The Magic Touch

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She slid her hands down the client’s back and focused all of her attention on projecting a completely calm aura. The minutes ticked away as Susan continued projecting that image of calm into each and every muscle on her client. Little by little, the woman under her hands relaxed, the tension sliding out of her with every stroke of the massage.

“You look beat,” Bridgett, the receptionist commented as Susan closed the door to the massage room behind her.

“Tough customer,” Susan made a face, “Some sort of executive, unless I miss my guess, and struggling to stay at the top.”

“Could also be her husband forgot what day it is and she’s pissed at him,” Bridgett suggested in a teasing tone, knowing full well Susan’s guesses could more be called fact.

“What?” Susan stared blankly,, “Today?”

“You forgot?” Bridget was amazed, “It’s Valentine’s Day!” she gestured to the bouquet on her desk sent by her most recent boyfriend, “That’s why it’s been so slow!”

“Oh, wow, yeah, I completely forgot,” Susan blinked in surprise, “I just figured it was another slow day. We get those during the week.”

“Tomorrow will be busy for me,” Bridgett predicted brightly, tossing her hair over her shoulder, “Everyone calling to use their Valentine’s gift cards.”

“I’m guessing you have a hot day with Mister dozen red roses there,” Susan nodded to the flowers.

“Yep!” Bridgett squirmed in her chair a second before blurting out, “Do you think I could leave, like, a little early?”

“How early?” Susan frowned, “And why aren’t you asking Glo?”

“Glo’s gone for the day, left at noon,” Bridgett stated about the clinic’s owner, “You’ve got one more today, right before closing, and it’s a gift card so no need for him to pay after you’re done, so I could close after he gets here even.”

Susan thought it through. She knew the plan would work and that they were unlikely to really have any calls that the machine couldn’t take between her last appointment and official close time. “Okay, but you owe me. Just be sure to set the phone to after hours, set the sign, and lock the door.”

“No problem!” Bridgett grinned, obviously excited about her date.

“I’m going to have some tea,” Susan moved back to the break room, “Let me know when the next client is here.”

“Sure thing,” Bridget waved her off as the phone rang.

Susan signed and sipped her tea, letting the fragrant brew wash over her and re-instill her calm. Nope, she was alone today. Her last boyfriend had moved two states away for his job and she’d discovered she just didn’t love him enough to uproot and follow him. No romantic fairy tales for her, that was sure!

A knock on the door interrupted her inner reverie, “Susan, your client is here.”

She finished off the cup of tea before stepping out.

“Hi,” she smiled at the man waiting on her, “I’m Susan and I’ll be your masseuse today.”

“I’m Joe,” he smiled back. He has a nice smile, she decided.

“If you’ll follow me,” she turned and walked down to the room that had been prepared.

He followed and listened as she explained the standard undressing “to your level of comfort,” then getting face down on the table under the covers. She left and saw Bridgett off before heading back to the room, giving Joe plenty of time to get ready. She did make sure to knock and check before opening the door, another standard practice drilled into her early on in her career.

As always, she started with pulling the blankets back, placing one hand on the back of his neck, the other on the base of his spine, and focusing.

Stress, tension… normal to feel in her line of work. His neck was a complete jumble; he had to be suffering a headache. She drew a mental line from his head to his feet and then began working.

She’d barely started un-knotting his neck when she caught her thoughts drifting. Maybe it had been talking to Bridgett, maybe it was having her hands on an attractive man, maybe it was knowing they were locked in together alone. Somehow sexual thoughts were entering her mind and she found herself not projecting the calm she had intended to project, but a sexual heat. She quickly pulled her hands back, on the excuse of getting more lotion from her belt, to refocus. For the rest of the knots in his neck, she managed to stay on track, projecting calm into him, getting him to relax. She relaxed her shoulders as he let out a sigh of relief as she finished his neck and then she moved on to his back. Stroke up and down the spine, connecting base to tip.

“I’d swear you’re some sort of physic,” he commented out of the blue, “My neck’s been tight for weeks, one of the reasons I made this sex hikayeleri appointment.”

She jumped at his voice; usually she had her clients in a state of near sleep and didn’t talk to them at all. “Oh,” she responded, “Just years of training. Why, you have a hot date tonight you need that headache gone for?”

He laughed, “No date for me tonight. My last girlfriend decided my wallet wasn’t big enough to satisfy her lifestyle. She left a few months ago.”

“Oh?” Susan responded in surprise, “I’m surprised you didn’t find someone else quickly enough.”

He raised his head to look at her and laughed, “I think that was a compliment, so thank you. What about you? Any hot dates after you get done here? With those hands, I’m surprised they don’t line the street.”

She actually blushed and then pushed at his shoulders to get him back down, “No, broke up with a guy a couple months back when he had to leave state for a new job.”

“And you didn’t follow him?”

“I’m not that kind of girl,” she grinned, moving her hands in patterns down his back, “Besides, I love working here. One of the most relaxed studios I’ve worked for.”

“Mmmm,” he said noncommittally, “That’s a good spot. You really do know what you’re doing.”

She pressed extra hard under his shoulder blade to release some of the tension she found there, “Just years of experience,” she temporized.

“Your hands are so good,” he murmured and she realized her projection thoughts were back to sexual. She tried to press back to calm as she moved to his right arm, but seeing and feeling his hand had her thinking about him running those hands over her, squeezing her breasts, fingering her…

He shifted as if suddenly uncomfortable and she broke off the train of thought. “Are… are you okay?” she asked, pausing as she moved around his head to his other arm.

“Um, yeah, just,” he hesitated, “I, uh, never realized how erotic a massage could be before. Is it normally like this?”

She blushed fire engine red at his bluntness, “N-nnno,” she stuttered, “Normally they’re very calming and the person almost falls asleep. I … I can leave you alone for a minute, if you want,” she finally offered, “Let us both get our thoughts back in order.”

He raised his head to look at her, “And sometimes things happen for a reason. I’m normally not this direct, but look, you’re alone tonight, I’m alone tonight, and it’s Valentine’s Day. Since we both seem to be all fired up, why don’t you keep doing whatever your touch is doing to me and we finish out the evening with a little fun of our own? I mean, it’s been months for me, I know.”

Susan felt completely breathless staring at Joe and his offer running through her head. Then she licked her lips and asked, “Ever make love in the steam room? You know a visit to our steam room is included in your massage.”

Joe sucked in his breath, “Why not right now?”

She put her hands back on his head to restrain him and picked up his left arm, “Because my boss keeps a camera in the massage rooms to keep us safe. No sound but any video proof we might need of a jerk thinking masseuse is another name for whore. I’ve seen a few in my years.”

“Ah,” he put his head back down, “The steam room it is.”

Thirty minutes later, she smoothed the blanket over him and opened the door. She’d been barely able to finish and that lump in the blanket when she’d rolled him over… well, hopefully Glo would never look at the video without a need! She’d tried to bunch the blankets up around it as much as possible so it didn’t stick out.

“The spa room is down the hall on your right. Sauna, steam room, and the main whirlpool room. Towels will be in the whirlpool room if you so desire one,” she left quickly and ran back to the break room. With trembling hands, she brewed a quick cup of tea and practically gulped it trying to soothe her nerves, which were sizzling with sexual tension. She gave up and stepped into the break room bathroom to change into one of the towels left on hand there for the staff.

She stepped into the whirlpool room and looked around. No one. One look at the steam room door confirmed it was completely steamed in there. She opened the door and stepped into the room.

As the door closed behind her, she heard him before she saw him.

“You did come,” he exclaimed, stepping over to her, “First things first.”

To her surprise, he reached back and pulled the bands out of her hair, loosening it in waves down her back. He buried his hands in it and pulled her in for a kiss.

A kiss? She wrapped her arms around him as their mouths met in a frantic series of kisses, tongues meeting and dueling, mouths sikiş hikayeleri touching and leaving, erotic, hotter than the room, and leaving her very wet. She moved against him, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock against her through the towels. Towels? She dropped her hands to realize he was completely nude.

“Thought you’d like that,” he muttered, tugging at the elastic holding her towel around her. In seconds he had her firm breasts in his hands. She shivered as he ran his hands over the nipples, causing them to tighten completely, before taking one in his mouth. She retaliated by gripping his hard cock in her hand and gently squeezing. She ran her hands up and down, feeling completely satisfied with what she felt.

He hands dropped to her hips and he backed her into the bench. She was surprised to find a towel under her as he pushed her back and then realized he must have brought it in here with him. A kind forethought as the slick tiles would not have been as nice.

Then she felt him at her entrance and gasped. Before she could say anything, he had locked her lips in another mind blowing kiss as he slowly slid into her. She gripped his back, urging him to go faster, needing more. Once he was fully inside her, his began thrusting with cock and tongue, matching her thrust for thrust, their bodies locked in the ancient battle. She broke the kiss as her climax rushed over her and he rained more kisses over her throat, gave one final thrust, and was still as his climax rushed over him. He pulled out slowly and sat up next to her, leaning against the wall.

“Wow,” he said breathlessly, “Happy Valentine’s Day indeed. And to think when I made this appointment, I figured it would be a nice way to spend what was going to be just another lonely day.”

“That’s why I agreed to work today,” she felt a silly grin across her face and couldn’t wipe it off at all, “I thought it would be easier to get through the day.”

“Mmmm,” he ran a hand down her thigh, “I’m game for trying the whirlpool next. I want to see you this time.”

She sucked in her breath, “Oh, yes,” she said without thinking, “I’d say race you but we’ll have to be careful on these floors.”

They made it to the whirlpool, nice and warm and bubbly. They took it a little slower this time, caressing each other and kissing long and deep instead of short and fast.

This time she straddled him while he sat on one of the benches and dropped slowly down, filling herself with him a little bit at a time.

“Hurry, woman, I want to feel you around me again,” he growled, gripping her hips and urging her down. She shook her head and he began nibbling on her nipples again, filling his hands with her breasts and savoring her pleasure from it. She slowly rose up and down on him, then grew faster as her body demanded. Her climax rushed over her again as she slammed down one last time, filling herself with his cock while he filled his mouth with her breasts. Then he grabbed her hips and she let him take the pace, enjoying the swirling of the water around them both.

“Sauna next?” she grinned at him, “I have a different idea this time.”

“I’m all yours,” he promised, following her into the dry environment, their dripping bodies nearly turning it into another steam room.

She sat him on the bench, then dropped a folded towel in front of him and knelt to take his cock in her mouth. She savored the taste of their combined cum along with the taste of his arousal. Her head bobbed as she gobbled him up, then let him slide out.

He threw his head back and groaned, “Honey, you can only do that to me if I get to do it to you,” he demanded, “Get — ” he broke off as she lowered her mouth over him again with a swirl of her tongue, “Get up here, witch, before I think you’ve completely entranced me!”

“Wrong holiday,” she giggled, standing up, “Today’s the day of Love, remember?”

“And love you I shall,” he tugged her down until they were in the classic sixty-nine position, both working feverishly at the other, yet trying not to get too lost in their own passion. She nearly swallowed him when he slid his fingers inside her while his tongue played a merry melody on her clit. In response, she began a frantic bobbing, swirling her tongue around him with each stroke, and raising one hand to tickle his balls. She lost the battle when he ran his fingers over her g-spot while tonguing her clit. This time she did swallow his cock, taking it all in her mouth and throat as she climaxed. She barely felt him pull out and move out from under her.

“My turn,” he grinned, taking advantage of her kneeling position to slide behind her and thrust into her dripping erotik hikaye slit, “Oh, yeah, so good.”

She could only moan in response as her highly sensitized body fell into another climax. She could only grip the wooden bench for support as he thrust into her, deeper and harder than before, his hands digging into her hips to hold her still. She felt like a never ending climax until he finally climaxed deep inside her again.

“Whirlpool,” she mumbled, “It’s too hot and dry in here for me.”

They made it back to the whirlpool, where they cuddled on one of the benches.

———— One year later…

Susan dug her knuckles into the foot in her hand. Her client mumbled a comment too sleepy to understand and she smiled. She finished the foot and then pulled the covers back over him and stepped out with a gentle reminder that the massage was over and he should get dressed and then see the receptionist.

“Nice flowers,” she commented to Bridgett, admiring the dozen roses, from yet another boyfriend, on the receptionist’s desk.

Bridgett looked up and smiled, “Who’d have thought roses came in such vibrant different colors?” she commented, touching the variety bouquet tenderly.

Susan laughed, “Hot date again tonight?”

“Yep!” Bridgett grinned, “How about you? Seeing your stud again?”

Susan felt her cheeks warm; the story of last year’s Valentine’s surprise had gotten around the small spa quickly! “Um, no, he has to work. He said maybe tomorrow night since we’ll probably get better seats on a non-holiday.”

“Too bad,” Bridgett shrugged, “Oh, since that was your last client, you want to relax in the whirlpool for a bit? I’ll take care of Mr Sleepyhead and close up.”

Susan checked the clock, “Sure, if we’re done for the day, we might as well go ahead and close.”

A few minutes later, she stepped into the spa room with a sigh of relief. Then she blinked in surprise. The room was filled with … candles? Lit candles? Before she could digest that fact, Joe walked out of the steam room wearing a robe.

“Ah! Thought I heard you!” he stood there grinning at her.

“What? But,” she stuttered and stared in shock, “I thought you had to work!”

“Well, it wasn’t too much work, but since you like it so much, I’ll call it a lot of work.”

She just stared.

“Happy Valentine’s Day?” he asked almost tentatively,” Happy one-year anniversary?”

“I don’t believe it! You told me you had to work so you could sneak in here and surprise me!”

“Well, I had to get Glo’s permission and Bridgett in on it, too,” he admitted, digging his hands in his pockets, “So, how about a soak in the tub? I know you don’t like alcohol, so I brought some of the sparkling cider.”

She noticed two wine flutes and a bottle of cider chilling in a bucket of ice next to a tray of the traditional chocolate covered strawberries, “Wow, you did some planning,” she stepped towards the tub, then paused and grinned, and stepped down the stairs still wearing the towel.

He laughed and shucked off his robe, revealing his growing erection, “Tease!”

He joined her in the whirlpool and then carefully poured the cider.

As she took the glass from him, her fingers brushed against engravings, “What,” she took a sip, “did you get these on a trip?”

“Not really,” he responded idling, sipping carefully of his own flute.

She brushed at the condensation on the glass to read what city was engraved on the flute, “W — I — L — L..” She paused and brushed at the letters, they were rather small, “Y — O — U… Wait a minute,” she looked at the glass and then at Joe.

He took it from her hand, “Should I read it for you?” he cleared his throat, “It says, ‘Will you marry me, Susan?'”

She stared at him.

“And if you’ll look at the bottom of the glass… that’s not a sugar cube,” he handed the glass back to her.

“A … custom job, I would imagine,” she managed to say, “Not some souvenir.”

“Maybe I should do this a bit more traditionally,” he took the glass, dumped it over his hand so the ring fell into his hand. Then he knelt next to her on the bench and held it up to her, “I’d get down in front of you, but I’m afraid I’d drown.”

She managed a small smile at that, still in shock.

“Susan, I know the last year has been absolutely wonderful for me and I feel you’re the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with,” he took her hand, her left hand, and kissed it, “Marry me?”

She could think of nothing else, “YES!” she threw her arms around him and kissed him.

He kissed her back, quite thoroughly, and then detangled her arms from around his neck and pushed the ring on her finger, “There, I don’t relish searching this pool for it!”

She laughed, “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you,” he pulled her closer, “You’ve definitely got the magic touch!”

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