3 AM: She Finally Comes Home

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I had nervously been awaiting my wife’s return for the last two hours after finishing all my chores. The house was spotless and i had done all the washing and ironing she had left for me to do. I was ready to greet her at the doorway with a curtsey just as she had told me to.

I was still wearing my new maids outfit, with fishnet stockings, lacy black panties, bra and suspenders. My fingernails and toenails were painted bright red and my make up was perfect. My long blond wig curled down to my shoulders.. These were the same clothes i was wearing eight hours earlier as i helped my wife get ready for her first date with a Black man.

She had looked stunning as she left in the new little black dress i had brought for her. Her black high heels clicking loudly on the pavement. Underneath she was wearing some really sexy red lingerie with white stockings. I watched her walk away from the upstairs window with pangs of jealousy, excitement and fear. Her friend Andrea was there to take them to the club, a club well known for white women and Black men. It had been Andrea who had convinced my wife to go, telling her what great lovers Black men are and why she deserves better than me, her wimpy white husband.

Feminising me was all my wife’s idea after hearing how much easier a husband is to control if wearing frilly and lacy woman’s clothes. I admit it wasn’t hard for her to encourage me to dress up, saying she wanted to experiment and do role play in which she dominated me. The feel of my smooth legs encased in nylon, my little dicklet encased in silk and lace made me submit to her. When she suggested that she might take a lover, i felt a rush of blood and got a little hard on. She noticed this and teased me relentlessly, all of which i was secretly enjoying.. “I take it you like the idea? Your wicked wife out getting Black fucked while little sad and pathetic you stays at home and minces around the house in a little lacy dress, stockings and heels? Andrea asked me to go this club with her and meet some real men, she reckons they’d love me, a married white woman”.

Andrea was right, at 38 my wife was still hot. Our sex life had never been great and deep down i knew she deserved better than me. In fact, maybe its being feminised but i feel lucky that we’re still together.

She had shut me in the cupboard once before when Andrea had come round. canlı bahis I had nothing on but panties, thigh high stocking and my red stilettos. I trembled continuously as i listened to her talking to Andrea. Andrea was telling her all about her new Black stud, the size of his manhood and they’re great sex sessions. I heard my wife tell Andrea how small and useless i was.

Andrea then said “That settles it! You’re coming with me to the club this Friday and we’ll find you a real man!”

My wife agreed. After Andrea had left my wife opened the cupboard door with a huge smile on her face:

“Did you hear that sissy boy? I’m going to get me a Black boyfriend!”

To my shame this conversation aroused me and from then on i couldn’t get the idea out of my head that my sweet wife of twelve years was about to cuckold me.. Images of her sucking a huge Black cock or her face as she took a huge Black cock deep into her kept playing on my mind. That was nearly a week ago now and here i was waiting for her.

I heard the car pull up outside and i could hardly breathe i was so excited. I risked running into the front to peek out the curtains. So long as she didn’t see me and i was back ready to greet her i would be ok. In the street light i could see her getting out of the passenger’s side. She then walked round to the drivers side and bent over. Her skirt hitched up giving her lover and the rest of the street a clear view of her stocking tops. She started french kissing him! I then see a large Black hand slowly go up in between her legs to her pussy. I couldn’t believe she was doing this, my heart was beating so fast i thought it would explode! She was making out with him for all to see.

Finally they parted and she turned to the house as he drove away and i rushed back to the doorway and delivered a perfect curtsey as she came in.

“Hello girlfriend” she said as lifted her skirt and removed her red lacy thong.

She threw it at me saying “here you are, a little souvenir of tonight for you!” She then slowly walked towards me.

“Kneel” she demanded and without hesitation i did.

She took my chin in her hand and turned my face up to hers.

“So how does it feel? knowing your wife has been unfaithful to you.. Knowing that I’ve just been fucked by huge Black man, hey little dick!”

She then thrust her pussy into my face. bahis siteleri She was soaking wet. After what seemed like ages she threw my head back.

“Gin and tonic!” she said as she walked into the front room and laid down on the sofa.

I returned promptly with her drink.

“Foot rest!” she demanded and i assumed the position and she rested her legs on my back.

Looking down at me with contempt she scowled “Look at you, you pathetic fucking loser!” She jabbed me in the cheek with one of her heels.

“I’ve wasted twelve years being faithful to you, you sissy mother fucker! And now I’m going to make up for it by being fucked by as many Black men as i can, you understand me?”

Meekly i nodded my head.

“Good and you are going to be a celibate little cuckold right?” I nodded again, my throat was too dry to speak.

“After being with a real man, a hot Black stud, i don’t want your tiny excuse of a cock anywhere near me. Your tongue may be of use but not your little dicky. Andrea suggested getting you a chastity belt, not that any other woman would want you but to make sure you don’t get to play with that little thing without my permission or when there’s cooking and cleaning for you to do!”

“Anyway tonight, as I’m in a good mood I’ll tell you how you’ve lost your wife for good, how i am a Black only girl now hubby. He was so hot, very very sexy and boy did he know how to treat a lady! After Andrea introduced us she left us alone and we chatted and had a couple of drinks. I couldn’t take my eyes of him he was so gorgeous! The place was full of white woman with Black guys. As we chatted he gently rested his large Black hand on my thigh and when he meet no resistance slowly started stroking further up my leg and past my stocking top. I couldn’t resist so i too started to rub his inner thigh with my hand and then before i knew it my fingers where touching his cock! Sissy boy it was huge! Much much much bigger than you and so firm and thick! I laughed a little to myself as i thought of you, my wimpy and timid little cuckold at home all femmed up while here i was stroking a huge Black man’s cock! He then kissed me long and deep all the time his hand going further up my skirt, everyone could see but i didn’t care I was so horny!”

“He then took my hand and led me to the dance floor, slowly we danced and kissed, necking bahis şirketleri each other as we swayed sexily, he was rubbing that huge manhood against me and i knew i was going to submit to him, knew that tonight he was going to turn me onto Black and turn you into my cuckold. I saw Andrea go past with a huge man, he was fit too and she invited us both back to hers”

“He drove us to Andrea’s and i sat in the passenger seat, all the way home i was playing with his cock, I couldn’t wait to suck it. When we got to Andrea’s she went straight to her bedroom leaving us alone downstairs. We were all over each other. He wasted no time in removing my dress and bra and I knelt before him and teasingly unzipped him and released his monster cock. Can you imagine me cucky, your darling wife of twelve years, on her knees in just stockings, suspenders and heels infront of a tall, muscular Black man? I took his cock in my hands, i needed both of them he was so big not just two fingers like with yours. I was overcome with lust as i took him in my month and gave him the best head i have ever given. Now lay on your back cuck.”

I did as she demanded and she started to jab me in the face and body with her heels as she continued with her account of her night.

“Then he lay me across the dining table and spread my legs wide. Before he entered me with his beautiful Black cock he made me beg for it, i did, i told him how much i wanted his Black cock inside me, how pathetic you were and how i needed a real man.”

“He then fucked me sissy, so well, hard and long that I was lost in passion, lust and desire, I lost count how many times I cum. He fucked me in so many different positions and in so many different ways, he was fantastic, Andrea was right, once you go Black you never go back and i won’t my pathetic little husband. Lift up your skirt and pull down your knickers.”

I did as i was told and she kicked of her shoes and slowly began wanking me with her feet.

“Finally to my screams of delight he shot his load deep inside me sissy.”

It was too much and i shot my little load.

“You sad little loser.” she said looking down at me and giving me one final hard kick before getting up and leaving the room.

“You’re sleeping down here tonight my little cuckold. I’ll want breakfast in bed in the morning and you’d better be ready when I call you. Now sleep well knowing you’ve lost your woman to Black cock! Night sissy boy.”

She went to bed leaving me alone again to realise how my life had changed for ever and with no chance of going back to how they were before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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