The Cabin

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The drive out of town was taking forever. Friday afternoon and the whole world was on the road. The week was finished and the vacation begun. “Seven days all to myself,” I think, as I cruise down the highway. No clients, no bosses, no problems, only the sun and nature to nurture my over-worked mind. The last few months have been filled with hard work, long hours and little time for play. Now it’s my time. The cabin at the lake is just the prescription I need to regenerate and regain my balance.

The traffic on the highway gradually clears out the farther I drive from the city. The clear blue sky and bright sun works wonders for my mood; relaxing and easing away the every day stress. Exiting the highway and turning down the tree lined country road just increases my excitement to get to the cabin. Slowing to watch for my turn, the quiet of the woods caresses my mind.

The drive through the woods ends in a small glade warmed by the afternoon sun. Light dappling the log walls of the cabin, the startled gleam reflecting off the huge windows then sprinkling across the open drive in front, the flat gray stones mottled in alternating shade and soft light. Small open areas taken over by wild flowers mark colorful patches along the front of the cabin and wrap the sides to disappear to the back. Parking the car in the front, stretching from the long drive I inhale the incredible scent of clean air; air that smells of the wind and the sun. Leaves on the trees and blossoms; so natural and just right. I feel the world fall away as I begin to relax into my surroundings. Pulling only my overnight bag from the car, I make my way to the door, unlocking it and entering the quiet great room.

This room never fails to take my breath. Looking up I face an entire wall of glass; overlooking first the deck; gradually the land falls away to treetops and the vast valley beyond. In the failing afternoon light the shadows dance with the light wind. Tearing my gaze from the beauty of the view and moving to the bedroom, I drop my bag and head back out to the car for more supplies. Groceries and staples from the store go into the kitchen and on the last trip out for wood for the fireplace I notice a figure emerging from the woods along the drive. Standing and watching as he approaches the front of the house, I wonder who would be out this far from anything. Tall and solidly built he walks with the ease of a woodsman along the uneven drive. Dressed in jeans, flannel shirt, boots and light vest for the weather changes, he stops at a respectful distance, smiles and raises his hand in greeting. “Hello, you must be Gina. I’m Russell Nelson. My sister Mandy is the realtor who takes care of your cabin. She knew you were coming today and wanted me to open up the house for you. She sent me to take care of anything that you might need.”

“Hello, Russell, pleased to meet you, and thanks for stopping to help. I just got here myself, so I haven’t done much but bring in a few things. I thought I would get some wood for the fireplace. Won’t you please come in and I’ll make us some coffee.”

“I’d enjoy that, thanks,” he says, “but let me get that wood for you. And call me Russ, please.” With that said he stacks up several logs, hefts them easily and steps in the front door. I grab a couple of logs myself and follow him into the house. Stacking the logs on the hearth, he takes my bundle from my arms, smiling as he piles them on top. I move to the kitchen and rummage in the grocery sack for coffee and filters as he enters finds the pot and fills it with water. I can’t help but wonder about this man. “Thoughtful, considerate and helpful…hmmmmm” filters quickly through my mind.

Turning to me, leaning back against the counter, arms crossed over his broad chest, he watches as I put away supplies and food. “I came by early this morning, cleaned and filled the hot tub. It should be up to temp by now.” As I turned to face him, I caught him checking out my ass. His eyes roam up my body, up to my chest and then up to my eyes. Smiling I leaned back against the refrigerator, letting the solid cool surface, calm and balance me. I let my eyes wander over him, taking in his dark curly hair, solid handsome features, gray eyes that pull you into their depths. His broad chest dips to a slim waist and hips, solid firm legs visible in tight jeans. My minds eye sees his taut ass even before he turns to open the sliding glass door to the deck. Looking back over his shoulder, smiling, “Come, check it out.” he says and steps out to the deck. Pushing out from the refrigerator, I gather my senses, surprised at the excitement this man has created and cross the kitchen to the door.

Stepping out onto the deck, silivri escort the cooling evening air washes over me. The change in temperature though moderate cause my nipples to tighten. They begin to push against the fabric of my bra and t-shirt. As I walk to the far side of the deck, Russ watches my journey with interest. My thoughts clear with the clean fresh air and I decide to see where this encounter will go. “I’ll just show you the basics so you can soak and relax tonight,” he says as I reach the side of the tub. “Of course, if you need to know anything else, you can just call and I’ll stop by”.

Turing to face him, I ask, “Do you spend this much time with all your sister’s clients?” I think my question caught him by surprise as he dips his head then chuckles.

“No” came his answer, “not usually. When I first saw you out front, I was so taken that I decided then and there I had to know you better. Is that all right? May I have the honor of learning more about you?”

“Depends” I answer.

“On what?” he responds and looks up into my eyes.

“On whether or not you’ll have dinner with me tonight?” Looking deep into his beautiful gray eyes, I see his smile before it reaches his mouth. Genuine delight lights up his eyes as his sexy lips spread into a wide grin.

“I will need to go by my place and clean up. I’ll bring back some wine if you like? Do you need me to bring back anything else?

“Just a good appetite, the wine, and, of course, yourself.” I blush as I think about what might result from this evening. Too many weeks of nothing but work has me excited for some fun. “Can you be back in about 2 hours?”

“I’ll be here” Russ says and before he turns to go, lifts his hand and runs his fingertips softly up my arm, from the wrist to the shoulder. The touch sends a tingle through my body and judging from the look on his face, the tingle runs up his as well. That brief touch is just a promise of more to come. Watching him walk back through the cabin to the front, I wonder again where this will lead. Taking the steaks out to marinate and making a quick salad; gathering tableware and candles and laying wood for a fire; all I accomplish in no time, leaving plenty of time for a hot shower.

As I turn the shower lever to hot and watch the steam begin to cloud the bath, my mind drifts to thoughts of candle light and soft music, dancing close and being held in strong arms. Shaking my head to clear the image, I reach out for the body wash and soft cloth, lathering and rubbing up my legs and thighs. My hands drift upwards across my tummy and chest, caressing and cupping my breasts, slipping up and along my sides and then up my arms. Sliding slippery hands down my arm and then lower to my hips, my hands glide slowly towards my center. With fingertips pointed down, they slip lower and lower until I reach that close trimmed patch of silky soft red hair. My fingers glide over and through the softness as they search, seek, and find that opening. They slip in so easily and I can feel my excitement start to grow. I allow one finger to enter into the warm depths, to briefly test the waters. Yes, I am definitely excited. Letting the hot water splash over me, rinsing and soothing me, I grab my razor and shave my legs to silky smoothness, lather on extra rich moisturizer and with a quick rinse I’m done. The steam and heat have left their mark. The mirrors are clouded and my muscles softened. Wrapping myself in a soft towel I head off to the bedroom to pick out an enchanting outfit.

Not really having planned for romantic evenings, I choose deep Forest Green silk pajamas pants that ride low on my hips. The matching top has string straps that tie at the shoulders and does not quite reach to my waist leaving bare midriff to peek out. Slipping bare feet into black strap sandals, I head back into the bathroom, cleared now of steam and brush my hair into a gleaming mass of copper waves, small touches of makeup and a dab of my favorite perfume. Looking into the mirror I can’t help but think that I look pretty hot tonight!

As I light candles in the great room and slip some CDs into the player, I glance at the clock and realize that Russ should be back any time now.

As the soft refrains of Bob Seger begins to fill the room, there is a knock at the door. “Right on time”, I think, as my breath catches in my throat and I cross the room. Opening the door I watch for his reaction and I am rewarded with a widening of his eyes, and quick curve of a smile that spreads to a wide grin. My eyes take in his tight black jeans. His midnight blue shirt accentuates his dark hair, framing his face and merter escort lighting his beautiful eyes. The sight of him sends a tingle through me. A quickening of breath and a tightening low in my body pushes me to step up to him. Close but not touching, looking up into his eyes as he reaches for me, leaning down and brushing his lips across mine. The moment is electric, my lips caressing his as he leans in pressing my lips hard. His arms enclose me, pulling me tight. I can feel his heart beating like crazy against my chest. My eyes flutter closed as the kiss deepens and my hands begin their journey up his back to broad shoulders. Sliding them back down I caress taut ass cheeks enclosed in tight jeans. His hands roam easily down my back and along my sides, slipping to the front and cupping my breasts. With only a thin piece of silk between his hands and my breasts, the touch is exquisite. I arch my back, pressing, offering soft breasts into his hands. His large hands easily cover my breasts; the hard nipples nestled between his fingers. Caressing, finger tips circling my nipples I wiggle in his hands. My hands respond slipping to the front and sliding down the front of strong thighs. Pressing my hands hard against his thighs, I pull back, looking up and taking his hand in mine leading the way into the main room. We both stop to catch our ragged breaths, smiling at each other, both surprised by the passion of our greeting.

“Should I open the wine?” Russ whispers, his voice low and husky.

“Yes, please” was my answer in a voice equally hushed. “I’ll put the steaks on the grill. We can sit out on the deck while they cook.” Gathering steaks and wine glasses, the open bottle of wine in his hand, we step out into the cool night. While the steaks grill, we sip wine and talk, getting to know each other. Likes and dislikes discussed as the cooking time passes swiftly. Gathering and moving back inside, dinner continues with conversation and laughter, soft looks and quick touches. Finishing up, gathering dishes and clean up was done in no time. “Bring the rest of the wine and let’s start a fire!” I say, smiling at the double meaning of my words.

As Russ lights the wood in the fireplace, I pull out a couple of throw pillows and toss them to the rug in front of the hearth. Dropping to the floor and tucking my legs under me I reach out a hand to his and pull him down to my side. He folds gracefully and stretches out long legs pulling me to his lap. As I nestle into him I can feel his excitement growing rapidly. His arms enfold me, pressing me tightly to his chest, his lips nibbling and kissing. His whisper reaches my ear, “Gina, you are an incredible woman. More exciting than anyone I met in so long. I want you so much.”

Hearing need and desire in his whisper, I turn my head to kiss along his cheek, down his neck and back across to the hollow at his center. Flicking out my tongue, laying it flat and licking up slow, up and over his chin, taking his lips in mine, I pull him into my mouth. Pressing hard, opening and sucking his tongue into the wet depths of my mouth. Holding his tongue hard in my mouth I suck. Then slipping his tongue out, I kiss and nibble as I writhe in his lap. His hands caressing and roaming all over my body, touching and rubbing every inch as he turns me to face him, straddling his legs. Sliding his hands down my back to my waist and below, his fingers slip under the silk at my hips and descend to my ass, gripping and kneading me. My hips shifting and moving I wiggle in his lap, his hard cock bulges and strains against his jeans. I slip my hands to the band at the waist, flick open the button and take the zipper in between my finger and thumb and tug it slow and easy, zippppppp, it slides down and I press the jeans open and wide. A huge cock pops out, throbbing and twitching in the air, tapping against his tummy. Rocking forward, I press his cock between soft silk and hard abs, holding and pressing. The groan that escapes his lips reverberates from deep in his chest. Rocking back and forth, sensuously stroking his cock with silk, “Ahhh, that feels so good,” is all he can say. As I move on him, my excitement grows, my breath quickening, moisture between my legs wetting the silk of my pants. Wet silk pushed up inside me, rubbing my clit. The pressure kept tight by his rock solid cock.

“Lay me back, Russ, I want to feel you between my legs.” Hands at my waist and drawing his legs up under him, lifting me up and back, rolling me to the floor, Russ gently leans over me, kissing my lips and licking along my neck. Hovering above me, balanced on his arms, his hands beside my breasts, pushing mecidiyeköy escort my legs apart with his knee and then pressing his hard cock to my silken clad crotch. “Oh my god, you feel so big pressed against me, so hard and ready.” I gasp out as waves of sensation flow up and out of my pussy.

Russ rises back up to his knees and then rocks back to stand, slipping tight jeans down his hips, over his knees and off at the ankles, stepping out and kicking them aside. His cock stands straight out twitching and throbbing, ready for action. Dropping again to his knees, his fingers grasp the waist of my pants and tug them down, exposing me to his eyes. I reach down and raise the hem of my shirt and pull it up and over my head, toss it to the side. Naked to his eyes, I watch as the grey color deepens and the lids flutter. I watch as his breath catches and hear a long deep moan as he lowers his lips to my mound. His tongue begins to flick and lick, wetting me as he dips lower to slide between the folds, wet and slick. Another groan as his tongue gets its first taste and then begins to flick and lick rapidly. Wrapping his mouth around my entire pussy, his tongue plunges into me and begins its rapid assault in and out. Gasping for air, the sensations of his tongue and lips making me writhe under him. His hands holding me fast at my hips, as I thrust uncontrollably up and into him. His tongue drives me to the brink. My orgasm builds fast and hard, it explodes over me and I cry out, “Oh yesssssssssss, Russ, I’m cummmmmmmmmming. My body shudders and trembles uncontrollably in his hands. My muscles go soft and limp as wave after wave of pleasure washes over me.

I hear his groan and feel him move, slipping from between my legs, sliding up and over my sweat glistened body. I pull him to me, kissing and licking over his neck and face. Our lips locked in a deep kiss. Pressing hard and full of passion, tongues dancing and dueling in and out of each others mouths. Breaking the kiss, I run my lips across his neck to lick up and over his ear lobe, slipping it in and sucking softly. Releasing it, I whisper soft and low, “Russ, I want your cock inside me, now. Turn me over, please and take me from behind.”

A long low growl escapes from his throat as I feel his hands grasp my waist, flipping me over to my tummy. Rising up to my knees, Russ pulls over a pillow and nestles it under my chest. My head lowers and turning to look over my shoulder, I watch as he smiles, leans in to kiss my neck and pulls my hips to him. I reach down, wrap my hand over his swollen cock and center him to me; rubbing him up and down my wet slit, slicking him and pressing him to my opening. “Ahhhhhh, yessssssss,” he growls and pushes his long shaft hard and deep, burying it with one thrust. “Oh, you are so wet and tight!” he cries out as he drives deep into me. Holding my hips tight, buries deep inside, he grinds into me.

As I push back against him, a small whimper escapes my throat. “Oh my god, Russ, you feel so big inside me.” As he slowly slips his cock up and almost out, my breath catches knowing his length will once more fill me; rubbing against the walls of my pussy, hitting the back wall, filling me. And he plunges in again, taking me deep. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, yess, Russ, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I scream in pleasure. Russ begins to move on me slowly, in and out, thrusting fully and hard and pulling out slow and easy, then taking it deep again. As his thrusts increase and his rhythm builds, I can feel my clit throbbing as his hard cock slips against it with every thrust. His hips flex upwards and his cock rubs my G-spot on the outstroke. My hips begin to shift and shake barely in control, matching his rhythm, meeting each thrust. I can feel his cock grow incredibly larger within me, swelling and even harder than before. I reach behind me and caress his balls and I’m rewarded by his groans.

“I’m not going to last much longer. You are so incredible, so hot, I’m going to explode in your hot cunt!” He growls as he slams into me again and again, pounding and hammering hard. Building towards orgasm, my muscles begin their work. Tighten…..release…..tighten….release. Squeezing and gripping, they begin to milk his cock. Russ cries out, “Oh my god, that is absolutely the most phenomenal feeling, please don’t stop…because…I can’t.” My pussy begins to convulse, gripping and clamping down; holding his cock hard as I fly over the edge and the pleasure takes me. “Here it comes, baby” Russ screams as he thrusts hard and holds, shooting rope after rope of hot creamy cum. I can feel it hitting the back wall and washing back down over his cock, slicking him. Pull out slightly and thrusting again, I feel another spurt of cum hit me. And again my muscles grip and pull another spurt. As we both gasp for air, chests heaving, I fall forward on to the rug, pulling him still inside me to the floor. Rolling to his side, holding my back to his chest, we lay joined, spent. Basking in this wonderful moment, we drift off to dream. 6 more days in the cabin.

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