The Loneliness Fades Ch. 02

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Once again, this is a fictional story. It is all just a fun story focusing on love between a mother and daughter turning intimate, but developing into more than just that. If this type of material offends you, then I wouldn’t read it.


Isn’t it astounding how much things can change in just one month’s time? A month ago I was feeling very lonely and bored with my life. Even though I tried to remain positive and focus on all of the good things that surrounded me, things were getting bland and routine for me. My love life seemed completely hopeless. Little did I know that the one thing I held as the most dear in my life would completely turn my romantic woes upside down.

Autumn, my daughter, is the most beautiful, bright, peppy and caring person I know. I never thought that our feelings for one another would evolve beyond our normal love as parent and child. Once Autumn became a college-aged woman, I did start admiring her more and more. Physically, I’ve always thought she was stunning. But when and how did my pride and admiration for my daughter turn into attraction?

Truthfully, I still do feel uneasy about what has happened between us. That first night that we made love and held each other was electric. I hadn’t felt the touch of another for quite some time before that night, and I’d never had an experience that left me feeling satisfied that deeply. For now at least I’m trying not to think about how wrong our new love was, or how it probably won’t be able to last forever. I desperately just want to live in this moment.

How silly am I, sitting here thinking about these things? As I lay in my bed, I look down at my daughter, her head resting snugly on my bare bosom. She looks so gorgeous when she sleeps. Ever since our very special night, Autumn has taken to sharing my bed with me at night. Some nights we just hold each other for hours before drifting into sleep. Most nights we find pleasure in one another’s touch.

This morning I wish that I could just let Autumn stay like this. I enjoy just feeling the warmth of her body. As the sun shines through the curtains I realize that she needs to wake up for school. Despite my new status as her lover, I am still very much her mother. I cannot have her missing any college. At least I’m able to keep my head about me and stay somewhat responsible.

I brush Autumn’s hair from her face and give her a gentle kiss on her forehead before saying “Wake up honey, it’s morning.”

Autumn groans slightly, slowly opening her eyes before looking straight into mine with a smile. “Alright mom, I’m up.”

I sit up and stretch out my arms in an exaggerated morning yawn before sliding myself out of bed. My naked body felt so good on the satin sheets, but its time to get ready for the day ahead.

Autumn follows suit and begins to walk towards her room.

“I’m about to hit the shower mom, care to join me?” Autumn says in a singsong but slightly sultry tone.

“No honey, you go on ahead. How about I cook us some breakfast?”

Autumn seems excited. “Ooh, I’ll take my eggs sunny side up, ‘kay?”

I chuckle to myself. “I know dear, you always take them sunny side up. Go catch your shower, we don’t want you to be late.”

Autumn nods at me before rushing into the bathroom to get ready. I can’t help but gaze at how she swings her hips in front of me, her bare bottom moving to and fro. I feel very blessed to have Autumn’s love.

I walk into the kitchen and open up the refrigerator to grab everything I need. Three or four eggs, some margarine, a little bread from the cupboard and I’m ready to start. I don’t bother putting on my house robe. I’ve been wearing a lot less clothing around the house recently. It feels very liberating to cook in the buff, so long as your careful not to burn any sensitive areas. So far I haven’t had that happen.

Our breakfast gets done right around the time Autumn is stepping out of the shower. I set the table with two spots and lay down the food. Autumn joins me at the table looking very good in her tight blue jeans and red blouse.

“Thanks mom. This will help me get through my day. I’ve got a long one today.” Autumn says, slightly flustered.

“I don’t think you’ve told me what’s on your schedule for today. Are you going to be late getting home tonight?”

“I shouldn’t be. I have a biology exam and a lab to start things off. Then later on I have to read a paper I wrote in front of my English class. I always get nervous doing stuff like that.” Autumn sighs.

“It’ll be alright honey. Just think of it as something you have to get through, and later on we’ll have a nice relaxing evening together. Maybe we’ll watch a movie?” I let out as I go to take another bite of my eggs.

“That sounds great mom. It’s a date.” Autumn grins from ear-to-ear before reaching out to hold my hand.

“I’ll be looking forward to it. I don’t have much going on today myself. I have the day off of work, so I might go to the gym or take a run. But otherwise I’ll just be here all day.”

“Oh, that reminds me! There’s escort sitesi something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.” she says seriously.

I’m a little nervous about what it could be, but I try not to show it. “Well…what is it Autumn?”

“I have some good news, but I’m not really too sure about what I’m going to do yet. I…I’ve won a scholarship.”

My eyes light up from hearing the news. “That’s great!”

“It’s from the University. I could transfer out of community college starting next fall. If I wanted to I could get a full free ride there, assuming I can keep my grades up. Its kind of a long commute though, so I’d really have to move into a dorm to make it practical. I’m just not sure if I want to do it yet. Its four hours away from home…away from you.” Autumn seems sad to have to tell me this.

I can’t really help but have a few tears trickle down my cheeks. I really am sad to hear this news, but very proud about how well Autumn is doing in school. I stand up and walk over to her.

“Autumn, I’m so proud of you! Seriously, you’re doing so great! If you want to do this, then I’ll help you in every way I can. You know I’ll be there for you.”

Autumn stands up and immediately wraps her arms around my waist. We hug, and Autumn buries her head into my chest. I can feel her own tears on my skin.

“Mom, I’m just not sure yet. I really love what we have going on. I’d miss you a lot. I don’t really even want to think about not living with you anymore. At least not yet.”

I kiss the top of her head. “Shh…it’s okay. Four hours isn’t that far away anyhow. Plus, you still have the better part of a year to decide. Let’s just live for the moment, and be happy for your successes!”

“Alright mom. I’ll be positive about it.” Autumn looks up into my eyes, tears still just slightly coming down her cheek.

She quickly reaches up and places her lips to mine. We embrace in a beautiful kiss. I can’t help but kiss her back very passionately. Our tongues find each other and my body just melts. Autumn’s kiss is so luscious that it makes me sad to know that she may be leaving me, even if that time is still a ways off.

A knock at the front door interrupts our tender moment, and the sound of the knock shocks me so much that I nearly jump. Autumn seems surprised that we’d have a visitor so early too. It’s then that I realize that I’m still naked.

“Autumn, you get the door. I need to go find my robe.” I say shyly.

Autumn nods and slowly walks over to the door, composing herself before opening it. I quickly get out of sight and find my house robe.

“Tom! I wasn’t expecting you today!” Autumn says excitedly.

“I’m sorry to just drop in, but I wanted to see if you wanted to drive to school together. I haven’t seen you in awhile. It’d be nice to catch up.”

I walk towards Autumn and Tom, robe tied firmly so as not to reveal my nakedness. “Tom, how are you? I haven’t seen you in a few weeks.”

“I’m good Ms. Jones. Just been busy with college really getting hectic and all.” Tom smiles at me.

“Yeah, the work load just keeps on increasing. Some of those Professors must think that we have nothing to do but study.” Autumn laughs.

“You two are bright though, I know you can handle it.” I say proudly.

I like Tom. He is always very kind to Autumn, he’s handsome and really seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. I do feel bad that Autumn’s relationship with me detracts from his time with her sometimes. Well, maybe I don’t feel all that guilty about it.

“Yep. I was just asking Autumn if she’d like to carpool to school today.”

“Of course Tom. I’ll just go grab my books and then we can go. Be right back!”

As Autumn bounds up the stairs to grab her things, I walk closer to Tom.

“It really is good to see you Tom. I hope college really isn’t getting you too down?”

“No, I mean it’s tough sure, but you’ve got to stay positive. I’ve just been a little bummed out because Autumn and I haven’t spent as much time together as we had been recently. I’ve been wondering if I did something wrong.”

“Oh, that’s not it. You’ve been good to Autumn, and she always says good things about you. You’re a stand-up guy.”

“I really appreciate you saying that. You’re easily the nicest and coolest parent that I’ve ever met.” Tom smiles widely.

“I try to be.” I giggle at Tom. He can be a real charmer, that’s for sure.

Autumn comes rushing by us.

“Alright Tom, we’ve gotta go. Bye mom, I’ll be back this evening!” She stops to give me a peck on her cheek, and is on her way.

“You guys have fun. Drive safe!” I stand in the doorway waving at those two until I see them pull out the driveway.

My mind begins to wander to how great Autumn’s kiss was just minutes prior. My body is aching with lust, but I’ll have to put that out of my mind and keep myself busy today. I think a shower is in order.

After my shower I decided to go to my local gym to get a workout. I like gaziantep escort sitesi to try to make it to the gym at least three days out of the week, but sometimes work and life get in the way of that, especially lately. There is a nice Pilates class that happens this time of the day that I enjoy.

I arrive at my gym just in time to get changed. I put on my skin tight black workout pants and baby blue sports tank top and feel quite confident about it, ready to work up a sweat and have some fun. I put my clothes in my bag and I’m off.

I walk into the Pilates room and greet the instructor. “Hey Cynthia! It’s good to see you.”

“Rebecca! I’m glad you made it today, we’ve got a real fun class in store.” Cynthia touches my arm and smiles.

She is always so peppy and upbeat. It’s actually refreshing to me, because so many people around town are always dragging their heels and looking melancholy through their work days. It is definitely good to feed off of her positivity.

I walk towards my mat and lay down atop it. We begin our exercises for the day with simple stretches, but even as simple as they are, they can get you to feel the burn in those muscles. After several minutes of stretching and going through the routine, Cynthia pulls me aside.

“Rebecca, you’re doing great today. I want to add a new step to the routine today though. How would you like to learn it, and then demonstrate it in front of the class for me?”

“Sure, what are we doing?” I’m a little nervous about doing something new in front of everyone. No one likes to embarrass themselves obviously. I decide to step out of my comfort zone and give it a shot though.

She shows me several exercises with something called a Swiss ball. Most of them weren’t too hard once I had balancing on the ball down. The last one is tricky though. She had me get into a push-up position, except I have to balance the tips of my toes on the exercise ball. I roll the ball up to my knees, bringing them towards my core, then I push my legs back out so that only the tips of my toes are touching it again. I almost slide off the ball several times.

Cynthia gives me some positive reinforcement saying “Awesome Rebecca. It is tricky at first, but it is great for toning your core.”

Cynthia places her hand on my thighs, standing over me. She keeps her hands there and softly says “Inwards, and then push out. Great Rebecca.” Its weird to say, but her touch gives me butterflies and calms me at the same time. I finish the exercise and we end the class there.

I walk up to Cynthia after the class and grin at her. “That was tough, but fun. I hope I didn’t look too bad in front of the class.”

She smiles warmly, saying “You did just fine. You’re pretty athletic actually Rebecca. That’s why I decided to have you spotlight the new technique. Most of the other girls would have probably given up or been too nervous to do it. But don’t tell them I said that!”

Cynthia and I share a laugh. “I’ve really enjoyed the classes lately. Well, the ones I’ve been able to make it to. I’m glad you started working here.” I tell her.

“Me too. I haven’t really been in town for too long, but everyone here is nice and supportive. I hope you can start making it to more classes Rebecca. What keeps you from getting here if you don’t mind my asking?”

“I don’t mind. Well, basically work. I don’t really have a set schedule right now. I’m one of only a few secretaries at this firm that I work at, so days off are few and far between. Also, if they need me, then I need to be there on the spot. I really do wish I had more me time for stuff like this.” I say honestly. But of course, most of my me time winds up being spent with Autumn, which is definitely a good thing.

Cynthia raises her eyebrow at me. “Well hey, shot in the dark here, but would you like to catch a late lunch with me? I don’t know too many people around town personally yet and could use the company. “

I’m a little surprised by her offer, but am happy about it. I haven’t had too many real friends since I had Autumn. It’d be nice to have some time with someone closer to my own age. “Sure! I’d love to. Where do you want to go?”

“How about Mancino’s? Its just a block away, and they have a nice little outdoor area where you can sit and chat.”

“Sounds good to me. I need to shower first though. I feel like I really went through the ringer today.” I laugh, as I look down at my arms, slightly glistening with sweat.

“Oh don’t worry, me too. I’m just about to hit the showers myself. We can head out after.”

Normally I don’t shower at the gym. I’ve always been a little too shy to shower with the other girls from the class, but I’d feel weird telling Cynthia no just because of that.

“Alright, let’s go.”

I grab my bag and Cynthia and I began walking, and she wound up leading me to a different area. It seems the instructors and staff have a separate showering area from the gym members.

“Is it okay for me to shower here?” I wonder out gaziantep escort bayan sitesi loud.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. There won’t be anybody else in here.” Cynthia tugs on my arm and leads me into the staff locker room.

I quickly shed my clothes and place them near my bag before walking into the shower area. Cynthia joins me and hands me a bar of soap.

I begin to lather up and decide to strike up a conversation. “So Cynthia, when did you move into town?”

“I think it will be three months next week. I was glad to make the move.”

“Did you not like it where you were at?” I ask her

“It’s not really that. I just felt like I needed a change. It was quiet where I used to live, with not as much to do or see. It is so much livelier here. I guess I enjoy the hustle and bustle.”

“I’m glad you’re liking it here. You’ve really picked up my motivation to get to the gym.”

I continue lathering up and look behind me to notice Cynthia looking back at me. Her gaze is fixed lower though, peering at my thighs and butt.

“Well you look great Rebecca. You have a killer figure and a great tone on your legs and ass.”

My face turns red, and I smile at Cynthia. “Thank you.” I say to her.

When she turns away from looking at me, I can’t help but give her body a glance. She has a tight body, her skin so vibrant, almost seeming naturally tanned. Long blonde hair that cascades down past her shoulder blades and legs so sleek but toned. Her body is to die for. I think about how beautiful she is as I watch the water from the shower bead down her ass. She almost catches me looking as she turns her head, but I avert my gaze.

We finish up our shower and get dressed. Its not long before we are walking towards the restaurant.

“I love these places where you can sit outside and eat.” says Cynthia.

“Me too. Its just nice to be able to feel the breeze on a nice day like today. I feel like I’m cooped up in buildings way too often.”

“We’ve had a very nice autumn this year.”

“Yes we have. It hasn’t gotten too cold yet. This type of weather is just right by me.”

“I’ve always liked the fall.”

“So have I. I like it so much that I named my daughter Autumn in fact.” I say proudly.

“I didn’t know you had a daughter! How old is she?”

“She’s eighteen and in college now. Still lives at home with me.”

“You can’t be serious? You have an eighteen year old daughter! You look like you’re in your twenties yourself.”

I giggle and smile at the compliment. “Well, I am thirty-six. I had Autumn when I was real young. Raised her by myself too.”

“That must have been really hard. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like.” Cynthia says as she grabs my hand as if to comfort me.

“It wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it. She is such a bright young girl, and beautiful too. I’m very proud of her.”

“I couldn’t imagine her being anything less than beautiful, knowing her mother.”

It seems odd getting so many compliments from a woman, but I am enjoying it. Cynthia is very nice. “Awww, well thank you. You’re very beautiful yourself.”

Our waiter comes up to the table, obviously a young man fresh out of high school, and sets food down in front of us, much to my surprise.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I ordered for us already. Their fettuccini is to die for. Pasta is my weakness.”

“I don’t mind at all. I love pasta.” I take a bite of it quickly and it is some of the best I have tasted in a long time. “Wow, it is very good. You know your stuff!”

“I’m really glad you like it. I don’t get the chance to go here that often because I hate going alone. Seems kind of sad, you know?” Cynthia shrugs.

“I’m surprised that you’d have to go anywhere alone. You’re such a sweet girl. You haven’t met anyone in town? You can’t be single?” I ask her, worried about if I was too blunt, already digging about her love life.

Cynthia sighs, “I’m single. Not that I like being that way, but its just…hard to meet the right person.”

“I definitely know what you mean. I’ve been searching forever. It gets even harder when you’re a single mother. But you’re a gorgeous woman Cynthia. You’d be a great catch for any man.” I say confidently.

Cynthia starts to fidget a little. “Well Rebecca, that is part of the problem. How do I say this?”

She seems real nervous. “Say what? What’s wrong Cynthia? I hope I didn’t overstep any boundaries.”

“No, no. Rebecca, I’m not really into men anymore. What I mean to say is…”

Cynthia leans in close to me and whispers “I’m a lesbian.”

My face turns flush at first, but I settle myself so as not to seem too surprised or rude. Honestly I’m not really that surprised, but I am nervous. “Oh, Cynthia I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.”

“No, its fine. Listen, if you think that it feels weird you don’t have to stay. Some of my friends in the past have not been cool with it. I’d understand and I wouldn’t judge you.” Cynthia says with a disappointed tone in her voice.

“Please Cynthia, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m cool with that, I just didn’t know is all.”

She seems relieved that I said I was fine with it. “I’ve just had so many disappointments with men that I gave up on them. I guess I might really be bisexual, but I connect better with women. As friends and as lovers, well, it just seems to fit. Its hard to explain sometimes…”

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