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“So, you really want to know what’s been happening since I got back in town? Well, it’ll cost you a beer and I guarantee you’ll need it!” I said it with a big smile on my face.

Kim motioned to the bartender, “Ginger, two more Fosters, please.” I’d been back in town for about three months and this was the first opportunity I’d had to get together with Kim. She and I had been friends for about seven years and often shared a Saturday afternoon drinking beer on the boardwalk, watching the beautiful people pass us. There were even times the afternoon’s drinking led to someone’s bed, but the last time had been more than three years ago. I had relocated to San Francisco, following the job. I had just returned to San Diego three months ago. Kim and I had swapped phone messages about getting together, but we just hadn’t been able to make it happen until today. Ginger brought us our third beers of the afternoon. We had assumed our familiar spot at a table in the front of the open bar. The bar sat right on the boardwalk with the sun and the Pacific Ocean just beyond. The table provided us the ideal spot to see and be seen by all that passed us. Kim and I made a game of handicapping the talent for one another as they walked by our table. This would range from ‘take a look at him’ to in-depth opinions on just what the girl would do and say in the sack, always interesting, never dull. Classic ’70’s and ’80’s music played over the sound system as we talked.

After taking a swallow of beer, I began my story. “It was my first weekend back in SD and I was meeting Skip at Huli’s in PB. Know the place?”

“No, but continue.”

“Well, I was a little early arriving and just about to grab a table when this guy walks up to me with a big shit-eating grin on his face. It was Dave Johnson.” Kim had that ‘sounds familiar, but I don’t know’ look on her face. “You know the guy, kind of tall and a little shaggy – he hadn’t changed a bit since the last time I’d seen him.”

“Oh yeah, he used to hang with Marty, right?”

“Yeah, that’s the guy. Well anyway, we shook hands and did the ‘great to see you thing’. Making small talk for a couple minutes, he finally introduced me to the girl standing behind him. I had noticed her immediately, probably before I saw Dave.”

“What a surprise. You always see the girls first!”

“Anyway Smart ass, she’s five-six and thin with short blonde hair. The unmistakable part was that she was wearing a loose fitting white cotton t-shirt that I could sort of see through. Her nipples were hard and I could see that both were pierced with these gold rings.”

“You could see them? No shit?”

Nodding, I continued. “She was real quiet, almost standing in his shadow. She has these great eyes, but it was real difficult not to stare just at her nips. I could swear I could feel her body shake as we shook hands, but I didn’t think anything about it. I thought that maybe it was me that was shaking!” I paused for a drink and Kim leaned back in her chair. “I’m just getting started, so get comfortable. Dave said they had to go, but would like to hook up and catch up with life. I gave him my card and told him to call me.”

A couple days later, I got this call at work. She was quiet, but I could hear perkiness in her voice. “Hello, Rodger, this is Cameron, Dave’s friend … Remember me?”

I was buried in work, but of course I remembered her. “‘Why of course I remember you. How could I forget? It’s good to hear from you, Cameron.”

“Dave wanted me to call and invite you to his place for drinks and dinner on Friday night. Are you available?”

“Friday will be great, will you be there?”

“Yes. Dave will expect you around seven. Do you remember his place?”

“Yeah, I’m sure I can find it. I’ll see you both on Friday.” She hung up.

“I thought it was odd, she would be there but kept saying Dave. I found out just how odd on Friday.” Kim had a big smile on her face. She knows me and knew I was on a roll with this story.

So I continued … Friday evening rolled around and my curiosity was rising. I knew something interesting would transpire, I just wasn’t sure what it would be. I picked up a bottle of rum on the way and knocked on Dave’s door just prior to seven. He has a small house on a hillside overlooking a valley. The smell of sizzling steaks wafted from the back patio. Cameron answered the door on the second knock. I almost dropped the bottle as I set my sights on her. Standing in the doorway as natural as can be, she presented a sight to produce a near full erection. Let me start at her feet. White, open-toed shoes with two-inch heels. She wore sheer, white stockings with lace at the top. The stockings covered her feet and legs to mid-thigh. How do I know about the lace? Well, she wore a cooking apron that stopped just below her waist. Very short denim cut-offs covered some of the gap, but there was at least four inches of very tan skin showing in between the stocking tops and the cut-off bottoms. The apron covered her breasts, but started just above her nipples. She Eskort invited me in with little emotion. As she turned, I realized she was wearing nothing under her apron. My eyes feasted on her creamy tanned breasts. Next, I studied her back as she led me to the back porch.

Dave greeted me at the sliding door with a smile. “Rum, you remembered. Hand the bottle over to Cameron and she’ll pour us drinks. The steaks are just about ready.”

We sat down at the patio table and made small talk. Cameron returned shortly with the drinks for Dave and I. She bent at the waist to hand me my glass. As she did, her apron fell away from her body enough to offer me a view of her large nipples and dark aureolas. Again, she wore the gold hoop rings that had caught my eyes through her t-shirt at Huli’s. The view was more than accidental. I was now fully erect and we hadn’t even gotten to dinner! Noticing only two plates set on the table, “Are you not joining us, Cameron?” Dave answered for her, saying she already ate and that she was just there to serve us. This was getting pretty interesting, I thought. I decided to just go with the rhythms (and the rum) and see where the night would take me. Cameron returned to the table with a salad and baked potatoes. She removed the steaks from the grill and delivered them to our plates. She took a seat in the corner of the patio. I could see her quite clearly to the left of Dave’s shoulder. By now, I knew I was being baited. Cameron was being put on display just for me.

Sitting as she was, I could see her right breast under the apron and her beautiful thighs. Dave and I chatted about the old times over dinner and I shared some of my Bay Area tales. Just enough to let him know I was a player in the game I thought he was offering. As the sun went down over the hill, we decided it was time to head inside. Dave told Cameron to clean up the kitchen and then she could join us. Cameron followed us into the living room and provided us fresh drinks. By now, I was swimming in rum and in the naked visions of Cameron. The room was not real large; the house was about location, not size. Dave had some nice audio/video equipment and a rather extensive audio and video collection. The videos were both general audience and adult. The adult section had all genre’s – from straight to lesbian to fetish.

Soon, the main show began. Cameron walked into the room, without her apron! Her ample breasts bounced lightly as she joined us on the couches. She sat next to Dave, opposite me. An interesting coffee table separated the couches. “I must tell you Cameron. Those rings really got my attention last week at Huli’s. And without the shirt … they are just outstanding.” Cameron blushed at my comment.

Dave sensed the opening and the next thing shocked even me. Dave said, “Well Rodger, if you like those rings … Cameron show Rodger your handles.”

Cameron dutifully stood up and walked around the table. She stopped just to the side of me, so Dave could see my face. She hesitated a moment, then unsnapped her jeans. She gave them a gentle nudge over her hips, and then they fell to her ankles. A white lace garter belt framed a tightly cropped pussy. Just a small patch of blonde pubes remained above her clitoris. Spreading her thighs slightly to improve the view, I got a sight to see. Her lips were double-pierced and she had small gold rings through each of the four holes. Cameron reached down and slipped a ring onto the index and middle finger of each hand. Pausing, she pulled them apart about a half inch, … handles. I had been in control, but this brought my cock to near full erection. I leaned over for a closer look. I could smell the strong scent of an aroused woman just inches from my nose.

By now, Kim’s eyes were wide open in amazement. “Why don’t I live your life? She really spread her lips for you with the rings?” “

“Yeah, she did. I expected to see her strip, but that really amazed me.” Kim motioned for Ginger to pour us two more beers before I continued my story.

Cameron then stepped out of her shorts and returned to the couch beside Dave. She has a great ass! “Shit, that’s amazing. I have never been witness to something like that … and I’ve witnessed quite a few things. I’ve got to ask you about last week. When we shook hands, I could swear you were shaking?” Dave burst out laughing at my question. He told Cameron to answer me.

Again, Cameron blushed and hesitated. She looked at Dave with sympathetic eyes, but didn’t get them in return. She faced me, “Yes, I was shaking. Sometimes when we go out in public, Dave makes me wear a remote controlled vibrator. It was on when we met you.” She turned away from me and into Dave’s shoulder.

“It’s really a kick, man. I can get her so hot in public that she’s practically dripping wet. I had just turned it up to see if you’d notice. I guess you did!” We continued to chat for a few minutes, Cameron sitting naked by his side. The scene was quite surreal.

“Dave, I’m curious about the table. It’s very unique.”

“Damn, you don’t miss a thing. A friend of Cameron’s made it for us. What do you find unique about it?”

“Well, I noticed the leather straps hanging down from the underside of the table. I bet you were dying for me to ask about it, weren’t you?” Dave’s smile said ‘yes’. ‘I’ll bite, can I get a demonstration?’ I could see Cameron shudder softly, apparently I was the only one who didn’t know what was about to happen, but I had a pretty good idea.

Dave whispered in Cameron’s ear and she got up and went into the bedroom. “Give me a hand, will you?” He motioned me to the far end of the table. We easily flipped the top over and re-secured it to the base. There were a number of large eye screws spaced around the edges of the table; leather straps attached to some. The table was not tall, nor very wide. I knew I was about to see Cameron demonstrate how securely the table would hold someone in place. Cameron appeared from the bedroom wearing leather wrist cuffs and a leather collar with two leashes hanging down between her breasts.

Dutifully, she mounted the table, slipping her luscious feet into the ankle restraints attached to the table. Dave fastened them tightly about her ankles. I walked behind her and knelt down to suckle her big toes on each foot. Dave synched her wrists to two eye screws. The leashes attached to her collar were quite long and had small clamps attached to the ends. Dave slipped the leashes through the hook straight down from her chin and grabbed them on the other side. Pulling her head down with the leashes, he fastened the clamps to her nipple rings. This meant any upward movement of her head or neck would pull her breasts upwards as well. The restraints effectively immobilized her on the table. “What do you think, Rodger? Seen anything like this?”

“I’ve seen similar, but not with anyone restrained as hot as Cameron. I do hope you are gonna let me fuck her tonight!”

“Of course, Cameron will love having you fuck her. She is quite good and quite skilled at sucking cock.”

“Do you guys do much S&M, or is this just for fucking?”

“We have done some S&M shit, but the minor pain she’ll feel on her nips tonight is about the limit of what we routinely do. This is more about control than pain. I did invite a dom over once, but she was pretty hard on Cameron. I couldn’t fuck the girl for a week. Why don’t you come around here and show Cameron what you got to offer her.”

I walked around the edge of the table, my fingers lightly scraping her thigh and back. Her body shrugged a bit as I did. She eagerly sucked two of my fingers into her mouth as I presented them to her. I pulled off my shirt, then unbuckled my jeans. As I slid off my pants, my cock came into her view. My cock is ten inches long and quite thick when fully erect. I was still only two-thirds hard at this point.

“Rodger, you are VERY big. I hope I can please you.”

Dave opined, “Jeez Rodger, I’m big, but you have a huge cock. Cameron will really enjoy you!”

Standing naked, I stepped forward and put my cock head to her lips. She eagerly spread her jaw wide and began to suck on my cock. Grabbing her leash, I pulled her mouth closer. Of course, this caused the other end of the leash to tug on her nipples. She squirmed at the sensation, but continued to tend to my cock. I began the basic rhythm of fucking her mouth as she took more of me down her throat. I have great control and knew the rum would help me prolong this for as long as I chose to let it. Cameron was very skilled in the ways of oral pleasuring and seemed to delight in doing so. Her tongue danced magically over my blood-engorged head. She worked feverishly to take my entire length. Dave moved around behind her and slapped her ass cheeks with his open hand. The shock to her ass caused her to take another inch of me. He gave her four more slaps before he straddled the table and rested his cock head against her wet pussy. “You’ve got her really wet. If you lose sight of me, throw me a life raft because I’m drowning!” We both laughed at the thought. Dave slipped his cock inside her pussy and began to bury it to his balls. “Cameron, I haven’t seen you this wet in a long time. Do you like sucking Rodger’s big cock?” She began to lick and caress my shaved balls with her tongue. She even hit the spot between my balls and asshole. That sensitive little area that rarely gets the attention it deserves. That took me by surprise and I thought I’d lose control for a moment. I began to imagine a situation where it would just be the two of us and I would put her on her back and just fuck her while playing with those beautiful breasts.

Cameron let out a low moan as the first wave of her orgasm swept over her body. Her hips shook a bit as it passed. Dave could feel it, but he kept pounding into her from behind. By now, Cameron had my entire ten inches in her mouth and down her throat. Her orgasm had put us over the top and she took my length down to the base. I was amazed, as I had only known two others who were able to take all of me. I slowly fucked her throat for probably five minutes. “Dave, do you mind if we switch? I’ve got to know if she is as good from that end.”

“Be my guest … she is all teed up just for you. I am sure you will not be disappointed.”

I withdrew my length from her mouth. “You are an incredible cocksucker. I’ll be gentle getting inside you.”

“I’m going to sit this one out. You don’t mind if I watch, do you?” Cameron slumped to her elbows and put her forehead on the table. This elevated her ass just a bit.

“My, what a lovely ass you have. I must kiss it.” I bent over and showered her smooth ass cheeks with kisses. Dropping to my knees, I reached between her thighs and spread her pussy lips ever so slightly using her ‘handles’. What a sensation. My tongue snaked between her lips. I could taste her orgasm. My tongue fucked her hard clitoris, rolling back and forth. Cameron abruptly raised her head from the table with my attention. Actually, a little too abruptly. Raising her head that quickly caused a tug on the leather leashes fastened to her nipples. A grunt crossed her lips as the sharp pain washed over her breasts.

“Don’t spoil her, Boy!” I could hear Dave go to the kitchen for another drink.

I licked her inner lips, but always returning to her clit. Finally, her body shook violently as she was ripped by her second orgasm of the session. Her body continued to shake as I sucked her clit. I could sense her trying to get away from my tongue, but the leather straps around her ankles and the sharp pain to her nipples held her near me. Her body shook once more before I halted my oral assault. “I hope you’re ready to be fucked, because it’s my turn now.” I lined up my cock and slammed the first six inches into her. Her body jerked as my girth spread her pussy wide. My hand slapped her ass and she let out a yelp. This allowed another three inches to slide into her pussy. She was really wet by now, but she was surprisingly tight. I could feel her vaginal muscles tighten against my cock. We began a quick pace of fucking. Her cunt was able to handle my entire length. My hands grasping her hips, I pulled her toward me with each stroke of my cock. This girl knows how to fuck! After more than ten minutes of serious humping, I quickened the pace as I was ready to cum. Our bodies slamming together, my cum erupted from my body. I continued to fuck her sexy pussy until I could no longer stand it. I withdrew from her pussy and fell onto the couch.

“What a great fuck! Cameron, that was amazing!” Dave applauded. Apparently, I had left Cameron just short of another orgasm. She began to wiggle against her restraints, trying to rub her thighs together to get herself off.

“Let’s go out to the back patio and leave this girl alone for some privacy.” Dave gave me a hand off the couch. I could hear Cameron moaning, but it was Dave’s party. As we stood on the deck with fresh drinks he said, “Don’t worry about her, she can get herself off without touching herself. Just enjoy the night air and catch your breath.” It didn’t even seem odd that we were both naked.

We walked back inside about twenty minutes later, just in time to see Cameron shaking as her long-wanted orgasm took her body. “See what I mean, she’s amazing!”

After she calmed down, we unfastened her from the table and helped her to her feet. She was pretty wobbly; she had been tied down about two hours. Before I left, I bent down and suckled her left nipple. I could tell she was pretty sore, but she let me caress her without saying a word. I drove home with visions of Cameron stuck in my head.

Kim was shaking her head at my story. “That’s quite a story, Rodger. Sure you’re not making it up?”

“That’s just Act I. Shall we grab a table and I’ll tell you about Act II?” Kim nodded for more of the story. “About ten days later, Dave called asking for a favor. He had to leave the states for three weeks and was hoping I’d check in on Cameron.”

“She’s pretty dependent, man. Some times it’s a real drag. The sex is unbelievable, but dependency is a bitch. She really liked you.” He mentioned a few things, but said Cameron could show me whatever I needed to know. Just before he hung up, he added, “Oh yeah, fucking is optional. Have fun!”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Watch my girl and feel free to fuck her as I wish. Sounded like quite an offer. I had no idea just how good the offer would be. But I did know I would take him up on the optional sex!

The first day Dave was gone, I thought I should check in with her and told her I’d be there about six. Cameron opened the door before I could even knock. She was the prototypical ’50’s housewife with a modern day sexual appetite. This would take some adjusting on my part. Cameron had a Fosters already poured in a frosted beer glass. I asked if she was eating with me but she said she’d eat after I’d left. When I insisted, I could see her hesitation, not knowing what to do. “We can keep it our secret!” Cameron was dressed in Levi’s and a blouse, very demure. We talked through dinner, although I did most of the talking. Cameron had really been conditioned for subservience. With the table cleared, I led her by the hand into the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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