New Beginnings Ch. 2

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Closing the door behind her, Meg simply dropped everything, spilling her purse, keys and jacket on to the shiny hardwood floor. In one swift motion, she spun me around and pressed her soft sensuous lips to mine. Her lips burning like fire against my own. Arms limp, my possessions followed hers to the floor.

Passion seemed to well up and consume us. I was completely and utterly intoxicated. Meg’s soft touch took hold of me at the waist. Slowly and without haste, she traced her hands up each side of my melting body. Little shock waves seemed to emanate from her fingertips.

The slight pressure of Meg’s touch conveyed her desires as if we had been doing this all of our lives. Intuitively I slid over and back, continuing our earlier tango. She moved up against me, pressing my back into the hardness of the door.

Our lips separated momentarily, just long enough for Meg’s hungry eyes to read me. I was an open book begging to be devoured from cover to cover. God, I wanted her! It was obvious, she knew exactly what I needed, what I desired. Her hands moved up over my blushing cheeks, igniting my inner-flame even further. She seemed so strong and so soft, all at the same time.

Once again, Meg pressed her raging lips against mine. This time, her thigh followed, forcing its way against me. Taking her lead, I thrust my pelvis outwards, sensuously grinding into the firmness of her offered thigh. She slipped one hand away from my cheek, turned it and then lightly grazed my smoldering skin with the back of her hand. Slowly and deliberately, she traced her way down my neck, over my breast to my slender waist.

Our embrace grew tighter with each passing moment, Meg seeming to know my every need. Tugging my blouse up, her tender hand fluttered up over my tummy and made its way to my waiting breast. Rhythmically, I began to rock myself against her, sliding up and down her leg, feeling my dampness beginning to grow. God, she was amazing.

Meg’s lips made their way to my ear, first blowing ever softly and then lightly nibbling on my lobe. Speaking for the first time since we entered the apartment, she whispered, “What do you want baby,” instinctively knowing the answer. “Tell me hon,” she cooed. “Tell Meg what you want.”

“I want you Meg,” I answered sheepishly.

“What do you want from me baby,” she chided.

“I want you to…” I trailed.

“Yes, baby,” Meg coaxed. “Come on baby,” she commanded softly. “Tell Meg what you want her to do to you.”

“Fu–Fu–ck m–me,” I stammered almost inaudibly. “I want you to Fu –fu –ck me. Please Meg,” I begged. “Fu-fu-ck me. Fuck me please.”

“That’s my darling,” she purred, crushing her leg into me, forcing me to wrap my body around her, enticing me to hump her thigh even harder.

Meg cupped the underside of my breast, touching me like a piece of fine china. Her hand was warm against my skin, sending yet another wave of electricity throughout my body. She kissed me once more, this time holding nothing back as her velvety tongue slipped over my lips. Her kiss was long, deep escort bayan and slow. I simply melted, lost in her resolve.

Together, we found a sweet rhythm of motion, Meg pressing me and me mashing myself into her thigh. “Cum for me baby,” she chided. “Make me happy.”

Meg palmed my small, hard breast and began sprinkling kisses across my neck and shoulder. Her free hand found its way down to my curvaceous ass and pulled me even tighter. My emotions went into sensory over-drive, overwhelming me, causing me to grunt inaudibly.

Gently, Meg began tweaking my nipple, alternately pulling and twisting. God, I was in heaven. A wave of energy seemed to rise up within me, heightening our frenzy. Now completely uninhibited I began grunting, “oh,” with each delicious thrust. “Oh — ohh — ohhh — ohhh,” growing louder.

Like savage animals, our bodies consumed each other. We became one entity, glistening in a coat of amorous sweat. Meg seemed to be touching every part of my being, her hands in constant motion, her mouth like a delicate humming bird.

Sensing exactly how close I was, Meg whispered softly, “Do it baby. Do it for me.”

Almost instantly, a final electric surge bolted throughout my body, causing me to throw back my head and close my eyes. “Oh — ohh — ohhhhhhh,” I chanted as I went over the edge, now no longer in control of myself.

“Yes,” Meg purred. “Yes — yess, my sweet darling.”

My back pounded against the door as I clenched Meg in my wobbly arms. My legs forced a vice-like grip against her damp thigh and I choked out a final, “Oh –ohh — ohhhhhh,” as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life.

Wave after wave of amazing pleasure swept over me for what seemed like forever. Holding on like I would never let go, I kept thrusting against her sweet leg. With a final peak of excitement, I thrust once more, discharging a final, “Ohhhhhhh,” and began my dissent back to reality. The fall was soft and pleasing like a feather sailing down to earth. I enjoyed each enchanting moment as if it were my last.

“Baby, sweet baby,” Meg purred over and over in her husky yet feminine voice. “Baby, sweet baby.”

Meg hugged me tight before freeing herself from my quivering body, stealing her flame as she did so. Our eyes focused and then locked. We seemed to know exactly what the other was thinking. Without breaking the stare, she brushed the hair from my eyes and said lovingly, “Did you enjoy that hon,” already knowing the answer to her own question.

“Yes-yes,” I stammered. “Yes, Megan, I…I…I…..”

“That’s okay baby,” Meg sighed. Gingerly, she kissed my cheek. “I know, I know,” she said tenderly.

With that, she turned away casually as if nothing had happened, leaving me a quaking mass of jelly, in a state of disbelief over what I just experienced.

“Would you like a drink baby,” she called back, shedding her trail of champagne soaked clothes. “Anything you want, anything at all.”

“Whatever you’re having” I faltered. “Whatever you’re having Megan is fine,” bursa vip escort I seemed to shout on my second try.

Instantly, she was gone and I stood alone, fully clothed, more aroused than I had ever been in my obviously young life. A sense of embarrassment crept in, merging itself with the evident joy within my body. Wow, I thought to myself. Wow. I gathered up my belongings and crept cautiously into her handsome apartment.

My eyes focused and began scanning the elegant surrounding of Meg’s gorgeous apartment. Fine art adorned each of the walls. Miniature statues were sprinkled generously throughout the room. Each piece seemed to fit perfectly, adding its own special warmth to the surroundings. She had an evident flair for decorating that shone through, both in color selection and placement.

The glittering lights of the city drew me towards the full-length window that dominated the far side of the room. Still alone, I caught a glimpse of myself in the window’s reflection — hair slightly disheveled, blouse wet and ruffled, a tail hanging out. A sense of dread welled up within me thinking how frightful I must look. I rummaged through my purse, racing to fix myself up before Meg could come back. Quickly, I re-applied my lipstick and ran a brush through my thick tangled hair. Thank god, Meg seemed to be taking her time.

My heart seemed to be racing, my body filled with a nervous excitement. I took a couple of deep breaths to try and calm myself down. “I can do this,” I whispered to myself. “I can do this. I’m a big girl.”

“Enjoying the view,” Meg called out, startling me back to reality. She carried a couple of glasses in her hand. “I hope you like brandy,” she inquired. She looked exquisite in a pink coral stretch lace chemise with embellished pearl and sequin appliques.

“Oh yes — yes,” I answered quietly, my mouth agape. “Brandy is fine.”

“It’s a lovely view don’t you think,” Meg stated, handing me a crystal glass.

“Ah — lovely — yes, it’s fantastic Megan,” I smiled, regaining my composure. “Simply fantastic. Your entire apartment is so beautiful.” She really seemed to have me off balance.

“Thanks, Shey,” Meg replied. My surroundings are a huge part of my life. I enjoy the challenge of turning my home into a cozy retreat. Would you like to see the view from outside,” she inquired.

“Sure,” I nodded, as I sipped the brandy, its warmth making its way down my body, producing a slight shiver.

Meg slid open the balcony door open, motioning me to proceed before her. The night was clear and bright, stars shining like a million sparkles in the sky. The moon full in its luminous glory. I moved toward the rail, scanning the spectacle of the city’s dazzling light show. The wind sent a chill through me, causing me to fold my arms for warmth.

I felt Meg’s soft hands move over my shoulders, closely followed by her breasts and body as she wrapped her arms around me. My nipples hardened with the coolness of the wind and the excitement of her touch. bursa elit escort I closed my eyes and leaned back against her finally beginning to feel comfortable with my surroundings.

Hugging me tighter, Meg’s lips began to dance over the nape of my neck, causing my earlier arousal to return. I turned to her with yearning eyes, scared to speak for fear of chasing away the magic I was feeling. Meg’s longing stare let me know I was not alone in the emotions that were whirling about me. “Come on inside baby,” she implored. “Its chilly out here.”

I tossed down another sip and followed obediently, feeling much more relaxed now. “I have something comfortable for you to wear in my room,” Meg announced softly. “Why don’t you freshen up dear. It’s just down the hall and to the right.”

“That would be nice Megan,” I replied, hiding that I had already attempted to spruce myself up. “Thanks.” I swallowed another sip of brandy before setting my glass down, and proceeded along the hall. More fine art adorned the walls of the hallway and it dawned on me that each piece was of an erotic nature, all of it beautiful. Her room was large and inviting. This lady sure new how to pamper herself. A king-size four poster bed, with an ivory colored lace canopy, dominated the room. Matching mahogany furniture complimented the centerpiece and still more erotic art lent itself to the arousing feel of the room.

I found an exquisite satin teddy with a matching robe waiting for me on the bed. It was emerald green and was obviously selected by Megan to contrast against my dark features. I quickly peeled off my blouse and slacks, engrossed in my breathtaking surroundings. Smiling to myself, I removed my panties and slipped on the teddy, feeling the wonderful coolness of the material against my skin. My nipples poked against the sleek material. I wrapped the matching half-length robe around myself and once again, felt an electrical current shoot through me. I felt like a kid in a candy store, innocent and wicked all at the same time. I freshened myself up, this time having enough time to apply eye shadow as well as more lipstick. Stealing a last glance into her mirror, a sinful smile curled upon my lips as I imagined the carnal treats in-store for me.

“You’re lovely, baby,” Meg marveled as I emerged before her. She was sitting on her blue pastel sofa, which contrasted, nicely against her chemise. Patting the soft leather, she invited me to sit next to her. The sofa seemed to swallow me up as I lowered myself into it.

“Closer baby’, she cooed. “I won’t bite. Not yet anyway, she smiled naughtily.” I wiggled myself tighter against her, our naked legs touching. “That’s better baby.”

Meg took my hand in hers and raised it to her lips. Softly, she kissed the back of my hand, lingering slightly. “You’re beautiful Sheyenne,” she beamed. “Simply beautiful.”

Blushing, I returned the compliment with equal sincerity.

I cuddled up against Megan’s perfect form, gathered up in her embrace. Eventually, I slipped my head down to her lap as she stroked my hair and we simply talked. The night seemed to drift away. The conversation flowed easily as if we had known each other all our lives. I became totally and utterly intoxicated, both by the champagne and by Megan. It felt like a fairy tale coming to life and I never wanted it to end.

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