Rojer’s Foot Fetish Harem Ch. 01

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In This Story the Main Characters are: Rojer Simmons(Rj) his Girlfriend Daniella Richards and her Sister Lexi Richards.


Rj had foot fetish from long time and he jerked watching porn videos related to foot fetish almost daily, one day when his life changed after he met a girl Daniella Richards while on a trip, they become good friends and started dating.

After Rj and Daniella dated for a few months, Daniella was interested in Rojer so they came in a relationship. while on a dinner night Rj was talking to Daniella he confessed his Foot Fetish to Daniella.

Daniella: Rj don’t be sad, i like this”foot fetish” concept.

Rj: Thank you Daniella.

Daniella: let’s go to our room so you start your thing.

Rj followed Daniella to the room staring at her high heels, they entered the room as she sat on the bed and raised her high heels in front of Rj and smiled at him as she Removed her high heels.

Daniella : now honey start worshiping my feet as much you want I know all about foot fetish.

Rj: Thankyou honey.

Rj picked up Daniella’s left foot and kissed her heel, he decided to see her reaction but she kept smiling at him. Rj decided to go back to kissing Daniella’s heel, slowly moving up her foot. The smell coming off Daniella’s feet was vinegary but Rj liked every bit of it, As he kissed up her foot, Rj would keep an eye on Daniella. To his delight, Daniella was blushing slightly as Rj got to her toes.

When Rj kissed each toe and went back to Daniella’s heel and began to lick. When Rj started, Daniella gasped.

Rj noticed that Daniella’s soles tasted great, her flavor made it seem like they were fresh not much salty.

As Rj kept licking Daniella’s delicious foot, he noticed that her face got more and more red. Rj spent as long as he could licking from heel to toe until everything but the bottom of Daniella’s foot was covered in his saliva.

Then instantly Daniella shoved her foot in Rj’s mouth telling him to suck on her toes as Rj began suck on them. Daniella let out another gasp, Rj closed his eyes and sucked on Daniella’s toes for a long time.

When Rj was finished, he istanbul travesti set Daniella’s foot on his lap and picked up her right foot. Than Rj began the process all over again.

However, Daniella kept blushing and gasping each time Rj licked or sucked on her toes.

After about ten minutes, Rj finished up and set Daniella’s feet on his lap.

Daniella: Thankyou Rj for the wonderful time I bet now you will worship my feet everytime from now on.

Rj was very happy because now he can worship Daniella’s feet everytime.

Part 2

As “Lexi” Sister of “Daniella” visited her sister and her boyfriend, Rj was staring at her sexy feet covered in Nylons as she walked in the house greeting Daniella and Rj then they went to the living room and talked a bit.

Lexi: hey Daniella where is the washroom, I’ll just come in a few minutes just fresh just let me fresh a bit.

Daniella: Sure Lexi go to upper floor to the right.

Lexi: Thanks Daniella, I’ll come in few minutes.

As Lexi left the Hall, Daniella kissed Rj on his cheeks and whispered, “Under the table.” Daniella said while sitting in the chair.

Rj followed Daniella’s instructions and went under the Table. Rj sat under the Table as Daniella kicked off her flip flops and put her feet on his face, The smell was similar to last time, which made it all the more enticing when Rj began to suck Daniella’s toes.

Rj began to suck Daniella’s toes while getting as close to her feet as he could, Rj sucked each toe individually as Daniella’s other foot began to put pressure on his cock.

“You kept looking at my Sister’s feet.” Daniella said while putting more pressure, Rj wanting to yell out in pain. However, he decided to just keep licking her feet. Now, “You better keep worshiping.” Daniella ordered.

Rj just kept sucking and licking Daniella’s toes while she tortured him. Without warning, Rj felt Daniella push her foot deeper into his mouth, Her toes wiggled while attempting to go deeper.

“Suck my foot” Daniella said and Rj quietly started sucking at her foot, causing Daniella to let out a few moans.

Daniella removed her other foot istanbul travestileri from Rj’s cock and tapped on his cheeks and said “I am sorry, I was just jealous of you looking at my Sister’s feet.”

After a few minutes of licking and sucking, they heard Lexi walk in. Daniella took her foot out of Rj’s mouth and slipped on her flip flops.

Rj watched their feet, Daniella was slightly dangling her foot while her Lexi was wearing heels. They talked for a few minutes before getting up and leaving the hall, Rj rose up wanting to worship Daniella’s feet for last time.

Then Lexi sat in her chair and slipped off her heels, Rj couldn’t help but stare as Lexi’s nylon feet were so close to his face. They stink, but he didn’t care, they were still so beautiful to look. Rj waited for a few minutes before repositioning himself and started licking the bottom of Lexi’s nylon foot, It was drowning in sweat!

Rj was so happy, he got to lick the sweat off from Lexi’s nylon feet. Lexi’s feet tasted great even though they smelled, Rj can’t even describe it but he was so happy.

Rj kept nibbling on Lexi’s nylon feet, As he got mesmerized under her nylon feet he heard Lexi’s giggles and laughs.

After a few seconds, Lexi pulled her feet away and checked underneath the Table. “Rj?” Lexi asked, he blushed and waved not moving from the spot. Lexi just put her nylon feet back on Rj’s face and said you keep doing this, It’s fun.” Lexi said.

Rj: Thanks Lexi.

Rj thought he was dreaming. Rj quickly took hold of Lexi’s Nylon foot and licked all over, taking every drop of sweat that he could. Once Rj licked the Nylon soles five to nine times from heel to toe, Rj sucked on Lexi’s toes savouring the taste, The Nylons themselves were soaked in sweat but he didn’t care.

As Rj was in heaven, he could hear Lexi giggling like crazy. Lexi wiggled her toes and sometimes scrunched up her soles, showing off the wrinkles in her feet and nylons. When Rj sucked Lexi’s toes she was laughing, he could hear her hitting the Table while trying to keep her feet still.

It was so much fun and lasted for about twenty minutes before travesti istanbul they heard the door open. Rj didn’t care what happened, so he decided to go back to licking Lexi’s toes as she started talking to Daniella.

Daniella quickly looked under the table to see Rj licking Lexi’s soles. ” Lexi! Why are you letting him do that?!” Daniella yelled.

“It’s fun.” Lexi admitted while giggling, it also tickles a lot.”

“Oh yes it tickles” Daniella said. Rj could tell that Daniella was not happy, but then Rj heard laughter coming from Lexi. “You better Lick her feet too!” Lexi ordered.

Then Lexi rose from her chair, As Daniella ordered Rj to stay under the table.

Daniella stepped on Rj’s face with all her weight, “You really liked Lexi’s feet, huh?” Daniella complained. Rj was a bit sad and Ashamed.

“Just to remind you Rj you’re mine, Means you can’t go around worshipping other Girls.” Daniella said.

Rj spent the time listening to Daniella and sniffing her feet, he couldn’t help himself as she calmed down, Daniella got off Rj.

Daniella: You can worship Lexi’s regularly now, we both decided to Become your Foot Girls but we want Girl for ours too.

Daniella: By the way we will call you Master as we cant resist your tongue Rj.

Lexi: oh yes Master, you can worship our Female servant’s feet too.

Rj: So thanks Daniella and lexi, now Daniella you will be my Baby Girl and Lexi you will be my Sweet Girl.

Daniella and Lexi: Thankyou Master.

As Rj ordered Daniella and Lexi to show their toes, As he started to suck on their each toes taking all toes in his mouth.

Daniella and Lexi: Master you look so adorable when our toes are in your mouth.

Rj: Baby: Daniella and Lexi my Girls it’s your Duty to get your Feet Worshiped everytime and only by me or Your Girls no Male Servants as I will hire 10 Male Servants and Assign each two servants also they will be assigned to your Girls under you.

Rj: That means both you Daniella and Lexi will have two Male Servants, and one female servant each.

Rj: Remember Your Feet are not to be touched by any Male Servants ok.

Daniella and Lexi: Ok Master, As they shoved their toes in Aj’s mouth wiggling there toes all around Rj’s mouth.

Rj kept on Sucking Daniella and Lexi’s toes for rest of the day till the night arrived as Daniella and Lexi prepared their Master to Rest at their Feet.

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