Austin Sucks Pt. 01

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Big Tits

I was a pretty sheltered 18 year-old. I had no experience with women whatsoever until I met my future wife Austin. She asked me out and I was excited because she had beautiful long red hair and a long athletic body. She was beautiful so I accepted. Long story short she took my virginity and we dated for a whole year. Before I knew it we were engaged and set to be married after we both turned 19. Until the wedding I would continue living with my parents and my 18 yr old jerk of a brother Owen. Austin had already moved out of her parents house and gotten our first apartment all ready for our new lives.

The pastor at our church felt it would be a good idea if we took a marriage class before our wedding due to our young age so we sighed up and the following weekend we attended the class. It was typical church fair and it bored me but Austin had really taken an interest in church lately and loved it. The one huge upside to taking this class in the next town over was that the two of us got to share a hotel room. It was the first time we had ever been able to stay the night with one another. Being young and in love the second the door closed we were on each other and like always I ate her pussy which she kept a sexy little triangle of deep red pubes over. I had gotten very good at eating pussy and she showed me exactly what made her cum then she would give me head but as always she stopped once she tasted pre-cum because she said she hated the taste of it. We then fucked as usual me on top then finishing up with her riding me. We always ended with me telling her when I was going to cum and her jumping off so I wouldn’t get her pregnant just yet. The sex was actually pretty amazing. Her pussy was tight and her skill at riding is still impressive to me looking back.

The two days flew by with the porno two of us fucking every night multiple times and doing marriage classes during the day. On the last day we collected our certificate of completion and pulled out of the churches parking lot.

Then the moment that changed our relationship began.

Austin turned to me and said “Just think in a week we will be married! Together for ever.”

I was driving and slightly distracted so I said offhandedly “That’s right baby. You’ll be my wife soon.”

Her voice came back with “And we should start with a clean slate right baby?”

I sensed something in the way she spoke and said “Yeah of course we should. What do you mean though?”

She leaned in and put her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear “I mean that if you have anything you want to confess or get if your chest you should do it now and I’ll 100% forgive you and never bring it up again and we can move on.”

I was a little worried because I did have one thing I wanted to get off my chest so after a little assurance from her that she would forgive me no matter what and never bring it up again I told her that the previous week our mutual friend Sara had flashed me at a party.

“See baby don’t you feel better getting that off your chest? I forgive you. We don’t need to mention it ever again.”

When she said this she licked my ear and grabbed my cock. She cooed “Now we can start clean and be happy.”

I did feel so much better and was very turned on by the unexpectedly sexual way she forgave me. She sat back in the passenger seat and said “Ok now ask me.”

I hadn’t expected her to want a turn because I fully trusted her. I made her the same promise of total forgiveness and not to bring it up but she made me add that I couldn’t japon porno be mad either. The addition of “cant get mad” made me feel uneasy but I agreed thinking it was only fair. Upon hearing me agree she clapped and said.

“Well baby the afternoon before we left for here I stopped by your house to give your parents the directions to the church…well they were out and you weren’t home from work yet so I left them with your brother.” she paused a long time and stroked my cock thru my pants and it was making me very hard. She asked “Remember?”

“Yes, of course. He gave them to me when I got home. So what?” The uneasy feeling grew but as I spoke she undid my zipper and was now fully stroking my dick.

“Well when I gave him the papers he kissed me, for a long time. You know how pushy he is baby?” She was now moving her mouth to my cock and I froze with my heart pounding in my ears. I felt so many things.

“What the fuck.!” I started but she cut me off.

“Shh baby. Im not done yet. He also pulled me into the bathroom and made me suck his dick. He was so crude and when he came he just pushed it down my throat and I accidentally swallowed it all. You know how strong he is? I couldn’t really help it, he just held my head till it was all in my tummy!”

I must have looked like I was going to yell because she simply said, “Shh. No no hush. We have a clean slate and you promised you wouldn’t be mad. Now let me apologize.” she started sucking my cock with such a frenzy that I almost side swiped a car.

“But baby!! You did what!? Did you try to stop him!? What do you mean you swallowed? Why did you do that baby?!” I pleaded with my fiancé.

She calmly took my dick from her mouth and said “You promised not to bring it up again, lezbiyen porno remember? You already forgave me so stop this because you promised you wouldn’t be mad either.”

With that she continued sucking me off but with more passion than she had ever before.

My mind was racing. I did promise and she had forgiven me plus the apology head was amazing so I sat quietly and listened to her mouth slurping my cock, the same beautiful mouth that had milked my brothers cock and eaten his cum. That thought pushed me close to an orgasm and it surprised me. She must have noticed I was close because she lifted her mouth just an inch off my dick and said “I’m so sorry that I’ll let you cum in my mouth baby.” then she started sucking again without missing a beat.

The thoughts of the two of them kissing and her willingness to let me cum in her pretty mouth pushed me over the edge and I started cumming with such force my whole body shook with each spurt and true to her word she kept her mouth on my cock until I was finished.

She sat up and smiled, she rolled down the window and spit my cum out with force and laughed “Damn baby that was more than ever! Did all that turn you on? Is my future hubby turned on by the thought of his little wifey sucking your brothers giant cock and swallowing his sweet cum?” She then caught herself and said “Sorry, sorry, my bad we promised not to talk about those things ever again.” but the look in her eyes was most definitely not one of sorrow.

Oddly enough I felt better that she had confessed and that we now had a clean slate and that I had gotten to cum in her mouth finally. Even if she still hadn’t swallowed MY cum. Sure I had questions but I did promise after all and she did apologize.

I should have realized then that things were going to change quite a bit. Her description of my brothers cock and cum made it clear that she wasn’t done with him yet…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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