Sex without Borders Pt. 06

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It was sunny afternoon.

The ferry has left the Johor Bharu International Ferry Terminal and was sailing toward Batam Island, Indonesia. The journey will take an hour plus to Sekupang terminal.

I stood at the upper deck of the ferry. The heat of the afternoon was getting me but the wind has cooled off the heat in the opened deck of the ferry.

The rest of the girls were on the air-conditioned level. The view of Singapore Island was on the right of side while Johor City was gradually away from us. I looked at the time; it was 1pm in the afternoon. We had taken off from KL this morning and we parked at the terminal. It was a fun drive as all the girls were chatting and were closed to each others. I was afraid that they will show jealousy and competition but instead they were more like sisters.

Leanne was the youngest then followed by Tan and of course Aisha seemed to act like their mother.


The first destination of our arrival was the Montigo Resort.

We checked in to our three bedrooms pool villa. It was a big area with three separated individual bedrooms. Each bedroom has it own bathroom. The place was joined by the living area, pool area and upper deck. The pool area also has cabana with a sea view.

We were roaming around the villa and finally assigned to our bedrooms. Tan was in charged of assigning the bedroom to us. I got the master bedroom since I was the main sponsor while Tan and her boys got the second bedroom with queen size bed. Lastly, Leanne and Aisha shared the double super single beds room.

Everyone was more focused on the pool area. But it was almost evening time and we headed for seafood restaurant. We visited the Golden Prawn restaurant for seafood dinner and it was a fulfilling meal before headed back to the villa for a night dip at the pool.


Ms Tan was putting her son to bed while everyone was getting change into their swim suit. I had offered my bathroom to Aisha since Leanne could use hers.

As soon as we were in the bathroom, I kissed Aisha. I immediately pulled her jean down and removed her purple thong. I rubbed her pussy which were already wet before I plunged my cock into it.

“Aaaaahhhh…” her moans echoed through the entire bathroom.

It was a huge bathroom with two wash basins, a bathtub at another end, a glass shower cubicle, a toilet bowl cubicle and a massage bed in the middle of the room.

We were fucking on the massage bed.

The mirror on the wash basin was reflecting our bodies. I could see both of our bodies being together.

“Look we can see ourselves fucking on the mirror…” I said as I pumped Aisha pussy.

“You are sooo naughty… it was like watching our porn movie…”

We kissed as my hands were playing her breasts and those big nipples.


For a minute or two, we came together in the bathroom.

“Later… my pussy will drip with your sperm while swimming…” she said as she pulled her pussy out of my cock.

We kissed passionately again.

It was then; Ms Tan had stood there witnessing our actions. We both freeze for a moment. There was silent between all kocaeli escort of us. Then she just left before we could even wear our clothes.

“I forgot to lock my room door.”

Aisha smiled… “It is okay, she already knew…”

“What?… I don’t understand?” as I wore my swimming trunk.

“She knew about us already… I told her.”

“Why did you tell her about us…?” I asked.

“We talked about our loneliness and I told her about my desire wanting you… we discuss about it… she encouraged me. That was before we make love.”

I shook my head.

“Now I am so embarrass…”

“It is ok. She want you as well… she told me.”

“So you okay with her wanting me?”

“Why not…? None of us are prefect… and we have been through bad experiences. It is what we love and care that matter and why be selfish…”

“I don’t know I can…”

“But you are always horny… you can’t stop a seduction…”

“You meant she is going to seduce me…”

She smiled and walked out of the room. She was in her purple plunge swimming bikini. I just sat there and digesting what Aisha had just said.


The laughter has filled the pool area. The led lights had lit the area beautifully. The girls were swimming and chatting on the pool side.

“Come on… boss..” Ms Tan was in her two pieces bustier bandeau bikini.

The bright orange bikini almost left nothing to cover her slim body. It was like a fashion show. When Leanne came out of the water in her light blue triangle halter bikini, my nose almost bleed.

“Wow… your girls might as well been skinning dipping…”

“Your wish… come…” Leanne called as she sat at the pool side.

“I don’t know how to swim… so I will just dip at the swallow water…”

Tan handed me a cup of lemonade as she knew I can’t drink liquor. The girls were cheering with their wine glasses. I smiled at them as they were so closed together.

I joined them in the pool splashing water at each others. Then we played water ball in the pool. After half hour, we stopped and they continued their girls talk again.

I climbed up of the pool and rest on the cabana. They chatted and occasionally looked at me. Soon, we started to quiet down as they drank finish the two bottles of red wine.

The area soon filled with the sound of insects cricking.

Aisha who was the least drinker pampered Leanne back to their room. Tan waved to them as she tried to stand up. I got up and held onto her. It was a silent as our eyes met. Then, she leaned toward me and kissed me.

“I am sorry about the bathroom..”

“You already knew about us…”

She smiled “You are so naughty… I didn’t know you are so big… no wonder Aisha like it.”

I felt embarrass when she said it like that.

“Tan, we know each other like years. But why now…?” I asked.

“It was friendship at first, but every single time when I am in trouble you are there for me. Gradually you become a man in my life… I really don’t know I could go on without you.”

I nodded. The night breeze blew on our bodies.

“When Aisha chatted about you, the lustful desire of sex slowly filled me back. I am still young kocaeli escort bayan and I do want to have sex again. I wasn’t sure when my ex raped me… then I told Aisha if I would do it again I only feel safe with you. And today, when I saw you making out with Aisha and she was full pleasure… I really want it…”

She took my hands and led me into her room.

“Sssshhhh…” she took me to the bathroom. The bathroom was smaller compare to my room. There is no bath tub and instead of massage bed, it was a lounge sofa.


She slowly stripped her bikini to the marble floor. She was slim and her brown nipples were poking out from her A cup breasts. Tan has a very fair skin and her pubic hair was soft.

She stood there… “Boss… if you don’t want to, it is okay. We can stop.”

I sat on the sofa and kept silent for a moment… my heart was too soft.

“Don’t call boss.. now, call me darling or something.”

Tan smiled… and hugged me. I kissed her back.

Then her hands were under my swimming trunk, pulling it to the floor. I slowly rubbed her pussy and then her clit.

“Uuuuuhhhh…” she moaned as my finger touched her little bud.

It took awhile before her pussy started to get wet. Without waiting for her permission, I lowered my head to her love tunnel. I knew she needed more encouragement. So my tongue went straight to her pussy lips. Licking and sucking her hole as she growled with pleasure. Soon Tan became more relaxed as she lied on the sofa.

“Huh… huh huh… oooohhh…” her moaning became more sultry.

I tried to give more concentration on her clit. By then, her pussy was very wet.

“Are you ready… dear…?” I asked.

“Yessss….” She replied with pleasure as she felt my cock already plunging into her pussy.

“Slowly babyyyy…”

I glided in and out of her wet hole. She was stretching her pussy muscle to accommodate the experience.

“Try to relax… you are doing great…”

She smiled and I kissed her. Our tongue played in her mouth. Soon, our bodies danced on the sofa. My cock glided in and out of her love hole trying to give her the pleasure that she had forgotten long time ago.

“Oh… oh huh huh huh….”

My fingers again rubbed her clit as I fucked her. Gradually she increased her perspiration and her body started to jerk.

“Ah… ah … ah ….ah…. cominggggggggg” she screamed.

Her body jerked and jerked as I pumped faster into her pussy. She hugged me tightly with her both arms.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh…” she growled before she collapsed on me.

She was panting and panting… while I spurted my semen into her pussy. She was still hugging me as I came.

“Thank you… I love you more boss.”

“Let shower…”


The morning ray started to shine through the room. The room was quiet except for the twisting sound of Leanne sleeping next to me. She has come into my room during middle of the night. I was too tired to reject her also we snuggled in the bed and dozed off.

I looked at the girl who smart, confidence and independence around people but with me, she was like a pampered girl. Suddenly, she smiled and laugh in her sleep. I smiled by looking at izmit escort how she slept was mesmerizing. Again I hugged her… feeling her silky rose pink cami set she was wearing.

It was not long, before there was a knock on my door. I quietly opened it.

“Morning… it is time for breakfast.”

Tan and Aisha were standing at the door. I looked at the time, 9am indeed time for breakfast.

“Do you know where Leanne is?”

I invited them into the room and they were not surprise looking at their friend sleeping on my bed. Both of them were trying to tickle her up.

“I need to wash up… both of you can settled with her.”

I went into the bathroom and shower as there were laughter’s coming from the bedroom.


During breakfast, the girls were chatting and kept looking at me. Suddenly I felt the pressure of the need to choose either one of them. It was soon forgotten when we started our trip around the island.

As usual, our first stop of the day was at Nagoya Hill mall. The three levels mall has many stores in it; the girls took time to shopping for local souvenirs and snacks. Soon we headed to the mall food court which was nicely decorated with oriental Dutch style architecture. Most of the time, I was with Ms Tan’s son while the girls could enjoy their shopping.

Then we headed to Tua Pek Kung Temple for sightseeing. The temple was surrounded by Chinese gardens and statutes. We spend a short while at the temple before resumed our shopping agenda. Next, it was polo outlets shopping and finally to Grand Batam Mall.

The mall was new and up scaled. The shops were selling more branded products similar midvalley mall.

It was resentful day; the girls had bought a lot of stuffs and decided to head back to the resort.


After dinner in the resort diner, we headed back to our villa. The night was still early as we started our pool party again.

I was relaxing at the cabana and was too tired to join the pool party. The girls were chatting and drinking wine. The weather started to chilled and the wind blew more frequently. From the distance, lighting seemed to be striking at the Island of Singapore.

The storm will soon brew toward the resort.

I could heard them chatting about their love making. Something about how gentle my cock was. I gave them some glances as they laughed at me. The rain started drizzled.

I walked into the living hall and relaxed on the sofa. The sound of thunder was getting near and the rain became heavy.

“Aahhh…” the girls giggled and rushed into the living hall.

“Party has finished…?” I asked.

“It was just begun…” Tan replied me.

The three of them have pulled down the curtains and stood next to me. Slowly they removed their bikinis and stood there naked.

“Wow… what are you girls trying to do…”

“What else…” Leanne said.

“I am not ready for these… how did you girls come out with this idea…”

“All of us love you… and you love all of us right?” Leanne replied.

I nodded.

“Then what is wrong, we are like sister and we are fine with this,” Tan added.

“It is not his choice; he is ours already the moment he made to love to us…” Aisha said.

The three girls climbed on top of me. It was going to be a long night. The villa will soon fill with the sounds of our love making.

(End of Book One of Three)

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