A New Competition Pt. 01

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Karen was always the competitive type, always up for a new challenge. She grew up in the South, Texas to be exact, where everything is bigger and football is king. In high school she was a JV cheerleader for a bit, and while she enjoyed the eye-candy on the field, and even a bit in the girl’s locker room, she was drawn to competitive sports; track and field and tennis. She enjoyed knowing that she was the only person responsible for her success or failure at the end of the day, unlike the group sports. In college she studied marketing and continued to compete as a distance runner—her body was made for it; lean, toned muscles, medium sized- breasts, slender, but not “skinny”. Karen moved like a cat; graceful and purposeful, intent, focused.

After graduation she landed her first real job with a marketing firm in Dallas and was ecstatic. There was a healthy mix of people her age up to baby-boomers; different races, outlooks on life, and backgrounds. Karen loved variety, and learning about new people, places, making new friends and acquaintances, and stretching her comfort zone with new experiences. And it was nice to see a few people that looked like her—Karen was bi-racial with a white mother and black father. She grew up in a mostly white neighborhood and school, attended a somewhat mixed, but largely white rural college. Now she was in the big city. Her co-workers were all different shades of humanity, dark and light flesh, skin that burned in the Texas sun, and skin like hers that deepened in color.

A year passed and friendships formed in the office. Grace turned into a close friend quickly. Similar in age; Karen 23 and Grace just three years older-similar interests; exercise for one (Karen trading in running for yoga), drinks with other young professionals on the weekend, and Michael. The only difference being, Grace had Michael, and Karen did not. There were other men in the office, but Michael was special—very dark-skinned, above average height, broad shouldered, muscular, and hard-bodied. He was aware of his stature and never used it to intimidate other men. Michael was an alpha, an alpha that did not need to tell you he was one. There were a few attractive women in the firm too—Karen had experience with a woman in college; she had a few play dates with a track and field teammate—nothing too serious, just light breast-play, kissing, but not even with tongues. She was curious about women, had never tasted a vagina—maybe she never would, and that was OK with her. Her body craved men far more. Lean, stocky, tall and thin, short and bulky, as long as they were fit, moderately attractive, kind to her, and generous lovers—i.e. would return oral favors. If a man could check those boxes for Karen, she would open herself to him gladly.

Grace and Michael were the quintessential cute couple—-Michael’s hardness was balanced by her soft curves, rounded backside, generous handful sized breasts, fair Irish skin, a few extra pounds, but still in shape with a suggestively sized mouth and dark-red hair. Her lips looked like they were on fire when she wore lipstick—even a subdued red made her mouth the screaming exclamation point to her broad white lightly freckled face. Karen loved it when she wore Dragon Girl, so bold, so unashamed. Secretly, of course secretly, Karen wondered what that bright hue of red looked like on Michael—not his lips, not his neck from Grace’s kisses, but at the base of his penis. His skin was so dark—would it show up? And how big was Michael anyhow? Karen had never had a black man. She made out with one on the high school football team but that was years ago and the chemistry wasn’t there—they just didn’t click. Were the rumors true? Karen watched her share of porn; threesomes, some orgies, nothing rough or humiliating, just something to toy herself to in between boyfriends mainly. The black guys looked gifted to be sure—but then again so did a lot of the white guys.

In one of those in between boyfriend times, Grace and Michael asked Karen to come over to the house for drinks after work on a Friday. Nothing unusual. This happened about once per month. The last text from Grace was a bit odd though. The messages were the typical who will bring what, what movie they’d watch, would any other friends show up etc. But the last message, the last one didn’t make sense: “No, haven’t brought it up yet, maybe tonight?” Karen didn’t reply. Maybe it was a mistake, a typo, or maybe meant for someone else.

Either way the night started off as usual: Karen showed up in a yellow and white sundress, hair pulled up off her neck and shoulders, her go-to seashell choker necklace, and her favorite open-toed flats. A bottle of white in hand, she knocked and Grace opened the door. She was radiant and pulled Karen in for a close hug, sending a quick electric charge down her smooth-skinned back when Grace’s broad nipples grazed her own. For a second Karen thought she could smell sex on Grace, the scent of a woman that recently came, and was recently filled with warm cum herself. Perhaps she was just on edge, Karen not having istanbul escort been filled by cock in a month now. Even so, something was different about Grace, but Karen dropped the thought and gave her attention to a beaming Michael who came strolling out of the kitchen wearing a waist-high apron and using a dish towel to dry his meaty hands.

One bottle of white, another bottle of white, laughter, talk about quirky co-workers and bosses, dreams of going solo in the marketing field, what vacation plans this summer. A perfect Friday night. Though, Karen did notice her friends found every opportunity to slip in a double entendre, any small opening she gave them would invariably be filled with a playful quip about being well-hung, or something that is better when wet. Karen was no prude, certainly not. She knew her way around a dildo, how to make herself climax watching a clip of a woman filled with man in mouth and pussy. But, this was a new experience for her from these two. A welcome experience to tell the truth. Michael gathered up a few dishes and went to the kitchen—for a long time, an unusually long time.

Grace started, “so I know something about you.”

“What is that?” Karen asked.

“You love a good challenge.”

“True, I do at times” Karen agreed.

“And, you don’t give up easily”

“What are you saying Grace?”

“Well, I also remember you told me you messed around with women in college and may have an adventurous side.”

Karen corrected her, “No no, ‘wo-man’. Singular. I am curious, just way more into men. But yes, you can say I am open-I keep my options open.”

“Oh, ok, I get you. So do you want to know something about me?”

“Of course.”

“I like to watch,” Grace stated matter of fact.

“What do you mean,” asked Karen. “Watch what?”

“Oh come on, don’t play dumb with me, you know what I mean,” Grace insisted.

“Ummm, OK, so you like to watch porn, orrrr, Michael…”

Grace interrupted, “Yes and yes. Both. Porn and Michael with other women.”

“Oh my, I never knew that,” Karen laughed, but without a trace of taking offense.

“Well, now you do,” Grace said nonchalantly.

Both women shared a quick laugh and locked eyes, Karen kept eye-contact a bit too long, Grace held her stare, gave a wicked smile, cocked her head to one side, raised an eyebrow and nodded towards the kitchen. In Karen’s mind the kitchen transformed into a stable for a stud…her stud. Well, not hers, Grace’s, but tonight Michael was going to fill Karen—she wasn’t sure how, where, or with what, but he was going to fill her.

“He’s hot,” Karen blurted out.

“I know,” Grace nodded, “and big. Not too big, but big enough. A solid 9 inches of dark uncircumcised fun. Thigh-shaking, orgasmic fun.” Grace paused for a moment, gave a mischievous grin and said, “We had something in mind.”

Karen gave an uncomfortable laugh. She could feel her clit swelling and imagined what it looked like glistening, trapped behind her matching yellow panties. “OK what is that?” she asked.

“A competition,” Grace replied.

“What kind?” Karen asked, pausing briefly on each word.

“Well, I’ve never been able to deep throat his cock. I can get more than half-way down but not all the way,” Karen explained, as if describing something no more risqué than a problem with the air conditioner.

The wine was working on Karen. She didn’t miss a beat. “I can do it,” she stated confidently.

Grace smiled and let her fingers lightly drum on her clit over her yoga pants. “Great, and if you can beat me, you get to swallow his cum, but if not, then Michael gets to cum all over your pretty face. Deal?”

“Deal,” Karen nodded.

“Michael, she’s in,” Grace called to the kitchen.

Michael was up for almost any sexual experience thrown at him, but he was a gentleman at heart. Grace led Karen into their bedroom, the bathroom door was open slightly and in the mirror the women saw Michael, towel on the edge of the sink, carefully washing his penis and testicles, and the area between his foreskin and the somewhat over-sized head to his prick. His butt was firm, he was hairless except for his arms, legs, head, eyebrows, and short pubic hair—it didn’t curl or even mound up above his root, but simply lay flat and was trimmed closely—just enough to remind Grace that she was getting fucked by a grown man.

“My my my” he began, coming out of the bathroom stark naked, erection slowly lifting his cock into position, “what do we have here?”

“A willing contestant,” Grace responded.

“Is that right?” Michael continued.

“Yes,” said Karen. “I’ve had dinner, but I am still hungry—will you feed me Michael?”

“I will honey,” he assured her.

Grace moved a pillow into position for Karen.

“Take her dress off for her first Grace, help her out,” Michael suggested.

Karen started to undress.

“No no,” Michael insisted, “Grace can do avcılar escort it.”

Karen stood up as straight as Michael’s growing black member. Grace traced the back of her hand over Karen’s back, letting her feel the light scratching of her nails, and found her panty line. Grace moved with a speed that surprised her friend, quickly letting Karen’s soaked panties fall around her ankles, then back up. Grace extended her hand, as if to shake hands, and followed Karen’s inner thighs up to her sweet-smelling vagina, and let her fingers cup her entire mound while her thumb teased at her rosy pink asshole. In an instant the yellow sun dress was passing over Karen’s face, tone arms raised, nipples that crowned perky breasts being lightly teased by the cotton fabric.

There Karen stood. Naked. The center of attention and facing a gorgeous jet-black man she had masturbated to for over a year now. He smiled, pulled her in for a quick and intense kiss, then with his strong right hand caressing her smooth cheek with the back of his fingers, his tone changed, as if a man setting out on an important day of work, and said authoritatively, “On your knees baby.”

Holding his gaze, Karen obeyed quickly, coming to rest her knees on satin pillowcases. Firm enough to give her stability, but soft enough to bear her light frame for however long she needed to get this job done. She was hungry. Grace undressed herself and quietly slipped her magic wand out of a nightstand. Lily white thighs spread open, Karen looked over and saw her friend’s fleshy flower spread and then heard the low hum of the pleasure stick.

“Get to work slut,” Grace laughed, breaking the tension.

Michael bent down and tongue-kissed Karen again, whispered something into her ear, gently caressed her hairline and brow, then smiled and told her, “Deep throat it and the cum is yours, if you can’t, I cum on your face. That’s the deal, right?”

“Right,” Karen agreed.

No sooner were the words out of Karen’s mouth than her first black cock was heading into it. Michael placed one hand at the base of his swollen shaft, the other on the top of Karen’s head, and slowly parted her plush lips. She was surprised by his width and her top teeth lightly scraped his head.

“Try again baby,” he smiled, his easy-going nature on display.

Hummmm, buzzzz.

Grace started to quietly moan in the background, and grew more aggressive, “Scratch him again and I’ll bury your face in this wet cunt,” she warned.

Michael locked eyes with Karen, “Come on girl, you can get this down, just relax.”

Karen slipped one hand towards her clit and using her labia as a shield, rolled it back and forth between index and middle finger. Now with wetted lips folded over her teeth she placed her other hand on Michael’s firm ass as he guided his cock head into her willing mouth. She pushed back his foreskin with her lips and spent time on the upper 4 inches. God, the rumors were true. This man is at least 9 inches.

Hummmm, buzzzzz.

“Cup his balls Karen,” Grace demanded. “You gotta coax that cum out of my bull. No quitting bitch. And stop playing with your pussy. Focus on Michael-one hand on the balls, one on the dick.”

Obediently, Karen took her hand away from her clit, Michael took it by the wrist and held it up in the air, leaning down he sucked her two cum-soaked fingers. Karen laughed a bit when he bobbed his head on her fingers like he was the one sucking cock. They both laughed, but before she could say a word the blackness was back in her mouth. This time deeper than before. The wine was relaxing her more and more. Karen felt her throat open up and her mind relax. Her clit was ready to burst.

Grace was moaning and coaching Karen, “Yea baby, no quitting, get that cum. Fuck her throat Michael, fill her mouth with your warm load.”

It turns out that Grace was the mastermind of this operation after all.

With balls cupped and the taste of pre-cum on Karen’s tongue, she could see her goal: Michael’s pubic bone, just above the base of his penis. That’s why he kept his pubic hair so short. He wanted a welcoming place for his woman’s nose to rest as the tip of his cock tickled the back of her throat.

“Oh god, you’re so close baby,” Michael moaned.

Karen could feel his balls swelling with sticky warmth, could feel his cock reaching, searching, aching for her throat.

“Go bitch go,” Grace laughed, already bringing herself to orgasm.

The sound a penis makes as it is making its way into a hungry and eager mouth is like music. It is the sound of someone on the edge of orgasm, on the edge of gagging, on the edge of ecstasy.

“Almost there beautiful,” Michael encouraged her. “One more inch, I’m almost ready to come. Where is it going baby? All over your face, making a mess of you, or are you going to swallow this cock down in your throat like a grown woman?”

Karen wasn’t a quitter. With both hands pressed firmly on Michael’s ass, fingers grazing the back of his şirinevler escort balls, she made one final effort and broke through the wall. She did it. Now it was effortless, like she was a porn star. Grace knelt behind Michael stroking his swollen sack as Karen effortlessly swallowed Michael’s member.

“I’m going to fuck your face OK baby? I’m going to dominate you-you want that baby?” Michael asked.

Karen moaned her agreement. Grace tongued Michael’s sack the best she could from behind and under him as it swung close to her like a fleshy pendulum and then away as he fucked her friend’s face. Michael lay both hands on Karen’s head. His thrusts were slow, but deliberate and unrelenting. It was like a 3-D movie for Karen…pelvis 9 inches away, and then nearly slamming into her face, all she could see was a blur of dark flesh.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…you ready baby, you want this cumshot?” Michael asked in between shallow breathes.

Karen was stuffed. Stuffed with a great meal, white wine, and the finest cock she ever sucked. She didn’t say a word, she just pressed Michael’s tight ass closer to her, held him close in her mouth’s embrace as he unloaded all of his essence, his sex, his energy, his cum down her willing throat.

Gush Gush Gush Gush

Watery cum exploded from his member in four large eruptions set to the sound of groans that shocked Karen with their volume and intensity. But she did not waiver. Karen was committed to her new cock, for however fleeting of a time that it was hers, committed to letting him rest deep in her throat.

Michael half commanded, half encouraged, “Take it all baby, you love how that tastes don’t you? Swallow it all.”

Michael’s offering was easy to swallow—it wasn’t as thick as other deposits Karen had taken before, it was more like water, moved easier over her tongue and down the back of her throat. She felt two large hands, thick but tender, firmly pressing the back of her head towards his pelvis, the tip of her nose resting in his trimmed pubic hair. Michael wanted her to prove she was in this for the long haul, until the last warm drop passed from him into her waiting throat. The orgasm ended, but Michael held her tight.

With her right hand, Grace ever so lightly pulled at Michael’s empty scrotum with the tips of her fingernails while kissing and nibbling at his hips. She knew he didn’t like his ass played with, but in the heat of the moment she pressed two fingers just outside his anus, then back to massaging his tired sack-no complaints from Michael.

While still kneeling, Grace continued her work at Michael’s balls with one hand, and with the other she entwined her fingers with his hands. Together they held Karen’s head firmly in place. For a brief moment Karen felt like their prey-this couple’s slutty fuck toy obediently receiving her black master’s seed however they chose.

Karen remained calm and breathed through her nose. She knew what Michael was doing. He wanted her to feel his strength, to feel submissive for a few moments and know the feeling of having her face properly fucked. He was making sure she held up her end of the bargain and swallowed his seed—and she loved it.

In and out Karen breathed through her nose as the last remnant made its way down. Michael’s heart was pounding loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Feeling Karen squeeze his ass he knew she was finished and wanted the game to be over. He came back to earth and lifted his hands from Karen’s head and helped her to her feet.

They kissed, he thought he could taste a little bit of himself on her tongue. No matter. Michael led her to the bed, her knees slightly stiff, eyes watering, nearly exhausted, but looking triumphant. She was victorious, it was her lipstick, not Grace’s, that marked the base of Michael’s recently stiff shaft. Now though, Karen was aching to release—she was throated by her stud on loan and now wanted her reward—a cum-coated throat was only half of what Karen felt she earned.

Always the gentleman, a flaccid Michael eased Karen onto her back, his right hand gently cradling her head. Grace lay beside the two, still watching. With his hands perched atop Karen’s sore knees, Michael slowly opened his temporary lover. Legs spread, clitoris peeking out, ripe for the sucking, Karen’s eyes were fixed on Michael as he kissed her inner thighs and worked his way, inch by inch, towards her neglected pussy. He rested his cheek lightly on her thigh, stole one kiss from her clit, and looking up from his work said, “Now it is your turn honey,” as his open mouth descended to her slick cunt.

“How does she taste babe?” Grace asked, kneeling on the bed beside Karen. Grace was running her fingertips from the cum-queen’s tight belly up to her throat, purposefully skipping her nipples and breasts.

“Like” (suck) “a” (lick) “dream,” Michael replied.

Michael was all too happy to nibble and suck Karen’s clit for as long as she wanted, but he started to wonder if she had ever had her pussy eaten by a man that truly loved eating pussy. There is a clear difference in the quality of service delivered by a man only hoping to get his cock sucked in the next five minutes, and a man who believes eating a woman out is an art, and is glad to do so even after he blows his load down her throat when a less committed lover would retire and rest.

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