The King and His Mother

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“You asked to see me, your grace,” the words rang like sweet chimes from the lips of Donna Saviarra, Queen Mother to the King of Altanos, Tomaso Saviarra lll. She was a beautiful woman, possessed of an almost otherworldly grace that separated her from all others and gave her an air that noblewomen from across the land came to envy. She wore a dress of simple silk which only served to accentuate her beauty for it clung to her body like a second skin and showed every curve of her lithe form. It grated on him, for he could not stand to ignore her seductive body and the feelings of excitement she produced in him were most unwelcome. He was recently married and most displeased with his new wife, she was a plain woman and the presence of his irresistible mother only served to remind him of that fact. She walked around the royal court in clothing so tight, he could see every curve of her body; the swell of her full and supple breasts, the slopes of her perfectly rounded ass, and worst of all, the faint but not ignorable outline of her crotch. Her dress hugged her pubic mound so exquisitely he could not help but to stare at it, he felt a shiver run through him every time she crossed her legs.

There were days when he could not help but to fantasize about her, days when he sat on the throne, lost in those fantasies. He couldn’t help but to be swept away by such thoughts, thoughts of her body pressed against his, of feeling her breath while he held her wrists and pressed her down between his chest and her bed. He fantasized about forcing her legs apart, ripping the dress form her body and then feasting his eyes upon her naked flesh. He could not bare to admit of the acts which he fantasized about committing with her, his own mother. The frustration that these uncontainable desires caused in him was infuriating him, he could not stand it anymore, and thus, he had had no choice but to banish her from court.

That night, the night when he had ordered her from his presence for no other reason than that it pleased him to do so, he was drunk and even more furious than he was now. The proclamation had come from nowhere. One moment, he had been watching the nobility of the court mingle and dance while the court bard serenaded them, and the next, he was calling for her removal.

He would have remained calm, he would later realize, but she had questioned him, “have I done something to displease my king,” she had asked.

“You have displeased me with your presence,” he had replied while sitting atop his throne as all the nobility of Altanos looked on and his wife sat, lifelessly, beside him. He strained to find some more fitting answer, but was met with nothing but the stares of his royal court. That had infuriated him even more, that the entire court knew he was making an excuse, that he, their king, could not find some greater reason to expel his mother from the court than that she displeased him. That he could not bare to speak the truth when she deigned to question him on the matter.

“May I ask, what is so unpleasant about my presence that it displeases you so much that you would have me removed from your court, your grace,” she said with bowed head and downward gaze, her voice showing no sign of the fear that would have spread through any other noble of the court like wildfire by now. She lifted her head and stared at him with the barest hint of a smile that showed no sign of inner turmoil. That grated on him the most, for he knew not whether her smile was a façade to hide her fear or whether it was some small measure of delight at causing him such discomfort. To say nothing of her questioning him and thus shaming him in front of the court. They had to know, he thought, he could not keep his eyes off of her, the tightness of her silk dress, the low cut that showed the tops of her breasts, the way strands of her hair caught on her erect nipples and which she allowed to hang there as if she didn’t notice. Her dancing had brought it on, the way she swayed about the court with a seductive grace that made his cock harden just from looking at her. She had no business dancing like that, nor was it acceptable for her to be dancing with such a great number of single, young men, it was outraging.

“You, your presence, your impertinence,” he had almost shouted in answer to her question. A murmur ran through the court immediately. First, everyone had looked at her, then all eyes turned towards him. They were shocked that he had raised his voice when only moments ago, the night had been a perfectly calm and enjoyable one. The court bard had even stopped his playing, so shocked was he, that he looked at the king with eyes wide and mouth open. “Keep playing,” he shouted at the bard, this time so loudly that his words filled the court like a thunder clap. The men and women of the court strained to hide their lack of composure for the nobility of the city of Altanos were not accustomed to their king acting so ungraciously, the laws of the court were strict and even though the king had great power, he too, was bound to follow them. For him to escort reklamları shout two times in one night was not only unusual, but scandalous.

His wife stirred in her chair, visibly uncomfortable, she came from far off Vesperia, and the laws there were equally strict, kings did not yell at their noble subjects while in court, civilities had to be maintained. For a king to have shouted at any noblewoman would have caused a scandal, to say nothing of shouting at one’s mother. Fortunately, he was a new king and could pass of his outburst as stemming from the pressure of the new role. He had only been married a month and had only been put on the throne a half year ago. That was when his mother had begun wearing those damned tight silk dresses and the jewels which drew such attention to her chest, after he had taken his crown and the period of mourning for his father had ended. He knew that it must have been the man who raised him and ruled before that had kept her from dressing as such, that his father had had the decency to stop her from walking around the court dressed like some exotic courtesan. “Get out,” he finally muttered, just as the bard once again resumed playing.

To her credit, she was cool under pressure as always, and had merely bowed before him and said “as you wish,” before departing the court and leaving him to a night filled with the stares of petty nobles and the shame that burned in him like a roaring blaze.

It was three days before he had regained enough of his composure to summon her to his private chambers without throwing himself at her in a rage. Had he still felt the anger that she had summoned in him three nights past, he would loose his temper and perhaps do more than just use words to show her the depths of his frustrations. This he understood, and so he waited until he was certain that he could control his urges before he had the guards bring her to his chambers. He had summoned her with the intention of shaming her, making her admit that she had purposely dressed herself in such a scandalous way in order to distract him and perhaps attract a new husband for herself. Now that she was here, he could hardly bring the words that he’d rehearsed to his lips. He looked around the room in silence. His guards had departed, shutting the door behind them as he had ordered and the room was empty save for him and her. She stood before him in the same style of dress that she had worn the other night, tight and low cut. Her breasts heaved visibility with every breath. She looked directly into his eyes and repeated her question, “you wished to see me, your grace?” There was something in her stare that told him that she knew what he had set out to so, that she knew, and had plans of her own.

“Yes,” he told her his voice grating like gravel from the hoarseness of his throat, “I wished to see you.”

“Then what, may I ask, is the reason,” she asked sweetly, as if no transgression had been committed only a few nights passed and she was in no way disfavoured by him.

“You have displeased me,” he could barely say anything more, he was so consumed by her beauty. He could not help but stare at her almost bare chest. The night was hot and a bead of sweat had rolled down the side of her breast and he watched it as it trickled down, as it slid beneath her dress, he could not help but to regret its passing. While that drop of sweat had made its way down her chest and between hear breasts, he had imagined it was his hands or better yet, his lips, that ran down her skin and made its way to her firm stomach and the glorious depths that lied beneath it.

“Yes, I am aware, you have told me twice now,” she said without hesitation or restraint. Her eyes stared into his and she locked gaze with him now, no hint of submission in her voice. “I wonder what I have done to displease you so. How I have wronged my son to make him throw me out of his court and shame me in front of every noble in Altanos without so much as an explanation.” Her words rang out quickly and with an intensity he had not heard in her in many a year. He was furious.

“I will not have you speak to me that way, I am king of Altanos!” He shouted, almost raising to his feet as he spoke the words.

“Oh are you? Are you a king? Sometimes it seems to me that you act like a boy,” she replied, her words following his own without a moment of hesitation.

“What? What did you say to me?” He yelled as he got to his feet. He met her gaze and a fire began to burn inside him, he wanted to take her, to pin her to the ground and make her apologize before forcing her to beg for his mercy.

“Oh you heard me,” she said back, her face contorted with rage. “You are half the man your father was and less than half the king he would have been if he hadn’t had me at his side.”

“What!” This time he screamed the words as he stepped down off the dais that laid beneath his chair and strode forth to meet her, his crown tumbling to the floor as he walked. The clatter of gold striking stone hardly gaziantep escort reklamları registered in him, he was so filled with anger that he couldn’t stop himself from grabbing her by the arms.

“You are half the man your father was,” she shouted at him, raising her voice for the first time as he dug his fingers deep into her arms. He could feel the silk beneath his skin sliding over her flesh as his grip dug deeper into her arms and she began to struggle. Suddenly, he began shaking her. He was so filled with rage that he had no idea that she was screaming for him to stop, screaming for him let her go. Suddenly, she broke free from his grasp and slapped him across the face. The pain of her blow was enough of a surprise that it muted the overpowering rage that had come over him. The pain of the blow dwindled, and as it did, the throbbing in his cock that had begun the moment he’d laid eyes on her became impossible to ignore. Shocking him once more, his mother spat in his face and tried to push him to the ground.

“You bitch,” he shouted as he grabbed hold of her arm once more, intending only to make her stop her struggles. As he took hold of her wrist, she wrenched it back and tried to pull away but he held her firm.

“Let. Me. Go,” she spoke the words between gritted teeth and tried to pull herself away. The tightness of her dress did not allow her to do so and as she tried to sweep her foot backwards to regain her balance she was caught by the tight silk that clung to her and began to fall backwards.

“Stop struggling,” he almost shouted before realizing that she was falling to the ground and taking him with her. Her body went careening to the floor and he followed suit, falling towards her with a cry of shock before crushing her beneath him.

“Gods, get off me!” She shouted.

“Shut up,” he replied, grabbing her by the wrists and pinning her to the floor. He had resolved that he would not strike her before calling her to his chambers, that he would not comport himself in a manner unbefitting a king of Altanos. That was not a promise he was doing well at keeping, he realized.

She grunted as she struggled beneath him, straining to force him off. They fought, him forcing her hands to the floor above her head and his crotch straddling her stomach. He could feel his erection straining against the fabric of his breeches and digging into her flesh, just inches above her pubic mound.

Suddenly, she stopped her struggles and let him hold her down. He looked into her eyes, his own gaze burning with the pride of forcing her to submit. That’s when he noticed that the look in her eyes was not one of venom as he thought it would be, but one filled with amused arousal.

“You like having me this way, don’t you,” she asked, her lips twisted into a sardonic grin. “Pinned to the floor, lying underneath you.” Her words were husky, almost a whisper and the look in her eyes burned like fire. She met his gaze with a smile that spoke of her certainty that she was right.

“What?” His words filled with shock and outrage.

“Your father liked having me this way too, we used to tear each other’s clothes off and wrestle each other to the ground before one of us would force the other to the floor and make them submit. It was usually him that won, of course, but occasionally I would mount him and make him submit to me while I rode him.” Her smile only grew as the shock on his face became visible to her and she began to laugh as he stared, speechless.

All he could do was shake his head, he was so taken aback by what she’d said.

“Oh come on, I know you like it. I can feel your hard cock straining through your breeches,” she said, giving him a lustful smile filled with cruel amusement. “You think this is the first time I’ve noticed that hard on grow in your breaches while you stared at me, I know you want to fuck me.”

He was totally overcome with surprise at her words. He couldn’t believe what she was saying. Underneath the layer of conflicting emotions that had overcome him though, he knew that she was right. He wanted to fuck her, to feel her naked body underneath his and slide his throbbing cock deep into her. He had never felt this way for his wife, nor any of the other noblemen’s daughters he had snuck away with in his younger years. This was different, far more powerful. A lust burned in him that was more powerful than his rage, even more powerful than the burning desire he had to humiliate her. That was still there too, but it was intermingled with the desire to take her, to strip her down naked and force himself inside her, to fuck her, to cum in her, and to make her his.

As if she could read his thoughts, she told him “Do it, take me, make me yours.” Her words were almost breathless and the look in her eyes told him that she wanted it as much as he did.

Those words were all the urging that he needed, as soon as he heard them he began running his hands down her arms and towards her full breasts. He couldn’t gaziantep escort bayan reklamları stop himself, the look in her eyes as he ran his hands down to her chest urged him on even more and the lust he felt grew more powerful than ever. He needed her, needed to fuck her, and she needed it too.

“Yes, take me,” she said while looking into his eyes with naked lust. A moan escaped her lips as he ran his hands over her full breasts and though her eyes were closed he could tell the look on her face was one of ecstasy. She was revelling in the feeling of her son’s hands on her body, knowing that made him want to fuck her even more. Unable to resist, he squeezed her breasts in his hands and felt a tingle surge through his body as she moaned in pleasure. His cock pulsed with pleasure and he felt his mother’s groin meet his as her hips bucked upwards and pressed her mound against his hard cock. The look on her face was one of pure pleasure and he couldn’t help but to moan as he felt his cock throb into her flesh. He grew even harder as he heard a similar cry escape her lips.

Her eyes opened to meet his and the passion he saw in her was more intense than any he had ever fantasized about. Her hands, now freed, ran down his back and began pulling his shirt out from under his belt so she could run her fingers over his naked flesh. Suddenly, she pulled his body down to hers and her lips met his as their chests were crushed together. He eagerly opened her mouth to hers and felt her lips press against his as her tongue darted into his mouth and caressed his own with a fury that made him even harder. He moaned into her mouth and was rewarded with her doing the same.

As they kissed passionately She ran her hands down his back and under the belt of his breeches, bringing them to rest on the firm cheeks of his ass before squeezing it in her hands and pulling his body into hers. He was taken aback by how she grabbed at his body and pulled him into her but then he remembered talking about her wrestling with his father and her taking control before mounting him. The thought made him mad with lust and he was over come with images of his mother forcing him down beneath her and making him pleasure her.

The thought of it was so intense, he could not help but to break their kiss and to look down at her heaving chest as he felt the softness of her breasts beneath his palms. Suddenly, he needed to feel her naked skin against his. He reached down to where the fabric of her dress formed a V and ripped at it with all his strength.

“Yes,” his mother cried in ecstasy, “rip my clothes off, take me, let me feel your naked flesh against mine,” she almost screamed. The silk of her dress tore at the seam between her breasts and suddenly her perfect pink nipples and beautiful faire skin was his to behold. He stared down at her beauty and was overcome with a desire to lick and suck her beautiful nipples.

Knowing what he wanted, she ran her hands up from his ass and tore of his shirt before pulling him down to her chest once again, this time taking his head in her hands and stroking his golden hair as he began to lick her erect nipples. “Yes, that’s right, lick my nipples Tommy. Suck on my breasts and give me what I need.” The words were intoxicating and the feeling of her breasts on his lips was almost enough to make his orgasm come without her even touching his cock. “Oh gods, Tommy,” she moaned as his hand slid down her stomach to the feel the heat that radiated out from her crotch. The pleasure of sucking her nipples into his mouth was ecstasy but he needed more, he burned with desire and knew that he needed to taste her. He began kissing down her stomach until he reached the silk fabric that covered her skin. Without hesitation he ripped apart the dress once more and was shocked by the delight of seeing her pubic mound uncovered by the fabric of undergarments that so many other women wore.

“Yes, rip off my dress” she screamed, as he did as she commanded. Her eyes were shut with ecstasy as he forced the clothes from her body and exposed her naked flesh. His hands ran down her smooth skin and over the trimmed hairs of her mound and he was filled with a desire to taster his mother.

First he parted his lips with his hands and then lowered his head to her waiting cunt, he felt the hairs of her bush brush against his nose and he inhaled the sweet sent of her sex. She moaned softly as his hands ran over her body and he brought his lips to hers. Her wetness excited him and even before he parted his lips he could tell she was soaking. He opened his mouth and pressed it to her pussy and began kissing her swollen lips and lapping at her clit with his tongue. The cries that escaped from her mouth rewarded him and made him even more aroused. He felt the burning need to stroke his cock as he eagerly kissed and licked her wet pussy and he took one hand from her while bringing the other to caress her breasts as he slid his breeches off and freed his throbbing erection.

“Oh yes, get out your hard cock and masturbate for me Tommy.” She said huskily. “I need to see you eat my pussy while you stroke that hard cock of yours.” Overcome with the pleasure of hearing her beg him to masturbate for her, he slid his body onto his side while keeping his lips pressed against her now dripping pussy and used some of the juices that had run down her pussy to lubricate his hand before stroking his erect shaft for her.

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