Total Asshole

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Hey lovelies 😉 Long time no see, I’ve been getting over some writer’s block and working on a bigger project. Don’t cheat on your partners and enjoy some coping porn~


At the end of the day, Jordan just wanted a dick in his mouth.

He didn’t care how nicely his girlfriend’s perky tits bounced as she rode him, how good it felt to have her grind her clit against him haltingly as she took him all the way to the base. Her fingernails dug half-moon marks into his shoulder as the pace of her breathing increased, and he leisurely angled his hips to better meet her thrusts.

“Jordan,” she whimpered, and he grunted in response, grabbed at her hips and thrusted into her harder. Jordan ran his calloused hands over her soft thighs as they started quaking, bringing her closer and closer to his goal. He resented the way his hands sank into her flesh with so little resistence, and used that little spark of frustration to fuck her even harder. She moaned in response, eyes rolling back in her head as she wrapped her legs even tighter around his waist.

He wasn’t, like, gay or anything though. He liked chicks. Totally. He wasn’t closing his eyes to imagine some young hunk wrapped around his cock instead, begging him so earnestly, so desperately, for his raw load. His cock twitched for a completely unrelated reason, growing impossibly harder inside those wonderful, slick walls of warmth as an electric sensation jolted Jordan from deep in his core to his toes as he pulsed intermittently inside with a loud groan.

He immediately pushed the girl off of him, no longer needed. Pulled off the condom and tied it off, tossing it in the trash unceremoniously and sitting up on the bed, facing away from her. Did she even get there? He didn’t know. He didn’t care.

He had no desire to look at his conquest still naked in bed beside him. He grabbed his boxers up off the floor, pulled them up one leg at a time.


Where were his pants? Jordan looked around the cluttered room briefly, looking past all the discarded fast food wrappers and boba cups. There, by the desk–he bent over to grab them, careful not to knock any of the half-full cups over in doing so. He grabbed the black skinny jeans and stood to pull them up over his hips.


He sighed and turned, his fly still open and belt hanging undone at his waist. “What do you want?” Jordan asked her bluntly, a blank expression on her face. She blinked in response, her lower lip quivering. He rolled his eyes.

Of course she was pouting at him, even as her legs still shifted together with need. “Wait, just stay with me for a minute. Please?”

He almost felt bad. Almost. The lies fell from his lips too easily now. “Can’t. Me and the boys have band practice, you knew I’d have to go right away. Don’t be like this, babe.” Jordan added, with another dismissive eye roll. It was as manipulative as he had wanted it to be.

She was silent as Jordan finished getting dressed, fixing his fly and leaving the top two buttons of his shirt undone before rolling up his sleeves. He checked his reflection in the floor-length mirror, admiring the way his biceps strained against his sleeves as he moved to muss his hair. “Five more istanbul travesti minutes,” she pleaded quietly, already defeated.

Jordan didn’t answer so much as he shrugged on his jacket and simply walked out the door, keys jingling in hand. It’s not like he needed them–he already knew he wasn’t coming home tonight, and it’s not like he’d be driving.

Jordan wanted dick, and he was going to get some.

Jordan plopped himself down in an open seat at the bar and took in the scenery. His options, more like. An athletic, tan man was showing off the way his muscles moved as he danced under the strobe lights with his open shirt, but before Jordan could make his mark another dark-skinned man in a loose crop top and tight jeans came up behind the dancer and cupped his hips, letting his hands slither up and down the other’s body as he shot Jordan a smug, almost pompous look that very clearly conveyed, yes, this one? He’s mine tonight.

Jordan had to scoff, averting his gaze from the almost voyeuristic public display of affection. It made him mad, how easy it seemed to be for them. He felt the frustration rippling just beneath his skin, and again scouted his surroundings for an easy mark. Couple of bears leaning against the wall across the room, not really his type, but maybe if he was desperate enough. Some college kids beside him at the bar, apparently just old enough to be legally drinking with those shaking, fumbling hands that they passed their IDs across the bar with. Clearly most of them were too awestruck at actually being in a place like this for the first time to try and get any action. Most of them, that is.

The guy sitting closest to him was cute, actually. Blonde, with a little bit of a baby face. He could make that work.

“Hey,” Jordan said. The blonde guy jumped a little in his seat before looking over at him, a slightly quizzical expression on his face. “Drink?”

The blonde hesitated, seemingly throwing a glance over his shoulder before shaking his head. “I’m here with my boyfriend,” he explained apologetically.

Jordan barely refrained from snorting. “I don’t think I asked you that,” Jordan shot back, raising an eyebrow. The young man sitting next to him flushed to his ears, looking down at the counter with some kind of pronounced guilt. Jordan smiled. He already knew. Glancing over the man’s shoulder to guarantee the seat behind him was still clear, he went in for the kill. “Look, I don’t actually give a damn whether you want a cocktail or not, saves me ten bucks anyways. I have a mouth, a nice, warm hole that’s just been aching for a cock to fill it, and I wanted the dick I suck tonight to be yours… but if you’re really not interested…” The young man’s mouth dropped open and his entire face shot red as Jordan trailed off with a shrug, turning away from the blonde and letting himself slowly, melodramatically slide off the bar stool when a hand caught him on the shoulder to stop him.

Most people were surprised Jordan was quite so forward. Most people didn’t care.

Jordan cracked the slightest smile, before turning back to meet the other man’s terse, heated gaze with a quirked brow and lip already curling with feigned impatience. The blonde was restless, clearly flustered. istanbul travestileri He bit his lower lip as if he wanted to ask something, but the words died on his tongue. “I want–” the man started, before blushing fervently and dropping his gaze to the sticky bar counter, looking ashamed. Jordan put a finger up to the other man’s lips and shushed him, lowering his voice into a blend of a soft growl and a murmur.

“Shh. It’s okay,” Jordan said, casting one last glance over the blonde’s shoulder to see another man scanning the crowd with a slight squint, apparently not recognizing the back of his boyfriend’s head immediately. What a shame–no wonder the blonde was so desperate for some kind of relief. Jordan put his arm around the blonde’s shoulders, angling him strategically and looking him directly in the eye. “You don’t even have to worry about taking me home, babe. Fucked the janitor here once, supply closet should be unlocked but on the off chance it isn’t, I have the key.” The other man swallowed and nodded, looking a little pale. That was all Jordan needed–he began to herd the other man over to that nice little out-of-the-way corner, ready to blow his mind (meaning: him). Jordan pressed his lips neatly against the blonde’s ear, murmuring something in a low tone that made the other man shiver.

“Name’s Jordan. You’ll be needing it.”

“Camden,” the blonde man replied, wide-eyed with a shaky, almost desperate tone.

Jordan didn’t listen. It’s not like it mattered.

The supply closet was a solid step up from the men’s floor, the latter usually covered in piss with mysterious substances Jordan didn’t even want to hint at smeared across the walls. Whatever. He sank to his knees with practiced ease. Jordan licked his lips as he hurriedly undid the man’s belt and fly, arousal straining visibly uncomfortably against his pants before springing up eagerly. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Jordan heard the man say above him. He had learned to mostly ignore it by now–the protests were inconsequential, in the end. They both wanted this, or the other man wouldn’t have followed Jordan in here. It was just something to assuage the blonde’s ultimately irrelevant conscience.

This cock wasn’t the biggest or the thickest he’d taken, but he decided it’d suit his craving well enough as he took it in his hands. It twitched slightly in Jordan’s hands as it stiffened, clearly very eager for the fun to begin. Jordan was more than happy to indulge. He ran his warm, calloused hands up and down its thickening length, then teasingly licked the already leaking slit at the tip of the blonde’s cock, admiring the way its head flushed purple before closing his eyes as he took it into his mouth. Salty, and a little more bitter than he expected. The blonde moaned above him, rather predictably, and tangled his fingers in the hair at the back of Jordan’s head, and Jordan had to smirk just a little as he pulled his mouth cruelly off him. The blonde sighed in disappointment, his face still taut with anticipation as his cock twitched excitedly in Jordan’s hands.

Jordan looked the blonde right in the eye as he licked his lips, then maintained eye contact as he licked from about mid-shaft to the very tip, travesti istanbul letting his tongue drag against the slit to taste the precum already leaking from its end. The man above him gasped, running his fingers through Jordan’s hair in amazement. It actually felt kinda nice, and Jordan found himself leaning into the sensation as he returned his attention to the cock in front of him, taking its head into his mouth and letting out a self-satisfied moan in the process. Blondie groaned, trying to push himself further down Jordan’s throat instinctively, and Jordan chuckled, not unused to someone spontaneously testing his deepthroating skills. He simply opened his mouth as far as it could go, laxing his tongue to lay flat in his mouth to take the other man’s cock further.

The man above hissed annoyingly loudly, running his hands the wrong way against Jordan’s scruff as he pulled him closer in effort to get the barfly to take him even deeper. Jordan worked him down inch by inch, letting his hands wander to explore the blonde’s well-toned ass, cupping it and squeezing it appreciatively. Jordan took in a deep breath, inhaling the other man’s musk like it was oxygen as he worked him down inch by inch.

The man started to moan louder, cock growing impossibly harder and thicker until, finally, Jordan felt the sudden relief of fullness he’d waited for for so long. He groaned around the other man’s cock, closing his eyes to let the feeling of satisfaction sink in. Jordan felt pressure in his own pants as he regained life rather visibly. He decided to palm himself through his pants and see if maybe he’d make this guy cum hard enough to get over his guilt and suck him too. Worst came to worst, he’d be able to get it up enough to work out his frustration on his girlfriend, and everyone would end up happy.

“Oh man,” the blonde grunted, legs shaking and knees starting to quake. Suddenly salty spurts hit Jordan’s tongue, and Jordan drew back involuntarily until the man grabbed him by the hair and worked him back down by force, with a loud, satisfied groan.

Jordan swallowed it all. It made him feel like a whore. He liked it that way.

“Oh wow,” the man said, through heavy pants. “That was–wow. Oh fuck. Oh, fuck. What did I just do?” He ran his fingers through his sweaty bangs, skin glistening over his furrowed blow.

Him, obviously. Jordan thought it was kind of lame of him, honestly, the way the other man was acting like what they’d just done was the end of the world. At least Jordan had already come to terms with being an asshole, making no attempt to rise remotely above any of his base instincts as he pumped away at whoever was dumb enough to spread their legs for him.

As Jordan opened his mouth to convince the blonde (C…alvin? Corbin? Keith?) that getting sucked off in some bar wasn’t that big a deal, and sucking him off in return was even less of one, the flustered stranger ran out the door in a hurry–managing to pull up his pants, but not even attempting to zip up his fly before darting out.

Jordan chuckled as he wondered how exactly things were going to work out for the blonde when his boyfriend found him again–the bathroom was in the opposite direction, that would be hard to explain. He glanced down, sighing at the obvious hard-on still straining against his jeans. He supposed as much instant karma there had been for the other man, there was a helping meant for him as well.

Until he noticed the gloryhole.

That was new.

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