Rahab Bk. 03 Ch. 06: Will’s Way

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I had not seen Will since the day of my arrival, except in the distance at a banquet. I had wondered why he had not been in touch, but thought he would contact me when he needed to. I wondered what had prompted this move?

He was a delightful companion. Middle height for a man, but his ready intelligence and wit were allied to a charm I had seen in few others. He was that rarest of men — a listener. It was, I thought, as though he was a giant sponge, soaking up everything he saw and heard. But he kept up a steady conversational flow, which, of course, encouraged you to do the same; not that anyone ever accused me of having a problem there.

‘Rahab, how good to see you!’

Will smiled as I came into the antechamber where I had arranged to meet him.

‘And am I correct that our Great Queen has a new, shall we say, favourite?’

I smiled back. His manner made me blush.

‘You would, indeed, be correct in that.’

‘Our course it will go well then, I think?’

‘I should not rely on Bess confusing personal passion with national interests,’ I joked.

‘But when they flow together, the tide cannot be resisted. You may have guessed why I want to see you at this moment.’

‘I am assuming that your master, the earl of Oxford has some anxieties concerning the Scots Queen?’

‘You miss nothing, little one. You are correct. But I have talked with Sir Francis too, and we have a common concern.’

‘Which is? And where do I come in?’

‘We can arrest the Scots bitch now, but if we do, we run the risk of missing other members of the conspiracy. Her gaoler will keep her tight, but so tight that we know there are others, but not who they are.’

‘I see,’ I said, still puzzled as to how this concerned me. Walsingham and Burleigh were wise men, as were Oxford and Will; at best I could but confirm their wisdom.

‘We are thinking of allowing Mary to see a friend, as long as she is accompanied.’

‘But that would not work, my dear, I am the Turk, the enemy.’

‘But my Lady Emma is not, and what is more, she is the lover of Milady.’

‘True, Will, but I remain puzzled.’

‘How well does Milady know you?’

I knew what he meant, and was grateful she had not said it outright. I was no slut, and with the exception of Lady Emma, Bess herself was my sole lover.

‘Not well, she has seen me once or twice.’

‘Now, hear me out, my lady. Will you go next door, where your maid will help you change into a new costume?’

Intrigued, I assented. I doubted Will intended güngören escort bayan to get into my drawers.

Molly was a sweet girl, no older than I was.

On the bed were a doublet, hose, and other men’s garments.

‘What is this, Molly?’

‘Master Shakespeare asked if I would lay out a set of gentleman’s clothes for you, and here they are, Miss.’

She helped me out of my clothes and into the man’s clothing.

‘My, Ma’am, I should hardly have recognised you.’

As I viewed myself in the looking glass I could see what she meant. As I had no obvious female characteristics save for my hair, which was shoulder-length (which was not uncommon for men), I looked like a very young man. I stepped out to let Will see the transformation.

‘Well, there you are, perfect, you are every image Lady Emma’s page. No one will suspect, and with you in the entourage, we shall have our agent in place!’

‘Will, I want to stay here with the Queen,’

‘We all know that, but she has to go to Richmond for the summer, and she can spare you for a fortnight.’

‘That may be, Will, but I am not sure I can spare her.’

It was hopeless, and I knew it. Like Bess, I had to put duty before love.

‘Rahab,’ she giggled, ‘is that really you? Such a cute boy you make, I quite want you!’ Lady Emma was clearly attracted by the change. She and Bess agreed that I looked the part.

‘Why, Pixie,’ said Bess, ‘I could find a man attractive were he you.’

‘Oh,’ I said, ‘well if I am going to be surrounded by lecherous ladies, you will all find my sword missing, and my scabbard ready.’

That evening, Bess and I were together. Of it I shall not, even here, speak. Oh, but the parting on the morrow was such sweet sorrow.

‘Milady,’ Emm smiled at Lady de Winter, ‘I hope you like my new page, Roland de Burgh, a nephew, and newly arrived at court. He will accompany us on our pilgrimage.’

I could see Lady de Winter’s eyes taking me in.

‘He is delightful, and I am sure will take care of us.’

I did not like the tone of her voice, and had warned Will and Emm that the problem might well arise if she lived up to her reputation as a man-eater. It looked as though that could be a real possibility.

As my accent was still too pronounced for me to pass as English, I bowed and said:

‘Milady, I have come from exile in Morocco, where my family fled for its fidelity to the old faith. I know that here I can confess that.’

‘Oh hush, Roland, you are still şişli escort bayan at Court. You Papists will get us all killed yet,’ said Emm.

Milady smiled.

‘It is a pleasure to meet a scion of the old faith, and I am sure you will enjoy meeting the Queen … of Scots, of course,’ she added, after a pause.

Across the next week, as we travelled north, Lady de Winter and I talked often. She clearly liked ‘Roland,’ but was content to bide her time. Her nights were spent with Emm, and by the morning, so was she.

‘It is all right, Rahab,’ she told me, ‘I am keeping her exhausted so she does not try to get into your hose.’

‘How kind, Emm,’ I laughed, knowing quite well why she was doing what she was doing, she was the most insatiable wanton I ever met.

The moment, though, was bound to come, and it did as we stayed the night at Warwick Castle. Although the earl was absent, he had left orders that we were to be cared for. It was the last stop on the way to Chartley.

After dining, we retired to a private chamber. Milady said to Emm,

‘I think, darling Emm, it is time that Master Roland was helped into manhood.’

Emm looked blank.

‘Ah, well, yes, well.’ She stammered.

‘My lady,’ I said, ‘I was told that the first job of a gentleman was to ensure that the lady was prepared, so perhaps I could begin to see whether that is something I could achieve?’

‘Oh, ho, so gallant! Well Master Roland, here I am.’

As Emm unlaced her, Milady lay back, her legs open, and her luxuriant blonde bush on display. I came over and placed myself between her legs. I found Emm beside me.

‘You,’ I said, ‘better ensure she is too exhausted to want to go further.’

‘Darling,’ Emm whispered, ‘you can rely on me!’

Parting her lips, I applied my mouth to her slit, sliding my tongue up from her anus to her bud, pushing the latter back, and moving it with my tongue, before applying my lips to it, and sucking. As I was doing that, Emm was applying herself to Milady’s breasts, sucking each nipple in turn. I could feel the effects of our joint ministrations.

As it was clear she wanted penetration, I plunged three fingers in to her soaked sex. She smelt ripe for the next stage, but as I could hardly achieve that, my fingers would have to suffice, and I thrust them in and out, licking at her bud, as Emm began to bite on her nipples, grazing and giving them tiny bites, before sucking them.

Milady straddled my face with her thighs, giving me fee access to her sex esenler escort bayan and anus. Picking up the hint, I applied a finger of my lefthand to scoop up some of her juices and lubricate her anus with them, probing, rimming her tight hole, before, once it was well coated, penetrating her there. I signalled to Emm to bite hard, as I thrust with both hands, and bit on her bud.

Milady came, she came and she came. My fingers remained in place, and I felt both her anus and her sex clench on them. She wanted more, and this was where Emm had to move fast. I need not have worried, Emm was more than up to the task.

Having rid herself of her own garments, Emm pushed Milady back onto the bed and straddled her face with her thighs, rubbing her wet sex on her face. I continued to play with her sex and anus in a wanton fashion. Looking up, I saw Emm’s magnificent breasts bounce as she gyrated on Milady’s face. As her orifices ceased to quiver, I began, again, to lick her sex. From Emm’s reaction, she had responded by licking Emm furiously. Emm, who came fast, did so, soaking Milady’s face, before dismounting, turning, and kissing her.

As she tasted her own juices on Emm’s luscious lips, Lady de Winter yielded to the actions of my tongue and fingers, coming a second time. But anyone who supposed Emm would stop there, did not know her. She knew she had to stop Milady discovering my secret, and so, pushing me aside, thrust one leg between her thighs and began to rub her kitty on hers.

‘No, fuck, no, Emm, stop, no!’ And then.

‘Oh, oh, Emm, God, don’t stop that is, oh, oh, oh!’

Emm winked at me.

‘Master Roland, stand back and see how it is done!’

The sight of Emm, her long blonde hair streaming over her shoulders, mingling with that of Milady’s, their breasts bouncing and touching, their wet sexes squelching, was one which had me wanting to pleasure myself, but I dared not, as my secret would be out.

Thus, did Emm bring her to two more climaxes before Milady dropped exhausted.

‘Emm, Emm, no, stop, I must rest.’

‘Please yourself, I’m taking this young man to bed if you are too exhausted.’

With that, Emm dragged me to her bedroom.

‘You look so sexy pretending to be a boy,’ she said, as she took my breeches off. Her hands found my sex, which was dripping.

‘Who’s a horny Rahab then?’ She laughed, as the effect of her fingers on my bud made me gasp.

I knew who was the horniest of us, as Emm came three more times that night, to my once. She was simply insatiable.

In the morning, she could assure Milady that I had performed my part. Lady de Winter seemed tired,

‘Not tonight Emm, remember, we enter the goal of the Puritan, and Queen Mary would not approve of our antics, though,’ she said looking at me, ‘she is partial to young men!’

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