Not What It Seems Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This story has cuckolding and a lot of it, as well as someone being manipulated for sex. If neither of these are up your alley, please move along. This story is not for you. This isn’t entirely my usual stuff, but it came to me and I had to get it out. As always the people in this aren’t real, this stuff didn’t happen. At least not to my knowledge.

I hope you guys enjoy the new chapter. This thing wasn’t even meant to happen but the other day it just hit and no matter what I couldn’t think about anything else but getting this done. As always I look forward to seeing what you guys think.


True to his word Robert kept Valen fucked full of his cum for the remainder of his visit, taking her anytime he wanted even when she tried begging for a break. How could he give her a break when he knew it was his cock that was leaving her so sore? That it was his cum that seemed to permanently stain the insides of her thighs anymore? Those were his bruises on her hips and thighs, his bite marks on her neck and tender breasts. He was going to make damn sure Valen would have a reason to keep Jeremy from seeing her naked when he got home, at least long enough for his sperm to find and claim the egg he was sure would grow into his son. And if Jeremy found out and kicked her out, then the bitch could stay with him and be his personal breeder as her way to pay to stay with him.

By the time Jeremy was due home and Robert had to leave Valen had fully submitted to his needs and quit complaining, except to complain when his cock wasn’t fucking away inside of her. She adapted to her role as his cock slut much quicker than he expected, but he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. She also moaned more openly than when he first began mounting her, and he took pleasure in knowing he was the one that broke her into her role. He thought his highlight had been when she obeyed his order to ride him, but the real highlight of his visit was when she joined him in the living room after a nap and knelt without words, sucked his cock to life, and then impaled herself on his cock to use it like her own personal dildo.

“I woke up so horny for you Robbie,” she had moaned as she rocked and bounced on the cock she now took with ease, her hands rubbing over her breasts as he watched, entranced by watching her attempt to breed herself with his cock while he did nothing but sit there and watch. He never would have thought he would see this fantasy come true but there she was, her pussy squeezing hungrily at his leaking cock, desperate to get his load secured inside her. After they had recovered from their shared orgasm, he had carried her to the marital bed she shared with his brother and fucked her brains out until he had nothing left to give.

To his satisfaction she laid there and took it all, cooing and moaning for him, urging him to give her every potent drop as she wrapped her legs around his waist and held him deep with each orgasm she milked him through. She left her own marks on his body. Angry red welts on his back and sides from how she scratched at him while in the throes of her pleasure, as well as a few bruising bite marks from when they both tore at each other in primal desperation.

Their last fuck wasn’t the night before she had to get Jeremy from the airport. It was what made her late to pick up her husband by half an hour. As one last slap in his brother’s face, Robert had convinced Valen to pick Jeremy up with the plug sealing a fresh load inside of her.

He thought when Jeremy got home Valen would come to her senses and tell him to fuck off, but to his surprise she always let him know when Jeremy was out for work. With any other affair, Robert would have had a chick meet up with him at his place or at least a hotel but getting to fuck his sister-in-law while she screamed into her marital bed was too hot to change anything. He had no way of knowing that every encounter was watched by Jeremy on the new security feed, and that he was jerking off in his office or in his truck while his brother bred his wife, and that was why Valen would never end up suggesting meeting anywhere else.

As much as she hated to admit it, Valen craved the careless way Robert fucked into her pussy, just using her for his pleasure and the hopes of leaving her with his baby growing in her. She was nothing more than a piece of meat to him, and the part of her that liked it when Jeremy would “jack off” with her body, was fully satisfied since Robert was genuine with his use. It satisfied that itch in ways Jeremy couldn’t, and it would bother her more to admit that, but knowing Robert could give her something he wasn’t able to seemed to rile Jeremy up in a way she hadn’t expected. She knew about his cuck fetish, but Robert was the only time they’d experimented with it before, so neither had really known what to expect.

When Jeremy had gotten home and watched the footage from while he was away, he and Valen had some of the most intense sex either istanbul travesti of them could remember having. The dirty talk changed too, when Jeremy and Valen got home from the airport, and she admitted to him her pussy had been dutifully soaking up Robert’s cum since she left the house.

“You’re pumping his cum so deep Jere,” moaned Valen as her husband reclaimed her sore, abused pussy. “You’re helping your little brother knock up your own wife.”

Jeremy had seen stars when he came in his wife, his weak sperm mixing with the potent spunk left behind by his little brother, and when they both were laying together after just basking in being together again, Jeremy had made sure to slip a pillow under her hips. His cock gave a weak, spent twitch as he knowingly helped his brother’s seed journey inwards to fertilize the eggs his own sperm was too weak to. He hadn’t expected this to be as erotic to him as it was, but knowing his brother was going to impregnate his wife was stroking a fetish he didn’t know he had. If he hadn’t already married Valen, he would’ve popped the question with everything she was doing not only for him but for them.

He knew she still hated his brother, knew if she could pick someone else she would in a heartbeat, so he appreciated her taking the cock of a man she hated just so they could hopefully have a baby. In a way, that was adding something to how hot it was watching them fuck, especially when she willingly rode his brother or fucked back eagerly into his thrusts. He didn’t know what it was, but it made his cock throb to watch her submit to his brother after the way he’d treated her. He didn’t worry about her love for him, that wasn’t a concern, and it didn’t need to be.

Both had noticed it; something was different in their marriage. Somehow, a marriage that they were perfectly happy and content in, now seemed as though it were more solid. Almost as if somehow this whole thing had brought them closer together as a couple. It was in the way they held each other longer, and kissed sweeter, made more passionate love when they weren’t doing their dirty talk. And when Valen showed her husband a positive pregnancy test, they spent a few days celebrating before they started figuring stuff out.

They had never discussed what would happen with Robert once he had planted his seed in her womb. That was an important part to cover, but somehow it got forgotten about by the time Jeremy left for his work trip. And was forgotten about even longer while Valen was having her pseudo affair with Robert, and Jeremy was enjoying fucking his brother’s cum even deeper into his wife.

But now they needed to figure out what to do about him, now that the doctors had confirmed Valen was indeed carrying Jeremy’s own niece or nephew that he would raise as his own. To start, she and Jeremy had agreed the pseudo affair needed to stop – while physically bittersweet for Valen — and she was happy she didn’t have to keep fucking Robert. Despite how much she let herself go and enjoy the moment, afterwards she silently seethed at it having to behim, and having Jeremy to fuck her afterwards was what helped her to continue their fake affair after her husband got home.

When Valen first stopped texting him, Robert was on the edge of his seat, cock rock hard at the idea of possibly having ended his brother’s marriage and freeing Valen to be his permanent toy. But days turned into a couple of weeks, and it was when she told him to fuck off that he snapped and drove over to her home when he knew his brother would be gone. Having her speak to him like she used to, before he trained her pussy to stretch for his cock, was infuriating and he refused to just be cast aside.

Valen had been resting on the couch in one of Jeremy’s button-down shirts and a pair of her panties when someone began banging on her door, startling her into sitting up. She quickly turned off the show she was watching as whoever it was began yelling.

“Valen!” Robert’s voice called out from the other side of the door. “Open this fucking door right now!”

Valen’s heart hammered in her chest as a heat she hadn’t expected rapidly began pooling between her thighs. She jumped when the banging started again, and grabbed the throw from the back of the couch as she stood and marched to the door. By the time she was at the door, she had wrapped the throw around her waist, hiding her vulnerability from her brother-in-law as he stormed in the moment she had the door open, pushing past her so he was fully inside before he turned to face her. He didn’t know Jeremy had been checking in on his pregnant wife when he pushed his way inside the house, or that his brother was on the way home, worried his wife might be in danger.

“Robert, what ar-“

“Shut it.” Robert snapped, cutting her off as he moved to loom over her. “What fucking game are you pulling, ignoring me then telling me to fuck off?”

Valen stared up at him without flinching back, her eyes daring him to try anything. “There istanbul travestileri is no game,” she said simply, not having a reason to sugar coat her attitude anymore. Plus, the sooner she pissed him off more, the sooner he’d leave and go do whatever it was he did to calm down. “I’m just done having sex with you. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m done sneaking around.”

“Then I’ll fuck you in front of him, I don’t care.” He grabbed at her hips and started to pull her close, but she lightly shoved at his chest while backing away herself. “Valen-“

“What part of we are done, do you not understand?” She cut him off despite the warning tone in his voice. “The guilt finally got to me and I told Jeremy about what happened between us He’s only forgiving me if we stop, and I stop talking to you for a little bit.” The lie she and Jeremy had agreed on telling him to hide what they had done. “You are not worth losing my husband over.”

“I don’t care if he keeps you or leaves you Valen, but I told you before, you’re my bitch.” Before Valen could react, she suddenly found herself tossed over Robert’s shoulder like a sack of flour, being carried to the one room he enjoyed fucking her in the most. “And I think it’s time I remind you who your pussy really belongs to.”

Her body was betraying her, heating up even more as she realized he intended on taking her. Only this time, she had to put up a fight, it wasn’t for a fake affair. He was going to genuinely be forcing himself on her, and instead of the revulsion she wanted to feel, her body betrayed her by getting aroused. Her panties were already sporting a damn wet spot by the time he tossed her on the bed and yanked her throw blanket off, letting it drop to the floor before he made quick work of his pants and boxers. To her credit Valen did try to move off the bed while he was busy undressing, but she didn’t know he had seen the wet spot on her panties and had gained all the encouragement he needed to follow through with his plans.

She was caught before she could make it out of the room and when Robert tossed her back on the bed, she had no time to scramble off before he had crawled up between her legs and shoved his hand into her panties, groaning as he felt the wetness waiting for him. His thumb swiped over her hardened clit, making her cry out as she tried to squirm out from underneath him. “S-Stop!” She ordered as she tried to shove at him, anything to keep from giving in to the throbbing ache between her legs and how it made her want to give in. She was pregnant, she didn’t need him to fuck her anymore and that was that.

So why did she whimper with need when his free hand roughly grabbed her hand and pinned it above her head? Why did she squeeze so tightly around the fingers that were now thrusting in and out of her soaked pussy? She was burning from the inside out as her body reveled in his dominating touch, producing as much slick as her partner might need to slip inside where she suddenly needed him.

“Damn it Robert, stop!” She managed to grab his wrist with the hand he wasn’t holding and tried to pull his hand from her panties. She was not giving in this time, no matter how good it felt when he stuffed a third finger into her pussy and began stroking that sweet spot inside of her.

“Uh-uh.” He rubbed his thumb back and forth over her clit as he worked his fingers in and out of her cunt. “You need a reminder. You forgot your damn place bitch, and I’m going to fix that.”

Neither of them knew that while Jeremy drove home to try and stop this, he had the audio on his phone connected to his Bluetooth of his truck, so he could hear the fabric of his wife’s panties rip when Robert tore them from her body, and the struggle as his wife tried to keep his brother from raping her. And it was a struggle…a struggle he wasn’t sure he wanted her to lose.

In their struggles Robert managed to rip open the button down shirt, sending buttons flying as the shirt fell open, exposing Valen’s breasts to him. Her tits were one of his favorite parts to look at, but he had an agenda so they could for now. But he would definitely be coming back to them.

Between her rape fantasy, and the fact that she was already carrying her rapist’s baby from when she had willingly taken his seed into her womb, her arousal was through the roof. Even then Valen was genuinely trying to stop Robert from getting inside of her, trying to stay loyal to Jeremy, but despite her best efforts he still slid home and buried his cock balls deep inside her. Valen’s moans filled Jeremy’s truck cab and his cock stiffened in response as he realized his brother was back inside his wife.

“Yeah, you like that.” Robert taunted her as he grinded down into the mother of his child, stretching her with his cock in a way that was both painful and good. “I bet you missed my cock, didn’t you baby?”

“No!” She denied even as her pussy was eagerly welcoming his invading length back inside. She hated how good it felt to be stretched travesti istanbul so full again. “I don’t want this. I don’t want- ohhh… No…” She whimpered as he latched onto a nipple, made oversensitive by the life growing inside of her. She tried to push at his head, but as his tongue flicked and swirled over her nipple, she held him there and moaned, her head tilting back. “Robert…please…”

He moaned against her breast as he withdrew his cock and pushed back in, releasing her nipple to attack the other, unaware of how sensitive they were in his careless mouth as he licked and sucked at them as roughly as he had during their affair. It wasn’t lost on him that she seemed to enjoy it more than before, but he put it to his brother doing a bad job of pleasing his wife. She had told him she had to fake it sometimes so that wasn’t too far out there to easily believe. He enjoyed the snug fit of her pussy relearning his cock before he began to steadily move back and forth, working her slick up and down his cock before he really began moving.

Valen tried to push at his chest when he started moving, but she was lost in everything right now. She was being raped, by the man who had unknowingly gotten her pregnant, and he didn’t care what came of it. He just wanted to use her for his own pleasure, whether or not she was okay with it. With how much she enjoyed being used, her own combination of fetishes and kinks was her undoing and her refusals became weaker as her thighs parted more for him, allowing him better access.

“That’s it slut, spread ’em like you want to.” Robert gloated as he took full advantage of her opening up to him. “Fuck, I knew you’d be easy to get back into.”

Valen was torn as she moaned beneath Jeremy’s brother; emotionally wanting him to stop because this was officially cheating for her, but physically needing him to remind her pussy what it was like to be genuinely used by someone. Every thrust and drag of his cock reminded her of how he had bent her in half and hammered down into her to make sure his loads had gone as deep as he could get them.

“Robert please, I don’t – oh fuck – want to cheat anymore.” She tried to fight it, but her words lost their strength when he made her moan with a well angled thrust.

“Tough shit,” he spat as he began thrusting harder, taking her body as he wanted to. “You fucked up when you begged me to put my baby in you, Val.” Her pussy squeezed tight on his cock, working a thick glob of precum from his painfully hard shaft. “You want to be my breeder sis, I’ll make you my fucking breeder.” He knew he was about to blow his load quick, he had been too pent up because of his bitch of a sister-in-law, but he didn’t care. He had already made peace with that when he was driving over, planning even then to remind her of what she was missing, because as far as he knew once he got that slut on his cock she wouldn’t want off.

Valen moaned as Robert began to chase his orgasm, fucking into her with a purpose now as he felt his balls tightening up. She could tell he was close and knowing that she was about to take an unwanted cream pie from her brother-in-law sent her over the edge into an orgasm she would hate herself later for. When her pussy began spasming around his cock, Robert buried his cock balls deep and groaned as he shot his heavy load into the warm tunnel that was squeezing so lovingly at his cock. She could feel the familiar warmth spreading through her as Robert emptied a few weeks’ worth of cum into her pussy, but there was a cold chill down her spine when she finally opened her eyes and saw Jeremy in the doorway of the bedroom, realizing what she had done.

The chill left though, when she saw how he palmed the straining bulge confined in his jeans, his eyes dark as he watched the show on his bed. She didn’t know when he got there, but he had obviously enjoyed what he had witnessed, and it dawned on her that he had never seen them live. Despite their agreement that she was done sleeping with Robert, she could tell Jeremy was all too pleased to catch them like this.

“You begged for my baby,” Robert reminded her, still unaware of their guest as he broke the staring spell between the married couple that he was missing as he nuzzled the valley between her breasts. “You begged me to make you a mommy.”

Jeremy motioned to his stomach while staring at her, nodding quickly to get across how badly he wanted to see what would happen if Robert found out about the seed he planted in his brother’s wife. Valen was torn, not yet wanting to let Robert know he had dominated her body in such an intimate way, while also wanting to just be done hiding that from him. She would never confess to using him as nothing more than a breeding stud but, for some reason she didn’t quite understand, shewanted him to at least know he had gotten her pregnant.

She moaned when his mouth latched onto a sensitive nipple, and gasped when his tongue stroked over the pebbled nub. “Oh god…” She held his head to her breast, moaning at the sensations he was causing as he suckled on her nipple as if he could already draw milk. Her eyes were on Jeremy, who had already taken out his cock and was stroking himself, as she scraped her nails over Robert’s scalp. “It’s so wrong…”

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