The Affair

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The Affair

Copyright Mar. 2020

I’m not innocent. I play around and claim that I am playfully, but I’m just a normal woman and housewife. I chat online and I flirt. That’s all it ever is. That’s all it ever was. 

Then I stumbled into a chatroom one day that made me start asking all sorts of questions about myself. Am I really as plain as I think I am?  I have all these thoughts rolling around in my head and I’ve began to wonder if I’m as “vanilla” as I’ve always thought. That’s when I met him. 

The one person who would change me from an innocent flirt to the woman standing here today, emboldened not afraid to ask for what she wants.  I always thought before that I could and would take what I wanted or needed, but now I know I can and I will. 

It all started innocently enough, just chatting like normal, flirting and teasing. As we kept talking, we learned we had a lot in common and became friends.  Nothing was ever intended or planned to happen.

As sometimes these online things do, a group meet and greet was planned to allow people to get to know one another better. I thought this was pretty cool because it actually happened to coincide with a week and a half long business trip that was already planned so I wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for airfare.  I talked to my husband first and he said he trusted me, he knew I wouldn’t do anything with anybody so he saw no reason I couldn’t go and since it was a business trip already in the same place to go ahead.

So all plans are in place it’s. Day one and two are all business and all my meetings go great. Day two evening is when everyone from the group starts arriving for the weekend get together.  I had just arrived back at the hotel, so I was still in my business suit, I wanted to go up and change into something more comfortable but I couldn’t help but be drawn to the bar because I knew some of my new friends would be there. I stopped hesitant at the door because I’ve become a master of the camera angle, always trying to hide what I perceived as my imperfections. What will they think when they see the real me? What will my special male friend that I’ve had such a connection with think of when he sees the real me?

I had just about convinced myself to forget participating at all in the weekend, when I felt a warm hand at my waist and someone whispering in my ear, “Now, baby, surely, you weren’t going to leave without at least saying ‘hi’ to to me were you?”  In hearing his voice so close to my ear, all the little hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end, I felt like electricity was running from his hand into my body just from that light and innocent touch and I could in no way explain that instantaneous, electric reaction my body was having to it.

I slowly turned around not realizing how close he was standing to me, I stepped backwards, my back hit the wall and I bounced forward involuntarily making my chest hit his as I grabbed on to him to balance myself. As my breasts rubbed against his chest I heard him draw in a sharp breath. Embarrassed, I looked down at my feet, I apologized for being so clumsy, and made an excuse and took off for my room.

I get to my room and I started to giggle. Apparently he was just as surprised to be affected by that clumsy and innocent touch as I was. “This weekend should prove interesting in getting to know one another better,” I thought to myself. I started for the shower, but hear my phone buzz with a text message. I chuckled to myself, walked over to the nightstand to check and sure enough, it was him, just as I suspected it might be. “You had better be coming back down. You don’t want me coming to look for you.”

I sent a reply back, “As you could see, I just got off work. I’ll be down in about 30 to 45 minutes.” I put the phone down and head back to the shower. I start to relax as I feel the stress of the day start to wash away. I finished up, and started trying to decide what to wear.  Why am I stressing? I don’t need to impress anyone. I just put on a pair of shorts and a tank top and headed down stairs to the bar.

As I walk in, I noticed he is looking at his phone checking the time. He must have been serious about coming to look for me maybe? He looks up and sees me and tries to hide his cheeky grin.  He signals me to join him at the table in the back corner, a perfect spot for people watching.  I ordered a drink on my way back and joined him at his table. I asked him if he had seen anyone else yet from our group yet and he shook his head no. He said that he thought most would be in later that night or early tomorrow. I nodded and took a sip of the drink the waitress just brought me.

It was a little stronger than I was used to, but that was ok, it would help calm my nerves. I have no idea but for some reason I was a bundle of nerves sitting next to this man that I  have became friends with over the last several months.

As he and I sat there for two or three hours sipping on a few drinks and talking about the interactions istanbul travesti or lack thereof of people as they filtered in and out of the bar.  Last call came and I said I had better call it a night if I wanted to participate in any of the group get together stuff that was planned for the next day. He agreed and said he’d walk me to my room.

We get up to the door of my room, and as I’m unlocking it, he says, “I know I shouldn’t do this, I can’t explain it, but I haven’t thought about anything else since I touched you earlier tonight when I first said hi.” Before I could react or say anything in response, he softly brushed the hair from my eyes, dug his fingers into my hair effectively grasping my head with both of his hands and kissed me. It was soft at first almost tentative, but when I didn’t immediately pull away, and began kissing him back, he deepened the kiss probing my lips with his tongue and our tongues quickly became intertwined.

I found myself pinned against the wall very quickly, his hands were on my shoulders working their way down towards my waist to pull me in closer.  At this point, I did stop him. “Wait, stop!” 

He stops looks at me, and he starts to apologize, “I, I’m-“

I put my finger over his lips, “SHHH don’t–, I mean, we can’t do this HERE, especially not out here.” I motion with my hands about the hallway. He looks around and nods as he realizes what I mean and then looks at me, I turn away from him long enough to unlock my hotel room door. Looking back over my shoulder, “Are you coming in, or are you going to your room?”

I thought for a minute that I may have made a mistake, misunderstanding what he had wanted from me, that he was going to say he was sorry and walk away. Instead what happened surprised even me, before I could even move to allow him room to come into the room, I watched him take a deep breath, and he almost lunged at me like a lion at its prey, picking me up around the waist as he came through the door so that it closed quickly behind us. As he set me back down on the floor, he stepped back for a minute to look at me.

I started to fidget and get really nervous, “Don’t move. I’m just looking at you,” he grins slowly at me, “your pictures don’t show your true beauty, you know, I told you I like curves. Now where were we…right here I think..” As he leans in to kiss me pinning me against the wall, his hands quickly find my breasts and he starts teasing my nipples through my clothing. I can’t do anything but grab to his arms and hold on for the ride because I’m the one who gave him the ammunition. He stops for a second when he hears me start to whimper.

Smiling really big he says, “Ok that’s, what I wanted to know.” He steps back from me again and watches me standing there chest heaving, trying to catch my breath, and trying to figure out what game he is playing with me right now. He walks over and sits on the edge of my bed. As I watch every step he takes, my mind is racing.

He has taken off his shoes and he’s just sitting there waiting on me. It’s dawned on me that he’s waiting on me to make the next move because he wants to make sure that this is what I want. He’s not going to force anything. Shyness takes back over, I can see the clear bulge in his jeans, and I know if I ask him to leave that even though he would be in pain, he would because that’s him. But is that what I really want?  No, it’s not. Emboldened by his gaze and knowing how much he already wants me, I take my time taking off my shoes. I know once my shoes are off I’m at a very distinct height disadvantage not that it will make much difference though.

I finish kicking my shoes to the side and turn around facing him again, I take a deep breath and before I can lose my nerve walk over to where he is sitting on the bed. He looks up at me and chuckles because he knows about the  height thing, even though he’s sitting and I’m standing he’s at eye level with my breasts, I put one of my hands on his shoulders the other I put on his chin and turn his face towards mine for another kiss. 

As our kiss began to deepen, his hands found their way quickly into my tank top and unfastened my bra. That action alone made me break way from the kiss and drew a big sigh because I’ve always hated bras and he should have known it by then. My nipples became even harder, if possible, at the release from their imprisonment and were pressing against the fabric of my bra and shirt clearly visible. Holding me still with one hand, he took his other hand and for the first time ran his bare fingers across my rock hard nipples. I quivered at his touch, standing for just a moment, he took both hands and pulled my shirt up over my head and allowed my bra to fall to the floor. He then pulled me in close and softly licked the valley between my breasts before kissing his way to one of my nipples, gently nibbling on it before taking it fully into his mouth. I thought my knees were going to give out.

He must have felt that too because he pulled me down to the travesti istanbul bed with him so that I was straddling his lap and he had full access to my breasts.  I could feel the bulge in his jeans and how tight they were, I put my hand between us and could feel the blood pulsating through him. “Aren’t you hurting right now?” I asked him, and he said “Right now, I’m concentrating on you.”

I said, “How about we concentrate on each other?” I pulled away from him, stood up, and made sure he watched me take off my shorts and then I walked over to him and started removing his shirt. Kissing his chest as I revealed pieces of his skin that I hadn’t seen yet. Pushed him down on the bed so I could pull it off over his head and kissed his neck. I decided to push my luck a little and continued kissing and nibbled a little bit on his neck, which resulted in him gently grabbing my neck, as he pulled back and he turned his head towards me slightly and said in a low throaty voice, “Unless you want me to throw you down right here, and completely have MY way with you, slow down teasing with my neck, you know….”

At this point, I couldn’t help myself, but I smiled at him, and pulled him back to his feet. It didn’t matter that he towered over me by at least 6 or 7 inches all that mattered is that he was there for me, that he was there for our mutual pleasure. With that thought, I unbuttoned his jeans, “No underwear?” I asked as I looked up at him, he just gave me a lop-sided grin and shrug, “I was feeling naughty when I got here today, even before I saw…..” His voice trailed off as I began lowering his zipper slow as to not hurt any part of his swollen cock. I kneeled down in front of him as I continued to pull his pants off.  I couldn’t resist seeing the pre-cum gathered on the tip of his cock and not tasting him, I let his pants drop and caressed his swollen cock with one hand while I took the tip into my mouth to taste him. I used both hands to push him back fully on to the bed, he crawled backwards so he was fully laying on the bed. 

As I crawled up on to the bed next to him, I became unsure of what I wanted to do, I wanted so badly to continue sucking his cock but would he let me?  He saw me hesitating and said “if you plan on doing anything, you had better at least let me see your whole body, I want to see it.”

At which point, I felt a little emboldened by the power that statement gave me and I kneeled on the bed bent over with my backside towards his face wiggled my butt and said “This side? You want to see this or do you mean this as I turned around to face him?” And I was caught up in the moment, I turned to face him, cupping my breasts in my hands and I had forgotten for a moment that he had told me he had a fantasy about my neck and breasts and he jumped at me, literally kissing my neck leaving a trail of kisses as he worked his magic on my body and mind. He seemed content to continue playing with me that way, but I looked at him and said “If you want me to have any enjoyment out this, you had better plan on giving me something to play with in return.”

With my comments, he smiled and laid back down on the bed motioning for me to come over and do exactly as I had just stated I would. Before doing what he wanted me to do though I decided to tell him what I wanted, I placed a hand on his chest and leaned over so we were making direct eye contact, “I’m about to sit on your face, so I expect to feel that tongue of yours on my pussy working it’s magic as you have promised so many times.” His eyes widened at the boldness of my words, and I kissed him softly on the lips and then I left a trail of kisses to his neck and then whispered i his ear right before I crawled over and straddled his face, “Suck, kiss, lick everything you want, I have what I want right down there,” and I turned my attention back to his still swollen cock. In the 69 position, I was then able to use both hands as well as my mouth to pleasure him fully. I used one hand to gently caress his balls as I licked and sucked in his cock and rubbed the length of it with my other hand.

His shock didn’t take long to wear off either once I straddled his face because immediately, I felt his tongue teasing my clit and moving into my pussy. His hands were kind of holding me in place so I couldn’t move away but at the same time rubbing and caressing my hips and thighs, but allowing small enough movements to make it feel like I was actually riding his face. He took one of his hands and began rubbing my clit in rhythm with the movements of his talented tongue as he kissed and licked every part of me he could reach and it wasn’t long before I orgasmed. I was sucking on his cock and rubbing it, when my orgasm hit me, I took his cock as deep into my mouth as I could and held on to the sensation for as long as I could.

When I came back to my senses, I rolled over and he looked at me and asked me where I thought I was going as he was moving towards me. I responded, “I never said I was,” but before I could finish istanbul travestileri my sentence he had positioned himself between my legs and thrust his still swollen cock inside my pussy, while he grabbed my nipples causing another immediate orgasm that took my breathe away; all I could do was just hold on for the ride.  As he began thrusting his hips, our bodies found a rhythm and we were able to move together very easily. He, as promised, was very talented with his tongue and used it to his advantage with my nipples and neck for kisses and licks and little bites. He found that when he bit my neck softly while pinching my nipple sent me into an other orgasm and he said he’d have to remember that for the next time.

He looked at me with a little devilish grin and said hold on, he thrust deep into me causing another orgasm and as I cried out in ecstasy, he grabbed my hips and rolled taking me with him. So I ended up on top of him yet again riding him, but now cowgirl style so I was in control.  I started off with slow intentional strokes until his hands on my hips tighten telling me to move faster, so I quicken my movements. He looks up at me and in a loud moan says “I’m about to cum” as if he expected me to do something differently. Instead I leaned in and kissed him as he thrust inside of me while he orgasmed.  I managed to roll off to the side, but he kept me snuggled pretty close as we fell asleep for what was left of the night.

Waking up early the next morning I was surprised to see him still laying there in the bed next to me. I was happy about that, but still surprised. I decided I’d go take a quick shower and then order some room service if he was still sleeping. Just as I was stepping out of the shower, he comes in and said, “Need any help baby?”

I looked at him smiled and replied, “Baby, You can dry me off if you want.”

“I’d only dry you off only to get you wet all over again because I’d follow the towel with my tongue. I want to explore all of you with my mouth baby.”

I just looked at him in surprise and stammered out a response, “Y-your mouth?”

He looked at me and smiled, “Yes, baby, I want my mouth all over you. I’m going to get you on all fours and put my mouth all over your ass.”

Before I could respond to anything, he took me by the hand and pulled me back out into the bedroom and tossed me onto the bed. He followed me down onto the bed quickly, pulling me to him for a kiss which I eagerly returned. He was running his hands down my body driving me near insane with his caresses.

When he decided he’d had enough he said, “Ok, like I said, I want you on all fours baby, please.” He waited for me to move into position, and he pushed my knees slightly further apart and murmured to himself, “Perfect.”

He then bent over and kissed one ass cheek and then the other. I stayed there unmoving as I felt his hands spreading my cheeks apart, I gasped as I felt him lick my ass. I had never experienced that before and was in shock but found myself enjoying it immensely.

He continued to sticking his tongue deep inside me while sliding his fingers in my increasingly wet pussy. He smacked my ass lightly drawing another gasp from me as he stuck his tongue in my ass again as deep as he could causing me to orgasm. He slowly pulled his fingers out of my pussy and he licked them telling me how sweet I tasted.

He took his hard throbbing cock and slide it between my cheeks teasing me letting me feel it. He was rubbing it against my clit and my pussy, letting my pussy juice get all over his cock making me beg for his hard cock to be in me. I looked at him and said, “Baby, please fuck me now.”

He took and slid just the head in teasing me, slowly sliding a little more in, sliding in inch by inch. A little more, until he had slid all of his hard cock in my now soaking wet pussy. He was in total control and he knew it. He grabbed my hips his thrusts slowly getting harder and harder until he was fucking me hard. I could only say, “Yes, baby,” as I orgasmed again.

His thighs were slapping my thighs, his grip on my hips got tighter as his thrusts continued to grow harder and harder. He reached up grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled me up to him while continuing to pound hard into me. He whispered into my ear asking me, “Baby, do you want it in your ass? I want you to beg for my hard cock deep in your ass, baby.”

“Yes, baby, I want it all!”

He pulled his cock out of my pussy, soaked with my pussy juice and cum all over it, “I want you to suck all your cum off my cock first.”

I circled the tip with my tongue and all the way down licking all those juices off every inch of his hard cock watching him and listened to him moan. Before I could do anything else though he bent me back over took his hand rubbing my wet pussy and lubed up his cock back up with it.

The only question he asked me then was, “Are you ready for this hard cock in your ass, baby?”

“Yes baby. Baby, please fuck me hard.”

He then spread my ass cheeks apart again and slapped his hard throbbing cock against my asshole, making me moan. He knows I want him so badly. He slowly slides the head of his cock my ass. “Does that feel good baby? Do you want more cock in your ass?”

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