Fulfilling Rita’s Fantasy

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The following is another lengthy story from yours truly, with a relatively long introduction. Although not quite as long as the previously posted narrative, it still might be a bit tedious for some, so please bear with it. Thank you.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


After spending the weekend at Bill’s place when his brother John and wife Beverly visited, I spent the next month and more formulating a plan to fulfill a fantasy Rita shared with Beverly, Teresa and me at the time. The fantasy was to be sexually used and abused by multiple people while handcuffed and blindfolded. And when she stated multiple people, she didn’t necessarily mean only men. When hearing her fantasy I made a promise to myself to make it a reality for her and almost became obsessed with it. Plus when the time came I wanted it to be a complete surprise, and to involve people she’d least expect. Although not total strangers.

After I finally devised a rough plan I shared it with my husband Walter.

“Interesting fantasy Rita has, and it sounds like you put a lot of thought into it. But are you sure she was serious. Be a shame when the time came to find out she wasn’t.”

“Knowing Rita as well as I do, she was dead serious. Still, it is a bit of a risk and it could back-fire. But I doubt it. When you come right down to it, she wants to be “gang-banged”, although I hate the term, and by both sexes. As for being blindfolded and handcuffed, it makes it seem less perverted for her if she’s constrained and essentially helpless. Now do you think I should follow through with it?”

“You know Rita better than I do, so I’m leaving it up to you. But obviously you need Bill’s buy-in first.”

“I couldn’t manage it without him so he’s next on my list to discuss it with.”

“One question, you mentioned the participants being people she wouldn’t expect, but not strangers. Who would they be?”

“I’m still working on it. Obviously you and Bill will be involved, but mainly to video things. Once it’s all said and done, I’m sure Rita would appreciate seeing a video of what took place since she’ll be blindfolded during most, if not all of it. Any suggestions as far as other couples?”

“The only couple that meets your criteria and comes to mind would be Lois and her friend Bob.”

Which didn’t surprise me since Walter and Lois have a “thing” for each other.

“You’ll be pleased to know they’re on my short list.”

“Other than them, I can’t think of anyone else off the top off my head. But I’m sure you will. Good luck. Keep me informed, and let me know if I can be of help with anything.”


The next morning I called Bill and asked if we could get together at the Electric Percolator. Alone, and not to share with Rita we were going to meet. He asked why and I said I’d explain later.

When we met the first question he asked was why all the secrecy. As with Walter, I told him about Rita’s fantasy and how I developed a plan to make it a reality for her. But I needed his blessing and buy-in before proceeding. Then I shared it with him.

“First off, I’m not surprised about Rita’s fantasy. She shared it with me once. Unfortunately I never gave it much thought as I probably should have, but it appears you have. As for your plan, it’s going to take a lot of coordination on your part, but knowing you, you’ll manage it just fine. But other than you, me and Walter, who else do you have in mind?”

“As far as you and Walter, I’m going to need you to mostly video things between the two of you. As for the other couples, I have three in mind, of which I’ll need your help with one to see if they’ll be willing to participate.”

“And who would that be?”

“Jack and Jill.”

“Interesting you would think of them since I coincidentally bumped into Jack the other day. And he couldn’t stop talking about the great time he and Jill had with us at the swimming hole, even though it’s been a while. Him and Jill are a great choice and I’m sure they’ll be elated about being asked.”

Jack and Jill are Bill’s neighbors. Albeit there’s a half mile distance between them. When Bill, Walter, Rita and I were skinny dipping one hot summer day in a stream which runs between their respective properties, Jack and Jill made an unexpected appearance. They were planning on skinny dipping also. Being good neighbors as they are, Bill invited them to join us. Which they did and one thing eventually led to another.

Both are in their 60’s. Jill is a tall woman, about five foot eight and very long legged. Big busted too. Way bigger than Rita and I with huge areola and nipples. But as you’d expect for her age, her tits have a bit of a sag, although not excessively so. As for her pubic mound, it has a thin covering of dark hair as she is a dark haired woman. Dark brown, almost black, which she keeps cut short. Pretty facial features with very dark brown eyes. Plus an ass any woman Ankara travesti her age would die for. Like her long legs, it’s surprisingly firm.

As for Jack, he’s isn’t much taller than Jill. Six feet, if that. Slim build and like Jill has a nice butt. Good looking man, and both him and Jill take good care of themselves physically. Hence their firm asses. But what makes Jack a stand-out is his cock. Easily nine inches long when fully erect and about two inches in diameter. Biggest cock I ever sucked, of which Rita and I both did together one after the other at the swimming hole.

Bill then asked…”Who else do you have in mind?”

“Lois and her friend Bob, and another couple you might not know, being Jeff and Nancy. Although you might know Nancy, since Rita occasionally gives her a massage.”

“With you mentioning Rita giving her a massage, I think I have met her, but not her husband. Same for Lois, I know her, but not Bob. Why them?”

“Mainly because Rita knows them both, but not intimately. Plus Lois and Nancy are bi-sexual, or at least they’ve enjoyed sex with another woman, which seems to be a must part of Rita’s fantasy. Being sexually used and abused by other women, along with men. But I’m not sure about Jill. Even if she isn’t, between Lois, Nancy and I, we should be able to satisfy that part of Rita’s fantasy.”

“How do you know Lois and Nancy are bi-sexual?”

“Trust me, I do…and it’s not from guesswork on my part.”

“You sure have me intrigued about things. Sounds like you’re well on your way to making Rita’s fantasy a reality. Anything I need to do?”

“When I firm up a date I’ll need you to inform Jack and Jill if they agree to participate. And make sure when you ask, you inform them we’ll be videoing things for Rita.”

“Where do you propose having it?”

“At our house would be best. And the plan is to use you and Walter as decoys to get Rita there. That way she’ll never suspect her fantasy is about to take place. Once I have the other two couples committed, and a date, you, Walter and I will need to work out any last minute details.”


Early the next week Bill informed me Jack and Jill were thrilled to be asked to participate in Rita’s fantasy and to count them in. I then met with both Lois and Nancy separately. Lois first, and on a day she did my nails since she is my long time manicurist, as well as one of my dearest and closest friends along with Rita. And yes we have been intimate together. She was thrilled to be included, along with her long time “squeeze” Bob. Although she couldn’t guarantee Bob could make it. He lives in Indy, which is 75 miles from where she lives, but usually spends the weekends with her. But not always due to other commitments. If he couldn’t, she still wanted to participate alone. Which was fine with me, and I’m sure it would be with Rita.

Lois is divorced, a few years younger than me and a bit shorter at about five foot three. Firm tits, albeit not very large. About the size of half grapefruits, but with big nipples for such small breasts. Big as gumdrops and just as hard when aroused. She has an attractive pubic mound with silky brown hair and long pinkish-brown labia. Much longer than average, about an inch and a half long when dangling freely. And when you pull and suck on them with your lips they easily stretch to three inches in length. Being a small woman, almost petite, she has a small ass as you’d expect for someone her size along with a pretty bumhole. At least according to Walter, who is a much better judge of assholes than I am. Literally and not figuratively. Slim legs and pretty feet, which are always nicely pedicured due to being her own pedicurist.

Bob, is in his mid to late sixties. A good looking man about six feet tall and around 190 pounds. Salt & pepper hair with an all gray well groomed mustache. As for his cock, it’s close to eight inches in length, but a bit fatter than my husband’s similarly long uncut dick, with a nice cockhead that begs to be sucked. Even though I never have.

As a side note, Bob like my husband is attracted to pretty feet. Even more so than Walter. Almost obsessed with them. So much so, when he couldn’t stop looking at mine one time at Lois’s apartment she asked if I would let Bob play with them, which I did. More so for her since she asked, plus the fact Bob had a huge bulge in his pants from staring at my feet. Needless to say, one thing lead to another and before I knew it, Lois had his cock out and feverishly masturbated him while he sucked my toes. When it came time for him to ejaculate he did so on my feet. After he covered my toes with big globs of semen, Lois licked and sucked them clean. It was one of the nicest experiences I ever had when someone played with my feet.

A couple of days later I met Nancy for our regularly scheduled bi-weekly coffee together. Once we got past the latest news and any recent exploits I told her about my plan for Rita and asked Konya travesti if she and Jeff would like to be part of it. She couldn’t say yes fast enough. Especially since Walter would be there.

“I never thought the four of us would get together again.”

“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. This is more about Rita and fulfilling her fantasy. Yes Walter will be there, but so will a number of other people. Four couples in total, not counting Bill and Rita.”

“I’m still excited about it, and participating in Rita’s fantasy. She must mean a lot to you since you’re going to so much trouble for her.”

“It’s no trouble at all, and yes she does mean a lot to me. Now as much as I would like to spend more time with you, it’s time for you to get back at work. Let me know if Jeff’s okay with things, and I’ll be sure to give you as much notice when the big event takes place.”

Nancy is an extremely attractive woman in her late-forties. About the same height as me at five foot five, but a bit heavier at around 140 pounds, but it’s evenly distributed and she’s relatively firm. Beautiful skin tone as she looks like she has a permanent tan, and beautiful facial features with nice full lips. But she has a small mouth, which somewhat reminds me of the cartoon character Betty Boop. Her hair is light brown, very soft and fine, which she keeps relatively short and straight. Her pubic area is covered in fine light brown hair also. Nice full breasts with little sag, about a 36C, with large light brown areola and nipples. As for her derriere, it couldn’t be more perfect. A bit larger and more pronounced than mine, but no sag or hint of any stretch marks. Last but not least, she has lovely full legs and attractive feet.

Her husband Jeff, is a very tall and handsome man. About six foot five with prematurely gray hair and dark gray eyes. He keeps himself in good shape and seems to work hard to stay that way. Jeff’s only shortcoming is his penis, no pun intended. Only about five inches in length and very slim with a small cockhead. Not the best size for vaginal intercourse, but perfectly fine for anal of which he did me twice anally, and very nicely during our one and only foursome.

Now that all three couples were committed the next step was to get Walter’s blessing as far as Jeff and Nancy since it had been a while since our one and only foursome. Nancy and I always kept in touch by meeting for coffee or lunch regularly. When we do, Nancy often asked about the four of us getting together again, but whenever I mentioned it to Walter he always changed the subject. So naturally I was worried about his reaction.

Finally over dinner one night…”I pretty much have everything finalized as far as fulfilling Rita’s fantasy. And so it won’t be a big surprise at the time you need to know who the other couples are. First there’s Jack and Jill, being the couple we met while skinning dipping when we spent a weekend at Bill’s place. Do you remember them?”

“How could I forget. Especially Jill. No offense, but Jill has one of the nicest assholes I ever had the pleasure to do. And I’m sure you never forgot about Jack’s large cock. It was quite a thrill watching you suck it the way you did. At the time I couldn’t believe you’d be able to take such a big dick in your mouth. Who are the other couples?”

“Lois and her friend Bob.”

“Another good choice. I’m glad you included them since you know how fond I am of Lois. And it’s been a while since we’ve been together with them. Although under different circumstances. And I’m sure Rita will be thrilled. Who else?”

After a long pause while pretending to have food in my mouth I blurted out…”Jeff and Nancy.”

After I did I expected the Wrath of Khan to descend upon me.

“Jeff and Nancy. Now that’s a surprise. You know what I said about our foursome with them being a one and only. But to be honest with you, I’ve regretted it ever since. As you know it was with good intentions at the time, but in hindsight it was a mistake. Stupid of me actually, although I’ve been reluctant to admit it. Besides, this isn’t exactly another foursome so I’m glad you thought to include them. I need to thank you for doing so. It’ll be a good way to break my promise to myself.”

Boy, was I relieved…”I thought for sure you were going to throw a fit. I can’t tell you how glad I am you didn’t. Thank you. Now the big day is Saturday after next, but I still have a few minor details to work out before then.”

The easy part would be luring Rita to the house since her and I never pass up an opportunity to be alone together. The excuse would be Walter and Bill needing to help a fictional friend for some imaginary reason. Bill would drop her off to keep me company while Walter and him helped their friend. Or at least she would think they were. The hard part was going to be setting the stage for Rita to be used and abused sexually, and then getting everyone to the house when it was. But for now I was İzmir travesti feeling pretty good about things and felt confident everything would work out just fine as long as there weren’t any last minute glitches.


Finally the big day arrived. When it did I was mentally exhausted and jittery as hell. I felt like I organized a road-tour for the Rolling Stones and it was opening night. As planned, at 1:00PM sharp Bill dropped Rita off at the house, after which Walter and him left to help their friend. In actuality they went to a local “watering hole”, where the three other couples would meet them at 3:00. They would then spend an hour or so getting acquainted, or reacquainted with each other. By 4:00 I was expected to have Rita ready to engage in her fantasy and call Walter, after which they would head to the house so the fun could begin.

The trick for me was to keep it a complete surprise until the last minute and to keep Rita entertained until then. To kill the first hour or so we had a light lunch. A nice antipasto salad I made along with some wine. Lambrusco of course.

During lunch Rita asked…”When do you expect Walter and Bill to be back?”

“I’m not sure. I imagine it’ll be a few more hours before they are and Walter said he’d call to let me know when they’re on their way in case I needed anything.”

As soon as we finished lunch, and while I was cleaning things up, Rita was practically all over me with only one thought in mind. Normally I’d be all over her too, but I didn’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Timing had to be perfect as far as us being naked in the bedroom.

It’s when I went to the next step in my plan to kill time and asked her if I could take some photos of her feet.

“Photos of my feet. What on earth for?”

“As you know, I make calendars every year for everyone, as well as sell them online. One each of birds and butterflies. Last year at the suggestion of Walter, I did a ‘footsie’ calendar for the first time. Mainly to sell online. Surprisingly it was very popular and I sold way more than the other two. The only problem, it was pics of only my feet, which Walter photographed. For this coming year I thought it would be best to include someone else’s feet too. That’s when I thought of you since your feet are pretty as mine…if not prettier. And presently they look fabulous with the bright red nail polish and like you just had a pedicure.”

“I’m flattered you think so, and yes I did two days ago. I’d be honored to have some pics of my feet in a calendar with yours. But how come you never told me before about your footsie calendar?”

“I never thought to. Not because I was trying to keep it a secret, or was embarrassed about it. I just didn’t think it would be something you’d be interested in. Now are you going to let me photograph your feet or not?”

“I’m ready whenever you are. Be kind of neat to be an actual ‘calendar girl’ for once. Even if it’s only of my feet. So where do we do this photo-shoot?”

“In the bedroom of course.”

Where we immediately went, and where I already had my camera and equipment. Once there I asked her to remove her sandals and jeans, but it was okay to leave her panties on if she wanted to.

“Of course I don’t want to. After you’re through photographing my feet I was hoping you’d go down on me.”

I laughed…”Come to think of it, it’s exactly what I have in mind. And you on mine.”

I dragged out photographing her feet for a good hour and a half. I photographed them every way possible. Mostly bare as well as with hosiery on, which I provided. When I noticed how late it was on the clock radio I informed Rita I had more than enough pictures and thanked her for her patience posing for me. Once I put the camera away we quickly embraced and began kissing. Passionately and then very sloppily as our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths along with exchanging lots of saliva.

Finally we stopped kissing to catch our breath and it’s when we quickly undressed. Once naked we plopped down on the bed and began kissing again all while groping and pawing at each other. When I reached to rub Rita’s pussy it was soaking wet. So much so, I would have sworn she had an orgasm. And it was a good omen too. Seeing how wet she was, meant she was raring to go for some sex.

“If I didn’t know better Rita, I’d swear you had an orgasm already.”

“Not yet, but you handling my feet the way you did had an unexpected erotic affect on me. Pussy juice simply oozed out of my vagina and I’m surprised you didn’t notice it.”

“No I didn’t. But only because I was busy with my mind focused on other things. But truth be known, in a weird sort of way it affected me also. Speaking of which, I’d like to try something a little different with you and me. You might find it a bit kinky, but I’ve had this awful urge to tie you up before going down on you. After which I wouldn’t stop dining on your pussy until you squirted multiple times…or begged me to stop.”

“Oh wow…that is different. Please do. I’ve always love it when you take control of things.”

“I never realized I did, or was the domineering type. Sorry about that. Now let me get something to tie your hands.”

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