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Anna Bell

This story is dedicated to my girlfriend and her sweet, lovely pussy.


James pushed open the door to the theater. He’d had a godawful day, had been to three job interviews already this morning, and they all went poorly. He’d thought moving to LA would help, there wasn’t any work for him in San Diego, but it was turning out to be harder than he thought it would be. Walking back to his crummy room at the Red Roof Inn, he hadn’t managed to find an apartment yet either, he’d passed the run-down old theater and stopped. It was showing Wild Things, of all movies, a sexy as hell little thriller from the late nineties, starring Neve Campbell, pure smoking-hot trailer trash, and suddenly things were looking up. He bought a ticket. Fuck it.

As he walked into the darkened room, a small, somewhat ratty yet not decrepit theater with maybe 50 seats, a wash of cool air dried the sweat on his face and he let out his breath. This was the right move. Was he all alone in here? He loved to be all by himself at the movies. But no, a couple of rows up he could see the back of someone’s head, long straight black hair. She was sitting right where he liked to sit, right in the middle, four rows from the back. Oh well, that wouldn’t ruin his mood. He started down the aisle.

The woman turned to see who had come in and he gasped involuntarily — her face was shockingly beautiful. Framed by that long black hair, she had glowing caramel-colored skin, and her dark half-lidded eyes seemed to have some kind of internal light underneath her long lashes. She had a spray of freckles over a cute little round nose, and a wide, generous mouth, with a…smile? Was she smiling at him? Couldn’t be. James stiffened in his pants, suddenly almost a little frightened by his eagerness. She turned her head back to the screen, where a woman, larger than life, with bright red lips pursed around a straw, was taking a drink of coke. The sizzle and pop sound of the coke commercial filled the room. There’s no way, right? This kind of thing doesn’t happen, he thought. He took another couple of steps down the aisle and paused right next to her row. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this hard, his cock straining at his pants. He knew it would be visible to anyone who glanced in that direction.

James turned down her row. This is the kind of thing people get arrested for, he thought, but the thought was pushed out of his mind by the proximity of this woman. He thought he could even smell her, the odor of peonies and lychee wafting through the air. He moved closer and she scooched back in her chair, her head cocked a little. “Excuse me,” James said with a nervous grin, as he turned a little towards her in order to go past. His pants, and the straining cock contained by them, was only a foot or two from that gorgeous face, and yes, she was looking — or at least she took a quick glance, before looking up almanbahis at him, smiling a little half-smile, and patting the seat next to her. “This seat’s available,” she said.

James sat, almost lightheaded. He must be dreaming. The lights went down and the movie started, Matt Dillon’s airboat skimming across the surface of the swamp on the screen. James turned to the woman, smiling. “Hi there,” he said, “My name’s James. Looks like we’re all alone here, huh?” She turned to him and James let out a breath, he felt like he’d been holding it for hours. He could definitely smell her now, the floral scent filled his nostrils, and she grinned and said “Nice to meet you James, I’m Melina. I love this movie, have you ever seen it?”

After exchanging a couple of more pleasantries, they both turned towards the screen and James started to relax a little. This was going to be OK. Great even, he couldn’t even believe his luck. Maybe Melina would let him take her out to lunch after the movie. He was doing OK after all, he still had some savings, he’d find work. Everything was going to be just fine. He put his arm on the armrest and could just barely feel Melina’s skin, heat radiating from her. He stole a glance sideways. She was wearing an almost skin-tight dress made of knit cotton, the gray material tight over her frankly huge breasts, the deep valley of her cleavage displayed by the low neckline of the tight dress. He moved his eyes down, if anything the dress was having an even harder time containing her ass, and it ended short, just a few inches below the intersection of her thighs. “I wonder what kind of underwear she has on,” James thought. “But I better not fuck this up.” He turned his eyes back to the movie, and Melina moved a little closer to him, her arm now resting comfortably, almost pressed up against his.

They watched the movie for a few minutes companionably, James marveling as he always did at Denise Richards’ almost cartoonishly voluptuous body. Melina moved her arm and slid her hand slowly between James’ arm and his chest, touching his belly and moving lower, until it was resting on the shaft of his cock. She squeezed a little and James breathed in. Never in a million years would he have thought this could happen. He was afraid to move, and just sat there, rigid, every muscle in his body tensed, trying to watch the movie but his mind running a mile a minute. Melina softly stroked him over the material of his khakis, and the tip of James’ dick poked out of the top of his waistband. Melina grazed it with her palm and paused for a minute, then went back to slowly stroking the length of him. James stole a hand over, he could just barely reach her thigh, and he rested his hand there. She moved a little closer so he could rest his entire hand on the curve of her hip. James breathed out.

Melina’s hand left his shaft and she could feel her fingertips lightly touching the head of his cock, the warmth and slight roughness of her skin contrasting with the smoothness of the almanbahis giriş tips of her nails. She encircled the tip of his cock with her fingertips as you would taking a chocolate out of a box and drew them up gently, over the bump of the bottom of his cockhead, trailing her nails up to the tip. Then James could feel a slight tug, she was trying to unbutton his slacks one handed. She struggled a little, but James didn’t help. He moved his hand up and down her thigh, up and over the mound of her ass, looking straight at the screen, his entire body quivering.

She finally managed the button and James could feel himself expanding in his boxer briefs with the extra room. He thought she might unzip his pants and take him out completely, but she didn’t — instead she slipped her hand under the waistband of his briefs, her palm cool on his stomach, and wrapped her fingers around his cock, her palm resting on the base, fingers wrapped around his shaft, nails pressed on his belly. She began to move her hand slowly, and James tried to relax — he could feel his nut there, ready, but he took a deep breath and drew it back in. He exhaled, closed his eyes, and just enjoyed the sensation of her soft skin sliding up and down the shaft of his cock, restrained still by his underwear, the minor discomfort heightening the sensation. He slid his hand up to the summit of her magnificent round ass and squeezed.

James finally turned towards Melina, who was looking at him and smiling, lips parted just a little, eyes burning. He bent his neck to kiss her and she met his lips, still stroking. She poked her tongue into his mouth and James sucked on it a little and could feel the beginning of what he knew was the point of no return, and he drew his mouth away from her and touched her wrist, encircling it with his big hand. “You’d better stop,” he said. “I can’t take much more of this.” She grinned a little, gave his cock one last little tug, and drew her delicate hand out of his briefs. She kissed him again, pressed her soft lips against his, and put her hand on the back of his head, pulling him towards her.

Melina withdrew and turned away from James, her round ass sliding over the slick theater seats coming closer to James. She pressed it up against the armrest. She turned her eyes towards the screen and James rested his right hand on her hip. She wiggled a little under his grasp and he slid his hand down until he could feel the hem of the soft material of her dress on his fingers. He slid his fingers under it and pushed it up a little, then slid his hand under it. He almost came in his pants right then…her pussy was just there, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. And it was wet. Sopping, really, as James discovered as he began to explore her. Her asshole was covered in pussy juice, as were the tops of her thighs. James turned more closely to Melina and put his left hand on her hip as he slid his index finger into her pussy and rested his thumb on her asshole, pressing on it, drawing his finger almanbahis yeni giriş in and out of her pussy. He pulled the hem of the dress up and over her ass and pulled his finger out of her pussy, resting his right hand on her hip, sliding it towards her belly.

It was hard to adjust, arms and legs akimbo, the armrest in the way, but James was able to somehow encircle her ass with his arm and slide two fingers into her pussy up to the hilt, his thumb resting on her clit. He began rubbing his thumb in slow circles around her clit, not quite touching, around and around, close but not on top. At the same time, his two fingers could feel the ridged pussy flesh on the roof of Melina’s pussy, and he began to slowly rub there too, up and down. She pressed into him and moaned a little. She started breathing a little heavy and began rotating that ass, counter to James’ thumb motion, in little circles. James had never been harder in his life but his mind was completely occupied by this pussy and ass, his hands and arms completely possessing them.

Melina groaned and then pushed hard into James’ hand, vibrating and grinding on his arm, which was somehow wedged into the crack of her ass. Then she entirely relaxed, every muscle in her body releasing its tension at the same time. She turned and looked at James with that half smile. Then she stood up, moved his left leg to the side, and knelt in front of him. She unzipped his pants and pulled his underwear down, pulling the elastic over his cock, which sprang out, finally free. Her face was inches from it. She wrapped that small hand around the base of James’ cock and took the tip into her mouth and moved her head in small circles, licking the underside of the head with her tongue inside her mouth, hand moving the opposite direction from her head.

She glanced up at him quickly, then removed her hand and slid both hands up under James’ shirt as she slid more of his cock into her mouth. She moved down slowly. James couldn’t take much more of this. She was gripping his sides now with her hands, he could feel her nails almost reaching his back, and the sight of her lips surrounding his cock, sliding down so slowly, filled James’ entire brain, he could think of nothing else. She finally got almost to the base, James could feel the tip of his cock in her throat, and he rested his hand on the back of her head and pushed a little. He saw the last inch of his cock slide between her lips. His cock entered her throat and he could feel her lips pressed up against its base, her hands gripping his sides tightly. That was it, there was no stopping it, James came like a volcano, shooting his load down Melina’s throat. Her nails pressed into his sides, Melina pushed her head into him, her nose pressed into his belly.

He collapsed into the seat, sweating, and Melina slowly withdrew. As the tip of his cock popped out from between her lips he could see her throat move as she swallowed. She put her hand on her throat and coughed a little, giggling. Then she pulled James’ underwear back over his now entirely spent cock, buttoned his pants, zipped them up, and sat back in her chair.

They finished the movie, arms intertwined on the armrest, fingers interlaced. Maybe LA would work out after all, James thought.

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