A Lesson in Love

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“Non, Henri – mais non!” my Aunt Celine exclaimed, scolding me for being too impatient in wanting to thrust my prick to the hilt in her curvaceous backside.

“Is that what you think I would like?” she said, annoyed. “A great huge prick rammed up my behind with all the subtlety of a rampant bull…? Sometimes I wonder whether I am wasting my time. And my dear sister, your poor Maman… She will despair when I report to her how little progress you are making…!”


It was 4.30 on a Tuesday afternoon, the day on which, as soon as my clavecin lesson with M. Rameau finished, I made my way with barely suppressed excitement to my Aunt Celine’s apartment on the Avenue Foch. As usual she was waiting for me, wearing an exquisitely beautiful day gown, a triumph of her dressmaker’s art, her extraordinarily large breasts revealed to the pale pink of her nipples by the deeply-cut bodice. She looked ravishing and, of course, I made the unforgivable mistake of being over-eager in wanting my lesson in lovemaking to start immediately.

“Please Aunt,” I said as her maid showed me into the drawing room where the crockery for afternoon tea was set out. “I am so aroused I am close to gushing my sperm into my trousers. Please, may I place my prick between your breasts? I do so love to see my sperm pouring out over their glorious softness…”

At 19 I was still naïve enough to think that flattery would inflame her desire but she merely looked at me with disdain and said to her maid, “The tea, please Agnes. And perhaps a pig’s trough for my nephew…”

I sat in a chair opposite her and smiled sweetly at her. She did not smile back.

“Henri,” she said, coldly. “Your Maman sent you to me to learn the art of seduction, not how to fuck. I know that, as an eager young man, you are bursting with creamy seed, but lovemaking is an art-form at which Frenchmen have always excelled.”

Agnes appeared with the teapot and set it down. She winked at me and I winked back, glad of having an ally when my aunt was in one of her less indulgent moods.

Aunt Celine said, “Thank you, Agnes. That will be all,” and then she poured tea for us both. I reached over to take my cup from her, taking great care in handling the delicate Sèvres porcelain.

“All I ask is that you take these lessons a little more seriously, Henri,” Aunt Celine said, her tone softening. “You know how much I delight in seeing you, and how pleased I am when you learn your lessons well, taking care to ensure oğuzeli escort that I am sexually satisfied by our sessions as much as you are. That is the mark of a true French aristocrat.”

She replaced her cup and saucer on the tray and sat back in her chair. Her beautiful breasts almost burst free of their confines and I hurriedly uncrossed my legs, so close was I to an intense orgasm. Aunt Celine noticed and smiled at me.

“You see, Henri, when a man has seduced a woman to the point where she agrees to make love, it is like inviting her to dinner. You do not set soup, fish, entrée and dessert in front of her all at once and expect her to wolf the whole lot down in minutes, surely? You plan each course, like a fine chef, moving from the subtlest romance to sweet arousal, slowly overwhelming her senses with the artistry of your lovemaking and the length of time you are able to delay coming, until she is replete. Then, and only then, may you make demands of her such as asking her to stroke your prick between her breasts or requesting her to turn over so that you may fuck her as you would a boy.”

“I am here to be guided by you, my darling Aunt Celine,” I said, hoping a little flattery would achieve what my fiery ardor had not. “And will endeavor to be a good pupil in all things.”

“Excellent, Henri!” my aunt cried, obviously pleased by my preparedness to worship at the sweet fount of knowledge between her legs. “Now take off your britches and shoes and come and stand in front of me.”

I did as I was bid, freeing my cock with difficulty from my tight britches and then sliding them down my legs until I was standing in front of Aunt Celine dressed in no more than my shirt. My penis, hugely erect and throbbing with the strength of my arousal, quivered only inches from her full red lips. Almost immediately a big pearl of semen appeared at the tip and would have dripped to the carpet had not my aunt extended her tongue and lapped it up, savoring the salty flavor in her mouth like a fine wine.

“You see, Henri,” my aunt said, reaching up to slowly unbutton my shirt and then sliding her hands in under the material and stroking the muscles of my chest. “A woman’s natural instinct is to open her mouth and start sucking eagerly at such a delicious morsel. She yearns to feel the hardness between her lips, to slide her tongue over and around its firm length, to satisfy her hunger for the rich cream produced by your balls. oğuzeli escort bayan All women are greedy to swallow a mass of delicious sperm into their bellies.”

Quite unable to restrain herself any longer, Aunt Celine licked her lips and then slowly swallowed my cock to the root. Her mouth, clasped about every inch of my penis, felt quite exquisite and I closed my eyes in pleasure, only seconds from a great flood of my sperm pouring down her throat.

And then, quite suddenly, my aunt let my cock fall from the wet embrace of her lips and clamped her fingers firmly around the sensitive point just behind where the tip of my prick flared into the shaft. My eyes snapped open, an involuntary grunt of disappointment escaped my lungs and, completely against my will, my orgasm subsided.

“That is what you must do to help a woman overcome her natural desire to suck you off,” my aunt whispered, using a finger to capture a string of semen which trailed from her saliva-wet lips to the head of my cock and licking it into her mouth. “She longs to feel the thick seed flood into her mouth, to feel the rich cream slide down her throat to pool in her belly. But you must heighten her anticipation, you must make her wait so that she savors the deliciously salty flavor before she can satisfy her gluttony.”

I groaned, “Of course, Aunt Celine,” feeling some discomfort as my sperm drained back into my already over-full balls.

“Ah, my sweet,” my aunt said softly, reaching up to stroke my face. “Learning can be slow and sometimes difficult. But you are doing well, so I shall reward you.”

She stood up and reached behind her back to unlace the bodice of her dress which fell in a pool of silk to the carpet. Beneath she was nude except for white calfskin pumps which she kept on as she lay back on the sofa, taking hold of her legs by the ankles and pulling them back towards her, causing her perfectly smooth cunt lips to gape wide, the opening of her pussy glistening with her cream, pink and inviting.

I stood with my swollen cock jutting from the thick black curls of my groin, drops of sperm dripping from the tip, awaiting her instruction. She gazed at me through the extremely erotic vee of her wide-spread legs and said softly, “Look down between the cheeks of my buttocks, darling boy. Do you see my little dimpled anus winking at you? I have applied an abundant quantity of scented oil to the entrance and up into my back escort oğuzeli passage to aid your progress.”

“Oh aunt,” I murmured, overwhelmed with desire. “I love you so much.”

“I should like you to fuck my bottom, Henri,” my aunt said, her eyes meeting mine in excited anticipation.

Of course I lacked all subtlety and immediately clambered between her legs, which she locked around my back. Grunting and straining, I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole until it slid past the tight entrance, my lust making me determined to thrust every inch into her ass until I was buried in her bowels. And that was when Aunt Celine remonstrated with me that I was like a rampant bull trying to fuck her asshole, not an ardent and considerate lover.

“Oooof, mais non!” she wailed, squeezing the cheeks of her buttocks together so that my cock was pushed out from her asshole. “Do you know only how to commit sodomy?”

“I am – so – sorry – Aunt -” I said, breathing heavily, my prick hugely erect and throbbing with the intensely pleasurable sensation of having been inside her rectum.

“Ah, Henri! The skill is not to thrust immediately deep into my rectum. There is at the opening a muscle, a ring which squeezes -“

“Yes, the sphincter,” I replied.

“And it is the pressure of this which will give both you and the woman you are making love to the greatest pleasure through its delicious contractions around the head of your cock. Do not attempt to sink your whole organ into a woman’s back passage at once but pause for long moments while you both delight in the sensation of her sphincter flexing around your prick…”

As bidden, I pushed only the throbbing head of my cock back into my aunt’s gorgeously curvaceous bottom. The erotic delight I felt was almost beyond words: her anus was like a suckling mouth wrapped tightly around my penis, sucking and squeezing, massaging the fleshy tip so sweetly that I was quite unable to hold back any longer. A long drawn-out “Aaaaahhhh,” of ecstasy escaped from my throat and I poured out the contents of my balls into my aunt’s receptive asshole, flooding her bowels with gushes of my hot, thick semen.

“Do you see, Henri?” she gasped, her belly quivering as she climaxed in response to having her back passage so thoroughly flooded with my sperm. “This is ‘the kiss of the backside’ and it is so much more pleasurable for both of us!”

“Oh yes!” I cried, still spunking furiously into my aunt’s spasming asshole, wave after wave of sensuous delight washing over my body. “Absolutely!”

My Aunt Celine was the perfect tutor, of course, and it was a lesson I learned so completely that I am delighted to say she demanded I do it on many occasions in the future, an honor she bestowed on me that I never failed to enjoy to the full.


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