The Island of Desires

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Jessica (Jess) and Jennifer (Jen) were the best of friends. They knew each other from grade school and remained good friends since then.

Both women were in their early twenties and are more like sisters than friends. They went to the same schools and when they graduated college, they became roommates.

Jess is 5’6″, 120, blonde, blue eyes, athletic build, nice legs and firm ass and has 34c tits.

Jen is 5’7″, 125, red hair, green eyes, athletic build, great legs and ass and has 36c tits.

For the last couple of years they spent all of their time working and trying to make it up the corporate ladder. They didn’t even had time for boyfriends. But they always fantasized about them and shared their fantasies.

This year they decided to take a much needed trip.

Jess went to a local travel agency and picked up some brochures. Just as she was leaving, the agent handed her another one.

When Jess got home she started looking at the brochures. Just then Jen walked in. Jess called her over to look at the brochures.

Both women decided they would check out the brochures after dinner over wine.

After dinner, they got comfortable and sat on the floor, sipping wine and going through the brochures.

One by one they checked them out. Then Jen picked up this one brochure with the heading ‘The Island of Desires’ and started going through it.

She said, “Hey Jess, listen to this…Come visit this lush island where any desire you have will be fulfilled. Just visit our website and fill out the application and submit it online. We will reply in 24 hours if you are selected.”

Jess looked at it and said, ” Let’s do it. Maybe we can get a couple of guys with big cocks for the week.”

They laughed and went to the website and Jen filled out the online application first. The beginning was standard required information. Then, further down there were more personal information required.

They wanted to know the dates of arrival and departure. If you are traveling alone, etc.

They then asked: What is your desire?

Jen answered – to meet a handsome young man in his early 30’s who is single and rich and has a cock over 8″ and thick.

What other traits in your desire that would help us find your right desire?

Jen answered – he must be able erotik hikaye to satisfy me whenever I want and he must cum on demand and cum a huge amount.

She checked it over and submitted it.

They both laughed and then it was Jess’s turn and she practically answered the same, except she wanted a guy in his early 40’s and he had to have a 10″ cock.

She submitted it and they called it a night.

The next day was nothing different from any other day. However, as they were having dinner, they each got an email.

Jen opened up the email and it was from the Island of Desires and it read:

‘We have reviewed your application and would like to inform you that it was approved. If, at any time during your visit, your desires are not met, you will be entitled to a complete refund. We are very appreciative that you selected the Island of Desires for your trip.”

The email slso went on about travel arrangements, etc.

Jess opened up her email and it said the same thing.

They looked at each other and laughed and Jen said, “How can we lose? This is going to be one hell of an experience.”

Since the trip was going to be in two weeks, they had to take care of some things.

The day finally arrived and they had to take a chartered flight to a Caribbean island, then take a boat to the island of Desires.

They finally arrived after a full day of traveling.

The island was very lush and the resort was magnificent. The beach was pristine and the chalets were gorgeous. They couldn’t believe that they would be spending a week in this island paradise.

We checked in and they took us to our chalet which had a small swimming pool, a hot tub, mirrored ceiling and walls, a shower that could fit six and a jacuzzi. The bed was a king sized round bed sitting in the middle of the only bedroom.

The women were exhausted from traveling, so they undressed and went to bed.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but you are wrong. As far as I know, the women have never had sex together. They have seen each other naked and sleep naked and are sometimes naked in their place but they never had sex together, that I know of.

The next morning, they woke up refreshed, showered and put on shorts and tank tops and they both left off their porno hikayeleri bras.

They went for breakfast, which was fabulous. They kept looking around for their ‘desires’ but didn’t have any luck.

After breakfast, they decided to go to the beach. They changed into their bikinis and walked down to the beach.

As they were laying down, taking the sun, a couple of guys approached them and, as they were passing by one of them said, ” Hello ladies. Forgive us for bothering you, but we just arrived and you two were the first people we have seen since we got here.”

Jess and Jen said hello and invited them to join them.

Just then it clicked. One guy was young and handsome and the other was a bit older. They whispered to each other, “These must be our desires.”

The conversation was light and the four of them hit it off. Jen paired off with the younger man, Harry and Jess paired off with the older guy, Tom.

For the rest of the day they hung out together and had lunch. The guys invited them to dinner.

The day went by quickly and to they all got to know one another. Harry was in his early 30’s, single and rich and Tom was in his early 40’s.

After dinner, they took a stroll along the beach and finally, the women invited them to their chalet for some wine.

As they enjoyed the wine, things got interesting. Jess and Tom started making out. Then Jen and Harry followed. Before you knew it, Harry undressed Jen and was feeling her up.

Tom got Jess naked and im a short time, all four headed to the bedroom. As the women got on the bed, the guys undressed. The women’s eyes got big when they saw the size of their cocks.

Harry’s cock was at least 8″ and thick and Tom’s cock was 10″ or more.

The women were next to each other on their backs with their legs spread.

Tom and Harry both started to slip their cocks in their cunts slowly. Once their cocks were completely in them, they started fucking them.

Both women were moaning and yelling, “That’s it. Fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

The guys fucked them harder and when they were going to cum, they pulled out their cocks and shot stream after stream of cum all over them.ot seemed like they would never stop cumming.

When they finished cumming, sex hikaye their cocks were still hard.

They turned the women over and got them on all fours. They lubed up their cocks with their cum and tried to slip their cocks in the women’s asses but couldn’t. So, they fucked them over and over all night long.

At one point the women made love to each other several times during the night, even having orgasms, under the direction of both guys.

When the women woke up, the guys were gone and every inch of their bodies were covered in cum.

They got up and showered together to get all the cum off of them.

After breakfast, the women were on the beach when Tom & Harry came by.

They asked the women how they were and both smiled and said they were a little sore. The guys laughed.

Well, for the next three nights, it was more of the same.

The morning of the fifth day, they were asked to stop by the front desk.

When the women got there, the manager spoke to them in private, “Ladies, I hope you have enjoyed your stay here so far. I have an envelope here for you. In it is a check for the total amount of your trip. We apologize that we could not fulfill your desires and are refunding your cost.”

The women looked at him and Jess said, “Well, if you didn’t fulfill our desires, who the hell were the two guys with big cocks who have been fucking our brains out for the last three days?”

The manager looked at them with a puzzled expression and said, “Ladies, there are no men guests here this week, only women.”

The women looked at each other and told the manager they were leaving immediately.

The women rushed back to the chalet, packed, got on the boat and started their journey home.

When they finally got home, they unpacked, got naked and took a shower together.

When they finished their shower, they went and got some wine and Jess said, “What the hell happened to us?”

Jen answered, “I have no idea, but it was real, wasn’t it? We did get fucked with the guys cumming all over us, didn’t we?”

Jess replied, “I remember that you and I made love to each other numerous times one night and not only did we enjoy it, but we both came.”

Jen said, “Yes, I think I remember that too.Let’s go to bed. Maybe tomorrow things will be clearer.”

They went to bed naked, cuddled with each other as their tits pressed against each other. Jess gave Jen a good night kiss but it didn’t end there. They made love that night, as usual.

After they finished having sex, they both wished each other pleasant dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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