Dominated By Wrestling Rival Pt. 01

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I’d been looking forward to the conference wrestling tournament all year. As the captain of my college team, I’d been training for this moment for years. At 6’3″, I was one of the taller wrestlers on the team and 210 pounds of shredded muscle. Lifting weights at least once or twice a day, I maintained my toned physique so that I could dominate my opponents on the mat. My blond hair, blue eyes, and boyish-good looks also made me quite popular with the ladies.

As a senior in college, I’d sampled my fair share of sorority girls. When you’re hot and ripped like me, it’s easy to get a blowjob any night of the week, and plenty of sexy ladies seemed to love sucking off my firm and average-sized cock.

Although I wasn’t the most hung guy on campus, I wasn’t the smallest either, and my six-inch dick got tons of action. The ladies loved me for my muscles and often begged me to fuck them ferociously. I had no qualms giving them they wanted and took great pride in fucking all the hottest chicks on campus. They loved how hard my dick got and the stamina with which I performed. They also loved staring into my piercing blue eyes and handsome face as I brought them to orgasm.

Life was good for a hot wrestler stud like me, and after fucking dozens of the sexiest chicks on campus, I had decided to settle down with a long-term girlfriend. Jasmine was her name, and her wit, humor, and devastating good looks made all the boys swoon. Half-Korean and half-Latina, Jasmine had a face and body that could qualify for Miss Universe. 5’7″ with flowing, dark-brown hair, she had almond-brown eyes, overflowing breasts, and a curvaceous ass that turned heads everywhere she went.

It was sometimes hard to find time for the gym given how often Jasmine and I fucked, but I was still able to focus on wrestling. I was the favorite in my division and spent countless hours training for the conference tournament.


Upon arriving at the tournament, I headed straight to the locker room. There I stripped down to my Adidas jockstrap, the customary underwear for our team. My cock made a nice little bulge in the strap—equally on par with most guys in the locker room. I had no problem getting naked with my teammates, and most of them knew my cock had fucked the hottest chicks on campus.

As I waited for the weigh-in, I stood in line with 20 other bros in jockstraps. Most of them were equally ripped, with big bubble butts for all to see, and ample packages contained in the jocks. Just behind me stood the team captain from our rival college—Diego—who was the only other wrestler who had a shot at the title.

I had seen Diego wrestle for the last couple years, but we had never faced off against each other. At 5’11”, he was four inches shorter than me, but nearly all muscle at the same 210 pounds as me. He was a stocky fellow, Latino, and had olive-colored skin that accentuated his bulging muscles. With dark brown hair and bright green eyes, Diego was also quite popular with the ladies.

“What’s up, bro?” Diego asked me.

“Not too much,” I replied. “Just getting ready to whip your ass in wrestling.”

“Haha,” he chuckled. “We’ll see about that. It’ll be nice to have a challenge for once.”

I knew that Diego was undefeated on the season so far, just as I was. Although I’d seen him from afar, I’d never been up close to him, and it was obvious that Diego oozed with confidence.

“You look smaller than the last time I saw you,” Diego said. “Have you been cutting?”

I laughed and stepped up to the scale since I was next in line. I left my jockstrap on during the weigh-in, as most guys did, and was happy to see that the scale read exactly 210.0. This was the cut-off for our weight class and meant that my bulk and build were perfect.

After breathing a sigh of relief, I got off the scale and stepped forward to make room for Diego. Turning around, I hoped that I would see him go over the weight limit and lose his place in the tournament. Instead, I saw him pulling down the waistband of his jockstrap.

Until now, I hadn’t even looked at Diego’s jockstrap. Like most of the wrestlers, it was white and fairly unassuming. But as Diego pulled it down, I was shocked as a massive tree-trunk of a dick came into view. The white jockstrap highlighted Diego’s tan snake, which just kept going and going as the jockstrap was lowered to the floor.

From where I stood, I was the only one who could see Diego’s dick, since I was the only one standing past the scale. The other wrestlers were all behind him in line and could only see Diego’s big, beefy butt.

But as this cocky wrestler lowered his jockstrap to the floor and looked me straight in the eyes, he gave me a private audience with his dick. It hung at least six inches, thick and soft, and swayed gently over two ginormous, low-hanging balls. Although I rarely checked out other guys’ cocks, it was impossible to look away. This was easily the biggest I had ever seen in person—at least an maltepe escort inch or two bigger than anyone else I had seen in the locker room.

As Diego stepped on the scale, I couldn’t help but gawk at the snake between his legs. Because he was looking right at me, he knew that I was checking him out, but this just made him smile. He also glanced at the fairly insignificant bulge in my jockstrap. I had always been satisfied with my flaccid three-inch penis, but now it looked like a little boy’s cock compared to Diego’s.

“210 pounds even,” the judge said after reading the scale.

Damn, I thought. Diego was the perfect weight. I was honestly surprised that his big, thick cock didn’t push him over the limit. It sure looked hefty.

Wrestlers always used to weigh themselves in the nude, but most college guys today are too sheepish to strip naked in front of their judges, teammates, and rivals. But Diego clearly had the confidence to remove his jockstrap, even though it only weighed an ounce. And that single ounce would have put him over the limit apparently, since his powerful legs, bulging arms, and hefty dick on his 5’11” frame all brought him to the very top of our weight bracket.

Although Diego had given me a private show during the weigh in, he decided to turn around and walk to the locker room without putting his jockstrap back on. He just carried it nonchalantly as he walked past every guy in the tournament with his massive, horse-hung softie swinging in the breeze. Most guys stared unabashedly as Diego walked by, that big dick just too noticeable to miss and intimidating each of Diego’s rivals.

“Come on, man!” Diego called after me. “Aren’t you gonna change?”

Broken from my trance, I realized that I was still standing next to the scale, mouth agape, now looking at Diego’s ass. Even his butt muscles looked powerful.

I’d never before been intimidated by a wrestling rival, but Diego’s muscles, cock, and confidence were all out of control.


The wrestling tournament proceeded as expected, with me vanquishing most of my rivals. After a long day of wrestling, there was just one match left: the final against Diego.

I hadn’t been able to watch him beat any of his opponents, since I was too busy slamming muscular guys to the mat myself. But I knew that Diego was fast and strong and I would have to perform my very best to take him down. I therefore decided to go to the sauna to relax and rest my muscles before the match.

The college hosting the tournament had a pretty nice steam room adjacent to the locker room. Once there, I stripped completely naked, lied down on a towel, and started to relax. But only a few minutes later, the steam room door opened and I looked up to see who it was. There stood Diego, wearing a towel and smiling down on me.

“Fancy seeing you here,” he said. “Great minds must think alike.”

“Mmmhmm,” I mumbled. I thought about reaching for my towel to cover up but realized it was too late. Diego had already seen my cock as I lied down naked. It had shriveled up to a little less than three inches due to all the physical activity of the day, and must have looked even smaller pointed sideways next to my grape-sized balls. Diego had a birds-eye view of my average genitals and smiled as he shucked off his towel. As I looked up, my face was now level with his colossal cock and balls.

Diego stood there silently for what seemed like a minute. He didn’t need to say anything because actions speak louder than words. It was obvious to both of us that his manhood was at least twice the size of my own little boyhood.

Finally, I closed my eyes and started to relax, trying to put Diego’s dick out of my mind. He took a seat on the bench opposite me and kept his legs open, so that I couldn’t avoid seeing his manhood whenever I opened my eyes.

“This steam sure feels great,” Diego said, which caused my eyes to open. There it was-that big soft cock-looking even manlier than before.

“It does,” I said, trying to close my eyes again.

“I love coming in here before matches,” he continued. “Just me and Diego Jr. getting ready for the match.”

Diego’s words caused my eyes to open once more, and I saw his hand casually scratching his dick. “Diego Jr.,” as he called his massive manmeat, looked bigger than ever, and I felt incapable of closing my eyes or looking away.

My wrestling rival smiled as he saw me staring at his dick. A big, thick silence now filled the sauna as Diego gently fluffed up his cock to make it even larger.

“How bout we make a bet on the match,” Diego suggested, as he continued fondling his dick.

“Uhhhh, sure,” I replied, my eyes still glued to his massive piece of meat.

“The loser owes the winner a beer after the match.”

That’s easy enough, I thought. For some reason, based on the way Diego was scratching his cock, I thought the bet would be for something else. Something I wasn’t quite ready for.

“Sure escort maltepe thing,” I said, finally breaking out of my stupor. “You might as well buy your beer already—you’re gonna need it!”

“Yeah right, little guy,” he replied. “I’m going to own you.”

Cracking a smile, I laughed and got up from the bench. My penis was now semi-erect and pointing upwards in Diego’s direction, but it was still much shorter than his massive flaccid cock.

“Looks like someone is getting a little excited there,” Diego chuckled.

“Just excited to beat you,” I quipped, as I quickly put my towel over my growing penis to cover it up. Even though Diego had called me “little guy” and said that he would “own” me, I couldn’t wait to put him in his place by shoving him to the mat and make him buy me beer after the match. Right after I humiliated him, I planned on fucking my girlfriend who had traveled with us to watch the match.


Diego and I were both suited up in singlets by match time. We stood in the ring in front of 800 people and stared each other down. I wore my school’s navy singlet, which clung tightly to my ass and sculpted muscles. Through the tight, lycra material, the hundreds of fans in the audience could make out my eight-pack and the slight bulge in my jock. My girlfriend Jasmine and my friends and teammates all cheered as the announcer called my name before the match.

But an equal number of people cheered for Diego, and some even gasped when they noticed the obscene bulge in his bright-yellow singlet. Somehow the lycra constricted his cock and balls to make a ridiculous bulge. His arm and leg muscles were bulging too, and the contours of his crotch were noticeable even from the top seats of the arena. Anyone who hadn’t seen Diego naked might think he had an erection, but in actuality his flaccid cock was just that massive.

The match began without fanfare. Diego and I both played defense, trying to avoid any immobilizing holds. I edged him out during the first period and managed to get quite a few good holds. But every time I pinned him to the mat, Diego managed to wiggle away and live for another day.

He came out strong in the second period and reversed a couple of my moves. Just when I thought I had him pinned, he flipped me over and took control. Twice Diego executed a half-nelson, which flipped my holds and pinned me to the floor. As he spread my arms and legs, I noticed what felt like a beer bottle digging into my butt. It was only with horror that I realized it was Diego’s cock.

When I finally flipped Diego over, his bulge now jutted up for the audience to see. My girlfriend and all my teammates were watching the match, and I imagined that they were all getting an eyeful. Putting this thought aside, I pressed against Diego’s rock-hard body and managed to get some traction, forcing him into a three-quarter nelson. But the referee blew the whistle for the end of the second period before I could finish him off.

As we stood up into the neutral position, we showed off our bodies to the audience once again. Diego’s yellow lycra accented his tan skin and showed off the mammoth bulge to the crowd. Most of the girls in the arena screamed and hollered when the announcer said his name. In contrast, my penis had shrunk so that the bulge in my lycra suit was barely noticeable.

It also became clear at the start of the third period that I was more winded than Diego. Somehow this shorter stud had more stamina than me, and as I breathed heavily, he started to take advantage. He easily shrugged off all of my moves and started pinning me to the mat with ease. As I grew more and more tired, Diego’s confidence seemed to explode. Not only did he pin me to the mat, but he seemed to put me in holds that required his crotch to grind up against my ass or rub all over my face.

Twice I found myself breathing through the lycra of Diego’s singlet, as his colossal cock rubbed against my face. It was humiliating, to say the least, because none of my wrestling rivals had ever forced my face onto their dicks before. The most embarrassing part was that the only way I could breathe was to open my mouth, which forced me to taste the ball sweat from Diego’s lycra. If he hadn’t been wearing this thin piece of fabric, my mouth would have been directly sucking on his big, lemon-sized balls.

If Diego took any delight in degrading me on his dick, he played it cool in front of the referees. Every move he did was legal in wrestling, even though the audience was now getting quite a show. No one could miss the obscene bulge in Diego’s singlet, or the fact that it was smacking against my face and ass with increasing regularity.

The most embarrassing part was that the more Diego’s dick hit me, the more my own cock stirred, until it too made a noticeable bulge in my singlet. As Diego flipped me over on my back so that I was spread-eagle on top of him, my semi-erect manhood jutted up for the world to see. At maltepe escort bayan only five inches, it was not super noticeable and still less obvious than Diego’s obscene softie. But to any keen observer who noticed my previously nonexistent bulge, it would’ve been apparent that I was getting erect.

Diego certainly seemed to notice this as he rubbed his mammoth soft cock against my ass for the fifth or sixth time. It almost felt like his dick was also getting bigger, but I couldn’t actually tell since it was so huge to begin with. And for some reason, Dieg”s dick on my ass was starting to arouse me even more.

Mercifully, the judges called the match before my penis reached its full six inches. It was still embarrassing to have a semi in my suit, but at least there wasn’t any pre-cum. I’m sure that my girlfriend Jasmine and others noticed my arousal, but perhaps it just looked like my penis had shifted in position. After all, lycra suits have little room for flexibility and leave almost nothing to the imagination.

As I put my hands in front of me to hide my semi-erect penis, I looked over at Diego, whose arms were raised in triumph. As the conference champion, he was now undefeated on the season. And as the audience cheered and chanted his name, “Diego Jr.” was on display to all 800 people in the crowd.

I couldn’t tell exactly how big it was, but Diego’s singlet now extended prominently from his crotch. Most females in the audience, including all of the cheerleaders, were zooming in and snapping pictures with their phones. Even most of the guys were gawking at it, including the other wrestlers. My rival’s dick was truly a sight to behold.


Back in the locker room, my mind was spinning with what just happened. Although I had lost matches in my college career, I had never been more humiliated or aroused. Somehow Diego had evoked feelings in me that I had never felt.

As I ripped off my singlet and pulled down my jockstrap, my average penis was still partially erect. What’s wrong with me? I thought. I need to hurry and meet up with Jasmine, so we can fuck all night.

As I stood naked looking down at my cock, I heard the locker room door open behind me. There was Diego, in his singlet, with the big bulge still prominently displayed.

“Hey man,” he said. “Nice match!”

“You too,” I said, sheepishly. Because my cock was still partially erect, I kept my back to Diego so that only my ass was facing him. But just then I felt a snap on my buttcheek. Diego had just slapped me with the edge of his towel.

“Sorry I’m late,” Diego said, as his towel snapped against my butt. “All those cheerleaders out there wanted my digits.”

The cheerleaders had unabashedly taken photos of Diego even though they were supposed to be cheering, so it didn’t surprise me that they all wanted his number.

“You were a pretty good opponent,” Diego added as he started pulling off his singlet. “It’s not every day I meet someone as tough as you.”

“Thanks,” I replied, glancing over at Diego. “I’ve never had a match like that either.”

“It sure was hot shit,” he continued. “Two muscle boys like us, pinning each other to the mat, with hundreds of people watching.”

As Diego said this, he ripped off his jockstrap to let “Diego Jr.” breathe free. I just stood there, mouth agape once again, as his dick looked gigantic. It still hung low but had now chubbed up to seven or so outrageously thick inches.

“What are you doing after the match?” Diego asked, with his anaconda just casually flopping around.

“Ummm,” I stuttered, still not-so-subtly checking out his dick. “Just hanging out my girlfriend.”

“Oh nice,” Diego replied. “Was she that stunning babe sitting in the front row, wearing the purple blouse?”

I nodded my head.

“Damn!” Diego said. “I had no idea that was your girlfriend. She looked fiiiiine.”

“She’s pretty hot,” I replied, coolly. At this point, we were both butt-ass naked and walking towards the showers. Because we were the only two wrestlers remaining in the tournament, we had the whole place to ourselves. The shower room was huge, with dozens of shower heads scattered about, but Diego chose one right next to mine.

“Guess we have the whole place to ourselves,” Diego said, as he started soaping up. After putting shampoo in his hair, he applied body wash to his well-muscled body. Even as I soaped up myself, I couldn’t help but admire his huge biceps, massive pecs, and chiseled, eight-pack abs. If I was the All-American jock stud, then he was Mr. Universe, edging me out in just about every category. Where I was strong, he was stronger. Where I was handsome, he had movie-star good looks. Where I had a nice-sized cock, his could compete with porn stars.

As we both cleaned our studly bodies, Diego spent a bit more time soaping up his cock. It still hung halfway to his knees at a solid seven inches, whereas my semi had completely disappeared so my penis was right around three inches. Even though mine was average compared to my teammates, it looked tiny next to Diego’s. Every time he washed his hair or face, Diego closed his eyes, which gave me a long, extended view of his lengthy, extended cock.

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