what happens when you grow

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“Look to your extreme right all the newbies have gathered there” said the receptionist who set me back in reality. I had walked into what my life was to be for the next 6 years and yeah I didn’t like it. I am Farhan Quraish , well soon to be Dr. Farhan Quraish, I had just completed schooling and was now at the PSG medical college, a medical school that had been producing a hand full of doctors every year and this set up was basically a medium sized campus in a prime location of Coimbatore.

I was new here at the time of this story, a fresher not so bad in looks and well had a heavy body, I had black eyes that would go well with my dark hair and a fair face with a fine shape.
I had discovered bisexuality in me a few years ago and had not had much of a break through with a sexually active life and was mostly just fucked in my ass and chocked with the dick of my cousin with whom I had discovered bisexuality. I liked what he did to me the idea of surrendering myself to him and watching him as he would hurt me, Bearing with the pain for someone else’s pleasure, this was the regular routine of my sexual life.
I left Chennai my home town towards Coimbatore which was not so bad a city itself. I arrived here on a Saturday to directly enter a room filled with fresher’s who were being given a warm welcome, well at least that’s what they called it.
I looked around the room to find a large number of people containing mostly fresh admissions like me and their parents, I was one of the few people of whom their parents were not an attached hash tag. Standing in front were a few staff of whom the senior most looking one was addressing the group and the others just looked like they were side shows posing to be senior lecturers and professors of some sort. The white lab coat they wore and the stethoscope around their necks, in their hands and on the tables were the only thing that shut the huge mob up in respect to the noble profession they held.

After a long time of listening to how lucky I am to have gotten in to that college and how bright my future could be if I did good in academics we were finally let off, everybody scattering around campus and around the city in search of living spaces and other major shopping for the next six years of life as a medical student.

I had some mild shopping for myself and I had not found a place to stay so I was on the lookout and was out on a full scale search, I found a good taxi driver that gave me fair fares and would also agree to show me a number of places that students loved to stay in.
A days search after I was done with my shopping and was now had finalised a deal to stay in an apartment, a 2 bedroom apartment well in the city.
I settled into my room which had two beds in it, one for myself and one for the other roomie that will show up in a week, he had kept all his things in the room and left with most of his things here, the inner detective in me was instigated to snoop around for what I could find out about my roommate. All his clothes seemed to suggest he was from a place as rural as it can get, he would basically be new to this thing called fashion and trends. He had nothing that was branded but then I chanced upon a copy of his certificates and other papers, his name was Swaroop, man this guy was a nerd, he had a score of 97.75% in his higher secondary schooling certificates, he had earned his place in a four year mechatronic engineering programme at Anna University campus here in Coimbatore, his certificates were from Kerala and he also had a Tamil Nadu state domicile certificate unlike me as I was enjoying the fruits of my father’s labour.
School began and I was doing pretty good , I was not bad but in a class comprising equal share of rich people and an equal share of the state’s greatest nerds. The collection of weirdoes was horrible every nerd I saw looked very ugly their pimple filled face and braced teeth, the other half was either good looking or ok looking and the only way I could explain this was to point at their money.
The days passed and I was in my room wacking off to porn, I had the best videos from smooth Latinos on screen. The boys in the video were too good looking, them and their tanned Middle Eastern twinky young look and best of all their always delicious looking mid-sized cock. I would reach the climax slowly shaking my cut cock, but would not let my load blow I would stop midway and let my orgasm stop midway, I would feel blood rushing through all my veins and would arch my back on the bed out of sheer pleasure, the orgasm would stop half way with a drop of cum glistening on the tip at the highest. I would lie down dead tired for a few minutes and would continue doing what I was doing, I would raise the level of what I am doing in kinkiness, I would at the next level open my window and look outside to see good looking guys and girls do their morning gaziantep bayan escort ilanları jog, the city had some of the best looking athletes ,I would shake my dick to the rhythm of the shaking boobs of the average jogger, I then would keep my door open and shake off to spurt all my cum out into the lobby, the neighbours Pomeranian always found what I left delicious and would be sharp to lick clean the mess I leave in the lobby. I would always be able to do this without getting caught as everybody was sharp and exact with their schedule. On this particular day I was doing the usual window show and moved on towards the door to leave my usual doggy treat, I was going to go do the usual technique of maturation near the door but was interrupted by the days latest smooth Latinos video as it caught my eye, it had this really good looking caramel skinned guy starring in it. I started shaking in front of the laptop, within minutes I was about to cum so I run to the door looked out the peep hole on the door the coast seemed clear so I open the door in a hurry at the final second to count down and spray my cum un controllably all over my newly arrived roommate. QUITE A WELCOME I GAVE HIM. He screamed “THAAYOLI” (mother fucker).

I apologised for over an hour and took quite some time to cool him down and convince the country nerd to stay with me as I had to do it or I would have to pay twice the rent that month. He finally calmed down and agreed to stay. A few hours and he was done unpacking for his life there. The guy was country enough to not know the difference between apple and Samsung. He asked me why I did that and I gave him the kink aspect of it and hid the gay part of it. He told me in a weird note that I had a clean and decent dick. Not knowing how to react to that my mind and mouth said thanks in words while my dick responded with an erection, this happened before breakfast then I took him out to show him around and to grab breakfast.
He was not so bad looking as I had expected and I could tolerate him, he had brown eyes that always shown in the sun, he was as tall as I am but definitely did not have a heavy body, his only problem was the horrible sense of dressing. He had fairer than caramel skin. We walked back home and he said he wanted to bath and I explained all the bathroom stuff he got to know in advance. I pop my head phones on and I go lay down on the couch listening to tunes from my computer, five songs passed and I was looking for some new songs to play when suddenly from by back somebody pulled my headphones I thought it must be Swaroop as he was the only other guy in the apartment then. I did not even bother to turn and I asked “What now?” he told me the water was not warm and something was wrong with the heater. I get up carefully replacing my laptop on the nearest table, I turn around to find Swaroop standing with a simple cotton cloth around his waist that he called a towel.

My god he had a huge cock at least 6”when flaccid, I had an instant boner. It was simply magnificent with a fair level of fore skin covering it, his outline said it all. He asked me to come take a look at what was wrong and boy I loved to go now, his nice face, well-built washboard abs body and magnificent cock had me drooling, I go see that the water was not warm because the valve in the heater was turned. I told him how to manage valves standing in his bath room and he listened carefully from outside. With the end of my lecture I turned towards the door to find him completely naked he stood there in all his glory and I stood there with a boner I simply cannot hide.it took me both hands to cover it before I ran out of his bathroom and into mine to shake off to the memory of what I just saw.
Time passed by and the urbanisation did a nice job with him, he was now too good looking and was in great demand among the girls in the city, he was one of those popular guys in college. He now sported the best of brands as he made the most of what was called illiteracy in his parents, but his only policy was no alcohol. I was now his after hour buddy to whom he shared all his problems, he would tell me everything, he told me how he was lonely regard less of being so popular, he told me how he felt backward in a pool of good looking people, he would now do stuff like hugging me and falling asleep on the same bed with me. Now things became very hard on me as I had a very killing thirst for intimacy with him.
There was a party at my buddy’s house as he had brought a new luxury car, I wanted to go but a split with the girl I had been dating with whom I went to every event left me lonely and unwilling to go. This buddy called me by phone at the party time midway. I answered the phone and he was mad at me for not showing up, all my efforts to cool him down failed gaziantep bayan eskort and all this happened over loud speaker. Swaroop heard this and gave me a deal if I take him and his date with him, he would set me up on a blind date for the party where the blind date was his dates sister. Within half an hour both the girls arrived and we took a borrowed Mercedes I drove with my date in the passenger seat, swaroop and his date sitting behind. We arrived at the jenny club, a large club house where he was hosting his party. We soon got into the mood of the party and swaroop found some of his friends there and got interacting with them. Time passed by and swaroop was looking and acting weird, he was acting really abnormal and now I knew something was wrong, so I go grab him by the hand and he turns towards me, he called me an awesome brother and kissed me in public in front of everyone on the lip, I immediately responded with pushing him away and trust me I really wanted to kiss back but a hell load of people were looking back at us. He looked really mad and called me a moron, next comes the best part, he calls for his bitch …. Well in this case the bitch was his date for the day, he finds her pulls his beautiful dick out and orders her to suck it. She slapped him on the face and walked out of the party room and her sister who was my date left too. I realise he had been drugged and escorted him out to the car and took him to the apartment. He was in the passenger seat next to me and I was driving.

He sat looking at me with his now red eyes, man he looked really drunk but did not smell any bad. He felt absolutely normal but was only mentally weird, we had begun to learn about hallucinogenic in medical school but I was now seeing live what I was learning about. He asked in a reduced voice what he would do without me. He slowly closed in on me and kissed me again , oh god he tasted just the way I had always dreamt he would taste it was simply amazing being in a lip lock with him but we were in broad day light so I pulled into a nearby underground pass-through that was dark and kissed him real hard. This was all a dream come true he was caressing my chest in the mean while and I drove my hands all over his abdomen, besides the ‘die for’ experience I had a lot of thoughts which included if he is bisexual too, is he doing all this only under the drug’s effects and other thoughts like will he remember this when the drug wears off. I reached down to take my seat belt off and tried to remember if I put his seatbelt on when I put him in the car at first so I reach down to check and I did find something but it was not his seatbelt it was something much better. He never put his dick back in his pants. I slowly caressed his semi erect cock my large hands were barely enough to hold in a complete circle, I slowly pulled back on his fore skin and felt the head it was nice and silky and I was on cloud nine when I was abruptly disturbed by cops asking me to move my car.
I pulled into the parking of my apartment and made out on the way up in the elevator, I pushed him onto his bed in his bedroom and kneeled over him. “i want to suck you dry” he said and pulled my hip towards his face flipped positions with me and kissed me on my erect dick over my jeans. He undid my pants and fondled my dick over my jockey underwear. Man it felt good and he had not even touched my dick. He slowly pulled my underwear down and sucked the head of my dick he slid my entire dick in and out of his mouth without the slightest problem, he would lick up and down my shaft and then slowly sucked again I would react to every one of his actions, it did not happen for long as I blew my load all around his mouth and his face, this was the first time my dick was given any attention and I was loving it.
I tossed him under me and now was over him, my chest on his I slowly rubbed my nipple against his, I slowly kissed him on the fore head and then on his eyes, licked the drop of cum to the left of his nose after kissing his nose and then kissed him on his lips again he was very hard right now and I was semi erect. I went lower and gently bit his nipples they were salty from the sweating and man he smelled really good, I suckled on them and then kissed them switched sided between two nipples and he would moan to every bite and suckle. I went lower, here stood in all its pride a 9 incher that made my mouth water all over again. I held his erect cock for the first time, he told me that he felt really good when I touched his cock, I kissed the tip of the monster that I was holding and it twitched I slowly shook his cock and grabbed his low hanging balls with my other hand he now folds his hands behind his head, looked at me and told me to make him squeal. I opened my mouth partially and slowly took his head in, this was all I could gaziantep escort fit freely in my mouth, I used my tongue to exite him as I rubbed up and down the dorsal side of his cocks head. He grabbed my head and moaned. Then I slowly lowered my head more on his cock and he moaned slowly in rhythm to me, half way was the best I could do, I felt the need to pull out by the time I attempted to go any further, he wanted more so he held my head tightly and pushed it all in, my god that felt satisfying and really good. He kept going and he final told me he was going to blow so I pulled back and stopped his orgasm.
I gripped both his arms by the wrist and twisted it he screamed in pain and I twisted him around and tied his arms with a scarf. I gently spanked his bubbly ass that wiggled a little as I did that . he seemed to like that so I raised the bar with each slap until I could see he was taking the pain for me, I pushed his but cheeks aside with my fingers and inserted one finger in, he was really tight, he told me to be gentle and was going to explain that he was a virgin but I stopped him with a slap on his face and ordered him to shut up and he did exactly that. He spread his legs apart for me and told me that it hurts, I spank him again and asked him if I had permitted him to talk as they did in those kinky porn videos. I ordered him to stand up open his mouth like he would to take a bite from an apple and he did. I kissed and sucked on his clean shaved chin and told him to stay with his mouth open, he did exactly that, I gently played and tongued his mouth and he lip locked on order too, I would alternate with tongue and dick and I was really hard and about to blow all over again, so I stopped with the mouth fucking and got down to business again, I pushed him on his back on the bed and now he looked like a lady embracing birth. I again fingered his hole that seemed to be getting tighter by the minute and then went to get some lube. I got a little coconut hair oil and oiled his ass hole and my dick, I lay on him and he was lying on the bed like one would in a labour room as I mentioned earlier with his head hanging off the bed. I slowly positioned my dicks head on his hole and told him to prepare himself for a little pain I slowly pushed in and he would cry in pain, he cried “that is really painful please stop ill suck you off or we will do whatever you want, please don’t do this anymore” I felt sorry for a minute but this felt really good so I let him succumb to it and fucked the crap out of him. He was really warm and made deep expirations that would flutter my hair. I blew my load in no time. I pulled my dick out and left him tied and on the bed I put some clothes on and left him treating him the way they did in porn movies and the same way my cousin treated me. I go out grab a beer watch my usual episode of the Simpsons and return to find him on the floor in a corner of the room all curled and cold, I felt really bad about what I had done to him I ran to him and made him sit up properly and untied him and he still had his head hanging as he did not look at me in the face, with my hand I slowly raise his head to see if he was alright he looked at me with cold eyes and they looked straight into me piercing through my heart, in seconds the mood changed from horror to pity as his cold eyes filled up and tears rolled down his cheek. I don’t know what happened but I was now crying as well, I guess the sight of pain inflicted in him got the good guy in me. He looked at me and wiped my tears off and kissed me and told me I could hurt him and it was alright, now I only wanted to undo all I could as I lifted him to the bed and he lay there and told me it hurts to sit on his ass now. I was again making out with him and I wanted to return the favour as I realised that he had never blown his load yet. I asked him to fuck me he denied my orders and I told him promptly and he obeyed. He got up slowly and asked me how I would like it and I replied asking him to surprise me. He told me to kneel down and bend over making a doggy style evident. He positioned his cannon against my poor hole and pushed the whole length of his nine incher in without any lube or even a warning. I squealed and he stopped to let me catch a breath, he asked me if I was sure if I wanted this, I was In enough pain to get up and run but the memory of him with tear filled eyes made me lie and he started to fuck me, I prayed that he came soon as the mountain of pain I was in was the only thing I could think of, I eventually started getting the hang of it and pain became pleasure as his giant monster pounding my prostate felt really good and I began moaning, it had been a while since any one had fucked me and I missed it and was now liking it. He looked confused as I turned around to look at him, his emotions slowly changed from confusion to pleasure as I watched his face along sides feeling a huge load of thick really warm cum being shot deep in me, gushed out and drained of cum and energy he collapsed on me and I collapsed on the bed with his dick still in me and we both fell asleep.

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