The Move Day 01

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My Name is Chris and this is a true story. I have always been very shy around women, my first girlfriend was five years older than I and she had to basically grab my dick and pull me into bed, but that is another story. When this story takes place, I was 18 years old, 6’2″, and weighed 180 lbs. I was just finishing my last year of high school, I had been held back when I was a freshman due to language difficulties, I stutter very badly. We lived in a suburb of Houston, a small town with about 100 students in my class, money was never a problem for my family we lived in an upper class neighborhood.

Our neighbors across the street were a single mom Betty and her daughter Jennifer who was a year ahead of me in school, but we were the same age. Jennifer was on the cheerleading team, she had a knock out body 5’8″, 110 lbs., long jet black hair, and with a great rack of C’s if I had to guess. Her mom bought her a red Firebird several years’ prior, she spent at least three hours a week washing and waxing it usually dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a cut off T-shirt. My room was on the second floor of our house, whenever I saw her out I would always find a reason to be in my room so I could watch the tantalizing show.

One evening Betty came over to our house and told us that she was moving to another part of the city, she asked me if there were any way I would help her with the move. My job at the time was very flexible so we worked out how much she would pay me and the deal was done.

I arrived early Friday morning around 8:00 a.m. ready to start, Betty was out moving boxes into a van she had borrowed from a friend, not how I would do a move but oh well. Betty got me a box, some wrapping paper, and set me wrapping dishes in their kitchen. I packaged their dishes the best I could, after about a half an hour and the better part of two cabinets done I was surprised when Jennifer appeared in her pink pajamas. I put my head down and said a quiet hello, she replied telling me how much she and her mom appreciated my help, I was extremely nervous at this point being in the same room as this gorgeous girl. The next half hour seemed like five hours as she slowly ate her breakfast and she told me about how excited she was about going on to college at Texas Tech.

Being a male one of my favorite parts of the female anatomy are the breasts, Jennifer had outstanding breasts and with only her pajamas on they were on display very nicely with her aurorals and perky nipples just barley visible. Jennifer went to shower and on her way out the door gave a small giggle and said “see you when I get out.”

About an hour later after more packing there she was walking past wrapped in a towel her flawless legs every mans dream strutting past so perfect . . . Then she was off to work, dressed in a short black skirt and a tight brassier she slipped into her Firebird and sped off.

For the two hours I packaged most of the rest of their kitchen in boxes, I was getting hungry so I went home to get lunch. My dad had left a message on the machine that he and my mom decided to go on a small vacation since I was busy helping the neighbors.

After lunch I finished packing the kitchen into their van, Betty and I drove to her new house. We mostly listened to music, not having much to talk about she asked me about school, high school was very boring so there was not much to say. We got there after about two hours of driving. It was a simple single story ranch on the other side of town, we proceeded to unload the van and make the return trip. Upon returning we got to work loading up their study with all the books. Packing and loading was much easier work and went much quicker.

Five o’clock was here before we know it and Jennifer returned home very pleased ankara escort with our progress, she changed into her shorts and tee shirt and helped load the van. This was an incredible distraction for me, every time she bent over her breasts were very visible and with her shear bra in plain sight it left me tripping over my own feet. We finished loading the van, Betty decided that she was going to make another trip up to her house to drop the current load off and spend the night with her brother who lived close buy. We made arrangements to meet up around noon or so the next day, Betty had arranged to borrow her brother’s truck and trailer to load up all the big stuff. Jennifer said that she had some work to finish up on but asked me if she could come over after she had finished so we could chat some. I was at a loss for words, but after a minute or two I squeaked out a quit “ok” and rushed home.

My parents had both arrived at the house, my dad was packing his fishing equipment and getting the final bags packed as my mom called us in for dinner. We chatted about our day, I told them about the rooms I packed up and about Betty’s new house. My dad discussed a big deal that he had arranged with another big company and how he had received a big bonus that afternoon, the real reason for there vacation. We played our usual after dinner card game, and my parents were off to Galveston and our beach house which was on the Bolivar Peninsula a short Ferry ride across Houston ship channel.

I went into our garage, my usual hang out on a Friday night, where I had my wood shop set up. I went to work on my lathe where I had a bowel that I was putting the final touches on with fine sand paper and emery cloth, the discussion with Jennifer the furthest thing on my mind, why after all, would a girl as breath taking as her be interested in me?

After thirty minutes or so I was pulling the bowel off its lathe mount and I heard my dog barking. Turning around I saw Jennifer walking up the driveway her black hair dancing with the gleam of the spot light on her, like a runway model, my breath taken away as usual. She asked to take a look at what I was doing, and came right in the garage with me. The closer she came, the shorter breaths I was taking. She had on the same tee shirt as earlier but had changed to loose-fitting sweat shorts and had on a pair of simple sandals which was exactly where I was looking since I felt if I looked her in the face I would probably pass out due to lack of air. She asked what I was doing, I showed her the bowel that I had finished turning. It was from a very old piece of walnut I had picked up at my grandfathers earlier that year with a very nice grain and a few knots which were very hard to work with. She ran her hands up and down the sides of the bowel, caressing it as you would a fine dish with her small perfect hands.

After talking a little while and getting accustomed to her we went inside to walk my dog, she commented on how nice our house was. I could not get my dog away from sniffing her legs. I could not blame him as that is exactly where I would like to be. She got down on her knees and patted him and he seamed content. We walked around our block chatting about neighborhood gossip, she told me about one guy on our block that was seeing her mom.

I said jokingly “but isn’t he married”

She replied “most certainly, that is one of the reasons my mom is moving away she can’t get enough of him, you should hear them at night, he must be great in bed.”

This had me dumbfounded I did not know what to say except “Wow.”

We got back to my house and chatted some more about this and that. She then asked me a question that I will remember for the rest of my life.

“I don’t know if I can sleep by myself without ankara escort bayan my mom there, would you mind sleeping with me?”

Of course I replied instantly like a gentleman “It would be my honor, just let me get my sleeping trunks and I will be right over.”

With a skip to my step and a song in my heart I walked home, scooped up my sleeping apparel, brushing my teeth, gargling with mouth wash, and sliding a condom in my back pocket just in case. Turning off all of the lights on my way out of the house and putting the dog in the kitchen I went back over and knocked on Jennifer’s door. She answered already in her sleep wear this time a black silky nightshirt.

I said “ready for sleep”

Jennifer said “lets watch TV for a little while ok?”

This was fine with me I put my sleep shorts on and went in their den where she was sitting on the couch scanning thru the channels. She found a romance movie half way thru and asked if that was ok, I said yes and we watched for a little while. Well she watched the TV, but I mostly watched her.

She kept moving around uncomfortably, I asked if she was ok, she told me that her back was bothering her. I said that I would be happy to work on it a little bit. I am quite experienced in massage, being licensed in Texas, I worked on her back and neck for quite some time, she purred all the while like a kitten wanting more as I rubbed her goddess like muscles.

The movie ended and I was toast, the day was catching up to me, she could see it and asked me if I wanted to go to bed? Yes it was defiantly bed time, turning off all the lights we went into her room, she light a few candles by her queen size bed pulled down the covers and asked me which side I usually sleep on?

I replied “on top” she giggled some and we got in bed.

I have a small problem that I cannot get an erection the first time I sleep with a woman. This has lead to many problems in my life later, but at this point I was not very experienced and in this situation it actually turned out for the better. She asked me to rub her back a little more, but I was happy to comply. When she drifted off to sleep, I rolled over and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.

I had some wonderful dreams that night, like I was on a fluffy cloud hugging silky bears that were purring like kittens. I awoke at sun up as usual, to find Jennifer curled up in my arms. My right hand was under her, my left one cupping her breast. Enjoying the moment I drifted in and out of sleep, like a dream not knowing the difference I thought this was perfection, little did I know . . .

After drifting in and out of this dream, Jennifer rolled over to find me there holding her fully in a warm embrace that was when she kissed me. Her lips felt like rapture itself warm, soft, inviting, and oh so sinful. I kissed back slowly at first then deeper, holding her in my arms my cock seemed harder than it had ever been. She got up from the bed to use the rest room I went to use the one in her mom’s room, we both came back and she thanked me for being so kind and gentle with her as this was the first time she had slept with anyone since her parents. We kissed some more as we fell back into her bed. Since the mood was far too serious, I tickled her some and we began to play. After a bit her night shirt was pulled up exposing her breasts, those orbs that I have worshiped for so long were there within grasp.

We both froze, what was she thinking? Is this what she wanted? How could it be? It was just me, Chris with this goddess, how could she want me? All these thoughts hit me at a hundred miles an hour.

After a minute of thought Jennifer spoke “You know this is my first time, will you be as gentile with me as you were last night? I escort ankara know it will hurt but I am so ready and have waited so long.”

I was stunned by this and replied, “Just tell me what to do; I don’t want to hurt you.”

She removed her shirt as I pulled mine over my head she said “please touch them.”

My hands were drawn to them like a fly to light, her nipples atop the perfect cantaloupe halves without the slightest hint of sag. Her purring continued similar to the previous evening but with a deeper erotic hum, I kneaded the right then the left half globe, firm but oh so soft.

I leaned down to lick the left nipple, her purrs became more of a moan as she stroked the scalp of my head ever so lightly with her nails she said “Yessss…. ohhhhhh….. more….”

Then switching between her glorious mameries tasting the flesh like a drowning man tastes his drink, suckling on the bright red tips, my hands began to roam her body. Down I went to her flat sculpted abs, her hip bones encasing the untouched treasure, she wore a simple black pair of panties not the kind you see in the windows of Victoria Secrets but the kind you would find on the shelf of any department store. She had the perfect bikini tan lines, the white sections just where the untouchables were but here she was open to me allowing me access to these hidden splendors.

I moved back to kiss her once more, as she ground her pelvis in mine finding that notch where all of life seemed to begin, it filled me with a desire I had never experienced. The animal hunger surged in every muscle, vain, and artery. I had to have her, but my head reminded me “Slowly.”

As we kissed, I stroked her like a painter would a canvas. Rolling her over to kneed her back as I had done the night before, her skin so soft and flexible each muscle tight but pliant and supple. She drove her perfect ass into my hands as I pulled her panties down exposing her model like back side and like a flower there in the center was her pink pulsating pussy.

Like a rocket, off my pants came, the thought of a condom whisked past as I pulled it from my pocket and rolled it on. She turned over exposing all of her beauty, a Madonna before me legs spread out with a strip of hair above her cunt, the clit engorged and quivering, a tinny cherry ready to pick. I lay down returning to her nipples, kissing each. My left hand went instinctively to the prize between her legs slowly stroking her legs, her lips, and then to rub the center of her pleasure. Her moans had increased at this point and were reaching a point of becoming screams. My phallus ready to enter her virgin center, I raised my hips and mound atop her.

Slowly descending I slid my shaft into her inch by inch, seeming to melt together as if we were one at last I was finally almost fully inside her when I could descend no more. As her grip on my member began to ease some, I slowly eased out only to find the warmth of her honey too good to refuse. I pressed more firmly my full length her perfect glove. The inside of her trove felt like a thousand tinny suckers, each gripping me in rapid succession.

Jennifer then rolled me over, as I was not going to refuse, she began to ride me like a stallion, bucking her hips the sensation too pleasurable too imagine. We both moved in perfect harmony together, her body glistening with sweat, her pussy so tight gripping every millimeter of my rock hard cock. We both arrived at the top together with explosive force. She came, the sensation of her on top stroking me set off a rocket that if set free of her chamber would have reached the moon.

Exhausted we both lay next to each other spent. My mind could not believe what had just happened. Feeling a thousand tiny points of light bouncing around, we embraced and kissed. Rising from the bed, both of us covered in sweat, we showered together washing every inch of one another, and we started our day. Day two of the move, if there is enough interest I will be happy to chronicle that as well.

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