The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. 05

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-Hard Time at School

Jeremy rushed home as usual — he couldn’t wait to play the sex games with his mother and was thinking of new things that they could do together. His cock was in a perpetual state of erection – and he found that he was getting more and more popular amongst the girls in his class. Some of the bolder ones would deliberately brush against the front of his trousers to feel his hard-on. Even his class teacher, the sultry Latino, Eva Ramos, eyeing his bulging fly would ask him to help her with the black-board and make sure that she ‘accidentally’ bumped into him grinding her tight-skirted, soft round buttocks on his hardness.

His best friend Amy understood the reason for Jeremy’s sudden popularity but took full advantage of her ‘finder’s fee’ by helping relieve her friend’s hard-on and having him go down on her in the restroom when no one was around.

Jane heard the persistent ringing of the doorbell and knew it was her son – impatient to have sex with her, as usual. To give him a treat, the indulgent mother was dressed only in a red lacy bra with open-nipples and matching crotchless panties with tufts of her dark pubic hair sticking out from the sides.

“Wow, Mom! You look so hot!”

Jeremy hugged his mother and kissed her full lips, shoving his tongue into her mouth. His hands squeezed and pinched her large, naked buttocks slipping under the lacy fabric to explore the valley between her cheeks for her honey-box.

Mother and son’s tongues caressed each other in a forbidden dance just like their bodies. Jane’s hand intruded between their bodies to feel and cup her son’s hardness; unzipping his fly to free his rampant cock which she quickly trapped between fleshy thighs and began moving back and forth in a rocking motion, milking her son’s erection.

“Baby, your cock is extra hard today — did something happen at school to make you so hard?”

The boy too was thrusting his hips to and fro as he fucked his mother’s thighs which were slippery with a mixture of the pre-cum dribbling from his cock-head and her own her leaking juices.

Jane pulled off her son’s shirt and unbuckled the belt holding up his trousers which fell to his ankles. She wanted to feel her son’s sinewy chest grazing her naked nipples as she grasped his firm ass-cheeks and rammed her body hard against him.

“Well, Mom — lots of excitement at school. Mrs. Ramos kept rubbing her ass on my erection and so did many of the girls. I had to go to the restroom thrice to jack off or else I would’ve cum all over my trousers in class. Amy also helped me cum a few times.”

“What kept me going, Mom, was thinking about the different ways that you would make me lose my erection once I got home.”

The jealous mother fumed at the audacity of her son’s “Latino slut” teacher who was notorious for the blow-jobs she performed for senior members of the faculty especially the Principal, Wesley Williamson, a charismatic and (it was rumored) well endowed African-American.

Whenever Jane had met the Principal, she had noticed his lingering gaze on her well-endowed bosom; so she had begun keeping the top buttons of her shirt open and wearing push-up bras to give him better views of her overflowing boobs. She hadn’t tasted black cock in a long while and had secretly toyed with the idea of seducing Wesley when the time was right — hopefully sooner than later!

And that Amy was such a pain — the wretched girl was always lusting for Jeremy — not that Jane could fault her for that! Her little boy was fast developing into a very desirable young man.

“Hmm… different ways sounds interesting. So, tell Mommy which way you would like to try first?” she giggled.

“First, I want to lick Mommy all over.”

Jeremy pushed his face into his mother’s breasts and began licking the sumptuous white flesh with his tongue. He couldn’t get enough of her wonderful perfume and the cushiony softness of her tits.

“Does Baby like Mommy’s outfit?”

“Mmmm…I love Mommy’s outfit, especially Mommy’s bulging boobies…”

Jeremy sucked and nibbled on the exposed brown nubs of his mother’s nipples that protruded from the open tips of the red, lacy bras. He enjoyed the way they grew in his mouth as he sucked them; he imagined he was a baby once again suckling on his mother’s breasts — his only disappointment was that despite all his fervent sucking and squeezing, there was no milk to be had.

“And …mmm…Mommy’s yummy pee-pee…”

The boy dropped to his knees and parted the slit of the lacy open-crotch thong to drink from his mother’s hairy well of plenty.

“Mmm…Mommy’s pee-pee smells ripe…”

Jeremy sniffed his mother’s humid pussy and then inserted his tongue into the swollen labia — he could smell perfume that was definitely not his mother’s.

“What naughty tricks has Mommy been up to while her Baby was out?”

Jane giggled and told her son about her steamy cucumber fucking session with their neighbor, Katie.

“Katie wants us to come escort gaziantep to her house this afternoon at 3:00- I promised that you would help her son, Brad, with some of his Literature lessons.”

“I don’t know if we will have the time, Mom,” Jeremy was now nibbling and sucking his mother’s stiffly erect clitoris, “I think we’re going to be very, very busy.”

The boy’s slim arms were wrapped around his mother’s full hips – playing with her buttocks and ass-hole as he gently pulled her down to the floor.

“Mom, what did you do with the cucumbers?”

In a muffled voice, between gasps of pleasure, Jane responded, “Katie ate the one she fucked me with. And the one I used on her, I just diced to make salad for you — I knew you’d want to taste her pussy.”

Jeremy laughed and dived deeper into his mother’s snatch.

“Hey, tiger, what about my lunch, Mommy’s hungry too — for my baby-boy hot dog!”

Without missing a beat, the boy obligingly swung around so that his cock was poised over his mother’s face, pressing against her soft lips. Her tongue snaked out to lick the pre-cum on the piss-hole.

“Mmm…Mommy loves baby’s hot cock!”

She lovingly swallowed the thickly knotted stalk into her mouth, cheeks hollowing as she blew on it like an obscene flute. Jane loved sucking her son’s cock and would repeatedly withdraw it from her mouth coated with her dripping saliva and look lasciviously into her son’s eyes because she knew he enjoyed seeing how much pleasure his mother took in sucking his prick.

“Mom, I know that Mrs. Henson’s tits aren’t half as sexy as yours but tell me about them– are they like Aunt Bea’s?” Jeremy asked between mouthfuls.

His mother moved her head back and pulled his throbbing cock out of her mouth. It was slimy with her spit and she wrapped one hand around the stalk and began pumping it as the other hand tickled the sensitive underside of his balls.

“So you’d like to know more about Katie’s titties, son? I suppose next you’ll want to know what her pussy looks like?”

“Ha ha ha, Mom, you know me too well!”

“Well, Mr. Curious, Katie’s boobies are cute handfuls — 36B to be exact — but they are more like apples in comparison to your Aunt Bea’s pears. Small but perky — the nipples must be over an inch long — very, very suckable, believe me, my boy!”

“What color are her areolas, are they dark like yours?”

“Baby, you really want to know a lot, don’t you? Katie’s nipples are a lovely rosy pink!”

“And her cunt, Mom? What does her cunt look like? How did it smell, how did it taste?”

“Easy, tiger – just hold your hosses for a bit.”

Jane pinched the spot under the dark plum crown of her son’s cock because she didn’t want him to spurt just yet.

“You’d like to see Mrs Henson naked, wouldn’t you, boy?”

Jeremy’s head jerked up from his mother’s crotch as he turned to look at her.

“Wow, Mom. Do you really think I could see her naked, can you arrange it?”

The indulgent mother laughed, “Son, you know your Mommy can never say ‘no’ to you for anything. So, let’s go over to Katie’s this afternoon, I’ll see what I can do.”

Not one to let any opportunity pass, the wily boy responded, “Mom, you really mean that — you won’t say ‘no’ to anything I want?”

Jane understood where he was going and jerked his penis hard.

“You devil! Anything except THAT — Mommy’s not gonna fuck you YET! But Mommy’s sure as hell gonna shag you to kingdom cum!!”

She gave a raucous laugh as she began sucking her son’s cock vigorously and slapping his buttocks – urging him to fuck her mouth deeper and harder.

The boy thrust his penis with more force into his mother’s greedy mouth feeling her teeth grazing his erect manhood and her finger insinuating itself into his ass-hole.

Jeremy groaned loudly as he sensed the familiar weakness overtake him — he could feel his being pulsing out of his piss-hole — pouring out in raging torrents right down his mother’s throat.

He held on to her soft, sweaty buttocks for support as the ecstasy washed over him.

Jeremy could feel his mother choking on his overflowing cock. She gasped for breath but refused to relinquish even a drop of her son’s precious nectar that she relished more than life itself.

With fervent tonguing of her vagina and energetic bites of her clitoris, Jeremy expertly took his mother over the edge. She shuddered and moaned with frenzy calling out his name again and again to continue pleasuring her.

“Yes, Jeremy, honey – make Mommy cum … yes … drink Mommy’s cum …mmm… rape Mommy’s cunt with your tongue …ohhhh … yesss!”

Always the obedient son, Jeremy made his mother assume the position they both loved best — doggy style. He parted her large, white buttocks to expose her pink, puckered ass-hole and spat a large gob of his saliva on it.

He then shoved his middle finger into his mother’s sopping cunt and withdrew it escort gaziantep bayan coated with her juices which he then proceeded to rub into the spit-wet ass-hole. He worked on the tight orifice – slowly massaging the finger inside until it pushed past the tight band of sphincter muscle.

Jane whimpered and bit her lip at her son’s painful assault. By now, Jeremy had become something of an expert on his mother’s sexual responses. He knew exactly what turned her on and how far to go — that did not stop him from constantly pushing the envelope to take them to newer sexual thrills. In addition to oral sex, anal penetration was an activity that both mother and son enjoyed.

Jeremy could feel her anal cavity gradually relaxing to accommodate his finger and he knew it was time. He thrust his finger fully up her ass-hole and was rewarded with a hissing sigh from his mother.

Pain was replaced by pleasure as Jane felt a hard object penetrate her cunt as another invaded her nether hole. For a moment she was alarmed that it was her son’s cock – but it felt too cold and hard to be flesh and blood.

“Honey… uhhnn…with what are you…uhhh… fucking Mommy?”

“Do you like it, Mom – are you enjoying being fucked with my instrument?”

“Oh god…Yes! Yes! Don’t stop…fuck Mommy harder, oooohhh…harder…uunnhhh!”

“Mom, I am fucking you with the candle from the candelabra!”

“Damn, son, you really are inventive — go to it, fuck the living daylights out of Mommy!”

Following instructions, the lad began ramming his mother’s pussy hard with the thick red candle as he finger-fucked her ass-hole with equal zest until he heard the whimper of her cumming. The gratified woman collapsed in a sweaty, shuddering bundle of naked flesh on the floor.

Down but not out, the ecstasy-obsessed mother noticed that her son’s cock was still stiffly erect despite sucking him off. She exhorted him to kneel and straddle her face so that she could blow him again.

And again; and again; until his erect organ finally bowed its flaming head in languid contentment.

Hours later, mother and son broke for lunch during which Jeremy insisted on seating his naked mother on his lap and jerking off his stiff pole between her thighs as they ate.

Jane eagerly scooped up the fresh seed her son had splattered on her, to use as dressing for her salad. She also gathered her own juices that she had spilled on his lap and offered her sticky hands to Jeremy who licked them clean like a cat.

The boy, however, preferred to eat the ‘Katie’s-cunt-fresh-cucumber-salad’ neat – without any dressing, commenting that “Mrs. Henson’s cunt not only tastes great but also smells awesome!”

“Hun, we must shower and dress quickly if we want to reach Katie’s on time,” Jane advised, getting up to clear the table.

It had become routine for Jeremy to shower with his mother – who would insist that they soap and clean each other’s bodies. This would lead to further delays as the depraved duo would end up masturbating each other.

Finally, they did manage to get dressed — and they were dressed to kill or more accurately, dressed for fucking.

Jane wore a strapless white tube-top which flaunted her massive breasts and prominently displayed their dark orbs and pointed nipples. Her pants were snug, flesh-colored capris that formed the tell-tale “camel-toe” by wedging itself into her pussy lips and clearly announcing that she was not wearing any underwear.

Jeremy wore a black polo shirt over a pair of wide-legged mini shorts designed to ride up his thighs and reveal his erect penis when he was sitting.

– Incest is Best, Shared with Neighbors

The Henson house was quiet when Jane and Jeremy got there. Jane hoped that they were not too late. She rang the doorbell and waited.

There was no response so she knocked and the door swung open (as Katie had intended). Acting surprised for the benefit of Jeremy, Jane cautiously entered and was followed by her son.

“I wonder where they are, Katie did tell me to be here by 3:00,” she looked at her watch and moved into the living room when they heard voices coming from one of the bedrooms.

Mother and son tiptoed to the room and peeked inside through the partially open door. Jeremy, who was the taller of the two, was pressed against his mother’s curvaceous back, his omnipresent erection comfortably nestled between her warm, soft buttock cheeks as he peered over her head at the interesting tableau unfolding before them.

The room obviously belonged to one of the boys –Brad, most likely, because the walls were covered with posters of TNA wrestlers, NFL players and porn star Tera Patrick in a menage-a-trois with three well-endowed blacks.

The bed was positioned against the wall to the left of the room while in the right-hand corner was a computer table and book shelves where Mrs. Henson sat on a swivel chair with her back to the terminal. She was speaking escort gaziantep kızlar to her son Brad who stood in front of her.

The boy was looking down at the floor as if in apology while his mother scolded him.

Katie was wearing her reading glasses and had a piece of paper in her hands. Jane noticed that the computer screen was logged onto a porn channel which depicted an elderly couple in their 50’s fucking energetically – suddenly, the woman screamed loudly as the man sprayed cum all over her face and breasts.

“Brad, your grades are pathetic — and this is what you spend time on — this filth on the net! You need to be punished!”

Jeremy and Jane then caught sight of the younger boy, Chris, who was sitting at his mother’s feet and chuckling with enjoyment at his older brother’s predicament.

“Look at that pitiful whore on TV and tell me, son, does she have tits as nice as Mommy’s?”

Mrs. Henson unbuttoned her shirt and bared her perfectly round, rose-tipped breasts; her long, manicured fingers molded their golden flesh and pulled at the roseate nipples which grew more prominent and a darker shade of pink — looking very much like pencil erasers.

“No, Mom. Your tits are better,” Brad acknowledged.

The answer was really a no-brainer because the woman on the screen had large, saggy tits that drooped low – almost to her navel.

“And what about the whore’s floppy pussy, do you think her snatch is better than Mommy’s?”

In a move that would put Sharon Stone to shame, Mrs. Henson hoisted up her skirt and spread her legs wide to give her son a clear view of her shaved pussy. She then swiveled her chair a little so that she faced the door and the voyeurs could also enjoy the view.

Jane heard her son gasp and she felt his cock thrust its head harder between her buttocks.

“You know I love Mommy’s pussy more than anything else in this world,” Brad entreated softly.

“What did you say, boy…I couldn’t hear that…care to repeat that?”


“More than Mommy’s titties?”

Katie was now bending forward and rubbing her tits on her son’s thighs. Brad groaned.

The little boy, Chris, giggled; apparently knowing what was coming next.

“More than Mrs. Blake’s bouncy boobies?”

Katie continued, slyly looking at the door, hoping to catch her friend’s eye.

“Yes, Mom, more than Mrs. Blake’s boobies!”

Brad muttered very unconvincingly.

“LIAR! I know when you’re lying, boy, and you need to be punished. Chris, you know what to do!”

The younger boy, who had obviously done this many times before, eagerly jumped up and reached for his brother’s trouser fly which he expertly unzipped and pulled out a very erect, red capped penis. He gave the organ a few vigorous strokes so that it shook its shiny head from side to side.

Jeremy whispered into his mother’s ear, “Mom they are also into incest, just like us.”

The boy could not contain his excitement much longer and began pulling down the elastic waistband of his mother’s pants to bare her buttocks. He wanted to feel the slippery naked flesh of his mother’s ass crack hugging his cock.

“Yes, dear, I just can’t wait to see what happens next,” Jeremy felt his mother shudder with anticipation as she felt the cold breeze on her naked ass and her son’s thick acorn-head wedge itself between her tight ass-cheeks.

“Yes, Braddie needs to be punished by Mommy.”

As if on cue, Katie’s younger son was beside her — the petulant mother continued sitting and simply held her arms outstretched at her sides as Chris took off his mother’s shirt.

The boy then moved behind her, his nimble fingers expertly locating the zipper on his mother’s skirt and tugging it down to bare her tanned naked buttocks, which she raised slightly to allow the skirt to slide down her long silky legs.

The watchers were sweaty with excitement despite the cool air-conditioning.

Jeremy was breathing hard as he fucked his mother’s butt-cheeks more furiously — the tight channel was slick and smooth with her juices and his cock made a squishing sound as it plunged in and out. Jane desperately wanted her son’s cock to enter her cunt hole — to bring to a logical conclusion the circle of life — to have him re-enter the portal that he had originally exited. His rod grazed over her hungry hole as it prodded and massaged her swollen clitoris.

The boy had his arms tightly around his mother, molding his hard body against her soft, yielding curves. He had pulled down her boob-tube so that he could grasp her pendulous breasts for support as he rammed into her. Mother and son moved together in frenzied passion as they watched another mother with a perfect, tanned figure sitting buck naked on a chair facing her son’s nodding erection which was a tongue flick away from her mouth.

The younger son was now pinching and pulling at his mother’s pointed nipples.

“Bad, bad, Brad!”

Katie’s open palm slapped her son’s cock hard; but due to its state of extreme stiffness, the member barely swayed despite the severity of the blow. The boy winced at the pain but thrust his tool forward till its cum-soaked head glided over his mother’s full red lips. He moved his tool over the smooth flesh as if applying lipstick with his tumescent organ.

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