his tongue on her clit. He slowed down his lapping, lazily stroking her puffy lips as he placed one hand under her ass, gripping it firmly. The other hand stroked the length of this throbbing cock. He was desperate to plunge it deep into that beautiful tight wet pussy, but first he wanted her to plead with him for her release. He knew how tasty her juices would be when he finally let her come all over his mouth and he felt his cock leap in his hand at the thought.

Her body was trembling all over, little spasms of electricity firing through as he tongued away at her. Her hard clit was burning with the need to be licked and she tried to move her hips to catch his mouth with her erect nub but he simply smiled and moved his mouth away each time. She whimpered and moaned loudly, knowing she was going to have to beg him to make her orgasm. How long would she be able to stand this? She almost screamed as she felt one hand move from under her and trace a line up to her full breasts. She arched her back ready to feel him graze across her hard taut nipples then moaned as he stopped short and slowly drew a circle around her areolas instead. Her pussy was quivering and she could feel her muscles deep inside clamping, needing to be freed up to a deep body wracking orgasm.

“Please. Please make me cum. I’m begging you.”

“No” beylikdüzü escort he whispered. “Beg me more. How badly do you need it?”

“I beg you, I need to cum so badly. I need to feel that tongue raking across my clit. I need to cover your face with my juices and I need the release so very much. Please. Please”

Her breath was so ragged her pleas were a mere whisper, punctuated with gulping sobs as her need for release became almost painful.

He lifted his head and looked at her. Never taking his eyes off her face he moved his tongue up her swollen cunt lips and firmly lashed across her throbbing clit. She threw her head back and a tear streamed from each eye. That was all that she needed and as he continued his assault she started coming hard. Her pussy gushed with her juices as she bucked and thrashed her way through her orgasm.

His hand moved from his pulsating cock and while she was still coming he moved up and rammed into her. She was so wet he slipped deep inside her in one hard strong stroke. It was almost too much for him to stand as he felt her orgasm continue, moving straight into another wave of contractions round his cock. He withdrew as far as possible without removing the head from her hole and pushed back in, all the way. Feeling her cunt walls clenching his cock he realised he couldn’t stop. He erupted, pushing hard and deep as he felt ropes of cum spurting into her. His hips slammed against hers as he shot out wave after wave of creamy cum, his buttocks tensing with each surge he felt until he almost collapsed against her.

She pulled his cock out of her twitching pussy and brought it up to her waiting mouth, lapping up the last drops of cum as they dribbled down his cock, licking him clean. She could feel his pulse throbbing through the shaft as she dragged her tongue up to the tip. She savoured the salty taste of his seed mixed with her own sweet scent, feeling the after shocks still spasm through her as he moaned from the touch of her mouth on his still cumming cock.

When he was finally clean, she pressed her face into his stomach and he bent to kiss the top of his head. And as she tucked his deflating cock back into his jeans he whispered.

“Come on baby, lets go home”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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