A Schoolyear with Sarah

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Hi everyone. This is my first story. I’ve written a few others but am waiting for feedback. I didn’t get a good chance to edit this, so please go easy on me. That’s what she said.

I was really an odd, socially inept person until I was about 14. That is when my love (and sex) life really started. I remember that one day in June, right after school got out. I was hanging around at my house playing World of Warcraft on the new gateway computer I got for getting straight “A”s. I decided to log off. (or log out?) when my usual E-Mail notifier came on. It was a chat message form Sarah, the girl across the street. Let me tell you about her. She has long, black hair usually in a ponytail. She has green eyes and a very nice body. Her parents work for huge corporations like software companies in Japan and India and stuff like that so they’re never around. The only other person there is her 25 year old brother named Reese, who is usually fucking his girlfriend or raping someone at a fast food restaurant. We started to talk. She asked me if I wanted to play Halo 3, and since I didn’t have it, I said yes. I made my way over to her house. She opened the door and I followed her upstairs.
It was a pretty brutal game. The game stakes were at $150 then, and I didn’t have the money, so I played hard. I was kind of distracted the entire game because out of the corner of my eye I could see her curvy, sexy body bounce. At one point I almost started to drool, but snapped out of it when the round was over. Eventually, I won. She went into her closet to get the money. She poked her head out and said “Hey, I don’t have the money right now.”
“Find a way to repay me” I said
“How about this” She walked calmly towards me and put her arms around me. She kissed me. I looked at her. I could say nothing because she kissed me again. We probably kissed for at least ten minutes. Then she laid down bursa escort on her bed. She looked up facing me. I could well see her upper half then. I caught myself staring at her tits. They looked big. She was wearing shorts and a white t-shirt. Her boobs looked tight in that shirt, like it was threatening to burst open any second. Her tits looked nice and round from my view, not floppy or squishy. She obviously was reading my mind because then she stood up and took off her shirt, and to my astonishment, she wasn’t wearing a bra. she pushed me on the bed and during this make-out session I moved my hands all over her body, like her back, her chest, her sides, ass, and stroking her hair gently. She could tell at this point that my dick was getting hard so she moved her hands towards it. she took off my pants and underwear. I took off my shirt. She bent over and started to suck on my dick.
There I was, lying on a bed with a hot girl sucking my dick. I flipped her over so she was on the bed, and took off her pants.we lied on the bed just looking at each other for at least 10 seconds, deciding what to do. I got an idea first. I moved her to a chair and started to finger her. She moaned and grabbed her tits. Her legs were spread wide and her arms were at her sides with her hands gripping the chair tightly. Finally she got up and went to her closet. She returned with a condom and put it on my dick. Then she sat on me and we started to fuck. I grabbed her sides and moved her up and down. It was the greatest feeling I had ever had in my life. I finally cummed and she did to, and we just stared at each other.
Then, we changed positions so we were on her blue couch and she was on me. She put her arms around my neck and sat on her knees. She started to bounce up and down and her tits rubbed my face. We cummed again and I bent forward and kissed her. Then she bent over and told me to fuck her doggy style. I did. I got on her and she moaned. I grabbed her tits from underneath and rubbed them. Then I put my hands on her shoulders and görükle escort violently fucked her. After that, we were both very tired since this was our first time. She laid down on me, her head on my chest. I stroked her head and her side and then we fell asleep. I woke up to a very pleasant feeling. I looked up, and Sarah was sucking my dick again. I could do nothing but put my head back on the ground and enjoy the feeling. She then got up and started to fuck me again. This time, she was rubbing my dick against her pussy lips and teasing me. I wanted to cum so badly but I held it in. Then she mounted me for real. This time I put my hands on her shoulders and shook her up and down. The expression on her face told me that she was enjoying it so much it was almost pain full.

I started to talk to Sarah. I asked her if she liked being fucked, and she said yes. I said “Was it your plan to fuck me all along?”
“Yes,” she said “it was”
“why me?”
“Well, when I first moved here, I told my mom that since I was going to an all girls school, I would never get a boyfriend. And we were moving to the rich part of town, so all the kids would be really snobby. You were like, the only guy who didn’t care about himself more than air.”
“Ah, I see”
“Also, I caught you naked in your room once. I really became interested in sex and such when I caught my brother watching a porno.”
“You seemed comfortable banging me, why was that?”
“Well, it’s basically the same story. I also thought you were really hot. Classic.”
We talked some more and then eventually fell asleep on her bed.
The whole summer went by somewhat like this. I would go over to her house a lot, not necessarily fucking her, but a lot of oral sex went on. When school started again, we had less time to focus on this stuff. Sometimes we would not see each other for weeks on end. During the weekends, we mostly hanged out with our own friends, who now knew about our experiences. The school year was coming to a close and we started to see each escort bayan other more, as the teachers assigned less homework. One time, we fucked under her bed, trying not to make noise as her sister was around for the weekend and she was very protective and sensitive. She opened the door a few times, one while I was cumming, and she heard the noise, but couldn’t find us. I whispered to Sarah “That was a close one” then she said “speaking of close, I have an idea!” We got out from under the bed and moved to the spare closet. She propped herself against the wall and I started to fuck her. It was like she was part of the wall, only her ass was sticking out. I was pounding as hard as I could. She had some quiet moans. I fell backwards so we were leaning against the back wall. She turned around. I sat on the floor with my legs along the wall, and she sat on my dick and started to gently move up and down. Then she got on her knees and started fucking me again. She kept rubbing her tits in my face and I put my hands on her sides and moving her closer then back. Her hair was back in a headband giving her a preppy kind of look, only more slutty. Because the closet was so stuffy, we were both really sweaty and red. We decided to take a shower. She turned on the steam in the shower and I sat on the bench. She sat on my dick, but she was facing the same direction I was. I grabbed her boobs and started kissing her neck. She seemed to like this a lot. As the shower started to get warmer, it started getting steamy. Soon we were surrounded by a grey-ish mist. It was only me and her. She moved up and down slowly on my shaft and we started to get really hot.
“Mmmffff!” Sarah moaned out in pleasure as I kissed her nipples. I traced my hands up and down her wet, curvy body. I could feel myself getting ready to blow, so I picked her up and flattened her against the cold, marble wall. A shudder ran through her body as she touched the cool rock. I started to move in and out of her pussy faster.
“Ahhh!” Sarah moaned and I sighed together. Sarah’s legs got weaker and she slid down to the bottom of the shower.
“Brian?” She whispered.
“Yes” I said softly into her ear.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” I managed to gasp before falling asleep.

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