Pearl Harbor

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The year was 1941 and there was a war going on in Europe and rumors that the Japanese might wage war on America. My name is John and I was raised on a cattle ranch out side of Valley Spring, Oklahoma. There was another ranch next to ours that was owned by Mr. Roberts next to ours. There were both big spreads but our houses were just about a quarter of a mile apart. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts had a daughter just my age name, Joan. Joan had an older brother name Bill and we all played together from the time we were little every chance we got. When I was over to Joan’s house we would have tea parties and play dress up like we were adults. Even though Bill was three years older than Joan and me he often play with use because out on the ranch there was nothing else to do. One time we found a long board that was left over from building the barn and ran it though the fence and teeter toddler on it. My dad had made me a swing under the old oak tree. It was just a rope tight to a branch with a big tractor tire that you set in.

Joan I could both set in the tire at the same time and Bill would push us. It took both of use to push Bill. We more or less had to invent the games that we played. We started in the first grade together and right on up until we graduated. Joan and I would all way set on the same set going to and from school on the bus. Joan and I never did consider our self-any thing but friends.

We both went through puberty and learned about sex from our older friend at school. After that we didn’t touch each other on purpose but when we did we would both blush. When we reached sixteen we both started dating but not each other. I had more date than Joan because boy fell like Joan lived to far out in the country to come out and get her.

I guess every school had a girl that is known as the school punch board because she would fuck at the drop of a hat. Our school had three punch boards. I remember the first one that I took out on a date and I brought her out to our pound after taking her to a movie. She was a senior I was just a sophomore and when I tried to put the make on her she said, “You little shit, your dick is probably not bigger than a pencil.”

That pissed me off and I told her to fuck or I would make her walk all the way back to town. She looked disgusted but striped all her cloth off and said, “I’m not going to lay down in this grass you will have fuck while I’m leaning against that tree.”

I had heard of doing it dogstyle but I didn’t even know where a girls pussy hole was where my dick in. She finally took my hard dick in her hand and guided it to her pussy.

God did my hard dick feel wonderful in her hot wet pussy and I just stroked in and out about five time when I filled her pussy full of cum. She tried to move away from the tree but I pined her to the tree and just kept fucking her. She was cussing me all the time I was fuck her cum filled pussy. It was probably about five minutes later that I fill her pussy with another load of cum. I wanted to fuck her hot slick pussy some more but I went soft inside her and my dick fell out. We dressed and I took her back to town.

The word got to Joan about me fucking Margaret and the next day when we got off the bus and was going up the lane between our houses Joan grinned at me and asked, “Was Margaret good?” I denied fucking her and Joan just said, “You had better not try any thing like that with me.”

Pussy was so good that I took the other two punch boards out and one of them like to have fucked me to death. When I had cum so many times that I couldn’t get hard gain she sucked me back hard and we fucked some more.

Joan had a few dated and each time she did I would kid her after school about letting the boy fuck her. Joan would look mad and say, “There is no way I’m going to let a boy fuck me, I sure don’t want to get pregnant while i’m in high school. I would really have to love a boy to let him have is way with me even after I graduate.”

The year we graduated for high school was May of 1941. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor that December and America when to war. It was in the paper about the 3,000 men that died at Pearl Harbor and all the solders that were getting kill in Europe and America got in that war too.

Joan brother Bill volunteered for the Navy soon after that. After basic training Bill got to come home for a week before they shipped him over seas. Every one in town was proud of Bill and he did look good in his uniform with his brass all polished and his boots shined to bright. Seeing him made me decide to volunteer for the Army Air Force. I all way wanted to learn how to fly and this was my change besides helping my county.

When I enlisted I came straight home and told my parents and then I when over to Joan’s house and told her.

Joan seemed proud of me but said, “All the boys in our town enlisting like you and Bill then our little town will loose all the young men.”

I said, “Joan it is our duty to defend out country. All though we have never been any thing but friends I want to spend all the time I can istanbul escort with you before I have to report of duty.”

Joan smile and hand in hand we walked down the path to the pond. We set on the bank in the dead grass and talked mainly about the war and how much fun we had as kids.

As we were setting there a big back cloud blew up and was on us before we know it. We took off for the house but we were to late it was pouring down rain before we got a 100 feet from the pound. There was a haystack near by with a tarp over it and we headed for it. We dove under the tarp and turned on or backs side by side. Joan’s dress and my shirt were soaking wet. Joan’s dress wet clung to her skin outlining her heaving breasts. I wanted to touch and feel them so bad but know I shouldn’t.

We just lay there laughing at first and then our eyes met and the laughing stopped. I guess we both thought this could be the last time we were together. Our faces got closer and closer until I was kissing Joan. Our kisses were soft and sweet at first and then changed to passion. We would kiss and then or lips would part and we would just look at each outher and kiss again. Each time we kisses the kiss laster longer than the last one.

I felt Joan’s hand go down between us and I could feel her hands moving. I just thought the hay might be sticking her and she was trying to get convertible but she had worked the front of her skirt up to her waist. Joan took my hand and moved it down to her damp panties. I looked in to her eye as if to say, “We can’t do this we have all way just been friend.”

Joan looked back in to my eye and said softly, “OH John, I want you to take me before you got off to war, Please take me John.” I got beside her on my knees and had a hell of a time getting my jeans off and while I was struggling Joan pushing her white cotton panties down over long well shaped legs.

Joan set up and pulled her dress up over her head and undid her bra and took it off and lay back down. I just had to feel her soft grape fruit sized breasts. My elbows were beside her with a breasts in each hand as I slowly loaded on top of her and kissed her and said, “Oh Joan, I’ve wanted you for so long are you sure you want to go all the way with me?”

Joan just smiled at me sweetly as spread her legs.

I kissed her again and then kissed down her neck to her heaving breasts and kissed both of them and sucked her long hard nipples. Joan would gasp when I sucked her nipples. I got between her legs. Joan felt my cock head go between her swollen outer lips and said in a low gasp, “John, go easy, you know this is my first time.”

We kissed and hugged as I ran my cock head in her pussy. Joan gasped slightly and I pulled out and when in her again only this time deeper. I repeated pulling complete out of her and than back in a little deep each time. Joan gasped and flinched and let out a little soft cry of pain. I had never fucked a virgin and I just thought that my cock was too big for her virgin pussy and asked in a tender voice, “Did I hurt you Joan?”

Joan gasped back, “You just make me a woman.Just a minute John and I will be alright.”

I left my throbbing cock were it was for what seemed like for ever before Joan said, “I’m OK now John, go ahead.” I had never fucked such a tight pussy before and I could feel her vagina tight around my cock as I when deeper. Joan kept kissing me and holding me tight as I advance deeper and deeper inside her hot wet but very tight pussy until I was all the way in her.

Joan kept rubbing my back and the back of my neck as I fucked her tight pussy. It wasn’t but about three minutes until I felt that feeling coming to my ball. I gasped, “Oh Joan, I’m going to cum and I don’t have a rubber on.”

Joan smiled up at me and then kissed me and said, “Go ahead, I want to have your baby, I want something to remember you by in case you don’t return from the war.”

I gasped, “Oh Joan, I can’t go off to war and leave you here with child.”

Joan said, “That’s what I want, go ahead and plant you seed deep inside me, Oh John please let me give you a son to carry on your blood line.”

I fucked Joan hard and deep and fill her tight hot pussy with more cum than I had ever put out before.

We kissed with more passion than before as my hard cock throbbed inside her tight pussy. I said, “Oh Joan I love you so but I shouldn’t have planted my seed inside you.”

Joan kissed me and smile, “That’s what I want John. We will meet here every day until you have to leave for war. I do so want you have your baby. The more times we can meet here the more changes I will have your baby.”

It took us a long time to dress we were kissing and hugging so much.

The storm blew over and we when to her house. I kissed Joan and said, “I should spend some time with my parent, I better go home now.”

Joan kissed me back and said, “Just don’t forget about the haystack tomorrow at the same time, Oh John I want to be sure I will have your avcılar escort baby. I want you to plant you seed in me very day until you have to leave.”

I didn’t sleep much that night thinking of Joan having my baby. It was almost two o’clock in the morning when I decided that I should make an honest woman out of her if she was determined to have my baby.

I was up at six and when to the kitchen were Mom was fixing Dad breakfast. I asked them if I could use the car to day to go to town. Both of them said they weren’t going anywhere and that I could. I call Joan just a little after seven. Joan answered the phone with in a cheery voice and asked me why I was calling so early in the morning. I said, “Joan, put your best dress on and I will be over in and hour and we will go to town.”

Joan asked why she should put her best dress on just to go to town?

I said, “Please Joan, don’t ask any questions just do what I asked you to do.”

In a questioned voice she said she would just for me.

When I got to her house Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were standing on the porch with Joan who had on the dress that she wore to church. Mr. Johnson asked me why I wanted Joan to wear her best dress if we were just going to town on a weekday?

I said, “Mr. Johnson I’m going to be honest with you. Joan and I went too far yesterday when we when to the lake. Joan wants to have my baby before I have to go off to war and she could be with child right now. I’m going to take her to the county seat and marry her so our baby boy won’t be a bastard. I love your daughter and she loves me and this is the only right thing to do.”

Mr. Johnson thought it over for a while and said, “Normally I wouldn’t consent to you marrying Joan with out a court ship first. But these are not normal times and like you said you have already took her virginity and planted your seed in her.”

With tears coming for his eyes he handed me a hundred dollars and kissed Joan on the cheek and put her hand in mine.

Joan and I were smiling as we when down the steps to the car and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson turned to go in the house. I looked back and said, “My parents don’t know that I’m going to marry Joan today. Would you call them and tell them where we have gone and what we are going to do? Tell them I will call them and tell them what motel we will spend our honeymoon in case my orders to report for duty come before we get back.

He said he would and Joan and I drove off to the county seat smiling at each other.

When we got to the county seat I bought a cheap ring that had a fack diamond in it and was probably brass make to look like gold at the five and dime cent store and then we when to the court house and looked up a justice of the peace who was a old friend of my dad’s. When we told him we wanted to get married today he said, “In Oklahoma there is a three day waiting period before you can get married and you need a blood test too.”

I told him our situation and he pondered for a minute and then got out a marriage license. He post dated it and said, “I will have Dr. Kerby fill out a blood test for you two. He went through the normal ceremony and pronounce us man and wife. I slipped the cheap ring on her finger. He said, “You may kiss the bride now you are man and wife”, and with smiles on our faces Joan and I kissed each other.

By now it was past noon and I told Joan we should get something to eat before we found a motel to spend our honeymoon in. Joan smiled at me and said, “Let find a motel first and after we make love we can eat.”

I smiled back and her and said, “That sounds like a good idea I want you more than I want food.”

We checked in to the first motel that we came too. The woman at the desk looked at us and said, “I will have to see proof that you two young kids are married.”

I show her our marriage license and Joan showed her the ring on her finger like she was so proud of it. The lady gave us a key to a room.

when we got to the room I pick Joan up in my arms and carried her across the hreshold.

We no more than got in the room until we were kissed and hugging and pressing our bodies together. I picked Joan up and carried her to the bed and laid her down and got on top of her. Joan kissed me and said, “This is the only dress that I have with me. Let’s get undressed first so we will not get our cloths all wrinkled and messed up.”

We got up and undressed complete and Joan was back on the bed and was smiling at me as I was hanging up my trousers. I looked at Joan and realized this was the first time I had see her naked in good light. God, her golden blonde hair outlined her beautiful smiling face. Her breasts were heaving as she lay there waiting for me. I looked at her flat belly know that it soon wouldn’t be flat with my baby inside of Joan.

I crawled on top of her and kissed her deep. My hard cock was pressing in her belly where my child would so be if it wasn’t already.

We kissed and hugged each other tight as I moved my hard cock down between her thighs. şirinevler escort Joan spread her legs and raised her butt slightly to let me go in her hot wet pussy. Joan gasped as I when in her but said, “Oh John I love you so much”, as I went deeper and deeper. I fucked her slow but steady and had her soft full breasts in my hands as we continued to kiss.

It wasn’t but a few minutes until Joan gasped, “Oh John, you feel so wonderful in me.”

Joan was the one that speed up the pace and hunched her pussy up hard against my throbbing cock each time I went deep inside her. She was gasping and her thigh vagina was rippling up and down my hard throbbing cock. Joan gasped, “Oh John, wonderful, I feel so wonderful, fill me full of your sperm.”

Neither of use knew that she was having her first orgasm as I was filling her full of my hot thick sperm. I could feel Joan’s vagina rippling up and down my throbbing cock long after I had shot my last load of sperm deep in her pussy.

Joan finally went still on the bed and I quit running my hard cock in and out of her sperm filled pussy. We kissed and told each other how much we loved each other. I finally pull my still hard cock out of her pussy and we both got off the bed and dressed.

We when down to the office and asked the lady were a good place to eat was. She told us and while we were taking I saw sign over the telephone that said they would come to our room and tell us if we got a call. I called home and gave mom the number of the Red Bird Motel and told her she could call this number if my order to report for duty came before we got back.

Mother asked if Joan and I got married and I told her yes. She asked how long it would be before we came back home. I told her at least three days if my order didn’t arrive before that.

We then when to the cafe that the lady suggested and had a plate lunch. We ate in a hurry because both of us wanted to get back to the motel and try to make a baby.

When we got back to the motel we both got undressed again and got in bed. We were just on our sides talking and exploring each other’s sex part as we talked.

I told Joan that I wanted to stay in her longer this time but that she did something to my dick that make me shot my sperm in her. Joan smiled and said, “I think I had what is called and orgasm. Anyway I felt so good all over that I just had to have you sperm in me. One of my girlfriends in high school told me that a girl was more likely to get pregnant if the boy and the girl had one of those orgasms at the same time. I just know John that I’m going to be carrying your baby before you have to go off to war.”

I smile at Joan and said, “We better make sure that you get pregnant”, and rolled on her and sunk my hard cock deep in her pussy. It seemed like both of us wanted to stay united forever. I kissed her and said, “I can’t believe I just considered you as a friend until yesterday in the haystack. Oh Joan you are so beautiful.”

Joan said, “I guess it because I didn’t flirt with you. I was ready to give myself to you when I was sixteen until I found out you had fuck those two girls that would fuck anyone. I got mad and made a vow that I would never let you have me. Oh John I’m so glad that yesterday happened. I think God sent that thunderstorm so we would have to go to the haystack and make love. Oh John, I do want to have your baby.”

Passion flow between us and I fucked her slow and deep. I kneaded her breasts as I fuck her and she seemed to be enjoying every thing I did to her. Her hands were going up and down my back and she was kissing my cheek and neck as if ran my hard cock in and out of her wet tight pussy.

I finally asked, “Do you think you can have another one of those orgasms?”

Joan said, “I think I’m close to having one John. Run your cock in me fast and deep and I think I will have one.”

I ran my cock in her as fast and deep as I could and Joan started gasping. It wasn’t but a minute until Joan gasped, “Oh yes, Oh God, John I’m having one. Fill me full of you sperm again.”

I fired away but not near as much as I did this morning or in the haystack but Joan kept hunching up against my cock long after I had fired my last load of sperm deep in her hot wet pussy. I finally when soft and my dick came out of her pussy. We rolled on our sides facing each other with a smile on our faces. We kiss patted and hugged until we fell off to sleep.

It was after dark when we woke up and we got dressed again and when to the same cafe and ate supper. While we were eating I said, “You know a bull just humps a cow one time and she all way has a cafe. Do you think we should do it like they do when we get back to the motel?”

Joan said, “surely I’m pregnant by now but just to make sure maybe we should do it like the bull and cow doses.”

She though for a minute and then said, “Come to think of it all the animals on our ranges do it that away. Lets try it when we get back to the motel.”

When we got back to the motel we got naked again and Joan got on the bed on her hands and knees. I had to move her ass up so I could get my cock in her but when I did get in the right position my cock slipped in her wet pussy real easy. I was fuck her and playing with her dangling breasts at the same time. I didn’t know if Joan like her breasts squeezed but they sure felt good to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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