Christina’s Body Pt. 01

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I can tell you when and how it started. What I can’t say is why. I will never understand it but I can at least try to explain it.

My daughter Christina and I have always been close. When she was growing up I taught her to play softball and she taught me compassion. After her mother and I divorced Christina stayed with her mother but I had her on weekends. She was my only child and I adored her.

When she graduated high school I remember sitting in the front row, proudly taking her picture when she accepted her diploma. When she graduated college I cried. It meant my little girl was moving away. In her senior year she’d accepted a job out west and I know that meant the times we would see one another would be few and far between. She flew home on Christmas and managed to make it back for a thanksgiving or two before the events I am about to tell you about.

In high school Christina had always been a twig and she was teased incessantly about it. She developed slowly and, even after reaching maturity, she had small breasts like her mother. It was something that always bothered her. Her mother was a beautiful woman and I constantly pointed that out to Christina.

Last Thanksgiving she came home. I spent the day art my brother’s house and she had dinner with her mom. My nieces and nephews were still in college and everyone looked forward to Christina making her appearance, albeit a brief one. She was coming over for dessert and then her and I would go back to the house to watch a movie and catch up. Her flight was two days later so we didn’t have much time.

When Christina arrived at my brother’s she gave everyone a hug and the entire time I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. When did my little girl become such a beautiful woman? She ‘d always been pretty, but the woman who walked in that door was breathtaking. She had a slight tan and her dirty-blonde hair had been cut short so it stopped at her shoulders. She was no longer the twig she’d been when I’d last seen her either. She was… curvier…solid. Her cousin was a gym rat and I listened as they compared notes. Christina had taken up swimming and yoga.

I watched every little move she made. The way she held her wine glass. Her laugh. The way she crossed and uncrossed her athletic, long legs. I found myself admiring her as a young woman more than once and chastised myself for it. I chalked it up to not seeing her often and being proud of how she was turning out. She exuded confidence.

When it came time to say our goodbyes she promised everyone she would comment backlink stop by before flying home and we hopped in my car.

“Oh wow… That was fun,” she said while buckling up.

I glanced at her. Yep… She was beautiful.

“I think Tommy was impressed with the yoga stuff. I know he and his girlfriend started doing it a couple months ago.”?

She blew her hair out of her face and stretched her legs out under the dashboard. “Let’s just get home,” she smiled. “I want to relax, have a glass of wine, and just enjoy being with you.”

We chatted a bit about her job on the way home and soon enough we were both in our ‘comfy’ clothes, as we liked to call them, and on the couch as I fumbled with the remote to enter the Netflix password. ‘Comfy’ for me was sweatpants and a t-shirt. For Christina it was shorts and an oversized t-shirt that I had bought her for x-mas the year before. The shirt cam down just below the shorts so, if one didn’t know it, it appeared as if that was all she were wearing.

I let Christina pick the movie as I poured the wine. We are both light drinkers and had already had some at my brother’s so I made sure not to top our glasses off.\

We continued to chat, basically ignoring the movie, and pretty soon we were both yawning.

“Time for bed kiddo?” I said.

“God no. I don’t want to sleep yet. I feel like I just got here.” She held her glass out. “More wine.” Her eyes sparkled as she said this and I had to look away. That was when it hit me. The way I looked away. I was attracted to her. That can’t be possible. I told myself it was the wine and the fact that we were both tired. It had to be.

And then she surprised me. “Hey…let’s cuddle like we used to. Do you think we’d still fit?”

When she was young I’d lay on the couch sideways with my back against the back of the couch and Christina would lay in front of me. There had even been room for the ever present bowl of popcorn she would devour. Not anymore. There would barely be enough room for two adults.

“We can try,” I shrugged.


Christina got up so I could lay down. As soon as I was settled she was in front of me with her back facing me.

“Comfortable?” I asked.

“Very,” she purred.

I glanced down at her legs. Since when did she have long legs?

I needed to stop. I tried to focus on the TV.



“I’m cold.”

“Well, you’re wearing shorts and it’s November, dummy.”

“Warm me up.”

Warm comment backlink Botu her up?


“Put your arm around me or something. Body heat.”

I slid my arm around her and she settled back. I caught a whiff of her hair. Clean… fresh. And the back of her neck…

Christina snuggled closer. Her hand found mine and pulled it against her so that it rested just above her breastbone.

“This is nice,” she whispered.

It was. It was too nice actually. With growing horror I realized that I was becoming aroused. Again, I told myself that it had nothing to do with her but more to do with the fact that we’d had wine, were tired, and were now snuggled close. There was no way I was aroused because of her. Not Christina.

And then her ass bumped against me. If she realized what she’d bumped against she showed no sign.

I held my breath.

She did it again. This time I would swear it was deliberate. She didn’t move away either. Her bottom remained lightly pressed against me. There’s no way she couldn’t feel I was hard. I wanted to die.

Christina squeezed my hand and ever so lightly pressed back against me again. There was no denying she did it on purpose. Was she checking to see if I was asleep? Was she just as horrified as I was that her own father was lying behind her with an erection?

I refused to move… to breathe.

“Dad,” she whispered.

Should I fake sleep? Was that the safest way out of this?


I cleared my throat and tried to sound tired. “Yes?”

She pulled my arm closer and she moved her ass against me again. She pressed lightly and then relaxed… lightly and then relaxed. I needed to tell her to stop.

I closed my eyes and willed myself not to react. For my body to remain still and to not press back against her. My Christina…

She sighed and this time she pressed back again. I almost gasped and bit my lip.

She let go of my hand long enough to reach for the remote on the floor. In doing do she pressed back again, unintentionally and my erection pressed between her cheeks. There could be no denying it now.

Christina shut the Tv off and again settled back into me.

Now it was completely intentional. My beautiful daughter willingly pressed back against me…against my hardness.

I sighed and pressed back.

“Yes…” she whispered.

Had I heard her right? Did she actually say that? Or was it all in my mind?

Slowly, almost imperceptibly Christina began comment backlink Programı to move her ass back against me, rhythmically, hypnotically… and I could do nothing. What could I do? Press back? Admit what was happening? What if I was wrong?

And then she turned. Just slightly. Her body rotated so that she was on her back and looking up at me. She still held my hand against her collarbone.

Her lips quivered. The room was silent. I didn’t dare say anything. Hadn’t I just pressed my erection against her ass? What father does that?

Without waiting for me to say a word Christina raised her head slightly and pressed her lips to mine.

I swooned. I’d always heard the word but never understood what it meant until that moment. Her lips were soft… sweet… heaven…

And then her hand released mine and snaked up behind my neck and pulled me closer…her mouth opened…my daughter’s tongue slid past my lips and found mine…

I was lost. Without a word…without thinking… my mouth opened to hers and my tongue chased hers back into her sweet, forbidden mouth…

Christina moaned. Within moment our mouths were fused together and she had turned even more so that her body was pressed against mine. I couldn’t think. I was kissing her as no father should. I resisted the urge to touch her…to feel her body…to explore…

She didn’t. Her hands slid down and began to push my sweatpants over my hips. I lifted slightly…my body reacting on its own…and soon my erection…my cock was free. Christina mooned into my mouth when she felt it against her thigh. I moaned in return… Her thigh…her skin… It was too hot. It was too soft. I could actually feel the soft down beneath my shaft…

I wouldn’t last. I knew it. Not with my daughters tongue in my mouth and her heated thigh pressed against my cock.

I broke our kiss… Christina parted her legs and I felt the pressure of her arm on my side… She was trying to move me on top of her.

“Christina…” I gasped. I could feel her hot breath on my chin… my cheek… And worse…I could feel her thighs parted…he body moving beneath me…

“I …we can’t…” I gasped again.

“It’s ok…” she whispered…she sounded out of breath. “Let me…”

Before I could ask what she meant her hand pushed between us and her fingers found my shaft. Her hand was just as hot as her leg.

“Let me dad…”

And then my little girl… my daughter…squeezed…


Her mouth found mine again and her hand began to pull at me…

I couldn’t hold back. With a groan I felt it…My entire body pressed down and her hand squeezed hard…

I groaned into my daughters mouth as my cock erupted… My seed coated her hand…her leg…her stomach…

We were lost.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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