Arrested Ch. 01

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This was always the favorite part of her drive home from the beach, top down, wind blowing through her still damp hair, and the sun still shining brightly on her warm skin. Peggy was still in her suit, covered only with a short wrap-around skirt as she headed home from her favorite secluded beach spot. Her skin had a healthy sun kissed glow and her hair, although darker because of the wetness would dry soon lighter than before. She was lost in the refrains of the Moody Blues coming from her speakers.

The “whooop whooop whooop” got her attention first, then she noticed the flashing bubble gum light on the motorcycle behind her. Damn, what was it now. She didn’t think she’d been speeding but who knew she was so lost in her own thoughts. She pulled over to the side and watched in the side view mirror as the CHP officer dismounted. He started towards to her car and she kept an eye on him as she laughed to herself “objects may appear larger than they are”….. I wonder, she thought.

She looked up at the officer as he neared the door. His light brown pants hugged his body tightly (should she be noticing this?), his eyes were still hidden behind his sunglasses, and she could smell the soft kid leather of his driving gloves.

“Ma’am, do you know how fast you were going back there?” he asked as he removed his glasses Malatya Escort and stared down at her.

The first thing he noticed was her smile. It was California beautiful. Then his eyes moved down the rest of her body before he even removed his sunglasses. She was very pretty, and had a nice body to boot. Did he really see her eyes in the side view mirror checking him out?

“No officer, I’m afraid I wasn’t paying attention, lost in the sunshine I guess.” She gave him a big smile. Hey it worked sometimes.

“I’ll need your license and registration please, and will you step out of the car?” The last part wasn’t necessary but he wanted to see her standing up and get a good look at her. “Will you stand at the back of your car please.”

Peggy reached inside her purse, “oh oh”, she felt around for her wallet. Crap!! She must have left it at home. This was a ticket for sure. “Uh, I seem to have left it at home officer. I was in a hurry this morning to get to the beach, you know.”

“Hmm hmm” was all he said. “Step out please, and stand back there.” As she did he watched her walk. Nice ass, he thought. Maybe he could cut her some slack. She leaned against the back of her car as he went back to his motorcycle and pretended to type info in his keyboard. She was very sexy standing there in the Malatya Escort Bayan sun, something primal stirred inside him. The whole time he was looking at her and trying to figure the angles. He picked up his mic and called the dispatcher. “This is unit 5, I’m on 10B7”, he was now off duty for personal business, no explanation needed. He walked back to where she stood.

“Ma’am. Since you don’t have your license I really shouldn’t let you drive any further, but I don’t like leaving women stranded out here on the highway. So what I’m going to do is follow you home, and when we get there you show me your i.d. and we’ll call it a warning.”

Peggy was flabbergasted. This was too good to be true. No ticket, and this hot little cop was following her home, that meant she had a couple of miles to figure out how to seduce him.

“Thanks officer……….LeFebvre”, she read off his badge. “By the way my name is Peggy, I live only about two miles from here. And I promise I’ll do the speed limit as long as you’re behind me.” She gave him a big grin. He turned and headed back to his cycle. She watched his ass this time, not too shabby she thought, I could hold on to that for awhile.

This wasn’t something Fred ever did, but something about this woman told him they were meant to spend some time together Escort Malatya this afternoon. He heard the throaty roar between his legs and felt a stirring of his own as he thought about what she might look like out of that wet suit.

In about 10 minutes they were both pulling up on her driveway. He parked his bike next to her and watched as she stepped from her car. She had a great pair of legs to go with that fabulous ass. They walked to the front door and as she let him in, the cool air of the house washed over them. Behind his sunglasses he saw her nipples harden at the coolness.

“It’s in the kitchen, right this way.” As she walked towards the kitchen she undid her wrap-around and tossed it on the couch. “Maybe this will get his attention” she thought to herself.

She tossed her skirt on the couch in front of him. “Well, that got my attention” he thought. He took off his sunglasses now that they were inside, and took a long look at her as she walked in front of him. He could already feel a hardening in his uniform, and it wasn’t his nightstick.

Peggy stood on one side of the kitchen counter while the officer was across from her. She found her wallet pulled out her license and leaned across to hand it to him. It was enough to allow him to see her cleavage. “I’m afraid it’s not a very good picture, but then they never are.”

“No don’t worry, if anything it doesn’t do you justice. You’re much prettier in person, if you don’t mind me saying so.” “And you certainly don’t look the age this says you are.” He smiled at her and never bothered looking at her license at all.

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