Sweet Nothings

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Isabella sat back in her favorite chair just watching the clock, waiting to close the store. She really loved this little shop. It had become a great summer job, helping people find the right lingerie to fulfill their dream come true, for that special night, that getaway weekend. “Sweet Nothings” was a cozy place where all types of people felt comfortable trying on different fantasies.

Startled from her thoughts the door opened and a beautiful girl flew in quite anxious to find the right “outfit” for a visit from an old friend. The girl’s long brown curls bounced around her face as she explained what she was looking for. Isabella suggested a soft pink silk nightgown that would hang on the girls firm tan body like petals fallen from roses.

The two quickly became friends as they laughed about some of the outrageous pieces Maya would pick up and pretend to wear!! Eventually, Maya took the pink gown to the dressing room. Isabella followed in case she needed another size, and also because she was very intrigued by her beauty and vivacious personality.

Maya took off her clothes quite freely to reveal a body that Isabella couldn’t help but notice was gorgeous and very enticing. Isabella went over to adjust the thin spaghetti strap and brushed up against Maya’s silky skin, a rush of heat pulsated through her, leaving her wet and throbbing. beşiktaş escort She noticed Maya’s nipples were erect… Was Maya cold or as interested as she was?

Isabella looked into Maya’s dark brown eyes and saw the answer. She told her how beautiful she looked and assured her that her friend would love it. Maya was very thankful for such lavish compliments so she threw a huge bear hug around Isabella that turned into a soft caress of Isabella’s face and lips. Isabella’s body became electrified with desire, and at this point there was no going back. She returned the caress softly over Maya’s face, neck, shoulders…to her breasts, golden and delicious. Isabella broke away for a moment to lock up the store.

When Isabella returned she found Maya admiring the new gown in the dressing room mirror. Isabella let out a quiet moan as she watched Maya touch her own beauty…, watching hands move over hard nipples, down her firm belly into the pleasure area below. Isabella could resist no longer, she went over to Maya and together they explored her hot, wet passion. Reaching her fingers up and back, thrusting in and out, small breaths becoming heavy breathing, knowing how Maya would love the attack on her senses. Isabella’s quiet moans became louder gasps and Isabella found herself without beşyol escort clothes enjoying the sucking and darting of Maya’s tongue on her very hot and ready cunt. Their rhythm was slow at first,…hands, fingers, tongues, sucking, breathing, caressing…. the girls had passed the point of no return, steady, in and out, faster and faster… their release was here…they lay on the dressing room floor rug, mesmerized by such intense passion and lust.

The ringing of the store doorbell brought the girls back to reality and they jumped up and looked out the window to see who could be there. A very attractive guy was walking around, puzzled at the locked door and Maya said, “Oh no, that’s Drew, my friend, he is probably looking for me.” Isabella remarked how sexy he looked and that they would be sure to have a great time together. Maya wanted Isabella to meet Drew so they ran to the door and let him in.

Drew walked in slowly trying to assess the situation, but his emotions took over when he saw these 2 beautiful women half naked…

Introductions were made and Drew stared at Maya’s beauty and was quickly lost in the deep kiss of a reconnecting friendship. Isabella slipped away to finish closing up the store. When Isabella returned, Maya waved her over to where Drew and she were beykent escort sitting. Maya began to rub Isabella’s back, knowing she had had a long day at the store. Drew and Isabella got to know each other with some casual chit chat. Isabella could not believe how hot and ready she was again. Maya’s massage, Drew’s words…Isabella began to massage Drew’s gorgeous runner’s legs and feet. He could no longer resist the feel of Maya full breasts under the silky pink night gown or the anticipation of this reunion any longer.

He moved very close to Maya and continued his exploration of her hot, beautiful body…breasts, nipples responsive to his soft touch, a nibble on her neck, a caress on the shoulder, back, belly, desirous and inviting love mound, delicious, wet and burning with lust. Maya’s excitement led to a more intimate massage of Isabella’s whole body. Quiet moans were heard from everyone, one at a time, as Maya got farther and farther into her own passion with Drew’s tongue, his sucking, finding just the right spot to begin the ride that will send her off. Isabella’s moans were now shouts of ecstasy as Maya’s fingers entered her steaming cunt—she knew just where to rub, up and down, in and out, back and forth until Isabella was just about ready to let go completely. Drew was quite thrilled with the rhythm of Isabella’s hot lips, tongue–sucking on his very swollen cock, moving to the beat of her own heat and lust as well as his and the whispers and cries of their friend Maya. The energy and tension was building with each moment, thrust, suck, groan, lick, kiss, embrace, caress that passed until… all at once, each in their way, found release, a power that shuddered… deep inside…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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