One Night in a Hotel Room

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Finally we get some time to ourselves, I think as we pull up in the hotel parking lot. My mind is on the items I have packed in our bag. I barely pay attention as I mumble something to the girl checking us in, take our keys and start off towards our room of the next two days. Of course before we can get to the festivities we have to get through with the formalities, such as checking out the swimming pool! Unfortunately this is a disappointment and we quickly make our way back to our room. I step into the shower to rinse the chlorine off of myself and turn on the hot water.

As the steam rises I watch you step in to join me. With the water running over our bodies we take turns soaping each other up from head to toe. I love the feel of your warm body under my hands as I rub your chest, your back, legs, and every last part of you. Even more though I love how your hands feel touching me, invading my space as if I belong to you. By the time we are done in the shower I am feeling even hotter than the water feels hitting my naked skin. You step out, going into the other room to wait for me, as I towel myself off and pull my clothing of choice out of the bag.

I step out into the bedroom wearing a black body stocking, crotchless, that covers me in mesh from the neck down. I am also istanbul escort wearing that blue miniskirt that you like that barely covers my ass. I make my way to the bed where you are laying, and I notice my reflection in the mirror standing beside the bed. Mmm, not bad, if I do say so myself…

You are lying on the bed stroking yourself when I see you. I just watch for a moment, imagining how you will feel inside of me. Then my hand takes the place of yours and you reach down to feel my pussy, hot from the shower, and get me all wet for you. I lean back, loving the feel of your fingers, and my hand moves faster on your shaft.

Now as things start getting hotter and I start making little moans in my throat, I have to remember that we are in a hotel room, and that I can’t make as much noise as I normally do because of that chance that someone will hear us and complain! So as I come closer and closer to coming from your fingers I have to do my best to muffle my sounds of pleasure, and I cover my mouth with my free hand for a moment before I move down and take the length of you into my mouth. I move my head up and down quickly, sucking lightly as I move faster and faster the way you like it. You are being just avcılar escort as vocal about how much this pleases you as you continue to finger my wet cunt.

Before too long though you pull away and tell me to turn over, to get on my hands and knees on the bed. You stand at the side of the bed waiting for me to comply. I eagerly flip over and back up towards you, towards the feel of your hard cock penetrating me and filling me to the brim. You enter slowly, knowing that it takes a second to get used to your size, before you start pumping in and out in forceful movements. You begin pounding me so hard it’s almost painful… almost but not quite, as I love the feel of you just hammering away at my tight pussy. All of a sudden you’re slowing down, and I’m crying out for more when you pull completely out of me, and place your tip against my tight asshole.

Now I can hardly take it anymore, and I push back against you eager to feel you inside me again. When you push through it’s hard not for me to shout out in ecstacy, I love how this feels, and when you reach your hand around to play with my clit as you start moving faster again I am really pushed over the edge, and I bury my head into the bed as I come hard.

This doesn’t stop you though. şirinevler escort You keep going long enough to make me come once more before pulling out again and switching back to my hot pussy. We move to lay out across the bed and you lay with your chest pressed against my back, and I look back to kiss you as we start getting into another rhythm.

I glance back over at that mirror that is standing beside the bed and am surprised to see the great view of the two of us I can see. I watch as you draw back and plunge back in over and over again, and it turns me on even more. I like how my little blue skirt looks lifted over my buttcheeks so you can have access to me. You look to see what I’m looking at and we are both watching ourselves in the mirror, moving harder and harder, faster and faster.

I know you’re about to come and I’m moving against you because I want it too. I want to feel your hot cum against my skin. Right before that moment comes you tell me you want to blow it into my mouth, so you quickly pull yourself out of me and I duck my head to catch it. I close my eyes and feel the hot liquid hit my mouth, some landing on my cheek, and I slurp it all down. I love the taste of you and me. As we lay there catching our breath we start to unwind a little more. I take a sip of water and lean over to kiss you on the mouth.

However we can’t lay there long as we have got places to go and things to do, we still have the entire weekend to fill and I’ve still got another outfit or two tucked away in my bag. So we clean up and dress, and it’s off to dinner and who knows what else awaits us tonight…?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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