Turnabout Pt. 16

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Saturday night and Marie was out for another bed-rattling romp with her out-of-town lover, Jason. Making this the third weekend since Halloween, I’ve gone to bed alone.

Aside from when Jason’s employer sent him away on a special project for nearly a week, he and Marie have kept several “making up for lost time” weekday evening appointments as well. Add in at least two afternoon delights, and she’s been getting some side-action every two to three days.

As you can see, nothing has held my wife back from exercising her newfound freedom. But no matter, day or night, after every one of their ‘get-togethers,’ Marie comes home tired but satisfied.

So, all is good, right? After all, a well fucked wife is a happy wife. And a happy wife makes for a happy home.

I attributed the frequency of their rendezvous mainly due to the limited playtime remaining before he’ll be relocating to his next assignment.

Of course, I can’t help wondering what will happen after he leaves.

At any rate, for the time being, the only real problem has been that I’m running out of excuses to tell our daughter, Megan, why her mother isn’t there to tuck her in and say goodnight.

Luckily, just like the past several weekends, one of Megan’s numerous girlfriends is hosting another sleepover. So her mother’s absence has again gone unnoticed. But sooner or later, it will be Megan’s turn to host a gaggle of girls at our house.

Oh, well. We’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.

In the meantime, Marie’s overall outlook on life has never seemed brighter. Often, I’ll catch her humming a happy little tune to herself. She never did that before. Even our daughter has noticed the changes in her mother’s apparent joy in life. As a result, the mother-daughter bond has grown immensely.

As I’ve covered previously, ever since my wife’s first extramarital affair, her sex drive not only rebounded, it has continued to climb to all new heights. It’s produced this aura of sexiness to radiate around her. An aura that glows brightest just before and right after fucking Jason’s big cock.

And lest you get the idea that my wife’s extracurricular activities have left me out in the cold. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the last two months, I’ve experienced more action in the bedroom than at any time before surrendering to the cuckold lifestyle.

Who knew sharing one’s wife with another man could be so rewarding?

Case in point; just days after the costume party, I had just exited my after-work shower when Marie wanted to play “a new game” – a game that seemed to come from out of nowhere.

Without even hinting at what this new game entailed, she had me on my hands and knees. The next thing I knew, she was smearing something cold and slippery around my little brown pucker.

Now, I’m not ignorant of the many sexual activities humans have dreamed up since the beginning of time. Many of which we had yet to try. So the first thing that popped into my head was that she planned to finger-fuck my ass. Having read about the pleasurable feeling that some get from having that done, I figured if she was willing to do a little ass-play, I was willing to give it a try.

Boy, I guessed wrong! All of a sudden, I feel something even colder pushing against my anus and opening it further than the width of a single finger.

Something going in instead of coming out? Now that produced some weird sensations.

Just when I thought my asshole was being opened further than nature intended, the object seemed to pop through. As it did, my sphincter muscles clamped shut, pushing the thing even deeper into my rectum.

Within a split second, two thoughts flashed through my mind. One was that this strange object might become permanently lodged inside me. This was instantly followed by the realization that something flat and rigid had seated itself against the outside of my anus, sort of sealing that passage from anything entering or exiting.

All this was quickly followed by another realization; something was preventing my sphincter from shutting completely. As if a much narrower shaft was still within the passage. Evidently, the outer object was attached to the larger “thing” deep inside my butt.

My colon wanted to eject the mystery object Marie had shoved in my ass, only to be deterred by the other part pressed flat against the outside of the pucker. The two opposing pieces were performing a kind of tug of war, causing my sphincter to twitch and convulse.

Marie had me stand up, and as I did, we both noticed that my little man was standing at half-mast with a streamer of pre-cum dangling from the tip. “Walk around and tell me how it feels.”

“How does it feel?” I shot back. “It feels weird.” Standing upright increased the feeling of fullness in my colon, and the object’s weight became more pronounced. And if my half-a hard-on was any indicator, there was also a sexual element to it. Still, I had to ask, “What is it, and what’s its purpose?”

Instead of directly answering, she had travesti istanbul me hold out my hands, into which she placed two shiny metal objects. My eyes were instantly drawn to the bulbous, bullet-like objects. One was larger than the other with weight to match. On the end, opposite the bullet points, each had a flat metal disc atop a short narrow shaft. Each disc was decorated with a pink faceted stone.

Studying the things in my hands, Marie began to explain, “As you have probably already guessed, these are butt plugs. They come in sets of three called “Trainers.” [Trainers??? Training for what?] I wondered. “The ones you’re holding are the medium and large sizes. This means that right now, you’re wearing the smallest one. It looks cute too.

“If you ask me, it feels pretty damned big. Especially when it was going in. Are you sure you didn’t get them mixed up?”

Marie burst out laughing. “Oh, I’m sure of it. And once you get used to that one, we’ll move on to the medium. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for the largest one. And by the way you’re dribbling now; just wait until the large one is pressing against your prostate. You’ll be juicing up a storm. Won’t that be neat?”

At a loss for words, I studied the two objects in my hands. If what she put in me was smaller than the two that remained, I couldn’t fathom either of them possibly squeezing through that tiny opening.

After putting on a clean bra and pair of panties, she had me help her finish getting ready for another date with Jason. As I was doing this, I was constantly distracted by the weird sensations my asshole was sending the rest of my body. Luckily, the more I moved around and the longer it was there, the more acclimated I became to it. Admittedly, those sensations were becoming less of a distraction and more of a stimulant.

Before leaving, I was given strict instructions not to remove the shit stopper until morning when getting ready for work.

So, that evening, while my wife was getting plugged by Jason, I had to endure a different sort of plugging.

At times, the extra weight and size pressing against the walls of my colon and tugging at my anus were uncomfortable. At others, the plug stimulated in such a way that pre-cum would once again be oozing from my dick.

Later that evening, Marie sat on my face as I feasted on another sloppy creampie. My erection felt like it might burst wide open at the seams while pre-cum flowed like crazy.

Having something shoved up my ass was indeed sexually stimulating.

As I continued to suck Jason’s cum from my wife’s well-used pussy, she playfully tickled my hard-on, teasing even more pre-cum to gush out. A growing puddle formed on my abdomen.

When she was satisfied that I had sufficiently performed my clean-up duties, she vigorously sucked my dick. Right up until I reached the precipice of climaxing. All too abruptly, she stopped all stimulation. We both watched my dick throb, swell, and contract, pushing glob after glob of milky cream out of my pee hole without any assistance.

It was a book-perfect ruined orgasm. Oh, the agony. And what sweet surrender. This was the first and only orgasm I’d been allowed in weeks.

As you can tell, Marie’s ability to dominate and control me has grown. So too has my submissiveness to her.

At my wife’s urgings, I dipped my fingers into the gooey puddle. “Go ahead. Feed your worthless semen into that cum hungry mouth of yours. Just don’t touch your little thingy.”

My neglected erection continued to pulse and throb as it pushed out a month’s worth of backed-up semen. And I devoured every drop.

The following morning I woke to find still more cum had continued to ooze from my deflated dick, soaking my panties.

From my wife’s first foray into adultery, there was little question it would not be her last.

Having non-committal sex with someone she wasn’t married to while her husband waited at home seemed to suit Marie just fine. That this other man was more well endowed and had far greater stamina than her husband were major pluses.

The knowledge that a devoted, creampie-eating, cum loving man was patiently and eagerly waiting for her to return to their marital bed obviously enhanced her enjoyment of fucking this outsider.

I suppose it was after her second or third date – and after I’d eaten his creampie – we were snuggling when I passively asked whether she had plans for fucking any additional men besides Jason. Her response was less than definitive: “I hadn’t thought about it.”

Between her non-committal reply and the tone of her voice, instinct told me not to press the issue and it shouldn’t be brought up again.

Even after learning that come year’s end, Jason would be moving on, I was sure it had to have crossed her mind. Still, I have remained silent, preferring instead to take a wait-and-see attitude. Accepting that my wife was undecided about whether she’d be seeking the services of any additional men. For the time being, Jason seemed to be taking care istanbul travestileri of her needs just fine. Giving her little reason to bother making a decision one way or the other. Not until after the new year, anyway.

Regardless, no matter what the future held, Marie’s affair with Jason had permanintly placed the mantle of cuckold upon me.

Well, it was only a matter of weeks later while attending a costume party when the host and hostess seduced Marie into participating in a three-way. It was then that the question was answered. Jason would not be the only man to be granted access to my wife’s cunt. And according to her, Lincoln’s use of a condom did little to diminish her enjoyment of his extra thick cock as he fucked her to three blissful orgasms.

Such is the life of a cuckold.

Regarding the costume party… I am still in disbelief about that night’s developments. First of all, my wife really played up to her costumed character of a wild motorcycle chick, leaving her inhibitions behind. Besides taking part in that three-way, she also sucked the cocks of three men. Swallowing the cum of one, then getting a cum facial from the other two.

However, I am still mystified by how dressing as a woman prompted such improbable performances from me.

Even before getting into costume, I had every expectation that elements of male personality would remain dominant. I’d simply be a guy in drag. Role-playing a female would be a minor diversion. I hadn’t anticipated being instructed to repress every trace of my maleness while dressed as a woman. As such, I was obligated to act and sound like a woman. Marie expected me to DO everything a woman would do.

Mentally unprepared for this twist made me feel uncomfortably self-conscious. Surely the reality that I was really a guy in a dress would be apparent, causing everyone to assume that I was a habitual cross-dresser. But that wasn’t the worst part. I worried that my true identity would be discovered, ruining my reputation in the neighborhood. Stepping into the party only amped up my anxiety.

Not wanting to detract from my wife’s enjoyment of the evening, I had little choice but to go with the flow; as a woman.

There’s little doubt that the alcoholic beverages I had downed early on were responsible for lowering my inhibitions. Allowing me to comfortably slip deeper into the role I was playing. Helping things along, practically every attendee was a total stranger. Additional drinks soon led to dropping all pretenses of being a man. Instead, an alternate personality came to the fore; her name was Linda.

It didn’t take long before an internal tug of war between Jeff and Linda emerged. Interestingly, Jeff’s machismo was no competition for Linda’s feminine wiles. The battle was over before it began. Jeff was promptly kicked to the curb, allowing Linda to come into her own.

It’s funny, but even as inebriated as I was, everything I did and everything that happened remained sharply in focus. I remember everything as if it happened just yesterday.

Now, weeks later, I still find it difficult to believe that I slow-danced and made out with another man. Even if he was a very sensual gentleman. Linda quickly surrendered to his charm and caress. (Periodic flashbacks of his kisses spring to mind, giving me the same warm tingles.)

But most astounding was that Linda masturbated another man. Watching him ejaculate and being the one to bring it about was intensely fascinating and immensely satisfying. (I remain in disbelief that my hands actually held another man’s penis and balls, then purposely jerked him off.) Still, the thrill I felt while doing it was incredible!

Being Linda for a night was extremely educational. She provided experiences I undoubtedly never would have participated in otherwise and have no intentions of ever indulging in again.

I can’t say the same for Marie. Now that my wife has expanded her adulterous behavior while receiving no pushback from me, I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

This brings me to another question. Although I have wanted to ask this question for some time now, I have yet to do so.

It is a question that began pestering my thoughts a while ago. And it’s not a minor issue, either. You see, after being made sterile by having a vasectomy, my wife and I enjoyed many years of spontaneous, carefree, and totally natural intercourse. When it came to fucking, birth control was the furthest thing on our minds.

Well, that brings me to that question I mentioned. Now that my wife has demonstrated a willingness to ride, and be ridden by, a potential cavalcade of cocks, that question has grown in significance.

The question that needs answering is: Has it ever occurred to my wife that she is still capable of becoming pregnant by someone else?

Before every new date with her lover, that unanswered question begs to be asked. But the longer the question goes unasked, the more scared I am to learn the answer.

Only used once, Marie’s baby bakery oven is in istanbul travesti like new condition. I have little doubt that her oven is still in optimum working order.

Yet, for nearly two months now, this other man has been giving my wife regular injections of his baby batter. And, unlike mine, his batter is almost certainly chock-full of all the right ingredients for mass production.

Even if by some fluke Jason hasn’t impregnated my wife yet, what happens when she opens her bakery for still more men? The number of sources of baby batter will multiply the number of injections put into her oven several times over. That will mean millions more energetic little sperm filling my wife’s womb – each with just one purpose – to search for eggs to fertilize. What then???

But how can I ask now at this late date? After this much time has passed and she’s received dozens upon dozens of injections of potent semen, for me to suddenly question her about birth control would be absurd. Back in the beginning, That’s when I should have been concerned with preventing pregnancy. But I was too preoccupied with receiving and eating creampies. It’s a little late to bring up the topic now.

It’s been nearly two entire months since she first went to bed with Jason. And in that time (except for the last two days of October and the first three of this month), my wife hasn’t gone more than three days without having unprotected sex with that man. In that time, at least two ovulations should have occurred – each providing up to four prime days of fertility. For all I know, my wife is already knocked up.

Is it even possible she found some miraculous way to prevent ovulating or menstruating? Obviously, she hasn’t been using any diversionary practices with her lover. The vast amounts of semen bubbling from her well-used cunt on a regular basis proves that. And never in that time have any of her creampies contained any blood, Menstrual or otherwise.

(I hear you saying, ‘Hey dummy! She’s pregnant and you’re gonna be a daddy!’)

Well, call me naïve. But, until the day my wife tells me that she’s carrying another man’s baby, that question will have to remain unanswered. Because what’s done is done, I can not and will not ask.

Anyway, it was the fourth weekend of November and just days before my birthday. While my wife was out having a Saturday “lunch date” with Jason, a plain unmarked package arrived on our doorstep. It was addressed to Marie, so I left it on the table for her to open when she came home.

Luckily, Megan had gone to play with her friends because what occurred next couldn’t have played out the way it did otherwise.

Upon entering the house, Marie, already glowing from her recent activities, was doubly delighted when she saw the package. But, first things first. My lunch was waiting for me under my wife’s skirt and between her legs.

After weeks of experimenting with different objects of various sizes, Marie had found the most comfortable and effective way to plug her cum-filled pussy for making creampie deliveries.

Her trick has been to partially eject a super-absorbent tampon from its applicator and place it into a shallow glass of water. Once the exposed tip had absorbed the water and swelled, she could then insert it into her snatch like normal.

The now bulbous tip pushes all the semen back up inside her. Then the rest of the tampon can be completely ejected from the applicator. And since the end was already soaking wet, it not only blocks any cum from escaping but also prevents the semen from being absorbed. Meaning every drop of yummy cum stays put – safe and warm – at least long enough for my wife to serve the creampie to me.

For some time now, Jason has been aware of my devotion to eating his creamy cum from my wife’s pussy. Naturally, it was embarrassing to learn that her lover knows this about me.

Knowing that Marie was a married woman, Jason assumed that her husband must be a negligent dolt who had no idea that his wife was out having her sexual needs fulfilled by an outsider. Noticing that Marie never cleaned up before returning home, Jason got a kick out of wondering if her way of getting revenge on her oblivious hubby was by tricking him into swallowing her lover’s semen. Did she really have the nerve to do something that kinky?

When Marie set the record straight that not only had I known all along about her adultery, but that I had encouraged it, that blew his mind. But when she told him why – because I have a small dick and wanted her to be fucked properly – he readily agreed to continue fulfilling that need.

Learning that Jason had been made aware of my wanting her to have sex with others and the reason for it was immensely humiliating. But what caused the most intense rush of emotions was hearing what happened after she told him how much I desperately craved sucking his cum from her pussy. They both had a long laugh at my expense. Talk about humiliation!

I suppose it’s only natural for most guys to think licking a woman’s cummy cunt is a strange kink. But for a husband to willingly suck another man’s cum from his unfaithful wife’s snatch is totally deviant. Still, Marie says it has inspired Jason to shoot her full with as much cum as possible and then assist with inserting the plug.

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