Very Good Samaritans Ch. 01

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Liz looked up cautiously. The airbag hung limply in her lap, and the windshield was shattered. A pair of sizable pine trees had stopped the car before it could tumble down a rather nasty hill. She didn’t seem to be seriously hurt. She was going to have some nasty bruises, though.

She looked over at John in the driver’s seat, and screamed. He was covered in blood and lying still. He jerked at her scream, and his eyes flew open. He looked around wildly, scrabbling at the seat belt.

“John!” she cried, grabbing his attention. “John, are you okay? Calm down!”

A few minutes later, and both of them had settled down. It turned out that John had just gotten a rather nasty bloody nose from smacking into the air bag. They very carefully got out of the car. Their feet sank into the new snow, instantly soaking their shoes. They grabbed what they could from the car: cell phones, coats, and Liz’ purse. Just as they began the mad scramble up the embankment, they heard a voice from above.

“Ahoy there!” he cried. “Are you okay?”

John replied, “We’re okay. Bloody, but unbroken. I guess we hit a patch of black ice there. Can you give us a hand up?”

A man appeared between the trees, outlined by headlights behind him. Perversely, Liz’ first thought was that he had good shoulders. She was a sucker for that classic V shape on a man, and he definitely had it. Fortunately, he knew how to use it, too. He tossed a rope down to them, and used a tree to haul them up the hill.

The trio turned and looked back down. “Well,” said their savior, “you’re not getting that out tonight. I doubt a tow truck would even touch it until the weather clears up. You folks live near here?”

Liz shook her head. “We’re from near Boston. We were in Montreal for the weekend, and thought we could beat the storm home. Can you give us a lift to a hotel or something?”

The man said, “I’ll do you one better! That’s our RV there, mine and the wife’s. We’re just heading about another ten miles up to the campground. We’ve got plenty of room, if you don’t mind bunking with us. My name’s Duke, and that’s my wife there, Cindy. Just come on, and we’ll get you dry and warm. You can deal with your car tomorrow, when your heads are clear.”

Before the stranded couple could even form a response, Cindy had rushed over with a blanket, wrapping it around Liz. It seemed that God had sent a couple of angels, just when they were needed most.

John stared at the interior of the RV. He was expecting a dingy, plastic, cramped space. This was lush, with dark woods and rich fabrics. It was cramped, but Duke promised that it would be better once they stopped and could open the slide-outs. With a strange but obviously practiced dance, Cindy led them back to the bedroom. Bath facilities were fairly limited while they were moving, but it should be enough to get John’s blood cleaned up.

Cindy moved with remarkable efficiency and attention, wiping his face with a washcloth, taking off his shirt, and even examining his nose. “Are you a nurse?” John asked. She just laughed, and explained that she was a physical therapist. Not quite the same thing, but well enough qualified to tell that his nose wasn’t broken. She also was clearly thoroughly bayan escort comfortable with the human body. Her hands were small, but strong and precise. After this weekend, he found his thoughts wandering to other things those hands could be doing. Then he spotted Liz’ reflection in the mirror, and started guiltily.

“Oh, did that hurt?” Cindy asked. She leaned across the bathroom to grab a tube out of the cabinet. John noticed that Liz’ eyes traveled quickly up and down Cindy’s generous form. Then she looked guiltily up, and their eyes met. John just smiled knowingly, and Liz smiled back, relieved.

Cindy began rubbing something mentholated into John’s ribs. It felt deliciously warm, and he felt the pains and tensions easing. He almost missed her question. “So, what were you doing in Montreal?”

He glanced quickly over at Liz, but decided not to dodge the question. “We were attending an erotic art exhibition. Liz runs a gallery, and wanted to see if there was anything there she could use to spice up her collection. It was actually very interesting. I always thought that guys that talked about taking ‘artful’ nude photos were full of it. A lot of that stuff, though, managed to be both beautiful and, well, arousing.”

Cindy seemed very interested in the exhibition, and wanted to hear all about it. John was quickly coming to the conclusion that Cindy was very enthusiastic about most things. She was probably a cheerleader in high school. She certainly had the look for it, all blond and curvy. Even though she’d clearly left 30 a few years behind her, she was a knockout. With Duke, they made a very attractive couple.

By this time, Duke had pulled into the campground. John helped out with the process of hooking up the RV to all the ports, while Liz helped Cindy expand the slide-outs and rearrange the interior to be a little more homey. Dinner was made, and then consumed, along with a couple bottles of wine. Cindy was very curious about the erotic art exhibit. She seemed to be particularly interested in how various sex acts were depicted, as opposed to simple nudes. She also used surprisingly frank language, with absolutely no hint of embarrassment. Duke seemed to be a bit more withdrawn, but also smiled indulgently at his wife. It didn’t escape John’s notice that his eyes traveled to Liz pretty frequently, too.

Dessert turned out to be offered with a bong. John and Liz hadn’t smoked since shortly after college, but something about this break from their normal reality was rapidly eroding their inhibitions. After all, Duke and Cindy were strangers, and it was unlikely that they would ever meet again. This was a night without consequences.

The girls cleared away the dishes while the guys put up the furniture. John commented to Duke that he was a lucky man to have such a wife. “Indeed I am,” he replied, “and, if you play your cards right, you might be, too.” John wasn’t entirely sure what to make of this statement, and used the excuse of folding up the table to pause for a moment. “Which cards did you have in mind?” John asked.

Duke gave a low chuckle. “I think you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m not the type to beat around the bush. Cindy escort bayan and I enjoy ‘playing’ with other people. You two happen to be our type. And all the talk at dinner certainly has gotten my girl worked up. If I know her, she’s probably already working on seducing your wife in there. And based on the looks you two were swapping, I’m guessing that’s not going to be a hard sell.”

John looked over at the RV. He couldn’t say that he was entirely surprised at this turn, but Duke’s bluntness had him off balance. Still, maybe that was the advantage of talking about sex with another guy. They weren’t going to pretend that getting wasn’t the top thing on their to-do list at all times. “What if it is a hard sell? I mean, what if we refuse?”

Duke lip quirked up; John found himself staring at that lip suddenly. “Hey, if you guys don’t want to play, that’s cool. We’re not going to kick you out or anything. Though, I will warn you that you might get a tad uncomfortable. Cindy’s a screamer, and there’s no way she’s going to sleep without a couple good orgasms tonight!”

John thought about it. On the one hand, he really wanted to fuck Cindy. On the other, he really wished he could discuss it with Liz first. They’d each shared fantasies of this kind of thing, but had never discussed how the reality might go down. So to speak. Which was the other thing. Duke was revving his engines the way no man had in a long time. Going down on him was another opportunity that might be too good to pass up.

His train of thought was derailed before he had to give an answer, as Liz called from the door of the RV. He ran over; she was flushed and a little twitchy. “What’s wrong?” he asked. She pulled him in so she could whisper in his ear. “Cindy just started feeling me up. She was also telling me that she wants you. And that it’s all okay with Duke.” Liz pulled back and looked John in the eye. “Honey, I don’t know if it’s the wine or the pot or what, but I want to do this. But I had to check with you first. If you say no, then that’s that, and I promise that I’m okay with that.”

John leaned in and kissed his wife. “Go back in and give Cindy a kiss for me. As soon as Duke and I are done out here, we’re going to be in to watch. Tonight is a no holds barred kind of night. Anything is allowed, and I won’t hold anything you do against you.” Liz gave him a long, hot kiss, then turned and scampered back inside.

Duke didn’t make any comment, but had that arrogant smirk plastered across his face. John matched his smirk as they kicked ashes over the fire and doused the lights. In the darkness, John’s courage welled up inside him. “Duke,” he said, “you don’t miss much. I’m hoping you didn’t miss this.” He grabbed the big man and pulled him in for a kiss.

Inside, Liz strolled up to Cindy, all hesitation and coyness gone. A slow smile spread Cindy’s lips across her face. Liz grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in close. Their mouths met, tongues already reaching for one another. Liz relished the feel of another pair of soft breasts rubbing against her own. Her hands traveled up to cup the blonde’s glorious mounds, and she was surprised to feel no bra through the shirt. In fact, escort bayanlar she could already feel the nipples straining against her fingertips.

Cindy’s hands weren’t idle, either. Practiced fingers had come between their bodies and unbuttoned Liz’ pants. Liz moaned as she felt the fingers slide inside and push her pants off her hips. She returned the favor by sliding her hands up under Cindy’s shirt, rapidly pulling it over her head. The girls’ bodies were rapidly revealed as their clothes were tossed to the floor. Liz stepped back and just took in the glory of Cindy’s naked form, from her pink painted toes up to her smoothly shaven mound, her heavy tits with their big red aureoles, and up to the halo of blonde hair crowning her beautiful face. Liz felt a flutter in her stomach just thinking about what she was about to do to that body.

Cindy’s smile sharpened into a predatory look, and she crooked a finger to summon Liz closer. As the brunette stepped in, Cindy leaned down to capture one of her nipples with her mouth. Liz’ breath caught in her throat, as a bolt of lightning joined her brain, her nipple, and her cunt. The blonde sucked hard, causing the nipple to feel like it was being pricked by a dozen needles. Then she released it, running her tongue over it. She switched to the other breast, tasting that nipple as well. With a sharp bite, she clamped on the tender flesh with her teeth. Liz cried out in a mixture of shock, pain, and intense pleasure. Her knees buckled under her, and Cindy guided her to the couch.

Liz pulled Cindy’s face up for a deep tongue kiss. Then she guided the other woman up further, so that those marvelous tits were right in her face. At first, she simply buried her face in their softness, luxuriating in the feel of them. But she soon found her lips wrapped around one of those breasts, running her tongue across the pebbly flesh of the aureoles. The sweet smell of the perfumed female flesh filled her nostrils. Her palms rested on the magnificent curves of those hips, her fingers digging into that soft flesh as well.

The brunette brought one hand around and slid it between the blonde’s thighs. With the way Cindy was straddling her, the invitation was too much to resist. She ran one finger lightly across the labia, feeling them open under her touch. Cindy let out a strange trilling noise, somewhere between a high-pitched moan and a muffled scream. Wetness now covered Liz’ fingers as she sought out the other woman’s clitoris. She stroked the small nub, feeling Cindy’s hips jerk in response. She slid one digit into her pussy, feeling the tight velvet walls clamp around it. Cindy’s trilling opened into a scream for a moment. Liz rapidly discovered that she could almost play the other woman like an instrument, coaxing different noises from her by touching her in different ways.

Soon, though, the short screams were interrupted with short mewling sounds. Cindy was pleading for more. “Oh, ah! Yes, there! No, don’t- oh, god, yes! So, uh, good. AH! So, whew, close. Give it to, uh, me, uh, baby. Make meeeeeeeee…..” Liz had thrust a third finger into her pussy, which was enough to rob the blonde of speech. Guttural sounds continued to pour out of her. When Liz was ready, she pulled her fingers out of their warm, wet sleeve, and began rubbing the clit. Cindy’s cries rose in pitch and volume. To push her over the edge, Liz returned her earlier favor, and bit down on her nipple. Cindy exploded in orgasm, her pussy convulsing and soaking the hand that was covering it.

(to be continued…)

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