Au Pairs Ch. 01

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All summer long, Jules had taken his two children to the community pool. As one of the perks of suburban living, he and his family took advantage of the pool whenever possible. Their home was nestled on a tree-lined cul-de-sac just outside Baltimore where the summer temperatures routinely broke 90 degrees. His kids, like most normal kids, would spend all day at the pool if they could. They were aged 7 and 6, respectively and had turned into fairly competent swimmers this summer. Jules could now put his trust in lifeguards and indulge in some poolside lounging as the kids splashed about.

A freelance graphic artist, Jules worked from home in his studio. He was the “go to” designer for most of the tonier Baltimore advertising and design firms. Lucrative offers frequently came his way to sign on with these corporate concerns, but he much preferred the quality and pace of life which freelancing afforded him and his family.

He had met his wife Pat at design school in Rhode Island. She, on the other hand, was employed by the top design firm in Baltimore but did not mind the workload nor the long hours. Pat was a strong, type A personality and would not want to work in any other way. She was comfortable with one way of living, as long as it was her way. Jules was attractive, artistically gifted and easy-going. They seemed to complement one another.

After sixteen years of marriage to Jules, her career had become the central focus of her life. They (she really) had made the decision years ago to structure their work and family life in this way. Jules had felt Pat drifting from him and the children in the past couple of years, and had left sufficient enough clues to indicate a romantic dalliance with at least one client in Atlanta if not more. Still, their lives were full and for the most part they were contented with their situation.

Jules did the lion’s share of the childcare duties, including frequent excursions to the pool. He would pack their lunch, towels, goggles, sunscreen and water toys. On occasion he might bring along his laptop to stay on top of a project, but he typically just tossed the New York Times into the pool bag for reading. Inevitably, Jules would be the only dad within sight at the pool, which teemed with young children and their stay-at-home moms. This being a rather wealthy community, Asian and Hispanic nannies were also in abundance.

Two new childcare providers had arrived at the pool earlier this summer. Two au pairs both came from Norway, and they were both smoking hot. As yummy as some of the mommies were in this neck of the woods, there was no way that they could compete with the freshness and innocence of these two young beauties.

The first was 5 foot 6 with long, whitish blonde hair and a slender, athletic build. Her thick eyebrows and long eyelashes were just as white as her silky hair. She always wore a white bikini, perhaps her only piece of swimwear. Her breasts were average in size, but always looked firm and perky. For a fair skinned person, she had developed a nice bronzed tan over the course of the summer that contrasted nicely with her white bikini.

The other au pair contrasted sharply with her friend. This one had to exceed Jules’ height of 6′ 1″. Her legs went on forever. She was powerfully built, with broad shoulders and pronounced muscular definition in her legs and arms. Her breasts were in proportion to the rest of her body-large and extremely impressive. With her short, flaming red hair, she was definitely a head-turner. Freckles dotted her face and arms, and Jules could not help but notice small tufts of reddish-orange hair in her armpits whenever she raised an arm to stretch.

Jules had enjoyed this Nordic eye candy as they chatted to each other in their native tongue. They must be around 19 or 20, Jules thought when he first checked them out from across the pool. Their perfect, young bodies fueled many a fantasy in Jules’ mind. He even drew up a pornographic charcoal sketch late one night in his studio depicting of a ménage a trois with them. He kept it locked in his bottom desk drawer, but pulled it out now and then to dabble with and fantasize.

Once a year, Pat took the kids for a holiday weekend visit to her parents’ place in western Pennsylvania. Dan would typically take that time to play golf with his buddies, but they were all obligated elsewhere that weekend. Jules made an up excuse to Pat about needing to complete work on a project in order to avoid a dreaded trip to Podunk PA. at his in-laws. He soon found himself a temporary bachelor.

As their minivan left the driveway, he threw himself into some much neglected gardening and yard work. For most of a humid Saturday afternoon, he mowed, weeded and mulched his was around the property. Finished and thoroughly dripping with sweat, he threw his swimsuit into his gym bag and headed for the pool. He found himself a bit giddy about going there solo-something he had never the luxury of doing before.

The pool bursa escort was crowded and very few lounge chairs remained at its perimeter. Scanning for the best location, he found a sole unoccupied chair. As luck would have it, it was situated in the sun right beside the sunglass-wearing au pairs. Jules dropped his towel and goggles onto the chair and peeled off his sweaty t-shirt. The au pairs turned their heads toward him as he did so and gave him a smile.

For a 47-year-old father of two, Jules had the body of a much younger man. Since design school, he had worked out religiously, resulting in a lean and sinewy physique. He still maintained a full head of dark blond hair with not a touch of gray. His closely cropped beard framed a rugged and tanned face. Wide-set steely blue eyes peered over a strong and masculine nose.

Jules returned the smile to them both, grabbed his goggles and found an open lane in the pool. After a solid 30 minutes of laps, he returned to his lounge chair, happy to see that the au pairs remained there chatting. Donning his sunglasses and reclining back, he listened to the gentle cadence of their conversation. He hadn’t a clue what they were saying, but to him, their voices were as irresistible as their appearance.

Without warning and in perfect English, Dan heard the slender blonde ask, “Where are your children today?”

Dan sat up and explained his weekend situation to them both as they nodded and smiled. The blonde then countered, “We like seeing you here with your kids. You are the only dad that we see here, and we think that is adorable!” The big redhead just nodded in agreement, slowly removing her sunglasses to reveal luminous sapphire blue eyes.

The blonde then leaned closer to Jules and said quietly, “and she is ALWAYS happy to see you here!” as she nodded her head toward her friend. Jules blushed slightly at that comment, now grinning a wide and toothy smile. As the three of them launched into conversation, he learned that they were both 21 years old and from the same village in south Norway. They applied together as au pairs following graduation from the university in order to travel, make some money and hone their English speaking skills. The blonde introduced herself as Susanna. The redhead was named Margrethe by her parents, but went by Grethe to all who knew her.

Grethe clearly had a thing for Jules, as she was alternately twisting her short crimson locks and lifting her head to expose her neck to Dan as they spoke. Her deep blue eyes never left Jules’ during their entire conversation. Jules caught onto her signals early and turned on his considerable charm with her. Susanna was not quite as interested in Jules as Grethe, but she did ask a great many questions of him, trying to see what makes him tick. The three of them reclined by the pool in this was for over an hour.

“You’re not at all like the other American men we have met here”, Susanna offered. “Most of them are rude and egotistical-especially our bosses. They work all day and take no interest in us whatsoever. They don’t care what we do, as long as we take care of their children and keep their homes clean!”

“Well, I assure you both that I take great interest in you.” Dan

replied, a hint of devilishness in his tone. “Plus, I will never ask you to watch my kids or clean my house!”

“You are so nice!” Grethe said, and then turned to Susanna saying a few words in Norwegian. With that, Jules watched them both rise and jump into the pool. It was now late afternoon, and the setting sun sparkled on the water. The air temperature had now dropped and a welcomed summer breeze whistled through the poolside trees. The two spoke together in the pool for about 10 minutes just out of earshot from Jules.

Their wet bodies were almost too much for Jules to take as they sat back down beside him. Both women now had noticeably erect nipples poking through their suits, providing Jules with a bit of bulge in his suit. Shaking their wet hair and toweling off, they sat back down by Jules. Grethe gave her head an extra shake over Jules, playfully sending a light spray of water over him. His bulge grew slightly more. He did not attempt to hide it.

Grethe put on her sunglasses and checked out Jules’ package. Susanna said something quickly in Norwegian to Grethe, which caused Grethe to giggle then nod in agreement.

“Unfair, ladies. Unfair.” he protested. “I thought that we had become friends. In America, friends do not keep secrets from one another. Just what are you keeping from me?”

They spoke a few more sentences to each other in Norwegian before turning to Jules. Finally, Grethe inhaled deeply and said in her slightly accented English, “We have…. how do you Americans say this…. we have hatched a plan for this evening and want to see what you think. It involves the three of us.”

Now intrigued, Jules said “Ah. I see. Well please tell me more about this plan.”

“On altıparmak escort Saturday nights, Grethe and I usually go into Baltimore to a dance club,” Susanna explained. “but, since my host family is at the shore in Ocean City this weekend, rather than clubbing we are going back to their empty house…maybe order some pizzas and watch a movie. We are wondering how you would feel about joining us?”

Grethe added hastily, “It will be SO fun!”

Jules had little doubt that an evening alone with these two would be fun, and then some. He had never thought of himself as the cheating kind of husband, but could already feel the sexual tension increasing amongst them. He surprised himself with his own quick response.

“Ladies, I would be honored to join you, but not for too long. Remember, I’m old and need to go to bed early.” he said with a note of sarcasm.

In unison, the au pairs yelled “Awesome!” and gave each other a high-five. Susanna texted her host family’s street address to Jules, and they agreed to meet there at 7:00 PM that same night.

As he hopped into his car to head home, he looked at himself in the rear view mirror and said to himself, “I hope you know what you are getting yourself into, old man!”

At home, Jules showered, trimmed his beard and put on a little cologne. Strutting naked into the walk-in closet, he had difficulty deciding just what to wear for the occasion. He decided upon some faded and slightly tight Levi’s 501 jeans, the kind with the button fly. He laid those on the bed as he scanned his shirts, picking out a white silk Tommy Bahama.

Sliding into his leather sandals, Jules grabbed his car keys before locking up the house. Once in the car, he looked at himself again in the rear view and grinned. He knew the street where Susanna’s host family lived as he glanced down at his text message for the address. The house was a mini-mansion, so this family had some considerable wealth. Jules drove past the house and parked a few blocks away, just to be on the safe side.

As she answered the doorbell, Grethe checked herself out in the foyer mirror and straightened the straps on her purple summer dress. “Welcome! Please come in!” she said to Jules, looking him up and down with apparent approval. “Follow me!” she continued, leading him into the kitchen. From the back, Jules check out her shapely ass in the tight, mid-thigh length dress.

Her legs looked even longer now, and with the 3″ heels she now towered over Jules.

In the kitchen, Susanna was twisting a corkscrew into a bottle of Chianti. Her long, wet hair hung down over a white tank top. Jules could smell the sweet fragrance of her freshly shampooed hair, as she flipped it back over her shoulders. She was wearing skinny jeans now, and the white tank stopped just above her belly button. Dan wondered why he had not appreciated the tiny white hairs at her bare midriff earlier this afternoon.

“It’s party time!” Susanna cheered, handing Grethe and Jules full glasses of Chianti. “What shall we drink to?”

Holding her glass aloft, Grethe said reverently “Dei gamle skal ein ære, dei unge skal ein lære.” The threesome clinked their glasses to the toast and hoisted the wine to their lips.

“So, what does your toast mean in English, Grethe?” asked Jules, cocking his head slightly to the left.

“I believe the translation is ‘Honor the old, teach the young’. Is that correct, Susanna?” she asked. Susanna’s English skills were a bit more accelerated than hers.

“Yes, Grethe! That is exactly correct and highly appropriate for this evening.” she said with her elbow bent and wine glass by her lips. Her blue eyes now fixed directly at Jules, she added, “Grethe and I wish to honor you this evening and hope that you will reciprocate by teaching us a few things.”

Before Jules had a chance to respond, the doorbell rang. It was the pizza deliveryman. “Please allow me to pay for the pizza.” he said, pulling out his wallet. After playing for the pizza, he tipped the deliveryman who looked past Jules into the kitchen, checking out the hot young ladies. With thumbs up to Jules, he turned and left.

Walking back towards the kitchen, Jules cried out “Get it while it’s hot!” Upon his return, the two of them were now wrapped in an embrace with Susanna sitting on a barstool and Grethe standing and bent at the hips before her. She seemed to be smothering Susanna with her giant body, as her left hand grasped the back of her neck and the right pulled her smaller friend close. Grethe applied a long, soft kiss to Susanna’s moist lips. Jules just held the pizza boxes and watched the beauty of this kiss.

Releasing her hold on Susanna, Grethe turned and asked, “Did you like that, Jules?” They both turned their heads toward Jules just long enough to see his reaction. Susanna next opened her lips to accept a deep French kiss from Grethe, this one more prolonged and passion filled.

“Well, görükle escort now that you mention it, yes…yes I do like that quite a bit, girls!” Jules stammered, final placing the pizza boxes onto the counter. “Is this something you like to do often?”

“We do this at the dance to club to turn on the guys for fun. It usually works pretty well.” claimed Susanna. She took an overtly direct gaze at Jules’ crotch and went on, “Yes. It seems to have worked on you too, Jules!”

With their attention now completely focused the rise in his Levi’s, Jules felt his cheeks redden again as they had earlier at the pool. He had been around long enough to know that this situation could either be blown wide open or shut down completely by his next words or actions. In the seconds it took for him to reach into his subconscious to reflect upon his wife’s infidelity, he knew that he had already made up his mind earlier at the pool or perhaps even before.

Stepping out from behind the counter, he walked slowly toward them. Thinking to himself, “I bet they have not seen this move before.” Jules undid the top button of his Levi’s 501 jeans. As he grasped either side of jeans, he then yanked outwards popping each silver button of his fly from the top to the bottom.

Wasting no time, Grethe was on Jules like white on rice. She held him in a similar embrace to the one she applied to Susanna a few minutes ago, only her right hand quickly disappeared down his pants. Grethe kissed him deeply, plunging her wet tongue with considerable force into his mouth. Jules could not recall being manhandled in such a way by any lover in his life, let alone one half his age and twice as horny.

Her hand re-emerged from Jules’ jeans with her prized catch, a nice thick penis. Jules knew that he was average in size at around 7″, but his lovers always told him that the girth of his cock was satisfying both visually and physically. Grethe held his cock in her palm and called over to Susanna, who was simply watching them enjoy their first encounter.

“Sus!” she said excitedly. “Sus! Come feel Jules cock!”

Susanna stood up from her bar stool and joined her friend in appreciation of Jules’ natural gift. Grethe’s big hand could just barely encircle Jules’ diameter while Susanna’s delicate hand made it maybe three-quarters of the way around. With the hands of two lovely young ladies now firmly groping his dick, Jules smiled with the realization that opportunities such as this come maybe once in a lifetime, if ever. He knew he had made the right decision by coming here tonight.

Grethe squatted on her muscular thighs before Jules and taking him into her mouth. Her cock sucking technique was similar to her French kissing: forceful with lots of tongue and even more saliva. Ironically, her small mouth was not a match for the rest of her body. Jules completely filled her oral cavity with no room to spare, so she had to breath with some effort from her flared nostrils. She worked hard and fast. Her pale, freckled skin was now completely flushed with arousal and beads of sweat appeared on her cheeks.

“Slow down, Grethe! Take it easy! We want this man to last all night and you are sucking like there is no tomorrow!” Susanna said in mock anger.

Taking his cock from her mouth, Grethe confessed, “I have wanted you all summer, since I first saw you. I think about you all the time. I can’t believe that you are actually here and that we are doing this now! You are the first man I have truly ever wanted to have in this way, so I am very happy tonight.” Her tone was sincere and her Norwegian accent made her innocent declaration of feelings all the more wonderful to Jules.

“I would be lying if I told you I had not fantasized about you as well!” he told Grethe, who had reinserted his thick shaft into her mouth. “How about you, Sus? You have dreams of sucking my cock, too?”

With a cute laugh, she replied almost contemptuously, “I knew that our time together would come. We could both tell that you needed this. When is the last time you were fucked by two au pairs?”

Susanna squatted down next to Grethe as they tag-teamed Jules’ schlong. The blonde had considerable skills compared to her Amazon friend, easily deep-throating the fat dick and adding in some hand action on the shaft.

“Here Grethe. Have some cock!” she said playfully, handing off to Grethe, who huffed and puffed some more on Jules. Susanna jokingly reached over and pinched Grethe’s nose shut, cutting off any possibility of air.

“Bitch!” Grethe exclaimed, giving Susanna a hard slap on her ass.

“Ow!” cried Susanna. “You will pay for that, cunt!”

Susanna stood and swiftly whipped off her jeans and tank top. She had no undergarments on, so her transition to complete nudity was a cinch. Grabbing Grethe’s red hair firmly with both hands, she pulled her with some force into her crotch.

“Eat that, bitch! And suck him, too!” she barked to her friend, with a little bit of convincing menace.

Alternately taking turns being serviced by the strong Grethe, Susanna and Jules began some seriously deep French kissing. With tongues flying all over their faces, they groped each other’s bodies as much as they could, considering a giant woman was kneeling in front of them.

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