Susan At The Cabin Ch. 02

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This is the continuation of the Apartment Complex, the tenant Susan.

Part 2 Susan at the cabin.

John was spent. He has rather regular sex but today was very taxing and he wanted to rest. Susan had other ideas as she had only had a little orgasm and was not about to quit.

Susan looked at John and she started to kiss him first on the neck and then down and nibbled on each nipple and down kissing and lightly sucking on every part she could. John had a hand on her head and just lay back.

He was thinking, man this girl is not going to stop, oh god that’s good, oh, you can do that all day. The kisses and touches sent electric shocks through his body and to his cock which was getting hard again.

She kissed down his leg to the knee and then let the tip of her tongue trace a path up the inside of his leg, slowly moving higher. Before getting to the stiffening erection she dropped to the other knee and did the same thing.

Only this time she let her tongue continued and then licked the base of the cock and very slowly up the main vein. One hand was holding the erection and the other on his belly. She could feel the muscles contracting and the spasms coursing through John’s body as the result of her administrations.

John was thinking OMG this is great oh yes. Her touch was driving him wild with desire again.

She ran her tongue up to the tip and around and the flicked it. Slowly she bent and slid the head into her mouth.

John moaned and his hips bucked up. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh woman you’re so good ahhhhhhhhhh I love it”

She sucked on the head and tongued the tip in her mouth. She backed up as he tried to force more into her mouth. She continued to work on the cap and gently caressed his balls with one hand.

John’s hands had move to her back and he sat up so he could grab hold and pull her body around. He looked at the naked body and thought, Oh you beautiful thing; I love that gorgeous ass those cute butt cheeks just wanting to be squeezed. “Come here beautiful, let me kiss that beautiful ass, mmmmmmmmmmm” and he twisted and bent and kiss each cheek and sucked each. His hands moved over her body, up and down her legs and over her back. He wanted to touch every inch of her. Lightly and with much passion his hands moved all over her body.

She felt his touch and kiss and his hands running all over her body so lightly that is sent electric tingles all through her. She thought how such a rough man can be so passionately gentle. She quivered as his hands moved all over her body touching everywhere, not rough crude probing or digging but soft gentle caresses. This is not the usual sex she knew this was a new experience and mmmmmmmmmmm she liked it,mmmmmmm a lot.

His touch was sending shock waves through her and her pussy was wet and wanting again. She moved her body more and placed a leg on either side of his head giving him a direct view and access to her wet, hot, tingling pussy. He did not disappoint her as he instantly pushed his head to her pussy avcılar escort and his tongue probed her lips and sought the little button. She could feel it getting closer and “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned and then sucked more of his cock deeper into her mouth.

OMG John thought this is OMG” ahhhhhhhhhhh yes oh yes suck it”. With his hands on her hips he pulled her tighter to him and whipped her pussy and clip with and frenzy that only sexual passion can produce. The feel of her soft smooth skin under his hands and the inside of her legs against his face, the smell of her pussy were too much and he bit her ass cheek and then kissed it.

She was stroking and sucking his cock and could feel it pulsing with every touch. He is going to explode again and she did not want to waist it. He was thinking the same.

“I am going to cum soon and I want to be inside you, I want to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock”

“Yes I want it too; I want you to fuck me hard and deep now”

They changed positions quickly and she kept him on his back and straddled him, face to face, and rose up, grabbed his cock and guided it to her lips. He could feel the head touch the wet warm lips and then slide in and she did not stop but just sat down hard and fast.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, oh god that was good, yes, I want it deep into your pussy”

She started to move up and down with a slow steady pace, and then started to flex her muscle and tighten around his cock. She had a rhythm, down tight up relax, and down tight up relax. His whole body quivered with the sensation she was producing in him. He reached out and ran his hands up her side to her breasts and took each one in a hand. He held a nipple between thumb and forefinger and rolled them and then pinched them and pulled back. Her head went back and she closed her eyes. The sensations in her body were peaking and she trembled with desire and passion.

She no longer flexed her pussy but just sat down and hard and deep as she could. Thinking, oh man he is big and long and it feels like it is in my belly it is so deep. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” yes as she slammed down hard. She had already had one small orgasm and now the charge in her body was building. She quickened the pace and the power.

“Pinch them harder, pull them pinch them, oh yesssssss, now now please yes please fuck me deep now ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she had another. She was approaching the big one .

She was bucking and jumping and twisting and moving every which way. He could not follow her or anticipate what she wanted so he just bucked his hips to drive it deeper and deeper.

“I am going to cum and I want it deep in you” He drove it up and deep and ” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” he was pumping another load of hot cum into this beautiful woman.

More and more and he kept pumping and she was bucking up and down making squeals and shrieks. He could feel the cum oozing down his cock and out her pussy and it made him thrust ataköy escort even harder and faster. She could not stop the movements and she threw her head and body back hands to ground and arching her back as he drove deep into her. He felt the head hit her cervix and she moaned and screamed and slammed down on him. Her whole body shook and quivered. She threw herself forward and was on top of him her head on his chest.

Her body was quivering and his was tense and the relaxing and he wrapped his arms around her and held her close, he kissed the top of her head softly and did a little hip wiggle. She gave a little sigh and hugged his shoulders.

They lay like that for what seemed forever, but he moved first.

“Hey we lay here long and the sun will cause some nasty burns, let’s take a shower”

She looked at him with a sweet smile and then looked at the shower, ” ya right you want me to shower in that”

“Yes and I will show you how and I will gladly wash your back and all the other parts as well.” John pushed her up and kissed her nose and then her lips very softly. “that was very special, your one very special woman”

She smiled at him and kissed him back. “I have to be careful teasing you in the future” she smiled with a devilish grin. Yes she would be teasing him in the future that is for sure. This was one special man, she was not sure just why, well maybe because he had a gentleness that was not seen easily. She definitely like his touch and his manner, there was something she felt. She then thought, oh hell he is old enough to be my father, you’re not going to fall in love with him, fuck him yes , love him no way.

With that she jumped up and said “okay show me how that shower works”. She ran naked towards the shower house.

All John could do was watch the beautiful naked woman running towards the shower. Her butt wiggling in that very cute seductive way and oh my, the body just took you breath away.

“Come on show me how” she hollered from the door way.

John walked down and climbed up on the ladder to check the water temp. The 3-55 gal drums on top of the shower stall was a solar water heater. MMMM well it’s warm enough and the barrels are almost full.

“Okay lady here is what we do, first you stand under the shower head and pull this rope like this” as John pulled the rope and shower of warm soft water soaked them all over. He let go and the water stopped.

“Okay now we soap down, here let me” and he began to lather and soap and wash Susan. His hands were moving all over her body. “Lift your leg, now the other” his hands moved up and down her back and then between her legs and it seemed without thought he soaped her pussy and then her crack completely without any sexual move just washing her body. She thought that was strange but nice but she was confused by that.

His hands washing her legs and then the pussy and crack had made her tingle and she felt a stirring again but bahçelievler escort it passed as he move up her body. He faced her and pulled her to him close and then washed her back with her facing him next to his body and she started to wash his back. The feeling of his hairy chest against her breast and nipples stirred something in her again and her nipples got hard. He bent down and as she looked up he kissed her nose, smiled. He then turned her around and pulled her back to him and now he was washing her front. She loved the feel of his hands as the lathered hands move in circles over her belly and sides and up and then he rubbed each breast in a very clinical way but in the end he cupped each breast and held the nipple and gave each a very gentle squeeze. He kissed the back of her neck and then reached up and pulled the rope. The warm water sprayed down and rinsed them both completely. Then he grabbed a bottle of shampoo and started to wash her hair and massage her head.

She stood there thinking, oh man you can do that all day, it feels so good. She sighed and turned around and looked up at a very strange man. She had seen him working at the complex many times but just never thought about him really. Here he was making love to her is a very passionate way and now giving her a bath, washing her hair and touching her in a way, well she was not sure what to think.

John could not believe what he was doing. Well you sure started something here you old goat you. You better not let this get out of hand. She is very young and ………… well she is very young and beautiful. I could wash this body for ever, god just look at that skin, so smooth and soft and sweet. Easy old men just wash the lady off.

He pulled the rope and the water rinsed her hair.

He took towels out of a storage locker in the shower and started to dry her off. She grabbed another towel.

“Here let me dry you, turn around” she dried his back completely and then ” okay turn around”

She then dried his front. His chest and belly and then in a very familiar clinical way dried his penis. When she was done she looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back and took her in his arms and kissed her softly on the lips, no tongue just lips, well a little parted and then he kissed her nose and each eye and each cheek and forehead. He let go smiled and walk to his clothes.

You have done enough for today.

They dressed and Susan put the sundress on again. John looks and smile, shakes his head and starts to put the tools away. I sure did not get any work done today, smiling, he looks at her again and finishes packing the truck.

The drive back is quiet; Susan has lain down with her head on John’s leg and seems to be sleeping. She is not sleeping only her eyes are closed and she is thinking about today. Things sure have a strange way of happening.

The gossip she has heard in the laundry room might be true after all. John might be the complex stud, servicing the women. But he was so, so , well he was gentle and passionate and sweet and kind and caring with her and she had all sorts of strange feeling about this man. It was not what some of the gossip indicated, this was a man that had many sides. Where was this going to go? Oh hell it can go nowhere, he is old enough to be your father Susan. It was a fling, a onetime thing, some afternoon delight.

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