Becoming Flyer Ch. 01

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Stacey wasn’t sure her mom and dad would have approved of the “training” she was getting at this expensive camp her coach had recommended. Her high school cheer coach also being the head of the camp was the primary reason she was here, along with her natural athleticism and mom and dad’s money. Coach Natasha had a fondness for her, to say the least, and made no attempts at hiding it. Even with others around Stacey often found herself embarrassed yet titillated by all the touching, teasing, and felicitating.

As a freshman, she was an early pick for junior varsity, having amazing acrobatic abilities, an amazing body, and that super pretty face. Not too many girls make varsity cheerleading their sophomore year, but Stacey was a natural, the best cheerleader in the school by just sixteen. By the time she was eighteen, she was one of the best in her division. Natasha called her into her office one day to have a talk.

“Stacey, your tumbling and dance are amazing. I firmly believe if we can work on your discipline, enthusiasm, and stunts, you will have colleges looking to recruit you. You are going to be super hot, and I will help you get there if you can attend camp.” Stacey became instantly intrigued at the idea of spending two weeks learning cheer from this beautiful and talented woman in front of her, a former professional NFL cheerleader.

“You need to spend two weeks at my cheer camp this summer. Talk to your parents about it immediately. Tell them I said to talk to me if they have doubts about your potential, here’s my number.”

“Coach, thank you for everything. What can I do to repay you”?

“Nothing sweetheart, I’m just doing my job. I guess if you really want you can give me a hug and a kiss,” she said with a smirk. Stacey had no idea if she was kidding, and was expecting a quick embrace and a peck, or if she was flirting with her. She took the first available opportunity behind closed doors with her to let her know how she felt. She boldly walked around the desk as Natasha pushed her chair out, and sat on her lap, giving her a very long embrace.

After feeling her tits pushed up against the older woman’s larger voluptuous chest, she slightly lost control and kissed her right on the lips. Not like a hello or goodbye kiss, it was a slow lovers-about-to-fuck kiss. Natasha did kiss her back, even slid her hand under her short pleated uniform skirt up to her hip. She quickly composed herself.

“You’re gonna be great at camp. Let’s work on your discipline starting immediately, however. You and my job are far too precious to jeopardize by getting caught being stupid here at school. Hold those thoughts, keep them to yourself, and get out of my office darling, before I lose it and lay you down on this desk.”

Stacey normally didn’t shower after practice in the locker rooms, she was too modest. This day, however, she immediately got naked and didn’t even bother wrapping a towel around herself before she stepped into the shower, lost in lusty thoughts of two weeks away from home working on her “skills”.

She always had eyes on her, being the star of the team, but today it was obvious, and it made her even hotter, feeling other girls looking at her hard nipples, her wispy pubes, her round ass, water pouring down her body as she rubbed soap all over it. If they all approached her she would have laid down right there for them and let every one of them do anything they wanted with her.

She dried off, got dressed and took the late bus home. Mom and Dad were thrilled about cheerleading camp and agreed she could go immediately. As lovely a daughter as she was, not too many parents of eighteen-year-olds would balk at the idea of having the house to themselves for two weeks of the summer.

After dinner she retreated to her room to do her homework but spent some time staring at Natasha’s phone number, and the majority of it googling lesbian porn, specifically the older/younger variety. She had zero doubts that she would be having a lesbian encounter at this camp, even if it wasn’t with her coach, and was smoldering thinking about it.

Arrival at camp was pretty overwhelming, much different than what she expected. She very quickly found out it wasn’t a typical sports camp, it was very exclusive and the small group of girls were mostly all older and fairly intimidating. Three of them had visible tattoos, one even with a full sleeve on her arm. By looking at them she guessed most were in college. All of them were extremely beautiful and fit and seemed to know each other.

Within minutes of arrival, the athletic trainer made her presence known and it rapidly became obvious that this was going to be a boot camp type of atmosphere, at least when she was in charge. They were given ten minutes to get their clothes stowed and grab bunks and told to be on the field in workout gear immediately afterward. While changing she heard some remarks about “fresh meat” and “young noob”, but chose to not acknowledge or make eye contact with anyone Ümraniye Escort just yet. She was just glad she knew the head coach as well as she did.

After a very strict stretching routine, complete with exercises that had the girls pairing off and getting literally very close very fast, they had a two-mile warm-up run. This was immediately followed by fifty-yard wind sprints, followed by sit-ups and push-ups. There was zero break before moving on to tumbling practice and some basic dance routine work. At one point an exhausted Stacey said, “What the fuck did I sign up for here?” All of the girls laughed.

“Ah, the noobie is a comedian! Two laps noobie,” the pretty yet stern looking trainer said with a smile. ‘Dammit,’ Stacey thought to herself, careful to keep it in her head. While running she noticed coach Natasha had joined the group, and many of them were watching her run, looking like they were talking about her even. When she rounded her final turn to finish her laps everyone applauded. Natasha hugged her and explained that she was just telling the girls that Stacey was going to be the flyer, the girl that does all the aerials. The center of attention basically. After a few quick basic pyramids and introductory stunts, the team retreated to some “chalk-talk”.

“Tonight girls, I’m going to give you the rest of the night to get settled in and chill,” Coach said eventually, “but I want you older girls to spend time working on our flyers flexibility and balance. I know the word is out that she is my star girl at school, so I want you all to know there will be no favoritism at this camp. In fact, I want her to be worked as hard as anyone else, or harder.”

Stacey swallowed hard, wondering if her coach knows that this pedestal she was putting her on was horrifying her. Some of these girls were twenty years old. She was terrified of the one with the full sleeve tattoo in particular. She had been looking at Stacey all afternoon as if she wanted to fillet, fry, then eat her. She had the aura of a special forces soldier turned CIA assassin trapped in a cheerleader’s body.

On the way back to the bunkhouse Stacey was pleasantly surprised by vampire girl and the others being friendly to her, asking her about herself and about Coach Natasha and her home team. They told her that camp was physically grueling but also a lot of fun, especially at night, and that two weeks from now she was going to be a better cheerleader than she had ever imagined. They also said she would soon be friends with some of the best cheerleaders in the world. She smiled ear to ear as she dragged her sore muscles towards her bunk, looking forward to showering off the sweat and maybe watching the others do the same.

“Ok flyer girl, shower time.” Vampire motioned her finger in a come here signal, standing buck naked at the entrance to the shower. Two of the other girls were already in the giant open shower with three or four nozzles pouring steaming water on them while they soaped up. She had a huge, very well done tattoo that covered half of her breast, her side, hip, part of her ass and thigh. Stacey could see flowers, skulls, a pin-up girl, chains, and some religious symbolism, for starters.

“Uhhhm, I’ll wait till your done?”

“Don’t be nervous. We have a little tradition, the flyer doesn’t wash herself. So take off your clothes and get in here, or I can drag you in and we’ll rip them off in here.”

She glanced at the other girls who motion her to go, smiling, one saying not to worry, that she was harmless despite her appearance. Stacey, her hands shaking, pulled her sweaty clothes off and walked sheepishly toward the taller woman, taking her outstretched hand.

“I’m Vicky. Relax Stacey, think of this as an initiation. The flyer gets special treatment for the entire two weeks. Welcome to day one.” As she pulled her under the very hot water, the other two girls started washing her hair, while Vicky lathered soap all over her, but not immediately touching her private parts. This helped Stacey relax a little, which is fortunate because she’s worried her heart is about to explode. She could actually hear it beating.

After a sensuous and thorough cleansing by six young feminine hands, Stacey was starting to get extremely aroused, especially since they had just washed her breasts, then two of them had washed each other’s pussies while making out. She knew her crotch would have to be cleaned as well, soon enough.

“Ok sweetie, let’s see your standing split now. Foot all the way up, and hold it there.”

Stacey gulps and does as she’s told, while Vicky thoroughly cleans her pussy and asshole with a washcloth. She washed her inner thighs then went back to scrub her slit and young tight butt again vigorously, until she couldn’t hold her pose any longer and nearly fell, the other two girls holding her up.

“Hold it Stace, balance.” She recovered and displayed her flexibility and balance perfectly.

“Good Ümraniye Escort Bayan job flyer. Not so bad right?” She planted a kiss on her lips and shuts the water off after she was thoroughly rinsed. The three girls walked out and started drying off. At this point, Stacey wanted to collapse on the floor and masturbate herself into a frenzy until she finished herself off, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Instead, she grabbed a towel and dried herself as much as she could, although she was pretty sure her pussy probably wasn’t going to be thoroughly dry for quite some time.

“I Hope someone has a joint rolled up!” Vicky said as she crossed the room buck naked, her jet black hair hidden in the towel wrapped on her head. She laid on her bed seemingly perfectly comfortable in her birthday suit, and cheered as one of the girls lit a doob and passed it to her. Stacey couldn’t help but notice she had no pubic hair on her nearly perfect figure, having been far too nervous to look closely at her in the shower.

“FLYER! Come, take a hit. It helps with the muscle pain, and makes everything funny.”

“I know, I’ve smoked before.” She almost says ‘twice actually’, but thinks that would sound stupid.

She sat on Vicky’s bed and examined her body art while slowly getting stoned. She wanted to drop her towel right there and sit naked with her, maybe lay with her, maybe touch her all over. But she didn’t. Just gazed at her and wondered if she would someday be as beautiful and mysterious.

“So what do we do tonight ladies? Play with the top? Truth or dare? Spin the bottle?” Vicky said, staring into Stacey’s blue eyes. Stacey retreated to her bunk to put on some yoga pants and a sweatshirt after starting to feel the effects of the weed. She picked up a book and pretended to read while listening to the older girls.

Truth-or-dare won. The first girl was dared to kiss Stacey, and she quickly obliged and they shared a sweet quick kiss. The second girl chose truth and was asked if she thought Stacey was hot. “Very,” she replied with a smile. The third participant was dared to streak around the cabin outside, and she did it willingly like it was no big deal. Then a girl was asked if she would have sex with Coach Natasha, to which she replied maybe. Finally, Stacey’s turn came, and as tempted as she was to say dare, she was too frightened and said truth.

“Did you enjoy your shower?” Vicky asked, smiling widely.

“Yes.” She almost said very much, but she wanted to stay as reserved as her horny self would allow her to. After all, this was the first of thirteen nights.

“Me too,” Vicky offered and winked. The game eventually started to wind down without anything too crazy occurring, as girls got tired and started scattering to their own bunks. All Stacey could think about was the lights going out so she could play with herself. The atmosphere was so intense, with sultry vampire Vicky laying there nude, without a care in the world. The two in the shower touching and kissing each other, Vicky washing her vagina, it was all so hot and heavy. She hadn’t even had time to fantasize about her coach since she got there! She doubted she would even sleep tonight. She wanted to torture herself all night long. Like a lusty vicious circle of self-punishment and self-pleasure.

The following day was totally brutal. It started at seven in the morning with breakfast, on the field by eight. The stretching, the run, the sprints, everything from the previous day was doubled. The stunts were dangerous and insane, the dancing was complicated and grueling. By lunchtime, Stacey had already thought of just quitting. She had shin splints and what felt like a sprained ankle. Her head was throbbing from basically landing on it twice, and on top of all that, she could barely walk from fingering herself silly nearly all night long.

After lunch, there was intensive tumbling work, and at one point Alex, the physical trainer, pulled Stacey aside to look at her ankle. After a quick exam, she determined it needed some attention.

“I can tape this up here or we can take the cart to my training room and I can fix you up properly, your choice.”

“Cart. Room. I’m hurting.” Alex went and spoke to Natasha, who quickly ran over and checked on her.

“Oh yeah, that’s swollen. Do what you can and I’ll come and take a closer look later.”

On the ride to her room Alex explained that being as small and flexible as she was, she was by far the best candidate for the flyer. She needed to keep her healthy as such and would do everything she could to fix her up. She helped her to the exam table in the room and had her lie down, and quickly pulled off her sweatpants, which took Stacey by surprise but didn’t bother her at all.

She examined her legs with her hands, asking if this hurt and if that hurt. The answer was mostly yes, no matter where she pressed or squeezed. She told her to relax and continued the physical Escort Ümraniye exam, poking and prodding.

“You need an ice bath. It’s cold at first but it will last five minutes and it will help get rid of your lactic acid and reduce your swelling and pain. Think you can handle it?”

“I guess so. Do I need to go get my swimsuit?”

“No. Just get naked. Take your time, I’ll fill the tub. It will help me check you out thoroughly anyway, stay on the table.” She smiled at her with a hint of naughtiness in her eyes.

Stacey didn’t hesitate, she even pulled her panties off first. Then she removed the rest of her clothes and lay back and shut her eyes, listening to Alex pour water and ice into the giant wash tub. She was naked and exposed with her eyes shut, counting her blessings that she was able to rest when she was supposed to be working out. When she heard less activity she opened her eyes and saw that Alex was looking her over her body thoroughly.

“Ready?” She picked her up and dropped her in the tub before she could even nod.


“Just try and relax as much as you can. Only four minutes and change. I am gonna warm you up with a full body massage after, and put some heat pads on your shins and ankle, then wrap you up. You’ll be all better soon baby.”

Alex turned on some music, actually really cool music for someone that appeared to be at least thirty five, and checked Stacey’s pulse, temperature, and blood pressure. Then she braided her hair. This, in particular, made Stace feel warm and cared for as she sat in the chilly water. She handed her an electrolyte drink as she told her just one more minute.

When time was up she helped her stand and threw a towel on her shoulders, then helped her climb out and hop over to the table. She laid her down on her stomach and dried her off before wrapping her shins in heat pads. The fact that she hadn’t thrown a towel over her bum titillated Stacey and she actually hoped she wouldn’t. She lifted her ankle to wrap some kind of heat tape on it, then laid it back down gently and began her massage.

Alex started with her good foot, and had the hands of a professional masseuse, working the muscles expertly with her strong hands, not missing a single inch. She used some kind of concoction of what smelled like icy-hot mixed with hot oil. She even got between each of her toes. She moved to her ankle, then calves, un-wrapping the heat pads to massage her muscles thoroughly, then re-wrapping them before she moved up to her thighs. She rolled first one thigh then the other back and forth, with her hands on the outside and inside, commenting on how loose and supple she was.

Stacey imagined she was staring at her young pussy whether she was or not, and she started getting turned on, spreading her legs slightly to allow her hands access to high up her inner thighs. Alex told her to lift her hips and slid a rolled up towel under them. Just as she started massaging her tight little ass she spoke up.

“Is this ok? Let me know if you get uncomfortable.”

“It’s fine, feels really good.”

She worked her glutes thoroughly and moved on to her hips, then back. Was she going to ask her to roll over eventually? She did say full body, so Stace wasn’t heartbroken that she hadn’t felt her throbbing little flower yet. There was still a chance. She massaged her arms and even hands and fingers, then did her neck and rubbed her scalp softly for a bit. She ended on her back by making small soothing circles just above her bum crack and below her lower back, so her whole body gently rolled a little.

“Ok hun, if you wanna roll over I will get your front.”

Stacey rolled over slowly, feeling very relaxed and rather excited to get a full frontal, nude massage from this woman she was really starting to admire. She repositioned the towel under her lower back to be under her bum. She thought this may have been somewhat daring but did it anyhow. Alex put a hot cloth over her eyes, and gently guided her hands under the back of her head.

She kissed her forehead and started with her breasts. Within just a few minutes of having her breasts and nipples rubbed, Stacey had let her legs spread so that both feet were off the table, hanging from her bent knees. She must have looked rather risqué, she thought. Most girls probably couldn’t pull this off, with her hips propped up on the towel, but she was flexible enough that it was comfortable and hopefully sending a message that she was open to whatever. She swallowed as she heard the door open and shut.

“Hi, Natasha. Just in time. Give me a hand or two here.”

“How are we doing doll? Feeling better?”

Stacey nodded. She couldn’t form any words as she felt her coaches hands move up her fully spread thighs, massaging her as they move toward her center. She just lets out a sound somewhere between “uh huh,” and “uggggghhh”.

Alex’s hands were rubbing her entire torso, never missing her smallish tits as they passed, and her triceps. Nat had teased her entire middle, then focused on her pelvis, kneading with her fingers and thumbs everywhere but her asshole and pussy proper. Or was it the other way around? They could have switched, she didn’t know or care. Her breathing was getting out of hand and she started feeling faint.

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