The Project Pt. 03

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Chris’s eyelids felt heavy as he tried to open them. The same could be said of limbs. The world around him seemed to be fading away. His senses dulled but he could still make out murmurs of a conversation that was going on in the room.

“Get her in the chair and into the van quickly. The effects of the serum only last a few hours. We need to get her under sedation quickly and complete her transformation.” He could hear a voice say.

“I’ll take care of his affects and vehicle Mistress.” Another voice said.

Chris wondered what was going on. Where was he being taken? What was being done with his things?

He tried again, to wake up, but the serum finally took full hold of him and everything went black and silent.

“Chloe, Chloe,” a voice said shaking Chris’s shoulder. “You’re all finished, we’re taking you to recovery.”

Chris was confused and groggy. Questions ran through his foggy mind, and he tried to move only to be met by rigid resistance all over his body.

“Recovery?” He whispered, finding it difficult to speak. “Was I in an accident? Am I going to be alright? Why can’t I move? Why does my face hurt?”

“Yes, you are just perfect,” the voice replied as if the speaker were smiling. “No you were not in an accident. Everything has gone as planned. You can’t move because you’ve been immobilized in a full body cast to speed your recovery. Don’t worry in a few short weeks it will be removed.”

“A few weeks!?” Chris tried to scream, but his throat only managed a squeak. Pain blanketed his face when he tried to speak.

“Calm down Chloe, you’re in good hands. We wouldn’t want to tear your stitches. Mistress Delilah spares no expense when it comes to her projects, especially ones she’s very fond of. Just relax and enjoy the journey. Ah, here we are,” the woman said rolling Chris’s gurney into a room.

Chris’s view of his recovery room was limited to the dimly lit ceiling as the cast held his head rigidly in place. The gurney stopped with a click of the wheel brakes.

“Rest Chloe,” the woman said, playing with some tubes near Chris’s head. “Answers to your questions will come soon enough. I’ll be back to check on you shortly.”

“Wait,” Chris said in a weak voice. “Fiona? Is that you?” It had finally clicked with Chris where he had heard her voice before.

“Yes, Chloe. Now rest.”

The room went dark and Chris tried to stay awake but the drugs Fiona administered took effect and he slipped off into the dark once again.

In the hall Mistress D was waiting with Dr. Anastasia and Dr. Juliana.

“Well nurse Fiona? Is Chloe asleep?” Mistress D questioned.

“Yes, Mistress. She’s resting comfortably. She was a bit agitated when she was informed of the duration of her cast. I sedated her and administered her meds. Shall I inform you when she wakes?” Fiona answered.

“Please do nurse Fiona.”

“Oh and nurse Fiona.” Mistress D said as Fiona began to walk away.

“Yes Mistress?” Fiona answered turning back.

“You will report to the discipline room immediately for punishment. Informing patients of treatment is not part of your duties. If Chloe has suffered any set backs by your indiscretion, additional punishments will be necessary. Are we clear nurse Fiona?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Fiona said bowing her head as she turned and obediently hurried of to the discipline room.

Mistress D turned back to the doctors, “Shall we see her?” They both nodded fearing her wrath if they declined.

Standing over Chris, Mistress D asked the doctors for a report on all the surgeries they had performed.

“Mistress,” xslot Dr Anastasia began. “Chloe has received, per your instructions, a full face transformation, including rhinoplasty, cheek implants, lip implants, brow reduction, vocal cord lengthening, and hair extensions that will grow out with her natural hair “

“Very well, Dr Anastasia. And as for her body, Dr. Juliana?”

“Yes Mistress,” Dr Juliana hesitated. “Per your instructions I performed a hip and buttock augmentation per your specifications, and a breast augmentation. However, due to the size of implants ordered, and the tightness of her skin, I was unable to make her as large as you wanted.”

“You mean that Chloe is not a double D as I ordered doctor?”

Dr Juliana hesitated again, “No Mistress.”

“And that size is she right now?”

“She’s a full 36D, Mistress.”

“I see.”

“Mistress, you must understand..”

Mistress D cut Juliana off, “I expect results doctor, not excuses. So your initial assessment that double D’s would fit was incorrect?”

“Yes Mistress, my assessment was incorrect.”

“I guess Chloe will just be a D cup then. Thank you for your honesty. And the semi permanent vaginal prosthesis? I trust that went according to plan?”

“Yes Mistress. She appears anatomically female but has retained her penis. The prosthesis will need to be changed monthly, which I will be happy to perform.”

“Thank you for your offer doctor. Anything else to report? What are the expected recovery times for the procedures?”

“I used internal sutures and the bruising should subside in 2 to 3 weeks,” replied Anastasia.

“She can resume normal activity in 3 weeks, but cannot lift anything over 2lbs for at least 3 months,” Juliana answered.

“Very well. Thank you doctors. I trust you will both be monitoring her progress and keeping me abreast. She is my greatest project. Dr. Juliana would you come with me please?”

Juliana gulped and gave a worried look towards Anastasia. Anastasia did not return the look, instead she turned and left the room.

Mistress D led Dr Juliana from Chris’s room. They walked down the hall the opposite direction of Anastasia. After rounding several corners Mistress D stopped in front of room 413.

“Dr. Juliana, although your honesty is noted, your failure to inform me that the augmentation needed to be altered is unacceptable. Had I been informed prior to the surgery I could have had the opportunity to explore other options.

“Above all else I value communication from my subordinates. I cannot be a good Mistress if you are not a good submissive. For your lack of communication you will be punished in such a way that will teach you to communicate effectively.”

Mistress D opened the door and ushered Juliana into room 413. Juliana scanned the room nervously. It resembled a medical facility with several beds and curtains near them. One of the curtains was drawn around a bed. Juliana could hear muffled moans coming from behind the curtain.

“Nurse,” Mistress D called.

A tall imposing woman walked over.

“Yes, Mistress?” The nurse answered.

“Dr. Juliana needs help with her communication skills. Please place the good doctor in a body cast in the seated position, so that she may have the use of a wheel chair, however both hands should be casted so that they are unusable.”

“No! No! You can’t! Please Mistress! I’m sorry! I’ll get Chloe to a double D! I promise!” Juliana screamed as the nurse tightly clutched her wrist.

“As you wish Mistress.” The nurse replied.

“Dr. Juliana xslot Giriş for the next two weeks you will be required to use you communication skills to do everything, even to use the bathroom. You will understand why communication is so important and without it you leave others without choices.”

Mistress D closed the door which silenced Juliana’s pleas for forgiveness. She turned and walked from room 413 satisfied that the punishment would set Dr. Juliana straight but worried with the lack of obedience from two of her most trusted submissives.

A shaft of sunlight pierced the heavy dark curtains of Chris’s room falling directly into his eyes. His eyelids fluttered and he blinked trying to focus.

“What a strange dream,” Chris thought, blinking again.

He instinctively tried to rub his eyes but found himself unable to move his arm. It was then he realized it wasn’t a dream! He tried to move his legs but all over his movements were met with rigid resistance. He was frozen like a statue in a plaster cast from his head to his toes.

Chris tried to call for help but pain in his throat only allowed for a small squeak.

He could hear the door to his room open but could not turn his head too see who approached his bed.

“Fiona?” Chris whispered.

There was no response but Chris felt a hand pat his cast twice and a face came into his view.

The face was definitely female but there was something strange about it. The lips gleemed a glossy ruby red in the sunlight, the skin was an even perfectly smooth tan. Long, obviously fake eyelashes, surrounded the eyes which were a bright blue.

Chris, still foggy from the sedation stared at the face for a minute then realized the eyes never blinked or moved, nor did the rest of the facial features. As his vision improved he could tell that it was a mask of some sort. He wondered who was behind the mask and why they wouldn’t speak.

“Fiona!” a voice barked from across the room. “I hope we are taking care not to upset our patient?”

The masked figured moved out of Chris’s field of vision and he heard the clicking of heels as someone else approached his bed.

“Good morning Chloe,” Said a voice.

Chris knew the voice. It was Delilah.

“What have you done to me?!” Chris squeaked.

“Nothing you haven’t dreamt about my dear. Now, please, calm down. You wouldn’t want to turn the work doctors Juliana and Anastasia have so expertly performed on you.”

“Juliana? Anastasia? They were working for you all along? This was all planned wasn’t it? I know all about the work! You’re a monster!”

“Oh that’s right you do know about the work that was done on you. That’s a most unfortunate situation. Yes, Chloe, I’ve been watching you for some time. Following you in your search for someone understanding of your desires and wishes. You should appreciate the gift I have given you, to live out your fantasy. Of course I only expect a small favor in return for my generosity.”

“You think I’m happy about being trapped in this prison, given surgeries I didn’t ask for? There’s no way I’ll be doing anything for you. I want out, now! All that stuff was all talk, just fantasy, I never really wanted to go this far!”

“Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. You disappoint me. When we were out to dinner I could see in your eyes that you were meant to be this way.”

“That was all role playing! Yes it was exciting and yes I did enjoy myself, and I do appreciate that night, but this is just too much!”

“Chloe, may I remind you that you chose to come to my room after our night. Subconsciously xslot Güncel Giriş you know this is how you were meant to be. It is most regrettable that you are not seeing this.”

“No! I never wanted to go this far! Please let me go. I beg of you. I am thankful for all you’ve done.”

Mistress D stood over Chris looking over the casted body before her. She seemed deep in thought as Chris looked into her eyes waiting for a response.

After a long while Mistress D spoke, “Your objections are noted, however, you are not in a position to negotiate. Your transformation will continue. This is who I know you should be, and I will help you to see what the truth is.”

Chris couldn’t believe what he heard.

“No! You can’t! I won’t let you!”

“You have no choice Chloe. I have given you everything and you will be thankful for my generosity. It is best that you control your emotions and accept your situation or I will be forced to use more persuasive measures to train you.”

Just then the door opened.

“Ah! Dr Juliana!” Mistress D said, “Just in time. Chloe seems to be unaccepting of her new life. Can you please show her what happens when someone disobeys my will?”

Chris expected to hear heels approach his bed but instead he heard the high pitched sound of a motor growing louder. The motor stopped.

“Hello Chloe. How nice to see you again.”

“I wish I could say the same Juliana, but I can’t move my head,” Chris responded.

“Please call me Dr. Juliana. The cast is a necessary measure to speed your recovery. Nurse would you be so kind?” Dr Juliana asked.

The masked nurse reappeared over Chris holding a mirror. Chris couldn’t believe what he saw in the mirror. It was Juliana in a snow white cast from her ample chest to her pink painted toenails. She was in the seated position strapped into an electric wheelchair. Both her hands were casted into the shape of a ‘c’ similar to an action figure. They allowed her to control the chair’s joystick but they were of little use otherwise.

“What happen Juliana? I mean Dr Juliana? We’re you in an accident?”

“No Chloe. I’m quite ok. This is my punishment for disobeying Mistress D. She was quite generous to allow me perform your body augmentation surgeries, but rather than inform her that I could not do what she asked I incorrectly used my own judgement. Mistress D put me in this cast to help me learn to communicate better rather than doing on my own without informing others. She was most kind in helping me see the error of my ways.”

“How long are you trapped in there?”

“Until Mistress D feels that I have reformed. She was right to punish me for my indiscretions.”

“Dr Juliana, you don’t have to listen to her, you are your own person. How will you perform surgeries like this??”

“You are wrong Chloe. Mistress D means to help us all be the best we can be. Her methods are just and necessary because we cannot learn unless we are taught what is wrong. I will have to find some way to continue my work in my situation, which means I will learn a better way to communicate.”

“You’re all crazy! Let me out of here! Help! Help me please!” Chris yelled, trying to move but it was all in vain as the cast restricted even the slightest movement.

“Chloe, please calm down. You must not resist. Mistress D is here to help you. You will see in the end.” Dr Juliana said calmly resting her casted hand on Chris’s shoulder with a thud.

“Nurse Fiona please give Chloe something to calm her,” Mistress D directed.

The masked nurse put the mirror down and picked up Chris’s IV line, injecting some medicine into the port.

“No, please, don’t put me back to sle…” Chris trailed off as the medicine took effect.

“Well.” Mistress D began, “Perfection takes time. Nurse Fiona, please fit Chloe with a gag and the subconscious VR mask.”

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