The Manager and the Barmaid Ch. 02

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Elena propped her feet on his chair right between his legs. Derek had a great view of her tanned, toned legs—legs that seemed to go on forever before coming to an end at the short little skirt that was her barmaid’s outfit. He resisted for only a second before reaching out to run his hand up the length of those smooth, supple legs. Sending lightning bolts through Elena’s spine. Listening as she hummed with excitement that couldn’t be denied.

Leaving his work behind Derek rose from his chair walking up between her legs as she set atop the tiny crowded desk. Leaning in he kissed her—no peck this time but a deep, wet kiss of pure white-hot passion.

“Grab on!” He said as he bent her legs around his waist and his arms around her back kissing her passionately as they went.

“Where are we going? What are we doing?” She said as she continued to nibble and kiss at his neck and lips.

“I can’t do this one single minute more!” Derek replied.

“Do what?” Elena asked.

“Live one more minute—one more second canlı bahis without knowing what it is like to be with you—to be part of you—to be—inside of you.” He replied as he hefted her to his waist and began to whisk her away.

He carried her up the 2 flights of stairs to the management office and without ever letting go of her he used one hand to clear the desk of all its junk leaving only the cushion of the ink blotter between her and the cold wood. She never felt the cold—she was way too wrapped up in the intense heat that they were now creating together.

Leaning into her kissing her, he began to untie her shirt and kiss his way down to the amble breasts he’d long to touch and lick for so long. As the shirt hit the floor he began to suck her beautiful nipples bringing them to lengthy erect perfection. Making Elena quiver with each breath of cold air and warm, wet heat.

Elena rubbed her fingers through his sandy hair and let him know that she wanted him to go much further. He licked his way down her taught bahis siteleri tummy and made his way to the skirt. Reaching behind her he artfully unzipped her and slipped the skirt up over her head. Revealing a tiny black lace thong that was just begging to be removed. He licked his way to the ridge of her panties. Then he lowered his mouth to the panties and began to bite and nuzzle the stiffening clit beneath them. Teasing her as much as he could—watching as her eyes begged him to take it to the next level.

Finally sliding the little panties down the length of her tight thighs his eyes feasting on her beautiful smooth pussy lips and he bowed his head to devour every inch of it. Letting his tongue tease her inside and out letting his fingers explore her creamy depths. Listening as she squealed in delight.

She pulled him up to her and reached for his shirt and then his belt rubbing her hand up and down the length of his chest with one as she freed his pulsing member with the other. Then Elena began to stroke bahis şirketleri him artfully with her hand, then finally with her mouth as he bucked his hips in and out of her with frenzy. But suddenly he stopped. He didn’t want to loose the chance to be with her, to be inside her so he stopped her then and there and gently put her back atop the desk and slowly, gently entered her inch by inch until she began to arch her back and ride him back.

She loved the feel of him inside her; their chemistry had always been so undeniable right from the start. And now that they’d finally given into one another, it was nothing short of heaven to finally be entwined in one another. He stroked in and out of her artfully. Exciting her to the fullest. Finally she stopped him and pushed him backwards into a desk chair. Elena hoped off the desk and into his lap and began to give Derek the ride of his life. She bucked and snaked her hips—her entire body riding him to the biggest climax either of them had ever felt.

Rules—shmules they thought as she collapsed on his chest in a heaving pile of out of breath satisfaction. No matter what the consequences would be…neither of them would ever be sorry for finally allowing themselves this one night of bliss.

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