Woman’s Choice, Yvette

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In our masculine culture, most of the erotic sex stories that we read or see, 95% of our information is about the things and actions that men need to experience from love and sex. They are about the enjoyment and satisfaction men get from the female body. Their approach, wishes, and actions are mostly selfish.

This story is the fourth and final of the series about ‘Women’s Choices.’

When females get their needs, desires, and satisfactions and the pleasure they get from good sex, their entire being is filled with vibrant delight. After all, they are half of any sex act, and for all women to really enjoy the utmost pleasure that is possible to gain from sex, we must give them the most substantial physical and emotional experience we can. By doing this, we, as men, increase our own pleasure fivefold. We can make the art form of sex an experience that both partners will enjoy in their memories forever. But remember, when we receive the choice we have requested, the result is not always that which we had in mind. However, women do make their own choices and receive their results

In this story, we will follow Yvette’s choices and fantasies through to what she, in fact, receives, whether or not she is satisfied at the end of the era. This covers the resulting lifestyle she achieves. This story will follow this woman’s experiences.

Note that the spelling is New Zealand English.


Yvette’s Lifestyle Choice

In the story of this Woman’s Choice, we have to travel back in time because our subject is now an old lady, having just passed her 89th birthday, and she was reminiscing as to how she had achieved her goals.

Yvette was daydreaming as she sat looking out her window into the early Winter evening. She was thinking about how adult life started for her, after her late teens when she had played the field.

She had a figure that most women would give their eye teeth for. She stood some 5’8 tall, was slim with a beautiful derriere, and when dressed for an evening out with her current squeeze, her dresses looked as though she had been poured into them. Breast wise, she had firm tits and fitted a 38c bra. And had nipples that were never tamed. They always showed through her frock. She still noted the male eyes that followed her nipples from place to place. Her facial features were almost perfection, and had eyes that exuded innocence. In the Summertime, she spent a large amount of her leisure on the beach, dressed in her favourite one-piece swimsuit or alternatively in her crop-tops and daisy duke shorts. Consequently, she always had plenty of followers. She never had any difficulty finding a partner for an evening out.

Yevette, all through her late teens, enjoyed leading the boys along, and she had spent many a night, after dancing the evening away at a nightclub, then parked up with a guy in an out of the way place; she would allow the guy to pash her up, and take liberties with her clothing. When out having a night’s fun, she would wear a frock or blouse that was front opening, and her bra was an easy off type. He could fondle her tits and suck nipples but had to keep his hands out of her panties. Then, just as she had become really excited, but not to the point of no return, she would feign a headache and have to go home. By doing this, she could engage in the excitement of the night and remain a virgin. In other words, she was a tease.


However, one evening just before her 20th birthday, her date, an older person, and man of the world had arranged a dinner night for the couple. It was at an upper-class restaurant. Dave had dressed elegantly in a suit. She was in a beautiful fitting little black dress and red come fuck me shoes. Many eyes around the room were watching her with lusty thoughts in their brains and other bits. Yvette was in her element, and she was showing off to all and sundry. This atmosphere, combined with a more-some wine and a long slow meal, had made Yvette quite nicely, thank you, by time to go home.

Having been teased a number of times before, Dave had thought ahead, and on the way back to Yvette’s lodgings, he suggested that they call into his apartment for a coffee to finish the night off. He stopped in his driveway, walked around the car, opened her door, and, taking her hand, elegantly led her into his residence. Its sophistication overcame her common sense. Once inside, he sat her down on the three-seater lounge before retiring to the kitchen to make coffee, and while doing this, he poured a good measure of rum in each cup. Prior to meeting up with Yvette, he had made up a small tete-tete supper for this night and carefully put it on a tray. Placing the filled cups on the tray, he carried it into the lounge. She was very impressed with the service and sat close to Dave. The rum in the coffee began to work its magic, and she felt warm, and with his arm around her, she relaxed into some hot passionate lovemaking.

When Dave placed his hand on her back and started lowering her zip, she enjoyed escort bursa the romance of his move, and as he slid her dress off her shoulders, she felt little tingles down her spine and between her legs. Dave’s warm kisses stirred her soul, and her juices started to flow. His experience showed, as he worked her senses, and although it took about half an hour, Yvette reached the place of no return, and by this time, she was all over Dave and non-verbally begging him to remove her panties and finger her cunt. He understood from her actions and movements that she had minimal experience in the mores of sex for all the bravado she had displayed.

He eased her panties down her legs while removing her shoes, then he finished sliding her zip to the bottom of her dress, slipping it off her body, and when she momentarily faltered, Dave breathed in her ear, “Do you want me to stop, darling?”

“Oh God, no,” she excitedly whispered.

He removed her bra and gently kissed her nipples, and licked her areola. Yvette had never had this pitch of eroticism before in her life. She was quietly moaning until Dave rubbed her clit.

“Wow!” she squealed, “What are you doing to me.”

She came strongly for the first time in her young life.

“I am teaching you how to fuck, Yvette, and with a lot of practice, you will be brilliant.”

So now, having her laying naked on the bed and really juiced up, Dave slowly stripped off, showing his broad hairless chest, his muscular firm bum with strong legs. He was a very fit man and just the most refined person that she could have to teach her the exceptional arts of sex.

Dave then moved down on her squirming body and started by licking her areola and sucking each nipple till her cunt was right on the point of another orgasm. Then he moved away from her breasts down to her belly button, gave it a swirl around, then on to her beautiful flower. She was now almost screaming to be allowed to come. Nevertheless, Dave knew he needed to excite her further so that she had no resistance what so ever. He gently fingered her vagina, then pushed his face down onto her vulvar and slowly started licking all around the entrance, tasting her juices and spreading them around her clit. Pulling her cunt lips apart, he rubbed his tongue over her vagina and up over her clit,

Yvette could not lay still. She wriggled around and growled, mixed with little squeals. Dave took her clit into his mouth and sucked on it; the warmth and smooth wetness of his mouth felt divine. He stimulated it further, and this time she came with a powerful orgasm, almost passing out with its intensity.

While Yvette lay on the bed, twitching in the aftermath of her orgasm, Dave moved in and pushed her body further up the bed and her head onto a pillow. He then covered her body with his and lined his rigid cock with her entrance. She was drooling nicely, so he wet his cockhead in her juices and gently moved forward, entering into a very tight cunt. He pushed further and felt some resistance. Couldn’t possibly could it? But it was; she was, up to now, a virgin. However, Yvette was not interested in that. She wanted him to push further into her body; to feel his penetration into her being.

Now Dave started to push and pull his cock, enjoying the tightest twat he had ever been inside.

He breathed into her ear, “Darling, pull your knees right up, as far as you can.”

Yvette did this, and he gained a further inch or so, making this fuck better than ever. As he rocked back and forth, she grabbed the cheeks of his arse and pulled him in as far as possible.

She moaned, and in an excited voice, said, “If this is sex, I will want a lot more of it.”

Losing her maidenhead had not bothered her at all.

As she became more excited, she did not know the new feelings and incredible sensations running through her body, but they made her toes curl. She did not realize the difference between just fucking and loving intercourse, but she would quickly learn as time passed. With Dave, although everything was so new, she thought she was in love, but later, she would realise that it was just emotional lust.

Her first orgasm during intercourse was so different from what she had dreamed of that it took her by surprise. Well, all good things come to an end, so after her first actual fuck orgasm and Dave’s cumming deep in her vagina, she readily agreed when Dave asked her to stay the rest of the night. Of course, doing so resulted in Yvette being fucked twice more during the night and then again in the morning.

When she walked in the door of her family home in the later morning, Yvette’s mother was waiting.

“Where in hell have you been, girl?” but one look at her daughter answered that question. “You young slut, you have spent the night with him, haven’t you? Well, it had to happen sometime, I suppose.”

“Yes mum, I have,” was her straightforward answer, “and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I love him,”

Mother just said bitterly, “I thought that görükle escort once with a man, but it ended in disaster.”

By now, mom had simmered down a little bit, so she said, “Yvette, sit down for a minute. I will get a cup of tea and tell you something that you have never heard before. This will help you in later life.”

Yvette whinged, “Why do you want to talk to me now? I’m tired.”

Without answering her, the mother brought in the cups and tray and sat down beside her.

“Firstly, are you on birth control, or did he use a condom?”

“Oh my God,” squealed Yvette, “I never thought about it, but I am only two days away from my period.”

Mother looked critically at her and said, “I hope you’re safe. We will get you to the doctor and have you fitted for a diaphragm so that after this, you should be safe.”

“The next thing I want to tell you is about my past. This will make you aware as to what you are getting into with men. Most men are bastards. You should use them before they use you.”

Mother continued, “When I was young back in England, I was happily married with a daughter and a loving husband. He was a man of some substance in our town, and along came this property trader; very suave and apparently wealthy. He subsequently swept me off my feet. I did stay the night with him, and it seemed terrific. The sex was out of this world. Remember, at that time in England, adultery was a definite no, no. He duffed me, and I found out when my period did not arrive. I was distraught. I contacted my lover and told him what had happened. All he said was, well, that’s not my problem, and cut our meeting short; your sister is only a half-sister.

Fortunately, your father, who was our gardener at the time, had become quite enamored with me, and when I confided in him because I had no one else, said the only way we can get out of this mess is to elope with me. I left my daughter with her father, something I have severely regretted all my life, and we sailed out to New Zealand.”

Your father never married me in the fifty years we have been together because I was still married in England. He was kind to me, but it was never the same. I grew to love him, but I do not think that he ever loved me. But one thing that I did learn was the power of sex!”

“I will tell you now, Yvette, You can, with what you have between your legs and your good looks, assure yourself of a great life if use them considerately, and with forethought, you can have a great experience and not have to be like me and just scrape through. I only learned this when I had become too old to utilise the idea. Most men will do anything to get between your legs, and they will virtually beg to give you a better life than you have had if you fascinate them and make promises that sometimes if it suites, you fulfill. Keep them on a string as long as you need them. Do not fall in love with any man unless you are very sure that you want to live with him for the rest of your life.”

Yvette never did forget these words.

Yvette stayed with Dave for a couple of years or more, realizing that she needed to learn all the ins and outs of sex (pun intended), all the positions and places that one could use that would excite a man. This supplied the ideas. She knew that she could twist him around her little finger and use him. By then, she had grown tired of Dave and wanted the next phase of her life to start.

One night, when they were sitting down on the sofa after dinner, she said straight out, “Dave, I think we are too used to each other, and we are growing apart, and I believe that we should separate for a while.”

This statement absolutely destroyed Dave, and he started to argue.

She cut him short and snarled. “Right, if that’s how you feel, I’ll move out now.”

She gathered up her possessions and moved back to a flat that she had organised. Yvette had planned this move over the previous couple of weeks, and she patted herself on the back, thinking, “That worked out OK. Mother was right.”


After about six months of going out two or three nights a week to clubs and dance parties, Yvette’s next conquest was a tall fit looking blond-haired young man who happened to like sports and outdoor activities. While she was not a sporty type, she thought he might be a good score and set her cap at him.

During the next month, she found out his name, Mark, and she studied his workplace, a government office. She found out where he lived and always contrived to be anywhere he happened to visit. Then she just seemed to be standing at the lunch bar at the same time as he was and asked, “Are you following me around, or is it a coincidence? You always seem to be at the same places as me?”

He invited her to sit at a small table, and they introduced themselves. They were chatting on about all and sundry when Matt blurted out, “Would you care to come dancing with me on Saturday night?”

Yvette giggled, “I’d love to!”

She knew that she bursa eskort had scored the first hit.

On the following Saturday, when Matt picked her up from her one-bedroom flat, she had gone all out and looked gorgeous in a frothy white dress, complete with nude coloured nylons and silver shoes.

He met her at the door, took her hand, led her over to his car, opened the door, helped her in, and then lifted her frothy skirt in beside her.

She thought to herself, “I am right; he is a proper gentleman.”

Upon entering the club, Matt found a table in a quiet corner, then walked over to the bar and brought a pina colada with an umbrella for her and brandy for himself.

They worked their way through the drinks, with Yvette saying, “What is this? I am drinking, it’s yummy, and I have never had one before.”

Matt answered, “It is a pina colada. Would you like another?”

Yvette said, “Yes.”

He waved the barmaid, and she brought over another round for each of them. They continued dancing for the next few songs. Each bracket, she danced closer to Matt, and he could feel her breasts pressing against his chest. However, being their first night out, he made sure his cock did not press against her pelvis, as he wanted to have more outings with her and did not want to rush things.

All the while, Yvette thought to herself, “What’s wrong with Matt; he hasn’t got a hard-on yet; is he queer?”

As the night wore on, they enjoyed themselves, and the dancing was getting more smoochy. She was holding Matt closer each dance, but when he started to reciprocate, she said, “Are you tired? I am, and my feet are beginning to hurt; take me home.”

Matt noted that she never said please. They gathered up their belongings and walked out to the car. He opened the door as before and helped her in, and touched her breast as he did. She never acknowledged that touch.

Yvette always seemed to be available, yet strangely enough, she was not entirely there to be had. Their romance continued for roughly a year, and every time Matt thought that he was getting somewhere with her, she melted away from him.

Matt had become besotted with her while his actions reinforced her knowledge that sex was power, and she knew that she could wind him around her little finger. Of course, they, at times, had long intimate talks. During these, she learned all about him and his position at the office, together with his prospects for advancement. She quite subtly questioned him about his assets, learning that he owned outright the mid-range house where he lived. Yvette thought the possibilities were good, so she set about seducing him (not that it took much effort), and on his birthday, when they had been out to dinner and dancing, she brought him into her apartment, pashed him up, and offered her body.

Yvette led Matt to her bedroom, and demurely kissed him, and said, “Would you like to make love with me.”

Matt was shaking with sexual excitement and blurted out, “I want to robustly fuck you.”

Of course, Yvette was pretending that she had little more experience than a virgin and did not remark on his outburst. He then started disrobing her and wondering how easily her clothes came off. Matt thought she has had more experience than she lets on. Really, Matt, although he was a polite gentleman, was no fool. But the proffered sex blinded him.

When Yvette had stripped and stood by the bed, Matt’s turn was to take his clothing off, which he did in a flash. He had over a year’s worth of come in his balls and the biggest hard cock that he had had in a long time and apologised, saying, “I am so randy I will be too quick the first time, but after that, I am going to fuck you into the ground, lover.”

He took her into his arms and kissed her, to which she reciprocated fiercely, also remembering that she had had a very dry year. He pushed her back onto the bed. Their naked bodies rubbed together, and the points of her breasts pressed into his chest.

As they felt each other up and stimulated each other, Yvette gasped, “Move up, and I will suck you off and get your first cum away, and then we can settle down to a night of sex.”

She took his raging cock into her mouth and closed her lips around the knob. She sucked and stroked her mouth up and down, and in ten seconds flat, Matt came a big mouth full, which Yvette swallowed quickly. Matt again had another memory flash, but although he never said a thing, he noted that she did that like a pro.

It didn’t take Matt long to recharge; his balls had been waiting for over a year to unload.

Yvette rolled onto her back and murmured, “Please suck my fanny. It has been so long since she had a party.”

With that, he moved down the bed and started licking along the inside of her legs, gradually leading up to her trimmed pussy. She wriggled her hips, trying to get his mouth onto her clit.

Matt thought to himself, “She seems to have had a lot of practice in this act, and she is not as naive as she makes out.”

However, he was still blinded by a bit of cunt. He continued with enthusiasm licking her nether lips and working his way over to her clit, then taking it into his mouth. It did not take long for her to cum just like an express train and making almost as much noise.

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