Stacy Joins the Bridge Club

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Authors Note: This is the last of the trilogy that began with “Welcome to the Family” and was followed by the prequel “Pajama Party.” This episode details what happened to Stacy when she joined the “bridge club” of which her mother-in-law is a member.


When Stacy got out of bed one morning, she was feeling horny but in a particular way. It wasn’t from lack of sex because she had made love with Mike, her gentle and patient husband on the previous evening and had enjoyed a great orgasm. His big hard cock had massaged her clit and her G-spot until she practically exploded, followed immediately by Mike climaxing and pumping a big gusher of hot semen into her pussy. Ever since their marriage six weeks earlier, they had made love every night except when she was in her menses and every orgasm she reached seemed better than the ones before.

She certainly couldn’t complain about the fucking but, even so, there was something she missed. Stacy has always been very oral-minded and loves having her pussy eaten and had broached the idea to Mike but he was either too selfish or too ignorant to do it or even to consider it. Although not a lesbian, she also likes eating out another woman and some of her fondest memories were of going down on a female friend or of having her own pussy eaten by another woman. Before her marriage she used to get together with “special friends” who were of the same mind and one of the most memorable sexual escapades of her life was a big, all-woman romp right after she graduated from college.

Another had been with the woman who was to become her mother-in-law. On that sexual adventure, after their tremendous orgasms, Marjory, or “Margie” as the older woman had wanted to be addressed, shared some secrets with Stacy. The primary confidence was that Margie had also been disappointed with the lack of variety in sex with her husband and had found an outlet with a group of other women who were collectively known as “The Bridge Club.” When she and the other members of the club get together, they eat each other’s pussies and sometimes do more than that. Stacy had not been interested in going beyond oral sex but she did become highly fascinated by that possibility.

Acute boredom with her husband’s strictly routine love-making finally drove her to confide again in his mother. One Tuesday morning, when they were alone in the house, she approached and addressed the older woman. “Margie,” she began and that friendly salutation signaled what the subject of their conversation would be. At other times, she addressed and referred to her mother-in law as “Mom.”

“Yes, dear,” Margie responded after looking around to be sure nobody else might hear what she expected to be the subject of that conversation. They were alone in the house but her looking like that was close to a reflex action.

“A while ago you mentioned belonging to a bridge club. I think I would be interested in joining you and your friends for a few games some time.

“Of course, My Dear.” Margie patted Stacy’s arm. “Our next card party will be late on Friday morning and I’m sure the other members will welcome you with open arms.” The older woman smiled at that last sentence because she knew those “open arms” would be literally open and prepared to embrace her, and the younger one knew it too.

Stacy could hardly wait for Friday because sex with her husband, although pleasant, was getting duller every night. At ten o’clock, with her husband and father-in-law gone for the day, she joined Margie in the drive to a house a few blocks away. She had told Mike she was going to join his mother at her bridge club and he, thinking of it as just something women like to do, made no objection. She didn’t need his permission to go there but Stacy wanted to have a cover story in case he tried to call her or something.

Once they reached their destination and were standing on an unfamiliar doorstep, the older woman rang the doorbell and, when asked to identify herself, responded “Margie and I’ve got a new recruit.”

The door was quickly opened and an attractive woman in her thirties smiled at her old friend and hugged and kissed her on the lips before beaming at the new recruit.

Margie introduced the two women: “Megan, this is my daughter-in-law, Stacy, and this is Megan,” she turned to Stacy to say. “She owns this house and is divorced so here is where the bridge club meets.”

The two women shook hands. “I’m glad to meet you, Stacy,” Megan responded as she eyed the pretty redhead with the sexy figure who was standing at her door. “I’m sure the other girls will be too.” She closed and locked the heavy front door and opened another door that led to a large, well-lighted room where all the blinds were closed.

It had probably been designed to be a combination living and dining room but almost all the furniture had been removed and replaced by four queen-sized beds, each covered with a clean sheet and supplied with a pile of pillows. The only other furnishing was escort a wooden table in the middle of the room but there were no chairs anywhere. A small group of women, all scantily clad, were sitting on the beds and Margie went to join them. Stacy tried to do the same but Megan stopped her before closing the door they had just entered.

“Girls,” she announced. “This is Stacy and she’s here to join us for the first time.”

The other women ogled the new member and one of them opened a drawer in the table, got out a deck of cards and shuffled them. One at a time, the waiting women, except Margie, took a card from the deck. Some of their faces registered disappointment and some expressed optimism until they had finished the draw. After comparing their luck, all the cards were returned to the deck, which was replaced in the drawer of the table and a bosomy brunette who appeared to be in her mid-thirties approached the pair at the door. She was wearing only panties and a transparent negligee and she offered her hand to the newcomer.

“I’m really glad to meet you, Stacy. I hope you have as much fun as the rest of us do at our bridge games. My name’s Karen and I was lucky enough to win the chance to initiate you into the club. If you want me to, that is.”

Megan interrupted the conversation. “There aren’t many rules while you’re here but the main one is nobody has to do anything she doesn’t want to. You can go with Karen or with somebody else or just sit and watch but that kind of voyeurism is frowned on by most of us. I’d go with Karen if I were you. She’s got a really juicy kitty between her legs and a nice long tongue.”

Stacy smiled and could already feel her pussy tingling at the thought of what that long tongue could do for her. “I’m so hot to trot I just want to get somebody’s head between my thighs. Is there any rule about what bed we use?”

“None at all, Karen replied. Whichever is vacant.” She took Stacy’s arm and led the new member to the only place that was still available.

When she stopped at the bed, Stacy smiled at the antics of the other members of the bridge club. Margie was naked and had started licking the breasts of a voluptuous blonde who appeared to be barely out of her teens and looked much like Kelli, Stacy’s college roommate and most frequent sex partner during their last year at the university. The thought of frolicking in bed with her filled Stacy with enthusiasm and she wondered if the blonde could be her second partner that day, assuming this group of women would switch partners as those at the university did.

But that would be later, if it happened at all, and just then she and Karen were sharing a hug and a soft pair of hands was fondling Stacy’s ass. Not to be outdone, the newcomer reached up under her partners flimsy garment, held a luscious breast in either hand and gently squeezed.

“That feels good,” Karen said with a happy smile on her face. “But let’s get onto this bed here so I can go down on you.”

That was why she had come to the bridge club so Stacy eagerly scuffed out of her shoes, climbed onto the bed and lay down on her back with her head nestled in a pillow. Karen followed, knelt by the sexy redhead and leaned forward to share a long kiss, with the two women’s tongues also greeting each other. When she broke off the kiss, Karen started to unbutton the blouse her new friend was wearing. Stacy helped and, when the task was done, sat up and let Karen pull the light garment off and unfasten her bra.

“You’re sort of overdressed, aren’t you,” she gently chided the pretty young woman who was still holding bra cups against her breasts.

“That’s just to give you a chance to unwrap your prize.”

Both women laughed at the riposte and Stacy lay back down with her head nestled in the pillow while her new friend lifted the bra off and tossed it and the blouse in the direction of the head of the bed. Karen gazed hungrily at the half naked young woman who was sharing the bed with her, especially the firm white breasts with the pink nipples. She wanted to do much more than look, and she started by holding one of the big beauties in either hand while she bent over to lick the cute nubbin, eliciting a happy sigh from Stacy. The sound encouraged Karen and she continued her licking, first one and then the other, as she felt the nipples start to become erect under her ministrations.

Stacy realized how much she had missed such attentions because she really loved having her breasts pleasured orally and even such foreplay as that was foreign to her husband. To help Karen in her licking, Stacy cupped the luscious orbs in her hands to present them more easily to the woman who was providing so much pleasure already. A few minutes after the lingual attentions began, her body was squirming on the bed and she was murmuring happily.

It got better when Karen drew one of Stacy’s breasts into her mouth and started to suck while her tongue continued to fondle her erect nipple and areola. Once again, bursa eve gelen escort the older woman’s mouth switched from one lovely breast to the other and the recipient of the foreplay could feel her climax already starting to build deep within her body.

“Oooo, Karen, I love the way you do that,” Stacy whispered to her lover.

There was really no need to whisper but she liked the intimacy it lent to their activities. All over the room, the same kind of happy sounds could be heard uttered by the women who were sexually enjoying themselves without their husbands or any other men. On the bed nearest to her, Stacy saw Margie sucking the breasts of the bosomy blonde and felt a small twinge of envy, both for Blondie, who was enjoying the lips and tongue that were familiar and for Margie, whose tongue was caressing those lovely mounds.

But there was really no reason for her to be envious because Karen was displaying exceptional talent at giving pleasure to another woman. Stacy’s body was writhing in bliss on top of the bed, thrusting her own delectable breasts up into the mouth of the woman who was doing such a great job of sucking on them. She could feel her pussy starting to produce juices and smell their delectable scent.

Karen noticed them too and raised her face, smiled at the young woman providing the heavenly aroma and started nuzzling and kissing her way down Stacy’s soft belly toward their source. She began by licking the channel between the redhead’s breasts, giving Stacy a new kind of sexual thrill and continuing until she had reached the waistband of the younger woman’s designer blue jeans. She unbuttoned them and moved away from the head of the bed so she could peel the tight garment all the way off, leaving her new friend wearing just her skimpy panties.

They were soaked in the crotch and Karen leaned in more closely and breathed deeply of the fragrance. Although not a lesbian, she loves the aroma and flavor of pussy, especially that of a young women such as her partner that day. The scent of Stacy was one of the most enchanting of her experience but she knew it would be even better once those scanties were out of her way. She leaned back briefly, inserted her fingers in the elastic waistband and started to pull them down. The wearer raised herself off the mattress and Karen stripped that last garment around her ass, all the way down her legs and off.

Completely naked, Stacy reveled in the coolness of the air currents on her wet pussy. When she looked down the length of her body, she saw Karen kneeling by her feet and realized what needed to be done. It had been so long since somebody had eaten her pussy she had almost forgotten what she would have to do. She raised and spread her legs and the other woman crept forward, ducked under to let them rest on her shoulders and leaned in close to wrap her arms around the beautiful young woman’s thighs.

Stacy is a natural redhead and the skin surrounding her pussy is creamy white with a splash of freckles. Her light red pubic hair is soft, almost downy and she trims it but does not shave. If Karen had designed the pussy she would most want to eat at the bridge club that day, the result would probably have been almost indistinguishable from the pink and red and white confection that was under her face.

Eagerly, Karen’s tongue caressed the insides of the younger woman’s legs, relishing the taste of the honey that had trickled down, before advancing to her crotch to start licking her there. She was elated to find the flavor was even better than the scent had been and was careful to get every drop. By the time she started on the first of the inner lips, the younger woman’s body was squirming, making everything even better. This was what had been more lacking in Stacy’s sex life than anything else and she looked down her body at the dark hair between her legs, which was all she could see of the woman who was starting to eat her pussy.

But she could feel plenty. The erotic thrill of Karen’s tongue lapping at the insides of her thighs had been fabulous and that same tongue felt even better as it licked off the juices dribbling down her crotch but the most pleasure resulted when the long, wet giver of joy started meandering between a pair of inner and outer lips. She had been sexually excited before anybody’s face was buried in her crotch and, as the top of the brunette’s head moved slowly upward, great waves of pleasure crashed through her body and she could feel her orgasm building higher and more rapidly.

When she reached the end of Stacy’s inner lip, Karen raised her eyes briefly to observe the condition of the younger woman’s clit. She smiled at how swollen it was and how it had almost pushed its way out from the sheltering hood but didn’t gaze at the erotic sight for very long. Licking a juicy pussy is much more fun than just looking so Karen’s mouth started caressing between the other pair of lips, after lapping up all the görükle escort fresh juices that had just flowed from the pink hole that produced the delicious treat.

Stacy didn’t see Karen’s face when the other woman looked at her because her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open in a grimace of joy. Her head was tossing back and forth on the pillow and her body was writhing in bliss. She did notice the brief pause but the long tongue had resumed stroking her before she could investigate the brief cessation. In addition to the movements of the rest of her body, Stacy’s pussy was also in motion, fucking up against the mouth that was providing so many delights. The excited redhead hadn’t felt that much joy since the last pajama party right after she finished college.

It quickly got even better. She felt Karen’s tongue lapping at all the fresh juices, followed by the same organ starting to lick the other side of her pussy. Stacy’s movements became more strenuous and she lost control of most of her muscles. Her whole body was tossing about the bed; her arms were pummeling the mattress and her legs were waving in the air.

“Oh, my god, Karen. You’re wonderful! I’m gonna come.

The other woman had already surmised that. This time, when her mouth reached the end of the pair of lips, she opened it widely and drew in Stacy’s engorged clit. While her tongue continued to fondle the swollen morsel, Karen’s mouthed sucked as Stacy’s pussy rammed against her face in the same rhythm. After less than a minute of this erotic treatment, the aroused woman cried out joyously that she was coming.

Her thighs clamped onto the head of the woman who was eating her out with such skill and her hands dug into the dark hair. “Oh! Oh!” Stacy sang out ecstatically as she bounced up and down on her ass and shoulders. She continued coming for almost five minutes and some of the other women in the room watched in appreciation and envy of the newcomer and her partner. When the sexy redhead climaxed, her back arched; all her muscles clenched and she jammed her pussy into Karen’s face for a final time.

After that great orgasm, Stacy relaxed on the bed, her arms at her sides while her legs still rested on the shoulders of her partner. Karen greedily licked off all the honey and backed away, letting those legs fall onto the bed, and sat and waited until her partner had caught her breath and opened her eyes.

When Stacy opened her eyes, she saw the other woman waiting for her and wondered at the protocol of the Bridge Club. In college, when a group of women were indulging in a pajama party, when one of them had an orgasm the other woman or women left to couple with somebody else. Looking around, she saw the women on the other beds were still sharing pleasure with the same partners they had started with so that must be the way they usually were. She spoke to Karen, complimenting her and assuring her that her pussy would be eaten momentarily.

“That was fabulous. I haven’t come like that in a long time. Give me a minute to catch my breath and I’ll do the same for you.”

“I loved it too. I got really turned on by your pussy and by you coming like that but there’s no hurry.”

A few minutes later, Stacy moved to the side of the bed. Karen stripped off her negligee and took her place, but nestling her head in a different pillow. The eager redhead gazed at the succulent breasts in front of her, held the nearest in her hands and bent down to start licking the nipple. The dark pink nubbin was already so erect her tongue could feel the tiny ridges and the pebbly areola.

Karen was already so aroused, her body was writhing on the bed and both women could smell the delectable juices that were flowing from her pussy. Although she was immensely enjoying the older woman’s breasts with her mouth, Stacy was avid to taste the juices that would be wasted and to slowly bring her to as good an orgasm as she had just enjoyed. She had learned something new that day and she used it, beginning her lingual journey down Karen’s body to what Megan had described as her juicy kitty.

She started by caressing the cleft between the luscious breasts with her tongue and licked her way down Karen’s soft belly until she reached the waistband of her panties. The heavenly aroma of fresh pussy juices was stronger there and drove her forward. Stacy moved toward the foot of the bed, hooked her fingers in the panties’ waistband and started tugging on them. Karen raised her ass from the bed and her last garment slid easily down her legs and off around her feet to be tossed onto a corner of the bed. She knew what would be happening next so she spread her legs and raised them. Stacy ducked under; they came to rest on her shoulders and she wrapped her arms around the thighs framing her face to gaze on the lovely pussy she would be eating.

Karen had shaved herself that morning for the bridge club meeting and the smooth, flawless skin was the color of ivory. Her pussy lips were red and swollen with her lust and had blossomed out of her slit. Very gently, Stacy parted the lips and looked into the pink valley that was the source of the fragrant juices, to be met by a sweetly scented cloud. With no further delay, she started licking off the honey that was so delightful to her nose.

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