Our First Time

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Hey there everyone, I’m a little nervous about writing this. This is my first foray into the realm of adult fanfiction. I’m not very good at making things up, so I decided to base my first story off of real life experience. This is about the first time me and my boyfriend made love. It was a really sweet experience, which is why I feel comfortable sharing it. For the record, Hebrew is both my and my boyfriend’s native language, so I took the liberty of translating what we said into English for you, since when we speak to each other it is in Hebrew. Not only do we speak the same language, but we also work out. I can jog three miles now before I start breathing heavily, and we can both run seven before we collapse.

Me and my boyfriend live together now, and we’ve been doing so for the past two years. We moved out of our houses when we were nineteen. Not because our parents were horrible or anything, but because we both got scholarships to a college. Since we found a good apartment for a reasonable price, we decided to just move in together. We’ve been dating since I was sixteen and he was seventeen, but we are only four months apart, so I felt comfortable living with him. When we had been living together for about three months, he wanted to try taking our relationship to a more physical level. We had only kissed and made out: we hadn’t been groping or anything like that. I wasn’t ready until about two months ago to do that.

For the record, I submitted this to another site, but they’ve been experiencing difficulties, so I’ve decided to move my writing center over here instead.


So anyway, about two months ago I realized that I did want to take our relationship to the next level, but I wanted the night to be special. One night right after our finals had ended; we were lying on the couch watching Jumper. Near the end of the movie we began kissing. As usual, we started making out and his hands went from around my neck to my hips. He began caressing the sides of my stomach as I lay on top of him. When he got up to the sides of my breasts he began to stop. His hands started to pull away as I rubbed his shoulders and he apologized. It always breaks my heart when he says sorry- I know how high a guy’s sex drive is, and I can’t imagine how hard it must be for him to stop.

“What would you do to me if I told you you didn’t have to stop?” I whispered in his ear. I felt his back shiver a little bit as I nibbled on his ear. He was probably surprised when I asked, since I’m usually very inhibited physically.

After he got over his shock, he whispered back in my ear in the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard him use. It was low with a little growl in it, but it sounded so soft and gentle at the same time. “I just want to pleasure you Ahuva,” he said in that voice. I had to suppress a groan as he kissed me behind the ear and started rubbing my shoulders. “I don’t want any pleasure for myself; I just want you to feel good. You deserve so much better then me, so I want to be the best boyfriend I can for you,” he said.

“Shut up Paul,” I told him. He didn’t have many friends growing up, so he has a confidence problem. He’s gotten a lot better, but he has a complex where he seems to think I wouldn’t have stayed with him for so long if he wasn’t good enough. I stared down into his dark brown eyes and saw he was telling the truth. I knew he was lying about the not wanting pleasure part, but I knew he was telling the truth when he said all he wanted to do was pleasure me. “All right,” I whispered as I kissed him gently, “just be gentle.”

He reacted so quickly that I had forgotten how martial arts had given him such good reflexes. He scooped me up and carried me off to the bedroom, hitting the TV off with one arm as I hung on. He laid me down and began kissing me behind the ear as his fingers massaged my shoulders. I was still kind of nervous about what was going to happen tonight, but I couldn’t help but relax as the tension seemed to melt out of my body. He knew exactly how to make me relax, and it was a good five minutes later that his arms started wandering down lower. He gently took my shirt off and leaned up as he looked down at me. He gazed for so long I started to feel uncomfortable and covered myself up.

Paul gently grabbed my wrists and tenderly pried them apart. “Why do you Beylikdüzü escort cover yourself up?” he asked me.

“Because,” I whispered back, “I feel ugly.”

“Ahuva, you are beautiful,” he said firmly as he began to kiss my stomach. My breathing accelerated as I felt his lips land on my skin. “Your body is so slim and in shape,” he continued as he worked his hands behind me to start massaging my back. “Being in gymnastics keeps your body so sexy,” he said as he started dipping his tongue into my belly button. I could barely keep track of what he was saying, as I started to feel my lower body begin to get moist. “And even if you weren’t in gymnastics, you would still be sexy. Your just right for me,” Paul whispered as he came back up to my face level and started sucking on my ear lobe. I couldn’t breathe properly, let alone say anything, as he moved to the side of my neck and started sucking on my vein.

“Paul,” I moaned in a kind of ecstatic agony.

“Yes?” he answered with a cheeky grin. Normally, that would have made me laugh, but I was in no mood for fooling around. My body was definitely aroused: my lower body felt moist and my nipples were hard. Every time I breathed they rubbed against my bra, and I couldn’t take it any more.

“Get this fucking bra off me,” I growled at him as I reached my arm down, trying to grab his member. He was making me feel so good I wanted to return the favor. I gasped when he grabbed my hand and slammed it firmly against the mattress, more from shock at him being so firm than from pain. Actually, it didn’t hurt at all.

“No, Ahuva,” he said firmly. “Tonight is all about you. Maybe another night the pleasure can be mutual, but not tonight.”

“But-” I protested, wriggling madly under his grasp, my nipples on fire.

“No buts,” he said, kissing me softly. “Or I stop right here and now,” he threatened. I looked into his eyes and saw he was deadly serious.

“All right,” I grunted, “but take this bra off please,” I implored.

“As you command, my Queen,” he said as he reached around and began fumbling with my bra. I waited impatiently for it to come off, all the time feeling that infernal mouth of his suckle my shoulder and neck. Finally it came off and I sighed in relief as the cool air hit my chest, hardening my nipples even more. His hand hovered above one as he looked down, asking me for permission. Even in the passion, I felt even more reassured that I had chosen a winner when I saw he was waiting for my consent. I nodded and he began lightly squeezing my breasts. I began muttering and cursing under my breath as his fingers caressed the area around the nipple before flicking it oh so gently.

“Ahuva, can I suck on you?” he asked huskily as my blood began to feel as though as though someone had filled it with fire. I could only shake my head and groan in response, but he felt like messing with me.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch that,” he said playfully as he began caressing me lighter and lighter.

“Yes, oh God yes!” I growled out as I began to grind my lower body against his right leg. He flashed me a quick grin and kissed me on the lips once more as he began licking the area around my left nipple as he continued his actions against my right one with his hand and rubbing my scalp with his right hand.

“No grinding, Ahuva,” he warned. “If its all right with you, I’ll touch you there later,” he said, his hand coming off my breast as he started to suck on my nipple. He held my hips still. I tried to keep grinding anyway, wanting to know if he was as aroused as I was. He must have seen the question in my eyes as we stared at each other.

“Baby, if you need to know, I feel like I’m going to bust out of my gi,” he whispered huskily as he moved off my lower body. I groaned at the lack of contact and tried to keep breathing as he switched breasts with his mouth, licking and sucking my nipple again.

“Touch me,” I asked in a pitiful voice when I felt like I couldn’t take it any more, my hands desperately clutched to his back.

“Touch you where?” he asked, toying with me again.

“Down there,” I answered, my face flushed red. He began pulling off my sweat pants while kissing me. I wiggled my hips to help him and brushed against his groin. He hissed in pleasure but pinned me down before I could do it again.

“I’ll pretend Beylikdüzü escort bayan that was an accident,” he said as he began sucking on my breasts again. He sighed in contentment as he cupped my butt cheeks and rubbed my outer thighs. “God I love your tits,” he murmured as he began working his way down. Despite how aroused I was, I pulled back when his face got to my groin. Seeing this, he instantly came back up to me.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked, and I could tell, when I had calmed down enough to open my eyes to look at him, that he was serious about stopping if I asked him to.

“No baby,” I answered him, pulling him in for a kiss. We enjoyed the tender moment for a minute before he asked if he could continue. I nodded and he went back down to my groin. He started kissing my knees and worked his way up slowly, all the while his hands kneading my buttocks. When he started licking around the perimeter of my underwear I cried out, unable to take it any more. My fists went from clutching the bed sheets to being buried in his long red locks. I pulled his face down and ground my hips up into his face as he quickly adapted, kissing me through my underwear. My legs wrapped around his shoulders and squeezed his neck before he started struggling. I didn’t want to stop, and he pinched me to bring me down to earth.

“Honey, I couldn’t breathe,” he told me as he gasped for air. I realized I had been squeezing off his blood flow to the brain and apologized, but he insisted it was okay.

“Can I take off your underwear?” I blushed and nodded, closing my eyes and preparing to be naked in front of a man for the first time in my adult life. I prayed that he liked what he saw, and after my pink panties came off I glanced at him. He was like a little kid seeing a toy he’s longed for, gazing at me avidly.

“Do I, do I look all right Paul?” I asked him tentatively.

“Baby, you look perfect,” he said as he lowered his head slightly and sniffed me. “But I thought girls usually had more hair than this,” he asked. I blushed, but told him I trimmed myself every now and then so it was easier to clean. For the record, I’m not shaved down there, I’m just trimmed. Paul lowered his head and looked up and me again, asking, begging for permission with his eyes. I nodded and let out a small scream when I felt his tongue lick around my outer lips. His hands found mine and I squeezed as he began kissing my nether lips with his upper ones. I ground my body into his face and thrashed as he licked my clit for the first time. When he repeated the motion I froze, I was so overwhelmed by the new sensations rocketing through my body.

“Don’t I smell?” I asked when he took a break thirty seconds later.

“A little,” he admitted sheepishly. “But you don’t taste like fish, no matter what you think,” he continued. “It’s more tart than anything else,” he finished as he started caressing the area right outside my outer lips with his pointer and middle fingers. When he actually stuck his tongue inside me, I snapped. I half-groaned, half-screamed his name as I grabbed his head and tried to pull it deeper into me. I felt his tongue probing and licking my insides while his thumb brushed against my clit and I felt my lower body tensing for my first orgasm. Just as I felt like I was going to snap, he pulled back.

As I grunted and groaned and thrust into naught but air, he waited for me to calm down. I glared at him and was ready to scream before he kissed me wildly. His tongue thrust into my mouth as he slipped a finger into me. I gasped from the more solid feeling intrusion but didn’t complain. When he slipped another finger inside, began sliding them in and out while rubbing my clit every ten seconds or so, I gripped his arm, and dug my fingernails in.

“Ahuva, I love you so much,” Paul said as I felt myself tensing once again. He must have sensed it, though, and pulled away again. I wailed at the quick change in my body and glared at him, ready to slap him.

“No more games anymore,” he promised before dodging my smack and going down again. He began sucking on my clit as he thrust two more fingers inside me again, groaning something about how tight and wet and hot I was. As I felt those fingers of his curl upwards and rub against something inside, I suddenly felt the worst feeling- like I was going to Escort beylidüzü pee. I tried to get out of his grasp, moaning that I was going to piss, but he said I wasn’t and to trust him. When his second hand started rubbing the area between my ass and my pussy, I couldn’t control myself anymore and let the tension in me break. I screamed his name as my body convulsed wildly. Not just my nether-regions: I felt the muscles in my arms and legs contract and release sporadically for about a minute before they started relaxing. Suddenly too tired to move, I collapsed against the bed, my vagina feeling sore but wonderful. Paul was right by my side in an instant and I held on to him for dear life as I relaxed, softly rubbing my body, and talking to me in a gentle voice.

About half an hour later, just as I began to fall asleep, I heard Paul say, “baby, Ahuva, I want to make you come again,” before he rolled me over. I was too weak to move, let alone protest, trusting him as he started licking and kissing my ass cheeks. I felt a little embarrassed, but moaned in pleasure when he started teasing my outer lips with his tongue again. As he slipped his fingers inside, I grunted a bit, still feeling a little sore. When they started rubbing against something, however, that soreness was forgotten quickly. I started grinding against the bed, yelping in surprise as he scooped me up by my armpits and started sucking on my neck again as he continued probing me with his fingers. His other hand started caressing my breasts again and I started thrusting into his fingers, panting wildly.

I could barely talk, and I gasped out that I was going to come again when he began thrusting faster but gentler so as not to hurt me. My back arched as I felt a second orgasm rip through my body, not as strong as the first, but definitely just as good. I fell back as he disappeared from behind me, only to be surprised when I felt his mouth on me again. My eyes rolled back into my skull as he threw my legs over his shoulders and picked me up. We looked as though we were working together in a chicken fight, though I was facing the wrong way, and I definitely felt like this was a lot more fun. My back hit the cool wall as he licked and nibbled on me, supporting me on his shoulders and holding my hands in his own.

I struggled to control my breathing as I came again- the second one in a row. Unable to lean backwards, my muscles involuntarily hunched forward. As he began leaning back, my forehead smashed into the mattress again. His mouth never stopped moving, and once again his fingers joined in. Sweat poured off my body and I panted desperately as his free hand caressed my butt. His pointer finger circled my asshole, the fingertip slick from my juices. When he dipped his finger into my ass up to the first knuckle, I gasped as new feelings joined in the pleasurable ones I was already feeling. I was barely able to move, but I alternated between grinding down into his mouth and thrusting up into his finger. I gathered my breath in for another orgasm not more than three minutes later and screamed his name shamelessly into the sheets as I came so hard I almost passed out form the sheer pleasure of it.

“No… more- please, Paul, no, begging you- more” I gasped and whispered as he rolled me onto my back.

“All right honey,” he said as he rubbed my shoulders to help relax me. Despite the massive ordeal my body had just gone through, I still felt it recovering- the benefit of having worked out five times a week ever since I was ten.

“So, how was that?” Paul asked me about ten minutes later, after I had calmed down.

“I can’t describe it,” I said, shaking my head and getting my sweat soaked hair out of my eyes.

“Well, it’s still early,” Paul said lightly. I looked at the clock and was surprised to see it was only nine thirty. “What do you want to do now?”

“I don’t know,” I said, quite untruthfully.

“You don’t know? Well, what do you think?” Paul asked me with a grin. I smiled- its one of our private jokes.

“I think…” I said coyly before rolling on top of him and pining him down and kissing him passionately, “that’s its my turn,” I finished as I rubbed my hand against his groin. Strangely enough, I didn’t feel his member, but I wasn’t going to do anything to that for a while. First, I wanted to torture him just as badly as he had tortured me before…


Well, there’s the first section. If it was any good, please review and I’ll update the next parts. Hope it was decent, and please let me know what you thought of it. I can take criticism, so don’t go easy on me just because it was my first work.

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