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(or “Lust Comes in a Little Black Dress”)


“Dealer shows seventeen . . . and draws a four. That’s twenty-one, and you bust, sir.” The dealer reached out to scoop up the meager number of chips from in front of me, arching one eyebrow as he nodded towards the remaining pile sitting near my half-empty beer glass. “Would you like to purchase more chips, sir?”

Shaking my head, I just scooped up what I had left and muttered, “Nah, thanks anyway.” I rubbed the side of my face — feeling two nights worth of red-stubble there — before I picked up my glass and took two swallows. Making a face (never could stand warm beer!), I turned to flag down a waitress in a maroon cocktail dress as she ambled by. “Hey, honey . . . some Killian’s?” I held up my glass.

With a smile, she took the glass from my hand and said, “Right away, sir.” Sashaying away, she put the glass on her tray and made her way among the blackjack tables; pausing ever so often to offer service to a couple of other patrons along the way.

Turning away from the table I was at, I leaned back and sighed, staring out over the casino floor. The usual Friday night crowd was in attendance; young and old, locals, ‘weekenders’ and out-of-towners, couples, families and the swinging single . . . all milling about the islands of slots and gaming tables, looking for entertainment and a really big score.

This, for better lack of a term, is my natural environment. Name’s Steven.

I came to Vegas ten years ago as a freckle-faced college kid, barely twenty-one and full of piss, vinegar and the desire to see Sin-City up close and personal. After all, watching cable shows and movies with the ‘Rat Pack’ in them just doesn’t compare to the real thing. I was there with some buddies of mine, and . . . well, to cut to the chase, I’ve been back on a two-trip-a-year schedule since and, after my sixth year I made one trip a one-way affair and never looked back since. Granted, the job market out here’s limited for anyone with a Liberal Science’s major, but I quickly learned how to play the games. Poker brought home the bacon for the first couple of years, but Blackjack’s my forte.

I’m no whale — a high roller, that is — but I make enough scratch to keep a nice little place just outside of the city limits, and enjoy myself.

Thing of it is, being a thirty-something anything in Vegas, one tends to get a little jaded after a while. Oh, there’s plenty to do here, and what with the casinos and hotels popping up and pulling out all the stops to pull in the guests from the world over, the action never quits. Yet, for people like me — one step removed from the old ‘Hands, like over at the Sands or the Gold Nugget — the neon and the glitz tends to . . . well, lose something overall after living here for a while.

That’s why I’m here, at my favorite casino, bored out of my skull on a Saturday. The money’s been like a barometer all night . . . rising and falling, but the comps have been good (can’t say no to free drinks and a quick spin around the buffet). Though I’ll be honest, a little pleasurable company would pick things up in the right direction. Granted, it can’t hide the fact I’ve got this head-start on a middle-aged spread and that my face won’t grace the cover of Cosmo . . . but, hey, I never come into town just to look for ‘tail’ alone. Sex, that is. At least, not tonight anyways. Or, so I thought.

Just then, the waitress returned with a fresh beer, placing it beside me on the rail with a smile and an offer for more, if I wanted to stay and keep playing. I just smiled and waved her off, turning to take my drink and throw back a good swallow of the cold, biting brew. Damn! Good stuff!

So, where was I? Yeah . . . sex, I can take it or leave it. I’m not exactly a monk or anything, but I’ve got more than enough practical knowledge to know I’m fairly good at it. Last couple of trips to the Bunny Barn ended with no complaints, at least. I keep clean and at least I’m really selective as to whom I bed down with.

Still, tonight wasn’t about scoring . . . I was there to relax, drink, play cards and hopefully go home with a little more that the ‘pocket money’ I came in with.

Well it was about that time that all my plans for that evening started getting off kilter. It’s like when someone tosses a pebble onto the loose rocks of a steep shale. Starts out small, but then one thing leads to another, and another and then . . . fuckin’ rock slide, kids.

And for this night, the ‘pebble’ in question, came in the form of a lady . . . who was making her way across the casino floor, right by the clear space beside where my table sat.

Lady? This wasn’t just a lady. It was a woman . . . as in’WOO-Man!’.

The female in question looked well-made and fit — if the lines and thews of her exposed arms and legs were anything to go by — yet she had curves in all the right places; not stocky or bulked like a body-builder would be. Tall for her frame, she moved Porno through the casino crowd like perpetual-motion personified, wrapped in pale skin that looked a shade shy above ‘milk’, yet with a complexion that practically screamed ‘cream’. She came clad in this black halter-top dress that came down to a few inches above her knees, with a flirty slit on one side and a decollate that showed off her rather impressive cleavage. She wore little else than a pair of black, strapy stiletto heel shoes, a set of black fingerless fishnet gloves that ended in a small band around each bicep and a black choker. That last item had a single, flat silver cross hanging right above the center of her collarbone.

Walking my eyes up her frame, I spied the small clutch in her right hand, and the single band ring riding on her left index finger. Further on, I caught sight of the bare traces of some inking on her left arm — hidden mostly under the band of her glove. Then, I made my way up to her face. Dark eye shadow and purple lipstick made her face and pale-white hair stand out all the more . . . like she was some voluptuous zombie-Gothic type.

Christ!I thought,This is some ‘dish!Truth be told, in spite of that Gothic outfit, I was looking at a pure stone fox. From the way a smile flicked across her kisser as she swept her own eyes over the crowds passing by her, I just knew she knew it, too. A gal like that . . . surer than taxes and death, was bound to attract trouble.

Proof in point: the sudden appearance of some tall, linebacker-sized guy, just popping up in front of her like he’d dropped in from sub-space. He had the typical tourist attire — loud shirt, pleather pants and bargain-mart penny loafers. He clearly had been drinking since noon, and was making gestures with the beer bottle in his right hand towards our Lady there. This chump was practically screaming the fact that he was on the prowl for Vegas tail, and subtlety wasn’t part of his tactics.

Our Lady had stopped, standing there speechless as he went through his pitch, before she shifted back on one foot, crossed her arms under her breasts and frowned; her dark eyes hooded as she glared at Mr. Smoothy. After several minutes, when he finished talking, her mouth moved — what she said, I couldn’t hear for the sudden burst of cheers from the table behind me — but it was clear from her body language that she wasn’t the eager little ‘fish’ that could be enticed to nibble on Mr. Smoothy’s line. She chose then to say something; short, to the point and clearly something he didn’t want to hear.

It only took the sight of a rush of red, creeping up the back of his neck and on up into his swayback haircut, to make up my mind for me. I can tell when shit’s turning ugly . . . and brother, this was going to go from there to fugly in oh-point-three seconds. Normally I don’t get in the middle of an approaching storm, but I’ve got this thing about not wanting to see a gal get roughed up by some boozed up idiot.

Shoving off from the table, I started towards the pair, just in time to hear Mr. Smoothy growl something . . . to which Our Lady there replied to, saying sharply, “I chose when an’ where I like to party,pauvre con!”

Blinking, Mr. Smoothy stopped being so smooth, as he snapped, “What’re you sayin’, bitch?!”

At that, Our Lady gave him a faux-smile and said tartly, “I am saying . . .tu m’emmerdes,or as you would say ‘getfucked!'”With that, she turned on a dime and started to walk away.

At that point, Mr. Smoothy snarled and threw down his beer, shattering the bottle on the carpet. That was all the warning Our Lady got, before he reached out and snagged the arm nearest to him and jerked her back around. “Hey, cunt! No one talks like that t’me!”

She had her feet braced, her one free arm swinging back behind her as she tensed up; the hand holding her clutch curling around it like she was going to smash it into the side of his head. From the set of her jaw, I could see in that second she meant to show this tourist just what he was uncorking from the bottle . . .

She never got the chance, because I stepped in on his close side, and aimed a chop at the arm holding onto her — aiming for the exposed, soft tissue at the fold of his elbow. I wasn’t out to break the joint, just hit him hard enough to wake up his ‘funny bone’ and make him let her go.

It worked. He jerked his arm back, yelping as he felt the glass-spider-feeling go racing down that limb. “What th-!?”

“I believe the lady’s not interested, chum.” I said, moving to put myself ahead of her, but not in front of her. Figured that wouldn’t be smart. Giving Mr. Smoothy my best ‘College Dean’ impression and said, “If I were you, I’d go look for my entertainment . . . elsewhere.”

He was wriggling his arm, but the lingering pain wasn’t enough to cool his jets. “Just who do you think you are, bub!?” With a snort, he locked eyes with me. “I’ll kick yer chubby ass for stickin’ yer Altyazılı Porno nose in where it don’t belong-!”

I never saw the punch coming, but the effect afterwards is something etched in my memory forever; In mid-rant, Mr. Smoothy’s nose flattened into a strawberry-shape, accompanied by a crunch of bone and squelch of cartilage. For a second, he just hovered there, shocked into silence as his eyes crossed to focus on the ruin of his schnozola. Then, with a whimper, he tottered backwards on to his heels.

I turned my head, just in time to see Our Lady holding her left fist, rubbing the now-reddened knuckles as she swore something in French that I couldn’t catch.

Concerned, I started to reach out to her. “Hey, Ma’am-?”

Big mistake of the night, at least for me. Mr. Smoothy, while hurt bad, wasn’t hurt bad enough to go down after that punch. He’d rebounded and come at me with a fist the size of a wrecking ball, and planted it alongside my head, sending me crashing to the casino floor.

Dazed, I tried to shake off the onset of cobwebs quickly . . . last thing I needed was more lumps from this lunkhead! Turning around on my knees, I had my fists balled up to meet him, but let them drop when I saw one of Our Lady’s feet snapping out in a vicious kick — landing squarely in his ‘sweets’. I couldn’t help but wince, because she hit the dude with enough force to pick him up off the floor a good two feet! With such a blow, all Mr. Smoothy could do was cup his crotch and let a high-pitched squeak spill out of his lips before he collapsed into a fetal ball on the floor.

Scowling at the downed drunkard, Our Lady spat at his moaning form — “Encule!”– before turning to look at me, her eyes still glowing with indignant fire.

Well, some big help I was, right kids?

Standing up, I shook my head and gave the dude one last look before I simply said, “Sucks to be you, chum.”

Our Lady shot me a look, and from the way she was looking at me, I was probably going to get my ass chewed for stepping in to help her, when she clearly didn’t need my help at all.

About that time, several security goons from the casino’s staff showed up and corralled Our Lady; asking several questions at once (Hell, all the cameras in these joints, and now they show up?). Well, at least the problem was in their hands, not mine. Giving her one last shrug, I said, “Sorry, ma’am.”, before I turned and headed off back towards the blackjack tables.

I couldn’t see an empty table among the fleet nearby, so I decided to continue on and find the casino bar . . . at least a drink would help the throbbing pain in my jaw.

Hell, that bozo must’ve had a chunk of granite for a fist!

* * * * *

Minutes later, I planted my backside in a seat at the bar, down near the end where it wasn’t as congested as the ‘high traffic’ area closer to the main floor. Truth be told, the bar wasn’t crowded that night. The last thing I wanted right then was a lot of chatter while I nursed the developing bruise on my right cheek. The bartender was helpful on that score. He didn’t ask me any extraneous questions. He just took my drink order, served me and moved on to take care of the rest of his guests along the polished length of the bar.

I sipped the mixed drink and sighed, taking a second to glance at my face in the reflection of a massive fish-tank that decorated the back of the bar. Even though it wasn’t fully showing, I just knew I was going to have a beauty of a purple-smear on my face come daybreak.

Cripes . . . not the way I expected this night to turn out.

Still, I’d wager I’d suffer further beatings, if I got to look at that woman again. She was pure sex, kids . . . but, I guess after that goofball’s antics she probably wouldn’t want to be addressed by another man tonight. Shame really. In any case, I pushed any further thoughts of her out of my mind just then. The only thing I wanted at that point was to let the effect of the drink numb out the throbbing roar of pain in my cheek. So I took another swig, turned to hunch myself over the edge of the bar and tried to block out the sounds of the casino around me.

The next thing I knew, a pair of hands were smoothing over the shoulders of my bomber jacket, slipping down onto my upper chest with a soft, silky touch that I could feel through my shirt. Speaking of feeling things, two large, cushiony breasts were pressing up against my back, along with a body that was warming me by direct contact! I got a whiff of a scent, like sandalwood, with a strong undertone that tasted like musk on my palette. Something moist came in contact with my right ear; slipping down along the curve until it touched my earlobe, before it was curled back and captured by a set sharp objects — teeth — that tugged at it in a playful manner.

The teeth then left my ear . . . and a second later, I heard an accented voice, dark like fine rum as the speaker breathed into my ear. Brazzers “As much as I prefer to stand up for myself, I would much prefer to be able to thank any would-be saviour, before they go stomping of into the night,non?”

Stiffening, I glanced up towards the back of the bar, where I could see the speaker’s reflection in the fish tank’s glass. Standing just behind me, with her head peering over my shoulder was Our Lady . . . and from the look on her kisser, she wasn’t at all upset. At least, not with me.

“Well, considering what you did to that yokel back there-.”

“Yo-kell?” She cocked her head, her eyes locked onto mine as she smirked. “You talk like you come from an old Bogart flick,” she said, grinning slightly.

Unable to resist, I tipped my driver’s cap to the side and made with my best Rick impression: “Of all’ah th’ gin joints, in all’ah th’ towns-.” I stopped when she suddenly reached around and jerked my head to the side, coming nose-to-nose with her face.

“Do not, finish that line. Please, can you be any more corny?”

“Sorry,” I said. It was then I realized that she had red eyes . . . not bloodshot, but RED. Both of her irises were as crimson as a stop-sign.

“Don’t apologize,chér.” she purred, moving around to take a seat on the stool next to me. “I never do.”

“Well, forgive me this once, Miss . . .?”

“Call me Tara,” she said moving to put her clutch on the bar next to us. “Tara deLioncour.” She opened the clutch with a flick, removing a cigar and a silver lighter. With a couple of quick flicks she lit the cigar and replaced the lighter back in her clutch before I could blink. Drawing in a deep breath, she paused before letting the smoke blow out through both nostrils. With her eyes, this made her look positively draconic as she stared back at me. “And yournom-de-plume?”

“Steven.” I said, leaning back a bit as we continued to lock eyes. “Just Steven.” I glanced away for a second as the bartender came alongside us. “Would you like a drink, Tara?”

“Oui, Stéphane.” She drew another drag on her cigar, letting the smoke drift out of her mouth as she said, “I must say you were not exactly being a knight-in-armor back there,non?”

I just rolled my eyes, nodding to the barkeep to bring another round. “Damned fucker threw a sucker punch at me.” I tilted my head to the side, letting her see the developing bruise on my face.

Reaching up, Tara traced a line right through the bruise with a not-so-gentle fingertip. “Poor baby. Shall I kiss it for you?” She grinned like a shark smelling blood in the water. “You’d probably like it too much.”

I glared at her, but I shrugged. “Sorry. I grew out of getting my ‘boo-boos’ kissed years ago,” I said. “So, what’s your angle, sister? You wanted to thank me-.”

“Oui,” Tara said, cutting me off as she tipped her torso towards me; the strapless top of her dress affording me a bird’s-eye view of her massive cleavage. “I usually just say so . . . however, I am thinking that mere words will not please you,chér.”

I couldn’t help but look down at the twin mounds of tit-flesh, squeezed together by that little black dress.Christ! I glanced up, and saw the smiling-pout on Tara’s face. Busted.

“Ah-ah, caught you looking at the ‘girls’,” she said, her voice lilting as she drew her arms in , lifting her breasts a bit to deepen her cleavage. She drew another drag on her cigar, rolling it between her fingers as she glanced around, before she saddled up a bit closer to me. “To be honest . . . I do not mind, if you look at them. Or at all of me.”

“You don’t, huh.” I cocked my head. “Seems to me, you’d as much punch me in the nuts, as like that fucker from before-?”

“That, was because I was not interested in somesalaud, with beer on his breath,” Tara said archly, before she softened her next words with a soft sigh as she walked her eyes up and down my frame. “You, however . . . I could take a great interest in,chér.”

“Oh?” Now had to wonder what her angle was?! I’m no Fabio, and I’m nowhere nearly as ugly as Homer . . . but, gals like Tara just aren’t attracted to dopes like me. “Do tell, honey.”

Tara chuckled. “Because . . . while you are clearly interested in me, you aren’t trying to tear my dress off with your eyes.” She blew out a slow stream of smoke, shaking her head to make her feathered, white hair shimmer under the bar’s neon lights. “Though, I feel I should be insulted at that.”

“What, doesn’t every man you come across try to get into your panties?”

“Mmm . . . but you’re not trying very hard. That means you are either gay . . . or that you have principals.” Without warning, she suddenly put her free hand on the inside of my thigh and ran it up towards my crotch. When her fingers brushed across the bulge underneath the denim, I jumped in my skin at the sheer electric sensation, and the sudden stiffening it caused in my cock. When she felt that, she smiled and curled her fingers around the thickening length. “Ah, that answers one part of my question,non?”

“Ah-hah . . . yeah, you could say that!” I tried not to squirm, but it was hard not to sit still while she continued to rub the growing shaft in my pants. “How do you know if I have any principals?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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