Will Powerless

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I sit here at my computer, browsing through stories, idly friggin’ myself. Banners blink across the top of the screen, a mushroom-tipped cock disappears into a bodiless pussy. My instant messenger blinks with awaiting messages from friends faraway and near… ones I’ve met and ones I’ve only fantasized about… and one whom I’ve met and fantasized about.

I read through the erotic excerpts from the imaginations of dozens, looking for just the right sentence, just the right adjectives that’ll make me scoot further down in my chair… something that will wedge my panties into my pussy lips and the crack of my ass as I scoot. Some days it’s the taboo topics of fucking a teacher, other days its words painting my imagination with domination and submission. In the background 80’s tunes stream and I hum a few bars of “I wanna sex you up…”

What is it about this one guy that can pull my mind out of these stories, and yet manage to keep my fingers rubbing against my panties? Is it his ruthless flirting from a safe distance that fuels my fires? The thought of never getting what I want from him?

His name is Will. He’s in his mid-30’s, with blonde hair. He’s not much taller than I am, and his build has always been on the small to medium side of things, making my fuller figure the cause of much insecurity in my earlier crushing days. We’ve been friends for nearly a decade, flirting the entire time. But a combination of his stubbornness to remain single until he finds just the right girl and my desire to mingle and be involved in a relationship much of the last decade, has kept us from being more than just pals.

He’s often shy, blushes fairly easily, but has always had the upper hand in our friendship. But it’s been a few years since we’ve seen each other. Maybe I’ve avoided because I prefer the way we flirt online. He’s always been a tad too preoccupied with everything but me, in real life… and I’ve always left our time spent together feeling rather rejected in some fashion. In my fantasies, however, I’ve used him, abused him and left him wanton of more.

My fantasies vary from catching him off guard and pouncing, to shamelessly seducing him until he cannot resist further. He wants to see my round ass in leopard panties, he insists…via our nightly online conversations well he has no idea what he’s asking for. I could never send an image like that… giving him görükle escort what he wants after all the years of feeling put off. I’ll just show up.

I drive to his office, knowing that he’s often there after hours. A family-owned business gives him the freedom of having the keys to the office and 24-hour access. As I park my car out front, I notice only one light is on. It’s his office, I’m sure. I honk my horn a few times, getting him to peek through the office blinds and make his way down to the lobby. As he unlocks the door and opens it, he’s surprised to see me.

“Uh, what are you doing here at this hour?” Will stumbles over his words a bit, smirking a bit. He looks me up and down, in his usual casual way. I’m sure he thinks I never notice. But I do. I can’t fault him. Sure, I’ve got a plain, rounded baby face, but the curves of my tits, hips and ass can’t be hidden behind my girl-next-door choice of cutoffs and a t-shirt. The way the t-shirt clings to the fullness of my breasts, there’s no escaping tonight.

“I couldn’t sleep. I knew you’d be up. Thought I’d stop by instead of exchanging instant messages with you. I haven’t seen you in ages.” I smile my most winning smile, knowing that he always lets me interrupt him. He opens the door and starts walking up the stairs to his office. My sandals flop up the stairs, as we reach the first landing, one flight from his office. He pauses and I continue up the stairs, running around him while he heads back down to lock the door we had just entered through.

I run up the stairs, walking into his office as if it were my own. Papers and books are scattered about as I step out of my sandals and slide them beneath his office chair. I flop down in his leather chair, draping one leg over the side. Just as I begin to rock he walks in and chuckles.

“C’mon, get out of my chair, missy.” He smirks and stands next to me, expecting me to move … as I always have in the past. But this time I don’t. This time the ball is in my court… His balls… my playing field. I stare up at him, grinning innocently and swinging my leg back and forth. I make eye contact with him and push my right hand under the open leg of my cutoffs. Pulling them upward, I push my fingers past my panties and along my slit, damp from the thoughts of teasing that have finally arrived. Pulling my fingers from my slit I wave them bursa merkez escort fingers just below his nose, watching his expression. He does nothing. He stands there motionless, looking away from me.

“Haven’t you wondered what I smell like?” I wave my fingers under his nose once more, convinced I now have the power I’ve wanted over him for so long. My fingers squirm back into my juicy cunt. This time I pull them from my wetness and slide my fingers over his pale lips.

“Do I taste as sweet as you’ve imagined?” I watch his tongue reluctantly lick along his bottom lip.

“So quiet. Not so quick to tell me how gorgeous I am?” I stand up, moving behind the chair. He still seems to be in shock that I’ve actually pushed things this far. Leaning over the back of the chair I pull at his shoulders, pulling him into the comfort of his chair. He lowers himself into the chair and hesitantly looks back, only to quickly realize that I’ve moved in front of him. His head snaps back to the front, avoiding my direct eye contact.

Rolling his chair away from his desk, I stand in front of him. I lean toward him and kiss his lips, determined to find out if what I think is true – that he really does have a sexual desire for me, for my body. Moments later his tongue darts across my lips his hands wrap around the back of my head, holding the kiss longer. I move toward him, placing one of my knees between his thighs, on the chair, to keep my balance. Pressing against him, my knee pushes against the bulge in his crotch with a slow rhythm. I know that I will have to devour that bulge soon.

Dropping to my knees, I unbutton his jeans. As he lifts his ass from the chair I tug his briefs and jeans off in one swift move, leaving them around his ankles. Reality quickly checks in and reminds me that I’m on my knees, about to suck his cock. He’s still not said a word. His shaft is pulsing, causing it to bounce from the left to the right as the erection lifts it away from his balls. I can’t wait any longer.

I lean forward and swallow his cock to the base. No soft licks, no foreplay. I swallow it, ravenous for his meat. My nose buried in his fur, I suck for all I’m worth. His thrusts start slow as I hear the first moan escape from his lips. Sucking harder and harder, my fingers are now playing with his balls and pushing against bursa sınırsız escort that sensitive spot just beneath them.

As I squirm and suck, my nipples rub against the leather and I’m aware of my own sensitive arousal. I find a way to slide out of my shorts and panties, never missing a stroke with my tongue. Now teasing the underside of his cock, my hands unclasp my bra.

Your hands make their way to my tits quicker than I thought, as I stand up and pull my shirt over my head. Straddling your legs, I hold your cock in my fingers, moving it back and forth along my swollen pussy lips.
“Oh gods, Will. That feels so hot.” The more I tease my pussy with your cock, the harder you squeeze and tug at my nipples. You groan and grunt, thrusting upwards, trying to force your thickness into my hole. Your mind has given in and you’re now in this with me.

Positioning your cock at the entrance of my cunt, I fall onto you, impaling myself on your rod.
“That’s it, baby. Ride my thick cock. Be my slut.” Will’s head dives between my tits, cupping them and pressing them together. His teeth graze each nipple, one at a time, scraping and biting. Each bite causes me to squeal and jump, constricting the muscles in my pussy around his shaft.

I ride like I’m riding bareback on a horse, raising up to the tip and slamming down hard each time. My fingers begin rubbing my own clit as he continues to milk each of my rock-hard nipples. Squeezing my entire tit-flesh, my back arches and changes the angle of my downward thrust.

“Fuck me, Will. Fuck my pussy.” We’ve done this a million times in my fantasies, but this is the first time he’s stretched my pussy open and filled it. As his thighs bounce up and down, I am jostled up and down on his pole. My slick cunt lips swallow up each inch of him as I pinch and frig my clit. I can feel his balls tensing beneath me, pressing against my ass. The ride quickens… I’m flying higher and slamming down lower each time. My breasts are bouncing as he holds only my aching nipples.

I tense and shudder and gasp as the orgasm hits me. My pussy tightens and begins throbbing. “Yes, Will. Yes. Oh fuck yes!” I’m screaming and grunting, gasping between my clinched teeth. The tension of my cunt muscles cause him to explode within me and that load of fresh sperm shoots deep into me.

As my orgasm subsides, I fall forward onto him and his arms wrap around me… and I know that this is the start of something new. I’m glad I didn’t send that image of me in my leopard panties, though I don’t think he saw them much tonight either. Maybe next time he won’t be so quiet. I’m never good at making small talk or lingering foreplay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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