One Night at the Jefferson Ch. 3

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Lauren’s eyes flared open. The room was still filled with a murky darkness, and unfamiliar shapes stood out as deeper shadows on the velvety backdrop. A brief moment of panic assailed her before she remembered that she was in a hotel room and not her own. The luminous face of the alarm clock read 4:45 and provided the only real source of light in the room. Outside, it was the twilight time before dawn, and the weak light barely penetrated the curtains. Something had wakened her from an incredibly erotic dream. Her mind was still cloudy but she remembered it had been a sound, an animal sound. Something warm and soft brushed her clit and she moaned softly.

“Wha…?” she managed.

She realized her nipples were aching and straining against the thin t-shirt she had on. Her arms were pushed out perpendicular to her body, and her hands were clutching the sheet tightly, she could feel the tension in her back and arms. Another warm soft contact forced her to arch her back, driving her shoulder blades down into the soft mattress. Another quiet whimper was drawn from her lips.

She managed to raise her head and look down her body. She could see her nipples making little tents in the thin fabric of the t-shirt she had on. It had been pushed up and was bunched under her tits, leaving her tummy bare. A mop of red tresses that looked almost black in the semi-light, covered her hips and pubic area. She threw her head back as that warm, soft tongue caressed her most sensitive place again.

“Mmmmmm, haven’t you had enough?’ she said, her voice sounding unnaturally loud in the quiet room.

There was no reply. Lauren’s mind was beginning to function now. She realized the sound that had roused her from her sleep had been her own moan. Her erotic dream had probably been inspired by the slow, gentle action of her lover’s tongue on her pussy. She must have been at it for a while, Lauren thought because her nipples were achingly hard and she was very damp. The day before she had literally worn herself, and her smaller friend, out. Her mind was forcefully pulled back to the present as Roxanne’s tongue glided upwards between her lips and flattened out as it crossed her bud. The delicious shivers that ran through her let her know she was close to orgasm.

“Yesssssss,” she hissed in spite of herself.

Roxanne’s tongue glided back down her slit and forced its way into her slick channel. It lingered there, probing her opening gently and occasionally lapping up her copious juices. Her lover’s nose was pressed between Lauren’s swollen lips and bumped her inner folds with each movement of her tongue. Lauren arched her back again trying to press her pussy move firmly against Roxanne’s face. This was to no avail as the little redhead had both of her arms under Lauren’s thighs and her fingers locked together above her mound. She simply let her face “float” with the movements of Lauren’s hips and all Lauren’s wiggling produced was a stop to the stimulation. Lauren snorted in frustration and had to relax after a few moments of straining, she was still sore from the night before. As soon as her body was relaxed on the bed again, her lover’s soft, warm tongue traced up and down her slick lips. Roxanne took her time, for she was in no hurry and wanted to build Lauren up to a fever pitch. Her tongue made languid trips up and down Lauren’s slit, occasionally dipping between the lips to caress the soft inner folds.

To Lauren it quickly became sweet torture. Always the touches were feathery soft and infuriatingly slow. The occasional swipes over her engorged clit were never hard enough or long enough to do more than heighten the excitement. She could feel the frustration mixing with the pleasure until her body was taut with the unreleased tension.

Her hands massaged her tits and pinched her nipples. This added jagged bolts of pleasure to her system but did nothing to help her gain release. She groaned in frustration and again tried to bring her hips up and get firmer contact with her lover’s tongue, but this again brought a stop to the stimulation.

“Bitch,” she managed through her clenched teeth.

Roxanne finally allowed three fingertips from each hand to gently slip between Lauren’s wet lips. With a touch that was at once gentle and firm she pried them apart, exposing Lauren’s tingling clit to the warm air. She placed her pursed lips on top of Lauren’s pussy and kissed gently.

“Good Morning,” she said quietly, looking up for the first time. Her face was shadowy and vague in the half-light. Only her luminous eyes caught the faint light and sparkled.

“Don’t stop,” Lauren breathed, she was too wound up now for pleasantries. She tangled her hands in Roxanne’s hair and pulled her face back to her soaked pussy. Her body felt like it was on fire, with every nerve ending tingling. She was sure that Roxanne must have been teasing her for a long time.

Roxanne needed no more encouragement. She flattened her tongue and began to swipe it quickly back and forth over Lauren’s sensitized bursa eskort clit. This pushed Lauren towards a crashing climax. The redhead’s tongue seemed to be totally empathetic to Lauren’s body, varying pressure and tempo in response to the unspoken signals her body was sending. She built Lauren up to a peak and just as she was about to go over the edge Roxanne would back off or change tempo. The tension built in her until it was unbearable, she felt as if she were about to explode.

“Now, Please now” Lauren begged. Her breathing was ragged and the pleasure was so acute that the stimulation was almost painful in its intensity. The muscles in her legs and back were becoming tired from the straining and began to knot.

Roxanne attacked her clit in earnest then, using her tongue like a little buzz saw she swiped it side to side, just brushing Lauren’s bud. Lauren’s hips bucked against Roxanne’s face as her orgasm began. She felt the warm rush of blood and the muscles clenching and relaxing spasmodically deep inside of her. With a suddenness that caused her to gasp the dam burst and her orgasm washed over her, threatening to drown her consciousness in its intensity.

Her mind struggled as the heady waves of pleasure flooded her senses. Nothing in her experience had prepared her for this. Each wave seemed stronger and more all encompassing than the one before. She gave up the struggle before she went mad and just rode the crashing waves, losing herself in the moment.

For a timeless period she was lost in the feelings giving no conscious thought to anything. Slowly she began to take notice of things around her, but her vision was like a love scene in the movies, out of focus around the edges. She rubbed her eyes to clear her vision and shook her head. Powerful aftershocks wracked her body at uneven intervals.

“Wow,” was all she could think to say.

Roxanne was still between her shivering thighs, running her fingers through Lauren’s soft pubes. Her touch was very light, comforting rather than stimulating, but in her heightened state even this was unbearable. There was more light, filtering into the room now, and Lauren could see her lover’s face. She was watching Lauren intently with that questioning expression of hope and fear Lauren was beginning to get used to. Her lips and chin were glistening with the juices of Lauren’s orgasm. Even with this ample evidence of how good it felt, Lauren could see she was worrying that she had not enjoyed it.

“That was some good morning,” she said in a very contented voice. She was rewarded for this simple statement with a smile from her smaller friend.

“It was nice for me too,” she said.

“Now come here,” Lauren said sitting up and placing her hands under Roxanne’s arms. When she lay back she pulled her lover up with her and kissed her tenderly. Her lips were soft and yielding and soon Lauren’s tongue slipped between them. She could taste Roxanne’s sweetness and a musky taste she realized was her own. A week ago the thought would have been unsettling to her, but now she greedily explored the smaller woman’s mouth.

Roxanne was still wearing her corset and stockings from the day before. Lauren could feel the cool materials against her legs, hips and tummy. Her hands traced down the lacings to the small of her lover’s back, and further, until she could feel the warm, silken skin of her ass. Roxanne’s hands covered her tits and squeezed gently. Lauren broke the kiss and smacked Roxanne’s ass at the same time.

“Are you trying to kill me?!” she asked laughing deeply.

“Ummm, yes!” Roxanne replied kissing Lauren’s nose and massaging her boobs.

Lauren rolled over, pinning her smaller lover beneath her. Roxanne’s legs and arms wrapped tightly around her instantly. She still couldn’t understand her lover’s enjoyment of being beneath her.

“What has gotten into you? I would think after yesterday you would still be asleep,” Lauren said quietly.

She had meant it as a joke, but Roxanne seemed to think she was serious. Her brow knit in concentration and Lauren decided to let her answer, rather than tell her she had been joking.

“Yesterday was like nothing I have ever experienced. It wasn’t just the sex, it was feeling loved and protected and secure and happy,” she said finally. The look on her face was priceless and Lauren felt moved to kiss her again. It was a soft kiss, lingering and meaningful.

Lauren rolled off of Roxanne and stretched. The aftershocks were still zipping through her, but she was also very relaxed. Roxanne rolled over facing away from Lauren and started to snuggle back against her. Lauren reared back and slapped her ass.

“Ow!” she ejaculated in surprise. She gave Lauren a hurt look over her shoulder.

“Get to work woman, you got me up and now I want breakfast,” Lauren said laughing.

“Get your own breakfast,” Roxanne said pouting.

“Do you want to fail your audition?” Lauren asked.

“Audition? For what?’ Roxanne replied.

“You don’t bursa bayan escort remember?” Lauren said trying to keep her voice and face serious.

“No,” Roxanne said in confusion now.

“For my wife,” Lauren said giggling. Roxanne looked at her blankly for a moment and then began to giggle with her as she remembered the off hand comments of a few days ago. Lauren could hardly believe it had only been four days.

“Well, I guess I have answered your question,” she said as she rose gracefully and got out of bed. Lauren just watched her, enjoying the way she moved in the tight corset. Each movement was deliberate, it wasn’t the come-on antics of a stripper, but it was very erotic to her nonetheless.

As Roxanne bustled around the kitchen, Lauren propped her head up on the pillows and closed her eyes. She again enjoyed the sounds, and smells, of someone bustling around a kitchen preparing food. She tried to sort out her feelings and address the many questions this vacation had brought to her. While it was only Tuesday, she realized that time was running out on her.

The real sticking point in her deliberations was what Roxanne wanted. She was so difficult to read and Lauren knew that her own feelings were inextricably tied to those of her friend. The walk home had been their first real showing that they were together in any sense other than friends. Roxanne had seemed perfectly all right with it, but she had also been totally out of it on her painkillers. Lauren was not sure how she felt about it now, but she knew that it had seemed very right at the time.

Remembering the events of Sunday night inevitably brought her mind to yesterday. She tried to remember how many times they had made love. She eventually decided she couldn’t. She remembered all of them, but could not delineate where any one ended, and the next began. She did remember falling asleep between Roxanne’s legs with her strap on buried in her little lover and the redhead stroking her hair. The memories were so vivid and so sexy that she felt herself beginning to get horny again.

“My God,” she thought to herself. What is happening to me? I should be asleep not getting hot again; her thoughts were interrupted by Roxanne arriving at the bedside with her breakfast.

“Breakfast is served,” she said and curtseyed.

“Thank you my dear,” Lauren replied. She ate heartily and drank three cups of coffee. The food was good and the coffee was excellent, but she knew a lot of it had to do with her being hungry. She could not remember the last time she had exerted so much energy in such a short space of time. Instead of feeling tired though, she felt invigorated.

Roxanne nibbled at the food on her plate, and kept stealing glances at Lauren. When Lauren finished Roxanne took the dishes away and washed them without a word. Lauren rose and stretched, her legs were still a little wobbly and she had to hold onto the bedpost for a bit until she could be sure of them. She went to the bathroom noticing that Roxanne’s mood seemed to have changed in an instant.

Roxanne’s sudden quiet mood troubled her. She wondered about it as she brushed her teeth. The smaller woman was like a Chinese puzzle; with each bit discovered more questions were raised. It troubled her, that she might be falling for someone who was so unsure of herself. Lauren did not relish the idea of giving her heart to someone who might up and decide this was wrong, and just disappear on her. That was a pain she just couldn’t deal with. She realized she could easily drive herself nuts with this, and pushed it firmly from her mind for the time being.

She decided to take a shower, but after seeing the big tub she decided a bubble bath would be even better. She walked out of the bathroom to ask Roxanne if she had brought any bath oil, knowing the redhead’s penchant for pampering herself. The room was empty, and the door that adjoined her room was closed. This really disturbed her for some reason. She was not normally a nosey person, but she was worried about Roxanne. If they became a couple it was fine and good, but she did not want to loose a friend if things did not work out that way.

She walked quietly to the adjoining door and tried it. The handle turned easily and she pushed the door open a fraction. Lauren put her head to the crack and peered in. Roxanne was sitting on her bed and staring out the window. One leg was curled under her, and her hair was hanging down in a loose tumble. She looked so wistful, and utterly vulnerable. Lauren felt her heart go out to that suddenly tiny figure. The questions she was dealing with so badly, had to be torturing her smaller friend. Lauren was sure that the smaller woman was agonizing over the situation. She wanted to just go to her, and hold her and tell her it was all going to be alright. She fought back that impulse and closed the door quietly. She would give Roxanne time to make up her mind, but she was beginning to feel like she would have to force the bursa ucuz escort issue sooner or later.

She returned to the bathroom with her emotions in turmoil. With a sureness that surprised her she decided she would have to find out tonight. There was no excuse for the two of them to be in such a state on their vacations. If it was to be it would be, if it wasn’t then it wasn’t.

She decided to pass on the bath and started the shower. She was distracted and nearly burned herself when she tested the water temp on her arm. Cursing her own carelessness, she turned on the cold water, and tested the temperature again. It was hot, but not scalding, so she tossed her t-shirt on the floor and stepped in under the stinging spray.

The water was warm, and the thrumming spray felt wonderful as it worked the tension and fatigue from her muscles. Her mind moved back to the lone figure sitting on her bed. She could not get that poignant image out of her mind. If it had not been for her semi-nudity it might have been a Rockwell painting. There was no question the Roxanne could touch her heartstrings without even trying, but was she in love with her? That question stood out again even though she was trying very hard to ignore it.

Her mind turned over her own feelings again but she decided it was no use. The complexities of the situation were far greater than any she had dealt with before. Without a solid idea of where Roxanne stood, or wanted to stand, she was just spinning her wheels and she knew it. Her mind returned to the walk back from the carriage ride. How her little friend would react to being seen in public would be a very good gauge of where her mind was. Lauren had to know if this was just a fling or a bedroom thing for her; or if she was really falling in love. Lauren did not want to commit herself to something where the feelings were this strong without knowing, she could not take the pain of another breakup. She growled in frustration when she realized she was making circles in her head, crossing over ground she had already walked.

Her mind was pulled from her musings by a sound like a knock on the bathroom door. She poked her head out of the shower and listened again. After a pause the knock came again.

“Yes?” Lauren called.

“Can I come in?” Roxanne called through the door.

“Of course,” Lauren called back.

Roxanne came in and leaned against the counter. Her eyes looked up and down Lauren’s body bringing a blush to her despite the intimacy they had shared. She was still wearing her corset but she had removed her stockings. The garters hung down at odd angles, no longer held tight by the stockings.

“Are you all right?” Lauren asked.

“I am fine, I just need you to help me out of this thing, I need a shower too,” she replied with a smile. She turned around and backed up so that Lauren could reach the laces of the corset. Lauren untied them and pulled them out until Roxanne could wiggle out of it.

“Thank you,” she said breathing deeply.

“Gonna take a shower?” Lauren asked.

“Yeppers,” she replied, with on of the expressions she had typed so often.

“Why not join me?” Lauren said. Roxanne looked at her and then at the tub dubiously.

“Is there enough room for two?” she asked.

“If they don’t mind getting close,” Lauren laughed.

Roxanne smiled and Lauren helped her into the tub. They were standing face to face with the water beating on Lauren’s back now. Roxanne seemed very tentative, and Lauren decided she had never done this before. She stepped back until she felt the cool tiles on her back and ass, and pulled Roxanne to her at the same time. This brought the smaller woman into the water. Lauren watched as it ran down her body in rivulets and dripped from her tits. Roxanne giggled and then sighed as the warm water beat down on her.

“Nice isn’t it?” Lauren asked as she let her hands slip down Roxanne’s sides to her hips.

“Mmm, yes very nice,” Roxanne replied. Her eyes were closed and she brushed her hair back with both hands. Lauren noticed that when it was wet her hair looked even darker. She found herself wondering what she would look like as a brunette.

Lauren took the cake of lilac scented soap and unwrapped it. She tossed the wax paper to the floor and lathered up her hands with the pale, purple, soap. It was very strong, and before she had even worked up a good lather, the smell of lilacs mixed with the steam.

Roxanne stood there looking rather nervous. Lauren realized that she was very self-conscious about her nakedness. Lauren smiled at the seeming incongruity there. This was the same girl who had only a few minutes ago brought her to orgasm with her tongue. Only, when you knew her, really knew her, could you see that it was perfectly in keeping with her complex personality. She smiled reassuringly and put the bar of soap back on the soap dish.

“Relax baby,” she cooed and gently pushed Roxanne back out of the spray of warm water. She placed her hands on Roxanne’s shoulders and began to rub the lather in spreading it over her still damp skin. Lauren’s hands were slick with the soapy lather and glided over Roxanne’s silken skin easily, leaving a pale lavender foam wherever they touched. The little redhead closed her eyes and relaxed under Lauren’s touch.

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