Reporter’s Dilemma Pt. 05

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Brad grunted, the hot wetness around his cock was superb, sliding up and down. Caroline had never been so enthusiastic.

Brad had eagerly come home for lunch after Caroline’s hot, lusty invitation. He’d barely gotten the door closed before she greeted him, totally nude and with a bright smile. He eyed her charms, his cock was already half-hard. The sight of her sexy form, five foot seven, 130 pounds, shoulder-length golden honey color hair, jade green eyes, her firm, upright breasts. Nice, grapefruit-sized mounds, he saw her nipples stiff and hard with excitement, her tummy was flat, her hips had a sexy curve, sleek, full legs, took him up to eager, rock hardness.

Caroline’s eyes glowed as she reached down, cupping his crotch as she unzipped him. His pants and boxers dropped, and she had his hard, horny length in her hands.

She purred, “Gonna suck you, sweetheart, gonna blow your cock real good, I want my mouth filled, I wanted my tonsils painted white, baby!”

She dropped to her knees, she was on fire with lust, as she swallowed his cock in one gulp. She heard her husband’s loud grunt of pleasure as she took him in right to the balls, pausing for a few moments to let Brad feel the full length of his cock deep in her mouth. She tightened her mouth, letting her lips clamp firmly around his cock, and pulled back slowly, milking his eager cock. Brad’s sounds of pleasure urged her on, and her mouth started to ride his pole, bobbing her head back and forth. Her tongue was swirling around his shaft, her mouth wet with her spit, his pre-cum bubbled up, Caroline was electrified by the tasty offering, and she sucked his cock eagerly, wanting the happy ending to fill her mouth.

Brad looked down, saw his wife’s golden hair, he reached down, running her fingers through her thick blonde tresses as his cock was sucked, her mouth a tight, sliding ring of pleasure. Brad was going to take a while to recharge from this morning, and that was fine. He let his head loll back, enjoying every second of Caroline’s blow-job.

Caroline enjoyed working on his prick, she could vary the speed, vary the tightness of her mouth, experimenting with what made Brad feel good. She had a hand around his balls, toying with the testicles. She knew he was getting close when he started to grunt and growl continuously, and then she felt his cock jerk, swelling with his urgency.

“Fuck, oh yeah baby, gonna cum, yes, fuck fuck, FUUUCCCK!”

She felt a pulse traveling the length of his shaft, and the hot wet splatter, 3 thick streams spilling into her mouth, coating her tongue, making her tastebuds tingle. She kept him in, eager for every last squirt and dribble, before she released him, and swallowed every drop. The feel of his hot load sliding down her throat, oh god, she was on fire.

She stood up, and cooed softly, “My turn.”

Brad didn’t need to be asked twice, he took to his knees as she stood with her legs apart. He saw the fluff of blonde pubic hair, and the pink wetness peeking out, drawing his tongue. He buried his face in between the spread, enjoying Caroline’s long, drawn-out moan of pleasure. He let his tongue slide all over her pink lips, tasting the juices coating his tongue. He remembered where to aim for, and he slid two fingers up her tight tunnel and surrounded the stiff, hard bud of her clit.

“Yes, baby, oh yes, keep finger fucking me, keep licking my clit, make me cum lover!”

Hearing Caroline’s sexy purr spurred him on, he could feel her legs starting to tremble, he knew she was close.

Caroline felt the swelling rush, her body froze for a split second, then she felt the glorious release, her pussy gushing, her body shaking, wordless cries of pleasure sounding as her orgasm filled her up, she grabbed Brad’s head, keeping his mouth plastered against her gushing center, and let the glorious feeling wash over her, oh yes, so good.

When she released his head, he said, “How did I do baby?”

He was grinning, and she grinned back, and purred, “Ummm so good, you made me cum like a train!”

He rose up, and their bodies melded together, passion-filled kisses being shared, just like the way it used to be before they got married.

Afterward, she laid out bowls of hot ham and navy bean soup, and some toasted rolls to go with them. Caroline smiled, after the hot sex, must keep him fed, so he can service me regularly. She intended to fully enjoy the conjugal sexual side of their marriage, which had been allowed to wither away. Now that it was bounding back, she intended to keep it.

At the door, she cuddled against him, patting at his crotch, and purred, “Tonight baby, I want to be fucked until I can’t see straight!”

She escort izmir felt his hand cupping her ass, and he said softly, “Your wish will be my command.”

As she watched his truck drive away, she realized that she needed to get herself waxed, her next starring role was tomorrow. Her smile slipped a bit, she still had two more roles to star in, and every hour brought her next role closer. She went to the bedroom to get dressed. Before getting dressed, she stood naked, looking at her reflection in the full-length mirror of her bedroom.

Caroline whispered, “Whore, little cream pie slut, cum filled fuck doll.”

Unlike yesterday, she did not feel humiliated by saying it. She could feel a little tingle of lust deep down, that brought on the shame. Her face flushed red, she quickly got dressed and hurried out. That tingle of lust stayed with her, long after the shame had passed, though.

With her supposedly on assignment, she drove 30 miles away, to the city that was close by, she needed to keep out of sight in her hometown. She found a salon, and they were happy to wax her. They not only waxed her pubic region, but they also waxed her taint and her ass hole, her face flushed as she felt the wax applied all over her crack, and right against the tight pucker, RIPPPPPP, and with grunts of pain, she was totally bare. The waxer applied a cooling gel of aloe vera and Vitamin E.

“There, this will help take the sting and the redness away, and you lover will love it, such a pretty pussy!” her waxer gushed.

Yeah, I’m sure Brad will love it, and Taco Busters, no doubt, her mind said. She felt like talking to someone about it, and she knew the perfect person. Her cousin Cindy, who was 35, divorced, and they had been close, Caroline had confided in her many times, just as Cindy had confided in her, and she knew that Cindy would keep it confidential.

Leaving the salon, she was acutely aware of the press of her silk panties against her exposed pussy, all over her pubic region, from the crack of her ass to the lips of her labia. It started the erotic tingle, feeling nothing between the silky fabric and her exposed pink opening, ohhh, that felt good.

She opened her cell phone, and Cindy answered, she was home for the day, perfect. Twenty minutes later, she was seated in Cindy’s living room.

“Caroline, would you like a cup of tea, or coffee?”

Caroline replied, “If you have it, give me a Jack Daniels on the rocks, make it a double.”

Cindy was surprised, her cousin was never much of a drinker, but she did have some JD, and poured out a generous double, while she added a splash to her Diet Coke, and took a seat next to her cousin.

Cindy said softly, “Judging by the drink, and the look on your face, I’d venture that something major has happened, and you’d like to confide in me about it.”

Caroline breathed deep and told her cousin everything, about her failed undercover assignment, and how she’d been turned into an amateur porn star. Her cousin was listening, not judging, not giving her shocked looks, and that emboldened Caroline. She told her about her on-screen name of Susie Cream Pie, how she’d been sprayed with three hard cocks and how she’d had her anal deflowering captured on camera, and had her virgin ass hole christened with a thick rush of hot cum. She blushed as she relayed how the camera had zoomed in on her cream pie, then squeezing it out all over the camera as the final scene.

“If that’s not bad enough, I have to make two more movies for them, and Gregor thoughtfully sent me a download link, so I could have my very own copy of my on-screen performance! And, I was ordered to get a full Brazilian, I’m waxed bare and smooth, and the feeling of my panties against my suddenly exposed region is very distracting, it makes my pussy tingle all over.”

Caroline was floored when Cindy asked, “Could they use some more amateur talent? I’d love to be in a porno!”

Cindy laughed at the stunned expression, and she said, “Hey, I’m 35, my sex drive is higher than ever. I’m primed for cocks, the more the better, and what better way than to have hard, horny porn studs drilling my holes? The idea of horny men watching me get boned, wishing they could get their hard cocks into me, and jerking off to watching me get fucked good and hard, oh yeah, that makes me feel so horny, I want to join in, call Gregor, and ask him!”

Caroline called Gregor, and said, “Gregor, my cousin has heard about my movie, and she wants to be an amateur porn star too! I’ll hand the phone over to her, her name is Cindy.”

Gregor was pleasantly surprised, when a soft voice cooed, “Hello Gregor, this is Caroline’s cousin Cindy. She’s izmir escort bayan told me all about the hot action she got, and I want to be boned by your stable of hard, horny cocks, on camera. The idea of horny guys watching me getting fucked, my pussy’s dripping, just thinking about it.”

Gregor listened, his interest piqued, as he heard Cindy tell him about herself. Five feet, three inches, 105 pounds, natural red hair and green eyes, nice, perky 32C boobs, nice curvy hips, and a full, round ass, a neatly trimmed bush of red pubic hair, and a sex drive that was in overdrive. Gregor grinned, natural redheads were always a big hit with the customers, this was gonna be another big payday for TB Inc.

After agreeing to meet the next day, Cindy could come along and watch Caroline get another starring role, so Gregor could give her the once over. Cindy was sure she’d have no trouble with her natural charms and assets.

Cindy said softly, “That download link, would it work on my computer, and would you feel weird if I watched you in action? Call it my ‘letting myself know what I’m in for’ viewing.”

Caroline decided what the hell, who knows how many horny strangers were watching it, why not her cousin? They went into Cindy’s office room, and Caroline seated herself, pulled up the Taco Busters website, logged in, and let Cindy’s connection download a copy.

Cindy said softly, “I think that I’m going to get awfully horny while watching this, and have to masturbate. Would that offend you if I did? And if it doesn’t offend you, would you like to watch me?”

Caroline looked at her cousin, saw a hungry lust in Cindy’s eyes, her face was flushed, and she was starting to breathe deeper. She thought about it a few moments, thinking about how many horny guys were stroking out loads of thick, gooey cum, watching her getting fucked. She decided that it would not offend her, and the idea of watching her cousin masturbate right in front of her eyes started a squirmy tingle of lust tickling at her tight pussy walls.

Caroline’s voice was a whisper, as she replied, “I would not be offended, and I’d really like to watch you.”

Cindy smiled, and quickly pulled her T-shirt off, shoved down her shorts, unclipped her bra, letting it tumble away, and shoved down her panties. Cindy saw Caroline staring at her, unable to take her eyes away. Cindy was really getting revved up, she loved to be watched while masturbating, while getting fucked, and standing naked in front of her cousin, ready to wantonly pleasure herself, was really making her pussy purr.

Her voice a soft coo, Cindy said, “Would you like to get naked, too?”

The squirmy tingle of lust was getting warmer, and Caroline just had to get naked. Oh fuck, she felt the need building, she was gonna have to masturbate right along with her cousin. Her barriers were falling fast, and it took just a few moments before she was naked to Cindy’s excited gaze.

“Ummm, nice body Cuz, I’ll bet the guys really enjoyed making the movie with you. One more thing I need to be ready.”

Cindy walked over to her dresser and opened her toy drawer. She reached in and pulled out a bright red buttplug. Her insides quivered, 5 inches of ass stuffing pleasure, with a 2-inch flare at its widest, and after trying it out just a couple of days ago, oh this was going to feel great. She took her bottle of lube, and spread some on the buttplug, then rubbed a healthy amount all over her asshole, squirming a finger inside, and making sure she was ready for it. She walked back, and facing the computer screen, she pulled over a large hassock and knelt on it.

Caroline felt her breath speed up, a warmth covering her body.

Cindy cooed, “Cuz, could you put this in my ass, when I say so?”

Caroline, unable to speak but with a wild throb of lust between her thighs, nodded, and Cindy smiled and started the playback. Caroline saw again the plotline of Gregor telling his buddies that she was his cousin, and she was up for whatever they had in mind.

Cindy cooed, “Slide the plug over my ass hole, tease my tight rosebud with it.”

Cindy reached back, pulling ass cheeks apart, and Caroline slid the slippery rubber of the dildo over her exposed, puckered hole, teasing her with it.

Cindy moaned, and panted, “That’s it, oh yes. Now poise it at my hole, and get ready!”

Caroline was able to see what part of the movie was playing, and as the high definition playback showed the moment of her anal deflowering when her tight, virgin ass hole was violated, Cindy growled, “Now, shove it in, bury that plug!”

Caroline pushed, hard, listening to Cindy’s squeals of pleasure as her tight rosebud was split izmir escortlar open, stretched wide around the flare of the plug, then surging past, buried up to the base, her ass hole puckered tightly around the stem, securing the plug in her ass.

“Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, that feels so fucking good! Now, kneel next to me baby, watch me, and stroke your sexy body just like I’ll be doing!”

Cindy knew that if she went at her pussy, she’d explode with just a few strokes, so she worked on pleasuring her entire body.

Caroline watched, kneeling next to her cousin, her senses sizzling, turned toward the sight of Cindy stimulating her entire body. Though Caroline felt like reaching out, and stroking Cindy’s sexy body, not knowing how she would react, she forced herself not to. She watched as Cindy’s hands came up and cupped her breasts, stroking and fondling, her tits stood up like hard pink pencil erasers, she let off soft moans as she pulled and tugged gently on her nipples. Caroline started to copy Cindy’s pleasure, and her hands were quickly cupping her own breasts, the tweaking at her stiff, reddened nipples sending pulses of hot lust zipping straight at her pussy. As Cindy’s fingers slid down, grazing her belly with sensuous caresses, Caroline did the same, feeling her body light up.

Two very hot and horny pussies were working towards erotic delights, the hot, heady smell of their gushing pink pleasure holes filled the air, charging the atmosphere with their own personal scents of lust. Cindy was gasping, hands sliding down over her mound, veering away from her pussy, hands now sliding over her hips. Caroline followed exactly, copying her cousin move for move. Their eyes were going back and forth from the video to each other, back and forth, the building lust was making Caroline’s head spin. She’d never before been so on fire with lust.

Cindy’s fingers slipped down the crease, fingering and rubbing herself right between her pussy and her ass. Caroline followed the leader and felt the jolt as she rubbed herself right around her perineum.

Cindy’s hands came back to her hips, around her cheeks, her eyes flaring wide as she played with her butt plug, tugging on the handle, turning it around, and pushing it tightly up her ass hole. Caroline didn’t even hesitate, she was too overcome with lust, she ran her fingers around her hips, reaching for the target, and she felt her body light up, letting out a loud growl of pleasure. Caroline was now stroking her tightly puckered ass hole, running her fingertips around and around the rim, feeling it twitching with desire. She slipped a finger into her gushing pussy to lube it up, then nudged the tip of her finger against her rosebud, and slipped it in. Her eyes opened wide, without hesitation, she jammed the rest of her finger up her tight ass hole. She felt a slight zing of pain, but the pleasure of her ass hole throbbing was way too good.

“Oh my god, fuck, feels so good, oh fuck.”

Caroline saw Cindy watching her, grinning as she gasped with pleasure, as Caroline wantonly pumped her finger in and out, why did it feel so good? When she got her ass hole fucked, it was all pain and humiliation but now…WOW. She couldn’t stop, and she saw the video. She could see the three hard cocks exploding, spraying her tits and her face with three hot loads, she shoved three fingers up her gushing pink hole, and finger fucked herself wildly, pumping her pussy and her ass hole.

Both Cindy and Caroline were at the boiling point, and Cindy was seconds away, her fingers teasing at her throbbing clit. Watching Gregor ram his cock into Caroline’s ass hole, and flooding it with his load, she was so close, trying to hang on. When Caroline pulled her ass cheeks apart, showing off her cream pie, Cindy could feel her pussy trembling, starting that glorious tumble, and as two cameras captured the cum pouring out of her ass hole, her climax slammed into her full force. Cindy let out a scream of pleasure, she was cumming, cumming like crazy, holy fuck, she felt like she was having a full-body orgasm. Dimly, she heard Caroline’s shriek of pleasure and looked to see her cousin in the midst of an explosive orgasm.

Caroline had been watching Cindy, and seeing her sexy cousin tumble into climax had taken her along. She saw the on-screen immortalization of her anal cream pie, then gushing it all out, and she just felt her insides go crazy, her tight inner walls throbbing with sizzling pulses of pleasure, she was feeling faint as she was pounded by waves of orgasm, gasping, moaning and growling with pleasure, until she slid off the hassock, and collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

She saw her cousin climb off the hassock and flop down next to her, gasping. Both of them were sweaty and breathless, floating in the afterglow of glorious post-orgasmic satisfaction.

Cindy grinned at Caroline, and cooed, “Oh I am going to enjoy my starring role so much!”

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