Together Ssn 06 Ch. 06 – Workload

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***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities are consensual. Enjoy!***

In a derelict house bought to be developed by Owen Lightbody, hopeful Mia Milosevic, 19, finds Owen in a bare, downstairs room with a workbench set-up to begin renovation, and the teen pleads with him, “Come on, please? We can really expand this business, and bring on teams that can work autonomously without you being there, working on multiple properties at a time, instead of one-by-one like you are now. We can manage the sales of the properties ourselves, directly profiting from each renovation. We can make a fortune, Owen.”

Owen denies the teen with a firm, “No. I like to personally manage every aspect of my, and my team’s, work, making sure everything is how it needs to be. I’ve been doing this longer than you’ve been alive, and I’m already doing good out of it.”

Mia attempts to persuade Owen, “But, instead of having your payday from one property at a time, you could have half-a-dozen. That’s a huge increase. Or, we could make more depending on how we scale. I promise I know what I’m doing.”

Owen heatedly states, “And, I know what I’m doing! I’m the one already making a lot of money doing this, and, you want a part of that. I don’t need to be doing more than I’m currently prepared to do, because what I’m doing works; for me, and for you, since I give you a lot of money for your services.”

Mia tries to sway Owen’s opinion, “But, I don’t want your money. I want to be a part of this, making much more money for both of us. Why don’t you want that?”

Owen clearly explains, “I don’t want to do this because there are always people who promise a quick and easy way to a fortune, and it never works out. I know every facet of my work, and it works for me. I don’t want a spotlight on my business, and I don’t want growth.”

Mia can’t comprehend Owen’s reasoning, asking, “Why? Is there something you don’t want me to know?”

Owen defensively replies, “No. Just leave me be. Everything is how it needs to be, and it works that way. Just leave it.”

Mia feels annoyed, asking, “Why don’t you want to work with me?”

Owen sighs, walking up to the teen, rubbing her arms as he answers, “I don’t don’t want to work with you. I just don’t like you coming to me to change my business… My business… You don’t have any right coming in here and saying what goes. I’m the shot-caller around here.”

Mia reasons, “I’m not trying to take over. It still would be your business, how you want to run it.”

Owen shouts, “It wouldn’t be my business, how I want to run it, because you would be dictating under the guise of advice, turning this into something I wouldn’t have any control over, because it would be too big for me.” Lowering his tone, Owen adds, “I appreciate what you are trying to do, but I like things as they are, and my clients appreciate the status quo, preferring to deal with me because they can trust me… Me… No-one else…”

Mia accedes, “Fine… I thought you would love to work with me… Guess I was wrong about şahinbey escort you…”

Owen clasps his hand around the teen’s throat, telling her, “I don’t object to you being here. So long as you watch your tone,” bringing her over to the workbench, bending her over it, and beginning to undo her trousers, slipping them down with her knickers. He holds a hand between her shoulders, pressing her down onto the wooden workbench, undoing his own trousers, getting out his cock, guiding it between the teen’s legs.

Mia spits as her mouth is pressed onto a patch of sawdust, blowing and sputtering to clear her mouth and nostrils of it, as she struggles to bring her hands around to her face. She feels Owen’s cock gracing her labia, and greedily glides into her vagina. She feels him fuck her with ferocity, making long and forced thrusts with all the strength he can muster for Mia, making her feel each and every motion.

Owen grabs the teen’s hair, wrapping it around his hand, and yanks on it, arching Mia’s back, drawing from her a hearty, sustained moan, echoing around the room. Owen pulls her further, and further back, lifting her higher, altering the angle of his penetration of her pussy. He feels himself riding hard up against her most sensitive area, slowing his pace whilst maintaining his strong pressing, making Mia moan wildly as she struggles for breath.

Mia’s thighs tremble, no longer able to support her as she stands, falling to find support from the workbench with her waist, bulging her belly on top of the workbench. Her chest is so tight, and her hair feels like it’s being pulled from the scalp, having to be brave to make it through until Owen finishes with her.

Owen pulls his cock out of the teen’s pussy, plastering the back of her suit jacket with his load. He releases her hair, slapping her arse hard, making Mia shudder and squeal as he states, “This is how I like to work with you. I know you like it too. We each know where we stand. You’re a slut, and I give you business.”

Mia holds herself steady on the workbench, still with her back to Owen as she shouts back to him, “I’m not a slut!”

Owen laughs, asking her, “If you’re not a slut, what have I been paying you for, and, why take my money?”

Mia violently shakes, feeling Owen’s hot stare pierce through her, cooking her inside as she sobs, “I’m sorry. I will be a good girl. I’m sorry. Please, I’m sorry.”

Owen comes around to the side of the workbench, hoisting himself up to sit on it, turning to look at the teen’s face as he discusses with her, “No. No, we’re going to get to the bottom of this. I’ve been paying you because you said you were usually paid to use your body. Have you just been making me out to be stupid? Using me to make a quick buck to pay for your crappy apartment and your kid? Help to understand this, Ludmila, because I’m really confused.”

Mia continues to sob, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry. I’ll be good for you, I swear.”

Owen sits calmly at the teen’s side, telling her, “You know what I think? şahinbey escort bayan I think you’re scared because you know you’ve done me wrong, and, now I know it, and am calling you out, and now you’re scared that I’m going to cut you off.” He picks up a saw from the workbench, holding it so Mia can see, warning her, “I could cut you off. I should cut you off, and carve you up into little bits and bury you beneath this floor, but, if you disappeared, that would upset your mother. I don’t upset your mother. I make her happy, and, in return, she makes me happy. It’s very simple.”

Mia sobs, “What do you want?”

Owen replies kindly, “I want you. Your mother made you, and you make me happy, so she makes me happy. It’s very simple. Now, I’m going to have you anytime I please, with no arguments, and, it won’t cost me a penny. Do you understand?”

Mia asks, “And, what if I refuse?”

Owen looks at the saw, saying, “Oh, I don’t think I should tell you what happens. I’d rather we just enjoy each other and be happy, both of us. Now, that is a mutually beneficial deal.”

Mia gulps, “Fine,” whimpering as she stares at the saw, exhaling deeply as she watches it be placed back down on the workbench.

Owen orders the teen, “Now, be a good girl, Ludmila, and get on this workbench, and strip. Nice and slow. Make it a show.”

Mia laughs a little, asking, “Are you serious?”

Owen barks at her in response, “No arguments!”

Mia flinches at the force of Owen’s words, already having her trousers and knickers around her ankles, asking more politely, “I’m already half-naked. Do you want me to get dressed before I do this?”

Owen considers as he answers, “Hmm, no. Just leave your bottoms off, and get on your knees up there, and show off that body of yours.”

Mia kicks off her shoes, and pulls her feet free from her trousers and knickers on the floor. She then hauls herself up onto the workbench, struggling to pull herself up, but managing nonetheless. On her knees at Owen’s request, Mia unbuttons her suit jacket, shuffling it up and down her upper-arms.

In that moment, a group of tradespeople walk in, men and women, greeted by the teen on her knees atop the workbench, with one of the men enquiring of Owen, “What’s this?”

Owen casually replies, “Entertainment, as a reward for your hard work. Come and watch.”

Mia feels so self-conscious with all these strangers surrounding her, retreating back into her suit jacket, sitting down in an attempt to conceal her nudeness. She stares down at Owen, who stares back with a grin, raising his eyebrows to her, prompting her to carry on.

The teen slips the suit jacket down her arms, to whoops and cheers from the gathered workforce. She then undoes the buttons on her waistcoat, letting it hang on her shoulders as she raises her arms behind her head, pushing out her chest and her belly in her shirt. She slips the waistcoat down her arms, and opens her shirt from the bottom, popping out the buttons until she gets to her chest. Then, from the escort bayan şahinbey top, she unbuttons down, shirt falling open to unveil her black bra. She takes off the shirt, and flicks open the bra, catching the cups with her arm, shuffling the straps down her arms to take it off.

Sitting cutely on the wooden surface, Mia is fully naked, blushing red on her face and down her chest as she feels the hot gazes of everyone burning into her, making her blood bubble and boil.

One of the women calls out, “She’s so cute getting all red for us. I want to make that blood run to other places.”

One of the men from behind calls out, “I want to bury my piece in those cheeks.”

Another of the men jokes to the other, “Piece? What are you, gangsta?”

The man from behind laughs, and Owen announces, “You can all use her as you please. My treat.”

Mia stares at Owen, shuddering as she desperately wants to defy him, but keeps quiet, scared of what he will do if she doesn’t play along. Hands claw at her, pulling her to lay back, pulled by her legs to dangle across the width of the table, seeing men in her eyeline get their cocks out, jerking off for her. She feels a tongue licking her clitoris, and fingers digging into her pussy, hearing sensual moans from a woman.

Owen stands back, watching his workforce working on the teen’s pussy, stuffing cocks into her mouth, groping her boobs, stroking her belly. One of the guys squats down with his stubby dick in his hand to lick at the sole of one of her feet before suckling on her toes one-by-one.

Someone turns the radio on, filling the air with pop tunes from the chart’s past, getting the workforce more in the mood. Whoever is licking the teen’s pussy stops to be replaced by a cock, coming as a shock to Mia with a moan muffled by the cock in her mouth. Her sweaty pussy is parted by the stiff wood, greasing the channel with each slide slipping into it.

The teen is taken by surprise as a finger tickles her arsehole, digging inside it deeper and deeper, joined by another finger, rotating around, and pushed in as deep as they will go. Someone spits on the hole, and the fingers are replaced by a dick, pushing hard to pop into the hole, sinking deeper. She tries to push against it, but the dick pushes back harder, more painful for the teen.

Mia sees so many cocks gathering around her head, and they unleash in turn a torrent of cum all over her face. As all the men step back after offering their tributes, one of the women thrusts their leg up onto the workbench, angling her crotch to aim at the teen’s face, fingers as a blur on her clitoris to unleash a jet of juices to wash the teen’s face clean.

The teen feels her arse filling with a shot of spunk, and then her pussy is plastered with multiple men’s contributions, dribbling down her clitoris, slopping over her gaping pussy and arsehole.

Mia is helped up to her feet, stumbling to stand face-to-face with Owen, who says to her, “We’re done for now. There’s real work to get to. Get your things, and get out.”

Bitter, and trembling from a mix of hormones and resentment, Mia gathers her clothes, and rushes out of the room to get dressed away from everyone. She chokes down her anger, and her upset, as she hurries to put on her underwear, covering up in her suit, now dusty with patches of sawdust all over, but brushing herself off to look as presentable as she can, before storming out of the front door.

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