Breaking Clichés Ch. 08

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Note: The real 8th part, the conclusion of the vampire roleplaying story, is still missing. I don’t know if I’m going to finish it some day, but I leave the door open. This story happens after the conclusion of the vampire story.

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


“Spring…” I thought, looking at the late Spring sun through my window. I was still in bed, still groggy but with a lazy smile on my lips. I was smiling for two reasons. I took a deep breath, savouring the glorious pleasure of my almost-daily blessing: watching Scarlett dress. That was the first of my reasons. This morning she spent at least twenty minutes, naked most of those minutes, backlit by the sun. Her pale white skin, creamy and flawless, her generous curves on a small frame, her long, thick dark hair tumbling in heavy locks, the light on her pale pink nipples… I’ve been living with her for almost a year now, and I’ve been graced by this ritual most mornings. I didn’t think I’d ever get bored.

Suddenly I laughed and said “Pick your most boring underwear my love… You’re going to be wearing dirty and baggy clothes anyways.” She was going to spend the day helping a couple of friends to paint their new house. I didn’t know them much, and really hated painting, so I was excused.

Hearing my suggestion, Scarlett looked at me, frowning. “First of all, I don’t own boring underwear, I only have fine lingerie. Second of all, wearing sexy lingerie is incredibly important, especially when wearing baggy clothes. It makes me feel sexy despite the sweat pants.”

“Hmmm. Carl isn’t such a bad looking guy. Is that why you’re taking such a long time? Should I be jealous?”

Scarlett slowly turned around to face me, fully naked with a very small, black and lacy bra in her hand. “What? You jealous? I don’t believe it!” Faced with my silence, she added “Why don’t you fill me up with your sperm to mark your territory?”

Scarlett’s eyes opened wide when she felt my hand grab her wrist hard. Before she could do anything about it I had pulled her in bed with me and had rolled over her. Laughing, she parted her legs and laughed harder when she felt my fully erect cock against her pussy. “Haha! I’ve always known it!” she said, before spitting in her hand to coat my cock with her saliva. “You’re nothing but a brutish alpha male, keeping me for nothing more than my body, said body to be used whenever and however you want…” she sighed exaggeratedly “I’m only a poor little victim of your will and your cock… Oh gods!” she gasped as I pushed in, reaching her innermost depths in two thrusts. Laughing still, she added “What will you ever do with me after you buy your first real doll? Throw me to the curb and let me grapple and prostitute my way from one client to the next?”

“Shut up!” I said, laughing. “Sometimes you make me wonder if you’re really crazy.

In spite of her distracting words I was now fucking her in earnest, feeling her warm pussy becoming wetter with every thrust. I don’t know if it was a psychological or biological thing, but I’d never known a woman that could get wet as fast as Scarlett. Either she was in a constant state of semi-arousal, or she could switch that state on at will. She was even grasping my cock with her muscles, milking me like a maid milking a cow. Scarlett laughed and wrapped her arms and legs around me. “Fuck me hard, lover. I need to be outside in ten minutes, Maria is going to pick me you.”

“Fuck Maria!” I said, but laughed as she reinterpreted my comment.

“What? You wanna fuck Maria? Well, I can talk to her if you want, master…”

“Fucking little tease!” I replied, laughing.

“Tease? I doubt Carl would agree, but I’m sure Maria would be willing…”

“Stop it!” I said, laughing.

“Fuck me…” Scarlett said, laughing and pulling me close to her, muzzling her lips against my neck. “Fuck me good, love of my life…”

And so I did, a lot harder and faster than I usually do. And now, twenty minutes later, I was still grinning in bed. I still remembered how her legs shook as she climbed off from the bed. Not only was I blessed with the morning gifts, not only was I overwhelmed by the greatest sex of my life, but now, this morning, I was also holding something in my hand. Looking at it, I took a deep breath. Scarlett’s pussy may have been filled with my cum, but the ring I was holding between my fingers was something much more serious.

Last week I wandered in a jewelry store, alone, trying to convince myself that I had ended up there haphazardly. I hadn’t. I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been thinking about this for months now. I wanted this more than anything in the world, and yet… Yet I couldn’t help remember the very intense discussions we’d had about marriage during our first few months together. Scarlett was and still is a profoundly convinced feminist, and like most of them, she didn’t believe in marriage, in the locking of rings on the fingers of women. Then again, even in the midst of a fantasy almanbahis adres roleplay before her fantasy rape, she had teased me about it.

Later that same day, as I packed my bags for our trip, I wasn’t sure if I should bring it with me. We would be spending five days in Colorado, which was quite stunning in May, the peculiar mix of snow and Spring warmth making it a very nice setting for a proposal. But we would also be spending these five days with Karianne and Judd, which, while conducive to intense sexual pleasure, wouldn’t be ideal for such a gesture.

Also, I would have to spend some time with my colleagues. The official reason for the trip was the conferences, but I decided to make it a fun trip by inviting Scarlett and soon Karianne and Judd joined in. They both loved skiing and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the legendary spring skiing there.

Looking back at the ring, I wondered: “What if she said no?” Could we go on with our perfect relationship after such an incident? I sighed a few times, trying not to think about it too much. I smiled as I remembered the set she had chosen quickly after being fucked a lot harder than I usually like. Her fully black Ultimo Promise demi bra and matching panties, garters and suspenders was stunning. When she pulled her sweat pants and shirt over them, I almost pulled her back in bed with me, but she managed to flee before I could. I placed the ring back in its little box and hid it as best I could in the suitcase. Who knew what would happen on that trip?

Very very early the next morning, in pitch darkness, we took my regular car and headed for Judd’s apartment. I would have loved to take my Charger, but the thought of leaving it in the parking lot for a week was unacceptable. Our plane took off while the sun was barely beginning to lighten the eastern horizon. Scarlett had snuck ahead of us and took the seat next to the window, which meant that I went second. Karianne said that she didn’t want to sit next to the aisle, so she followed me. Judd grumbled for a minute, but he was still very tired and fell asleep ten minutes after take-off in any case.

The fact that the plane went high meant that the sun peaked earlier than it would have on the ground, and the three of us spent a few minutes enjoying the stunning view. Given the very early hour, flight attendants offered us blankets, which we took. Soon after we were all covered, Scarlett grabbed my hand and pushed it under the elastic waistband of her skirt. This morning, while she had chosen a stunning green bra, she hadn’t worn any panties under her long skirt. “I’ll be much more comfortable during the flight.” she had said. Now, she looked at me with a smile and whispered “Make me cum, it’ll help me fall asleep.”

“Of course, mistress…” I whispered back. I pushed my hands slightly lower and felt her smooth shaven mound and lips. I began slowly.

From the other side, Karianne said “What are you guys talking about?”

I grinned. Ever since Scarlett and I talked on the way back from the Halloween party, and I had explained how my love for Karianne wasn’t threatening, Scarlett’s attitude about her friend had changed. She hadn’t really considered that love, like friendship, could be inclusive instead of exclusive. Before that conversation, the three of us had shared a few sexual nights together. But between those nights, nothing overtly sexual or particularly intimate had happened.

After the conversation though, Scarlett actively began to nurture that intimacy even during our most mundane meetings. Once, in an elevator, she had turned to us and said, grinning like a schoolgirl, “I want to see you two kissing!” Karianne and I were both surprised, but we happily obliged. I had no idea how Judd would feel about this, but Karianne certainly didn’t mind. Scarlett kissed us both afterwards, releasing Karianne’s lips just as the doors opened.

In the plane, I looked at Karianne and motioned her to lean over. In her ear, I answered her question. “I’m fingering her to climax to help her fall asleep.”

“Interesting.” she said, a serious expression on her face. “I only have one question: can you multitask?”

I grinned, kissed her lips before she grabbed my fingers and wet them in her mouth. I then slipped my hand under her blanket. When my fingers pushed under the waistband of her yoga pants, I discovered that she had gone commando as well. I felt her tight, lean flesh resisting the pressure of my fingertips, so different than Scarlett’s smoother, rounder body. I slipped my fingers against the strip of hair above her lips to finally reach her pussy. I began gently and soon felt her body becoming hotter and wetter. We all closed our eyes and I did my best to bring both of them to climax.

It was a very peculiar experience. On either side of me, two very different young women were feigning sleep while enjoying my fingers. Soon they were both guiding me with their hands and I had to adapt to two different strategies. almanbahis adres Scarlett wanted me to push hard and quite fast with many deep plunges inside her. Her legs were wide opened, her pelvis pushed forward, allowing me all the access I wanted. Karianne, literally on the other hand, kept her thighs clamped around on my hand, limiting me to a continuous pressure on her closed lips. As I had learned in the past, Karianne had a very sensitive clit. We soon found a rhythm, with her thighs pulsing around me.

I had to give them both credit: they both climaxed in near perfect silence. By the time they both settled down, I was hard as a fucking rock, but both of them were now trying to fall asleep for real. I whispered “What about me?”

“We’ll make it up to you in the snow, my love…” was Scarlett sleepy response.

“Shit! I could fuck anything right now… Even that ugly flight attendant!”

Karianne snorted; the woman was damned ugly. She turned towards me and opened her eyes slightly. “Let me lay my head on your shoulder…”

After she did, I felt her hand on my pants. She deftly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans before freeing my cock. Her warm hand on my flesh felt wonderful. Against my ear, while she was jacking me off, she whispered “Hold the blanket up so that everybody doesn’t see it jumping up and down… Now, can you imagine the both of us in the bathroom, way back there? You’d push me in, lock behind you and force me against the wall. I’d feel your big cock against my ass, through my tight pants. I’d already be wet. Dripping wet in fact, just like I am right now. You’d force my pants down to my thighs and push your cock between my cheeks until you’d reach my burning hot pussy.” Karianne paused, then giggled. “Knowing you, you’d probably caress my asshole a bit before going lower…”

I laughed with her. She had an amazing ass, a dancer’s ass, a virgin dancer ass, and she’d had made me a promise that if ever she changed her mind about it, I’d be the first. Karianne worked my cock gently at first, then soon with increasing pressure and more complicated techniques. I felt her fingers closing and releasing as if she was playing a flute, first from the base to the top, after that the other way around. A bit later she gripped my flesh firmly and made the skin rotate slightly, all the while keeping a constant up and down motion. When I felt her cooler left hand grabbing my shaft, she slipped her right hand down to my balls and fondled them.

All the while she was still talking, explaining what we could be doing in the bathroom. “You know you could shaft me in a single push, right? You could force that cock of yours all the way into me and test to see if you can still fill me completely. Think you could still force my cervix back?”

“Fucking right…” I growled very low in my throat. “Shit, I could force your damned trachea back!”

Karianne giggled. “Oh naughty man! That’s Scarlett’s special gift…”

After saying that, she pulled her right hand away, spat in it before bringing it back under the blanket. Using her left hand she pulled my foreskin all the way back and covered my glans with her wet hand. And suddenly I was in paradise. Even deeper in paradise I mean. Karianne alternated with soft grasping motions before twisting her hand around the tip of my cock. “If you were to fuck me in the bathroom, think I could keep silent as you’d pound me? Think I could contain myself with your thick cock plowing my pussy as if you owned it?”

Before I could think of a decent reply, I felt my balls contracting, then my entire body as I climaxed. Karianne moved her hand as far as it would go upwards, closing her fist to make a small hollow while keeping her pinky wrapped tightly against her palm. Every time I spasmed she released her pressure very slightly, letting the jets of cum flow, before closing down again to capture them. I managed to remain silent through the entire time, transforming a groan into a cough only twice. When I felt her pulling her hand away, I opened my eyes and watched her as she drank the cum she had saved. It was a remarkable sight, and augured well for the rest of the trip.

Karianne grinned, kissed me with some sperm still on her lips and eventually settled back on her seat, ready to sleep. Judd had slept through it all, and I was pretty sure that Scarlett wasn’t feigning her own sleep on my other side. Looking at Karianne’s peaceful face, I saw one last trace of sperm glistening on her lower lip. I leaned over, whispered “Let me kiss you again, exquisite woman.” And so I did, much longer this time. Much longer. If at first it was a playful kiss to remove my sperm, it very soon changed into something else. We probably kissed for well over ten minutes in the silent plane, our face bathed by the orange sunrise. When we stopped, the long stare we shared was almost as good as the kiss. Karianne was stunningly beautiful, and sexy, and right now her smile was mesmerizing, her eyes glowing.

A few moments almanbahis adres later I was, like her, reclining in my chair, my eyes closed. Strangely enough, I was pretty sure that Judd would have minded that last kiss and stare a lot more than the mutual masturbation. And to be honest, Karianne and I hadn’t shared such kisses often. Karianne, Scarlett and I have been growing a lot closer in the last few months, but this was something else. Scarlett knew that I loved her, and I was pretty sure that she had told Karianne. I had never said it explicitly, but right then, after our long kiss, I came very close to.

A few hours later, in our respective rooms, when Scarlett casually mentioned that Karianne and Judd were going through a rough patch, I froze. Scarlett, holding one stunning piece of lingerie in her hand, saw my reaction. “What?”

“Hmmm. After I pleasured you both, in the plane, Karianne returned the favour.” I said.

“Yes, I know. I heard you both when you began. So?”

“Well, after we were done, she had a bit of sperm on her lips—”

“She gave you a blowjob? In the plane?” Scarlett asked, surprised and smiling.

“No no! She just caught my sperm in her hand. In any case,” I continued, smiling at the sight of Scarlett’s disappointed expression. “when she reclined in her seat, I saw that she had a bright spot of it on her lips and I leaned in to kiss her. And she kissed me back. For a long time. Quite a long time.”

“Again,” Scarlett asked, not understanding why it was important, “so?”

“It wasn’t a ‘thank you for the good handjob’ kind’a long kiss…” I replied.

“Oh.” Scarlett looked at me for a moment. “And you’re surprised?” I nodded. “Why? She does love you, you know?”

“What? No, I didn’t!”

“Of course she does… Who could resist you?” Scarlett asked, smiling, not realizing how serious it was for me.

“But that changes things!” I said reflexively.

Scarlett frowned and dropped her lingerie back in her suitcase before sitting next to me. She was serious, but had a little smile as she said “What’s wrong with you, mister ‘we can love many people and it’s no big deal and love is inclusive’?” I laughed, I had to laugh. But Scarlett continued “Why do you think I keep pushing you two together? Why do you think I make up excuses to leave you alone from time to time?”

I looked at her, completely taken by surprise. And the male in me asked a question before I could censor it “And do you have such feelings for Judd?”

“Oh dear…” she paused. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so young, Mr. Professor. Jealous? You who showed me that we could love freely? I know I teased you about that yesterday morning, but… Should I be flattered as a woman in love, or insulted as a feminist? Oooh…” she grinned mischievously “I’m going to use that against you someday, master debater, and you’re going to lose! You can’t say something grand and noble, but act in a completely different manner!” she laughed, and I stared at her, dumbfounded. “But, that is for another time.” she said. “To answer your question, no I don’t have such feelings for Judd. I do like him, he’s fun to be around and he was pretty good in bed as Batman, but no more.”

Scarlett was staring at me, trying to gage my reaction, watching every last detail of my expression, my posture, my breathing. “But I’m pretty sure,” she continued, “that you wouldn’t have been happy if I’d told you that I did love him.” I couldn’t reply, knowing that my own feelings weren’t in sync with my beliefs. She was absolutely right. And just as I was about to tell her that I was going to pull away from such intimate contacts with Karianne, she was ahead of me. It was amazing how, sometimes, she could read me like a book. Another shot to my ego. As I took a breath to talk, she placed her finger on my lips and said “Don’t you dare take your distances from Karianne. I’m pretty sure you were going to say that if you couldn’t handle me loving another man, that you shouldn’t love another woman.”

I stared at her, stunned. She was indeed reading me like a book! Fifteen years younger than me, and even with me being a philosopher, even with the countless questions and deep soul searches I’d made through my life, she had seen right through me. And she wasn’t done. “I think it’s easier for me to accept Karianne in your heart than it would be for you to accept another man in mine.”

“What? Why? Shouldn’t it be the same?” I asked, trying to regain some sort of presence in the conversation.

“Of course not!” she said, shaking her head with a smile, exactly how I look when some of my students ask dumb questions. “You’ve stepped into my domain now, my love. While our culture is changing on that point, we’ve been exposed a lot more to lesbianism than to male homosexuality. In porn and even in mainstream movies and tv shows, we see a lot more lesbians than gays. And you’re older than I am, having been born in a different world, with such a retarded moral code…”

I froze for a few seconds, my eyes opening wide. And then I laughed, seeing the sparkle in her eyes. I pulled her to me and hugged her hard. Still holding on to her, I said “If you ever feel love for another man, please let me know…”

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