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I promised that I’ll take her for shopping today. I don’t like that as like most of the guys I like to go to one shop and buy things there. She warned me not to become bad mood as we will go to more shops. I rung the doorbell and she came in few moments. Oh my god. She was dressed in the shortest skirt I ever saw on her. The skirt barely covered her gorgeous butt. A nice white shirt that showed no bra under it makes the picture even better. The only thing that did not fit there were her sports shoes. They just did not fit.

I got better mood instantly.

“Where to?” I asked in the car and she directed me to the big multi-shop centre.

I kept watching her legs while I was driving. I knew what is between them very well. Yesterday we fucked almost half of night as her parents were not at home. She is almost 19 now, but still, parents have some control.

I parked and she left the car while I was still in looking for my wallet. Just when she passed in front of the car she dropped something and band in front. That made me speechless. She had nothing under that short skirt. Her beautiful hairless pussy was there almost on the reach of my hand between two even more beautiful buttocks half.

I run out of the car and she turned to me and asked with a smile on a face, ” You saw? Now you know why you need to behave nicely today!”

I kissed her and said gently, “Do that again and I’ll fuck you wherever we would be!”

She felt my hard dick ready for action and we both knew that that afternoon will be very interesting. We went to buy shoes first. A number of pairs that she try kept me cool as none really fits her. But then, when I almost gave up she came out with a shoe that was like they would be made for her.

Fit her so good, they optical extended her nice legs and the whole picture of her was perfect.

“I’ll keep these on!” she said and we went to the cashier.

I watched her walking in front of me. The amazing view that she made even better with nice moves of her butt. I said I need a coffee so we went to a coffee shop and sit at a table that little distant from others. She set on opposite chair and kept her leg open while there was a naughty smile Van Escort on her face.

I moved my head to hers and said, “Don’t push as I will fuck you here!”

She just smiled and put her legs together as someone came near.

After a coffee, she guides me to some stores to buy clothing. She watched and watched and watched and I become more and more nervous when finally she picked few pieces and went to a test cabin. I was waiting outside.

Few moment later she called me to step in to tell her what I think about the dress. I opened the door and step into the cabin. And there she was dressed not in a dress but only in the new shoes we bought hour back.

“Damn girl now you will get what you want!” I said and kissed her.

I kept kissing her all over her body. Her nipples were standing like soldiers on some hill. They fitted in my mouth and my arm found the way to her pussy. She was wet, ready to be fucked. I kept going lower, kissing her belly until I came to that horny, wet and hairless flower.

She lifted her leg and put it on a chair that was there. I licked her pussy and clit with one long lick. My licking becomes more and more intensive and two fingers in her pussy added to the joy she got. I licked and finger fucked her like I would do that for last time.

I watch her bite her lips to prevent releasing sounds of joy. She usually does that when we had a kind of public sex and wants to stay silent. The finger that she got to her ass was just like a dot on a letter I, just what she needed to finish.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned and pushed my head into her pussy.

She was pushing so strong that it was hard for me to lick and finger fuck her pussy and ass same time. Damn it was hard to breathe. She finished so powerful that she collapsed on the floor as legs just could not hold her anymore. We fall in a kiss and she asked me to stand up.

I did and a moment later she got my hard standing dick in her mouth. She squat with her legs open wide. That make her butt to look like two beautiful hills. Nice butt. She gave me a blowjob that I knew from before she does like a pro. At the end, we cleaned up each other and dress.

She said gently Van Escort Bayan in my ear “Will that hold through next shop?”

“Depends on on.. we’ll see!” I returned.

We went through many shops. I really had enough and a nice blowjob and licking were slowly overridden by all that walking. Finally, we got to my home. We decided to take a shower and then go out to eat something.

My mother was a little bad mood as she cooked dinner that we had no plan to eat. She will survive that O. Few moment later she came from the shower dressed in a new short dress, with new shoes and nothing else.

We both knew that we will fuck as what we have done today till now was just a kind of foreplay. I took her to a Mexican restaurant, one of the most expensive restaurants we could go but the food just deserves that money.

They have small pavilions for closed groups or pairs. We like them as we got some intimacy there. Whole the time we ate she kept teasing me. From time to time she did open her legs so I could get a reminder what is there or next time she would lift her leg and try under the table with it if my dick is really standing.

Luckily they have very low light ambient with candles on tables so nobody could saw our playing. I had enough and moved my chair to hers, put my arm under the table, between her legs all the way up to her pussy.

I did revenge to her teasing by playing with her clit. She closed eyes and grabbed my arm when I entered wet pussy with my fingers. I finger fucked her in front of everybody there but true nobody could saw too much.

Kissing, finger fucking and playing with her clitoris make her finish in short time like she would be a school girl. We were both so hot that in next moment I called the waiter to pay.

We did not talk in the car we just sought for a location to park and get laid. I parked in the forest away from all lights and noise and we started to kiss each other and a few moments later we were both naked.

We needed no foreplay as she was already so wet that even car seat got some marks. She set on my dick and starts to move her body. Amazing what she can do with that pussy, with hose heaps.

The Escort Van position was not too comfortable so we went out from the car. I put her on a motor cover warm from driving. She laid back and I start to fuck her the best way I knew, changing speed from slow to fast from deep to short penetration.

She played with her breasts while I was playing with her clitoris.

“Oh! Yes! fuck me!” she was moaned not too loud.

So I did and as many times I don’t know how long we fucked when she asked me to let her legs on the floor and turned around showing me her ass that teased my whole day. I kissed her butt and licked pussy and ass from behind. As always her taste was excellent, I could lick her forever.

But at that moment I just wanted to fuck her until the finish. I enter slow in her pussy and made a few not too deep moves.

“UH! You are so tight! Ah! I’ll fuck you till I die!”

I started to move faster and faster while her hand found its way to her clit. She likes to stimulate it while fucked from behind as I can’t do that. But I can play with her ass and she like that also. So I did. I was doing circles on her ass hole while fuckig her pussy. Fom time to time I sliped in her ass with a finger tip and fuck it in the same tempo like the pussy.

“Yeah! Play with my ass! Fuck me like that! Yes, yes!”

She started to breathe very intensively and I felt contractions in her pussy. She was close and few moves later she finished. I was also near but finish in her pussy was not what she had in mind.

“I want to feel your cum inmy ass!” she said and make me take it out from her pussy.

“No need to ask me twice sweeti! I like your cute ass!”

I aimed it at her ass and enter slowly. That was what she needed, slow and joyfull ass fucking not to deep and not to fast just right to kept her on the top of the joy. Like her finish was still lasting. I could not fuck her long time as I was at the edge when she finished already.

A few more moves and I filled her ass with all I had. We laid on a grass and just watching the sky satisfied with a day, satisfied with a sex just finished.

We could sleep like that but I promised to her parents that I will bring her home until midnight. We had just enough time to dress.

I kissed her good night at house doors right when a church bell rang midnight. I just waited for her to close and lock the door and went home. It was new day already.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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