Awesome Experience

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I must say that was awesome experience for me and I recommend to all females to try it at least once in their lives.

In the beginning i was nervous a lot. I drove to friend’s house in another state and whole way I ask myself, do I really dare, am I brave enough, will I be good enough, shall I return rather… but promise is a promise.

So, I came to that house, which is actually usual private house where different people meet and spend good time together (officially). Unofficially it is a “house of pleasure, lust and joy” where people get what they want or secretly dream about. Men chose between different women by their characteristics and my friend has a wide range of contacts “on call”.

I didn’t know what to expect. My friend took me in, she was very nice to me and firstly we sat in her private room. She served us strong drink to relax a bit, and told me how everything works there. We didn’t discuss about the money, I actually didn’t accept because of it, but because I wanted to try something new, exciting, to make my life a bit more alive and that were also my secret dreams for long long.

I was introduced to few women present there, they took me to “my room” and encourage me with some tips. Firstly I accommodated there, removed my usual dress, took good shower under hot water and rubbed whole my body with smelling soap. Then dressed gown that waited me there (it’s an official dress for women in that house) and started to wait. My hands trembled, my heart beat like crazy and when he knocked the door, oh I thought I will faint.

He was short and a bit fat average guy with glasses. I somehow found that power to welcomed him, took his hand and lead him inside. We sat on the bed, took an introducing drink that the house offers, and observed each other for a while. He was very shy and didn’t know what to do with his hands and everything. I was very nervous too, but his shyness gave me the power to continue. It was just right beginning for me, I felt good that I can give a pleasure to someone although I am not experienced as other women there.

Firstly I removed his glasses, kissed him, my tongue entered between his lips, my hand started caressing his knee, leg, between, soon it ankara üniversiteli escort started to search behind his trousers. He started to shake. My gown opened a bit, I took his hand and put it on my boobs. I thought he will explode. I whispered in his ear not to be nervous, to relax slowly, that it is the first time for me like that, that I will care for him properly and do only what he wishes and what he allows me. I suggested him to lay down, to make himself comfortable, that everything’s ok and that we have enough time. I noticed that he was under big tension, I think it was his the first time to visit such house. Then I asked him if he wants me to open my gown more to see what treasure is under. I stood in front of him and didn’t remove gown but only open and let him observe my boobs, pussy, ass. He told me he never saw the pussy so close, never licked it, his woman didn’t allow him. I told him that today he can do whatever are his dreams and I will try my the best to satisfy him.

He was confused, so I took initiative and started to remove his clothes. His dick stood up like a rocket, and when I touched it, he moaned. I didn’t asked anymore but slowly started by my way and supposed he will show me somehow his wishes. His chests were curly hairy, just what attracts me. He sat and press my boobs, then started kissing and sucking the nipples, my legs hugged his legs, his hands touched my abdomen, hips, pussy lips and I separated a bit my legs standing there in front of bed. In that moment I felt huge wish that he ate my pussy. He started to relax, became more encouraged. He grabbed my ass, pulled me closer and started kissing. I felt his lips moving over abdomen, his hot tongue continued toward pussy lips, gently separated them all way to my clit, and that hit me like electricity. That was the first time for me, oh what an indescribable pleasure, I’ve never experienced that before. My man didn’t touch me recently (actually we live together, but distanced), even before he was not much interested in sex, few kisses, few touches, intercourse and end. No developing, no proper enjoy. So you can understand why I accepted friend’s proposal.

We fell on the yenimahalle escort bed, removed all clothes and he said he was waiting for something like that so long. We started to caress each other, he started kissing my boobs, abdomen, separated my legs, came between and started licking and sucking my clit. His tongue moved around and around, entering into my pussy and made me so crazy that I couldn’t stand not to moan. What a feelings, like I fly.

My pussy was all wet and prepared to take it in, but I wanted to give him a pleasure too. I gently pushed him on his back, my long hair tickled him over body, my tongue licked his chests and moving down down to his dick like a snake. My hand grabbed it and slowly started to move up and down. I didn’t ask for his allowance but licked his dick around, then sucked his balls, massaged them and my lips started to move up to the head of his dick. Licking all the way I separated my lips and with constantly hand massaging take it into my mouths. Finally, that was also my first experience, and it encouraged me even more when I saw how this excited him and me too. He moaned badly when my tongue rubbed his dick’s head and started to move up and down and sucking hard. I tried my the best like I saw on videos and continued by my own way. He couldn’t stand much longer and suggested to fuck my pussy. We did it in doggy style and after some minutes he exploded in my inside. I felt that blast, that huge amount of semen what he probably collected some time inside. He was totally exhausted after cumming into my pussy. We both breathed deep, covered with sweat drops.

After some time I invited him to bathroom. We both took long hot shower and his hands start caressing my boobs again. I asked him shall we repeat but he said he wish to cum in my mouths badly. I was prepared also to such request and dropped on my knees. His dick was soft but my care with tongue made him more and more hard. I did hand and blowjob, sucked his dick, took it deep inside. I felt his dick became hard and I looked up to his face. His eyes were closed, he moaned, his hands held my head and helped at moving. He really enjoyed and after some time his blast came again, ankara zenci escort this time into my mouths. He spread his semen also over my face. We continued showering and after that I dressed my gown and he put his clothes.

He thanked me to realize his long waited dreams, he was so happy like he won the main award on lottery. He promised he will come again and asked for me. Then he went. After that I was exhausted too, I put all my energy to make us great time, but it was worthy.

Next client was meant to come after one hour and I had enough time to recover.

The second one were actually two, a father and his son. Father bought this service for son’s birthday, 18th. This second tour was easier because I’ve already over crossed the first experience. Father told me he wants to introduce his son into sex art and let him lose virginity. He wanted to show some basics and let the son to repeat. It was somehow funny how father appeared like a teacher, me like an assistant and son like a student. Father knew his job very good, son was reserved and I felt his resistance and shyness… but only in the beginning. After some introduction moves, he became more alive and started to cooperate that his father was very proud of him at the end. Son got all possible service, especially at blowjob his eyes rolled and he moaned so much that I thought he will faint. When his dick entered into my pussy, his moves started carefully, like he feared he could hurt me, but soon he came on track and finished as professional. As bonus I’ve offered service also to his father and he didn’t say no. When leaving I’ve noticed son’s eyes were sparkling, he will definitely remember how gone his virginity.

That first day was unforgettable, my friend asked me if I’m willing to help her also in the future when she needs me. Not often but from time to time. She paid me above my expectations, it was almost my monthly salary, but the most important was that awesome experience.

In her house work females with different appearance or characteristics and she calls those who meet requirements of her clients. If someone wish tall, slim, blond, clean shaved, she calls a female like that… etc. If one female can’t come at that moment, she calls another one and agree the meeting in her house. On this way I was invited too. She knew me very well, my experiences, fantasies, capabilities… and I trusted her judgment of assigning me the right partners.

Certainly I said my big YES. Finally in my boring life something started to move and also give me a pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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