Beyond All Expectations Ch. 02

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Foot up on the bench in the bathroom of the hotel suite, I lean over and pull my stocking up my leg, smoothing it out along the way. Once I reach the top, I clip on my garters, quietly smiling to myself as I recall your reaction to them at the bar earlier. I feel myself start to flush as I relive the last hour. I imagined a thousand times how good it would be between us, but nothing could have prepared me for this. Shaking my head, I finish clipping on my garters and turn towards the mirror to check my lipstick. Red, just for you.

Just then, you come into the bathroom and stop mid-stride when you see me. I’m standing there, all lingerie, stockings, and red lips. I’ve got panties on now, but I’ve yet to put my skirt and blouse back on.

“Fuck, baby. Are you trying to kill me?” you ask as you come up behind me, putting your arms around me and looking at us in the mirror. My body begins to warm as you move your hands along my body and down my torso to my black lace panties, running your fingers along the band, just inside. “Mmm, I like these panties. You’ll be glad for those in a minute; I’ve got something planned for us. Get dressed. I’ll be in the room,” you say before you reach down and lightly swat me on the ass then turn and leave the room.

Still exhilarated from the feeling of your hands on me, I stand there a minute in nervous anticipation of what you’ve got planned. Quickly, I pull on my skirt, camisole, and blouse, step back into my stilettos, and head back into the room.

The suite is large, with a separate bedroom and living area, the latter of which is occupied by a cozy leather couch, a small bar, and a table. You’re standing in the living area, watching my entrance and my reaction to what you’ve got waiting for me.

“Poker?” I ask through a laugh, looking at the setup-a deck of cards and chips for the both of us. “Thought I told you I wasn’t much of a gambler.”

“Oh, I think you’ll enjoy this,” you say, gesturing to the chips. “Although, I don’t think we’ll be needing these. What do you say we make this interesting?”

“Hmm, I’m intrigued,” I say as I reach you and start rubbing your chest over your white button up shirt; you’ve gotten dressed again as well, except this time you’ve foregone the jacket. You’re there in your suit pants and shirt, sleeves rolled up and looking as irresistible as ever. For me, there has always been something about seeing a man’s strong, masculine forearms peeking out from a rolled-up sleeve, and the sight of you like that begins to make my heart race. I can feel your heart pounding as I run my hands up your chest and around your neck, standing up on my tiptoes in my heels so I can whisper in your ear, “What did you have in mind?”

You put your strong hands on my ass and pull me into you, letting me feel you getting hard against me. You squeeze me with your hands as you whisper back into my ear, “How about we make a little wager? Whoever loses each hand also loses a piece of clothing. First one naked has to do whatever the other says.”

I’m breathing deeply and my heart is racing as I answer, “Hmm … Whatever the other says, huh?”

“Yes,” you say firmly, looking into my eyes. “Think you can handle that, baby?”

“You’re on,” I say, smiling widely at you. You don’t know this, but ever since you mentioned during our chats that you play poker regularly, I’ve begun playing a little online. I laugh a little to myself; you’re so sure you’ve got me. Knowing how competitive we both are, I simply can’t wait to see how this turns out.

“Excellent,” you say, pulling my chair out for me and gesturing for me to have a seat. “Sit your sexy little ass down right here, and we’ll get started.” Once I’m seated, you lean down and lightly run your lips along my neck and up to my ear, “Don’t forget I play to win baby,” you say before you slightly nip my ear with your teeth.

Before you sit opposite me, you grab your jacket and slide it on, giving me a wink as you do. “There, we’re even,” you tell me. We both have the same number of items of clothing on-seven each. You: jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, boxers, socks, and shoes. Me: blouse, camisole, skirt, bra, panties, stockings, and shoes.

“Ok, baby, here are the rules,” you explain. “The game is 5-card draw. Each hand, the ante is one item of clothing, which you don’t lose unless you lose the hand. If you don’t fold, you bet another item of clothing to stay in the hand. We’ll only have one round of betting before the draw.”

“Got it,” I say. “Anything else?”

“One last rule,” you say as you lean in close to me and continue in a low voice, “the winner gets to remove the clothing from the loser.”

“Got it. I’m ready.”

“Good,” you reply, leaning in to give me a swift, but wet, kiss before you pick up the almanbahis deck and begin to shuffle. I watch closely as you deftly handle the deck, loving watching your strong hands work the cards. “Alright, baby. Ante up. What are you going to take off for me first?”

“Shoes,” I reply.

“Same,” you say, swiftly dealing us 5 cards each.

I pick up my cards and take a look at what I’ve been dealt. My hand sucks; all I’ve got is a pair of twos. But, not wanting to forfeit a piece of clothing without playing, I decide to stay in. “I’ll bet my blouse,” I say, looking into your eyes and running my fingers suggestively over my cards.

“Oh yeah?” you ask. “Well, I’m in. I’ll bet you my jacket. And, I’ll raise you my pants,” you say, your eyes dropping down to my cleavage. Your eyes are hungry, and I can tell you can’t wait to win the hand so you can see more of me.

“I’ll call with my camisole. I need 3 cards,” I say as I slide my 3 discarded cards towards you.

You trap my fingers temporarily when they reach you, lightly running your fingers underneath my wrist, giving me goosebumps. We lock eyes for a moment, the tension mounting between us.

You deal me 3 additional cards, and you take 2 for yourself. I pick them up and take a look. Lucky me, I’ve been dealt a pair of kings, giving me 2 pairs.

You pick up your cards and look at me. “Alright, baby. Moment of truth. Let me see what you’ve got.”

“Two pairs, kings and twos,” I say proudly, sticking my tongue out at you playfully.

Your eyes drop down to my tongue, and laughing, you say, “Not so fast, baby.” You show me your hand; you’ve got a full house, queens over fives. “Looks like I’ll be able to put that tongue to good use soon,” you gloat. “Alright, time to pay up. Stand up for me,” you order.

I stand and step towards you, moving around the table and stopping right in front of you, still sitting in your chair. I reach up and am beginning to unbutton my blouse when I feel your hands clamp around my wrists. “Did you forget the rules?” you ask.

Shit, I think. I forgot you were supposed to take off my clothes when I lost. “Oh, I forgot,” I say, “I’m sorry.”

“That’s too bad, baby. You know there are penalties for breaking the rules…” you trail off as you start to run your hands along my arms. “Straddle me,” you order, patting your lap in invitation.

Even though this part of the rules wasn’t explained to me, I love it when you get bossy with me, so I slowly inch towards you, putting on knee on the left side of your chair. My skirt stretches tightly around my legs afterwards, so I have to reach down and pull my skirt up so I can put my right knee down and fully straddle you. You’re staring at me the whole time, your eyes watching my movements as I follow your order. You look down once I’ve straddled you; my skirt is so high you can see the tops of my stockings, and you can see the lacy black of my panties peeking out at you.

You run your hands along my thighs, up to the tops of my legs, reaching your thumbs just inside and teasing my pussy ever so slightly. “I believe you owe me your blouse and camisole,” you say as you begin to unbutton my blouse. Looking in my eyes, you reach your mouth down and follow your hands, trailing along my neck and through my cleavage. Once you’ve got my buttons undone, you take a long look at me, sitting there straddling you, in my camisole, skirt, and stockings. “Fuck, you are so beautiful,” you say, before quickly removing my camisole and taking my mouth in a deep kiss.

Already turned on, I moan into your mouth, rocking my hips against you as we devour each other with our kiss. Suddenly, I feel your hands on my hips, stopping my movement. “Now, it’s time for your punishment,” you say breathlessly again at my mouth. “Get up and bend over the table for me.”

On shaky knees, I try to compose myself and get up, bending over the table in front of you. I feel you get up behind me, running your hands down my back and over my skirt-covered ass. “You ready, baby?” you ask.

“Mmmm, yes,” is all I can manage.

“Good girl,” you say, reaching down and pulling my skirt up over my ass. You groan as my skirt rises higher and higher, reaching my waist. I know what you’re seeing before you-me, bent over the table for you, in just my demi-cup black lace bra, with my skirt hiked up around my hips, all garters and stockings and stilettos on the bottom.

I feel your hand rub up my leg and up to my ass over my panties, caressing me lightly. Then, you raise your hand and swiftly swat me on the ass, hard. The loud smack of your palm on my ass rings throughout the room, along with my moans. “Mmm, that’s pretty, baby,” you say, lifting your palm and spanking me once more on my right cheek before moving to the other. almanbahis giriş “Your ass is getting all pink for me. Are you a bad girl?”

“God, YES,” I reply, feeling you spank me twice more on my left cheek. I can feel my ass warming and my pussy soaking my panties. I love this, and you know it.

After one more slap on each cheek, I feel your hands rubbing me lightly, soothing me. We’re both breathing hard, hearts pounding. “You like that, baby?” you ask as you lean down over me and begin to kiss my neck and ear. “Let me see how much,” you whisper as you reach a hand between my legs and pull aside my panties. “Fuck, you love this. You’re dripping.” You dip two fingers inside my pussy, then use my wetness to run circles around my clit with your fingers.

“Mmm, please,” I beg, rocking my hips against your hand.

“God, I love it when you beg me, baby,” you say, “But we’re not finished with the game.”

Before I have time to collect myself, you’re pulling my skirt back over my hips and leading me back to my chair. You hand me the deck. “Your deal,” you tell me.

Hands trembling, I pick up the deck. I take a few deep breaths in an effort to calm myself. I can feel your eyes on me, on my breasts as they heave with every breath. Determined to win this hand, I look up at you, smooth my hair behind my ears, and begin to shuffle the deck. I can tell you’re surprised as you watch me handle the cards; I’m pretty good with them, shuffling with ease and precision. I lay the cards in front of you so you can cut the deck. You cut them, eyes on mine.

“Ante up,” I say.

“Jacket,” you reply.

“Shoes for me,” I say before quickly dealing out 5 cards each. I pick up my cards and arrange them in my hands. Looks like my luck has turned; I’ve been dealt a flush, all hearts. Smiling, I look at you expectantly. “Well?”

You return my gaze, rubbing your jaw as you contemplate your next move. “I’ll bet my shoes and my shirt.”

That’s a hefty bet. I’m confident with my hand, and I have a suspicion you’re bluffing, so I call your bet. “I’ll call you with stockings and skirt, plus I’ll raise you my bra.”

“Hmm, pretty confident, are you, baby?” you ask. “Fine. I’ll call with my pants.”

After the betting round, he’s got 4 items of clothing on the table: jacket, shoes, shirt, and pants. I’ve got my shoes, stockings, skirt, and bra on the line.

You signal that you need 2 cards. I deal them out, then take none for myself. I watch your eyes widen at that. ” Hmm, getting nervous?” I ask, teasing you by running my fingers along my red lips.

“I wouldn’t get too cocky, baby,” you say. “You’ll be sorry for that attitude after I’ve got your sexy ass naked and begging for it.”

You lay your cards face up on the table. You’ve also got a flush-spades for you, 10 high.

“Shit,” I say, pouting a little, letting you think you’ve got me. Just as your face begins to turn up in an arrogant grin, I lay my cards down. “Flush, queen high,” I say, grinning widely. I can’t help but giggle a little at the look on your face. I get up out of my chair and approach you; it’s my turn to take some of your clothes this time.

You stand up and look down at me expectantly. “You better enjoy this, baby,” you tease. “This is the only chance you’ll get to undress me. I don’t plan to lose another hand.”

“Hmm, cocky, aren’t we?”

“You tell me,” you say as you grab my hand and press it against your crotch. I can feel your hard cock underneath your pants, and I begin to stroke it slowly.

“Mmm, yes, I can feel that,” I say. “But don’t rush me. I’m planning to enjoy this. I’ll get to your pants in a minute.”

I remove my hand from your cock and put both hands on your abs, running them slowly up your chest underneath your jacket. I reach your shoulders and slowly slide your jacket off, my hands trailing down your arms. Your jacket hits the floor as I lace my fingers through yours and press myself against your body, my bra-covered tits pressing against your crisp white shirt. I stand on tiptoes so I can put my mouth against yours. You groan against my mouth, and I open for you, inviting your tongue inside. You squeeze my hands with yours, our fingers still entwined as we kiss each other deeply.

Reluctantly, I pull my mouth from yours, resting my forehead on your chest as I catch my breath. I can feel your heart beating through your shirt. The chemistry between us is electric; never in my wildest fantasies did I imagine it would be this good between us.

Not wanting the game to be over, I collect myself and continue by reaching down and untucking your shirt, then I unbutton the buttons from top to bottom before removing it. “Shoes next,” I say, keeping your eyes as I slowly drop down to my knees, nuzzling almanbahis yeni giriş your crotch along the way. I hear your breath hiss as I feel your cock throbbing even through your pants and boxers. I turn my attention to your feet, untying your shoes and removing them quickly, one by one. Straightening up, still on my knees, I look up into your eyes as I unbuckle your belt, unbutton your pants, unzip your zipper, then reach around you to remove your pants. I lean back and watch as you step out of them, your rock hard cock straining against your boxers, just begging to be freed.

“Get up, baby,” you say breathlessly, offering me your hand. “Let’s finish this fucking game before I lose my mind.”

I take your hand and rise to my feet, feeling just as frustrated and turned on as you are. I can feel my panties soaked with wetness, my pussy just begging to be fucked. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

We both take our seats, me still in my bra, skirt, and stockings; you in your undershirt and boxers. You shuffle the deck and quickly deal.

“Alright, baby, no more fucking around,” you say. “If I don’t fuck you soon I’ll explode.”

I pick up my cards and look at them. I can barely focus; my mind is dizzy with lust. I’ve got nothing, not even a pair. “All in,” I say, no longer caring about who wins or loses.

“Call,” you say.

We both throw our cards down on the table. We haven’t done the draw, but we’re both beyond caring about the rules at this point. With a quick glance at the cards I can see you’ve won. Before I have a chance to react, you grab my arm, pull me from my chair, and slam your mouth down on mine. Your hands are all over me, unzipping and pulling my skirt down. Still kissing me deeply, our tongues tangling together, you reach down to my ass, lift me up, and sit me down on the table, right on top of the cards.

Leaning into me with your body, you lay me down on the table and begin to kiss down my neck, nipping me with your teeth then soothing with your tongue as you go. Your hands are on my breasts, twisting and pinching my nipples expertly with your fingers. You place a couple of kisses on my stomach, sinking down to your knees. I moan loudly as I feel your mouth open on my panty-covered pussy. You groan as you taste how wet I am, and I feel the vibrations throughout my body.

Still in my shoes and stockings, I spread my legs wider and place my shoes on the table. I feel your hands on my inner thighs spreading me even wider for you. You pull my panties to the side so you can really taste me. “Fuck, you taste so fucking sweet,” you say against me, running your tongue up and down my slit. “I can’t wait any longer. I’ve got to feel this around my cock.”

You rise up from your knees, standing before me. You quickly remove your shirt and boxers, stroking your cock as you look down at me. “Just look at you, all spread out and dripping for me. You need this just as much as I do, don’t you?”

We both know I do, so without waiting for me to answer, you pull my panties to the side, line up your cock with my wet pussy, and with one deep thrust, you fill me to the hilt.

We both moan loudly, and you still your hips for a few moments, just savoring the feeling of us joined together. You rear back and thrust forward again slowly, making me feel every inch of you as you move inside me.

I arch my back in pleasure, my eyes squeezed shut. “Open your eyes, baby,” you order. “I want you to watch. Watch my cock fuck your pussy. Watch me take you. It looks so fucking good.”

I lean up on my elbows so I can look down at where we’re joined. You’re right; watching is sexy as hell. Seeing your hard cock move in and out, slick with my juices, is driving me crazy. Watching my reaction is turning you on even more, so you begin to thrust faster and harder into me. “You love that, don’t you, baby?” you ask as you thrust, reaching down with your thumb to rub my clit. “You’re gonna cum all over my cock, aren’t you? God, you’re so fucking sexy!”

Your head falls back as you moan, getting lost in the pleasure. Between your words and your thumb on my clit, I’m ready to explode.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I scream before you feel my legs tighten around your hips and my pussy clamp down on your cock.

“Ah, God, that’s it! You cum around my cock. Just like that. Mmm, I’m gonna cum. Where do you want it, baby?”

Still cumming, I manage to whisper, “Mmm, inside me! I want it inside me,” I beg.

That’s all it takes to throw you over the edge, and with one final thrust, you begin to blow inside me. “Mmm, fuck I’m cumming! Take it baby. Take it all,” you say, thrusting into me a final few times, filling me up.

You collapse on top of me on the table, both of us breathing hard, our hearts pounding against each other. You brush your lips against mine, kissing me softly as we come down together.

You lean up and look down at me, softly say with a grin, “See, baby? I told you I play to win.”

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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